Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Calling All You Experienced Travelers…

Yes, it’s true. You ramp up too fast for a last minute marathon and your body rebels. After my 16 miler last week things hurt. I wasn’t aware that they hurt until I tried to run a couple days later. My right ass cheek ached. My left knee was wonky.

This can only mean one thing.

I am back to swimming laps. I hadn’t swam one lap since my Ironman 7 months ago. Oh, how I’ve missed the stray band aids at the bottom of the pool and the random hairs (pubes?) in the shower drains. And, I cannot leave out the gorgeous raccoon eyes I get from my goggles.


You may think I’m 78 years old, but I’m only 48! Joke’s on you. I don’t think there is enough concealer in Walgreens to cover up that mess.

So, what shall I do about these aches and pains? Take the week off from running and try to do a slow longish run on Saturday (12 miles).

The Jerusalem Marathon is in (gulp) 10 days. The Israeli week goes from Sunday to Thursday. The race is on Friday the 13th (appropriate given how frightening/scary my body will react to a hilly marathon). Friday evening until Saturday evening is the Sabbath and things basically come to a standstill.

I am excited to go into the this event incredibly undertrained (sarcasm). I leave Monday!! Luckily there are only a few sharp turns on this route (sarcasm). What do you think isotonic drink means? And food! Does that equal falafel? Not sure I can eat that and run without crapping myself.


Confession: I have not been on an overseas flight in about 20 years.

Confession: I have never been away from my husband and kids for more than 3 days (I will be gone for a week).

Confession: I have traveled for marathons, but never to another country.

So, here are my questions for you – the most experienced of travelers:

What are some tips for taking a long (12-14 hour) flight? I am thinking lots of Kindle books, eye mask, headphones, Xanax.

How do you keep in close touch with family while you’re in another country (I don’t think I’ll have text/cell service, but I’ll have Wifi). Face Time? What else?

If you’ve run a marathon in another country any recommendations for how to prepare? Should I carry my own water (I usually don’t in races)? How much effect will jet lag have (Israel is 8 hours ahead of CO. I’ll run the marathon 3 days after I get there).

Thanks in advance for your expertise (not sarcasm).