Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Why I Might Re-Name This Blog

Well, not really, but it does occur to me it would be รก propos to rename it Toothless Runner or Running With a Flipper given the current circumstances.

Here is the toothless part, plus a filter cause I'm old and wrinkled:

Here is the flipper part:

Here is the result when you combine the two.

My mouth surgery sucked the big one (insert eggplant emoji + a mouth here). For info on why I had the surgery, go HERE.

I kind of pride myself on not being afraid of the dentist cause I've had so much work done in my life, nothing phases me. So, I went into this whole tooth extraction/implant thing pretty chill. That was until they started roughing me up with all of their tools like forceps and hammers and vibrators (if only) and I was profusely sweating and squirming in the chair.

Side note: I don't like knowing they are yanking out my teeth. At all. It didn't hurt cause I was shot up with Novocaine, but I was stressed. They offered laughing gas and I took it gladly, but it didn't make me laugh at all and really did very little to take the edge off.

I continued sweating and squirming and groaning like a whore in church? <- does that fit here?

This whole thing was taking longer than anyone expected, so I knew things weren't going as planned. Turns out they had to do a bone graft to make the implant more stable. I'm not sure whose bone I have in my mouth now (that's what she said) but I hope it's Meb's or someone like that. After I got boned, they sent me next door to my dentist who had hoped to put a temp crown on but could not because the implant needs to get stronger.

That means the flipper and I are bonded for 10 weeks. 10 WEEKS.

The flipper goes on all my runs! The flipper will go to Thailand! The flipper hangs out with me in bars! That is, until I order food, then the flipper is taken out and I eat food in public without a tooth. Good thing Halloween is right around the corner.

Just me taking the flip out on a trail run so I could have a Clif Blok
I'm happy to report that pre-flipper I managed to run a 10k on Labor Day.

I had very low expectations given this slow injury comeback...I really wanted to break an hour but knew that was debatable. Then, guess what??? I ran it in 57 minutes, about a 9:15 pace. I am as shocked as you are. Here I am at the finish. I was glowing with sweat and pride. This was actually good enough for 12th/64th in the 51 year old lady age group.

So, yes, running is finally improving slightly - four months post injury. Just in time for September in Colorado, which is my favorite month. I am thinking of doing THIS ten mile trail race in October.

What's up with you?

SUAR (or RT or RWAF)