Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bloody Wind

Last night on the news, those damn meteorologists who love to repeat themselves kept talking about how windy it would be today. Not the kind of windy where your hair blows serenely away from your face making you look like a supermodel, but the kind of windy where you tie down your children and hide under a mattress so flying blenders don’t knock you unconscious.

My friend Hugh and I had a longish run planned for this morning. I kind of very much wanted to chicken out, but he wouldn’t let me. He said, “A little wind doesn’t stop me!” which made me feel like a pussy, so I told him I was good for 8 or 9 miles.

Hugh’s English heritage must make him a strong runner or something because he did three marathons in the past three months. He’s kind of bloody crazy like that. I knew I’d slow him down and he lied and said he didn’t care. The first four miles I could feel the wind at our backs and it even picked me up off the ground a few times. I knew the run back would be hell. And, it was. I’ve never run in wind like that. Plus, as we neared nine miles and I huffed and puffed my way into oblivion, Hugh remarked, “Oh, I guess I lied. It’s more like a bit over 10 miles.” Bloody hell!  For the last half mile or I had to run behind Hugh just so he could block the 60 mph gusts. Yes they were 60 mph. I don’t even need to exaggerate or embellish like I usually do.

We did 10 miles in 1:27, so I was good with that considering the Wizard of Oz conditions.

In all seriousness, there was a major local tragedy today when the wind blew a branch into a man’s windshield impaling him. Really sad, sad news and my heart goes out to the family on this New Year’s Eve.

On a much lighter note, as we close 2011, here is a list of the top ten resolutions people make (from HERE):

  1. Spend More Time with Family and Friends
  2. Exercise
  3. Lose weight
  4. Quit Smoking
  5. Enjoy Life More
  6. Quit Drinking
  7. Get Out of Debt
  8. Learn Something New
  9. Help Others
  10. Get Organized

I am a rebel and am not doing any of these things (especially the exercise thing, I gave that up over a year ago). Instead, I am adopting some resolutions from this list (with my own commentary):

I will...

  1. Stop drinking orange juice after I just brushed my teeth (or just stop brushing my teeth altogether)
  2. Stop licking frozen flag poles (even if it is in honor of the Christmas Story)
  3. Watch more movie remakes (or just more Lifetime movies like the Christmas Shoes)
  4. Only eat white snow (brown is TOTALLY out)
  5. Spend less than $1825 for coffee at Starbucks this year (guess I’ll order boiling water every other day)
  6. Claim all my pets as dependents on my taxes (a three legged, one eyed pooch has got be good for something)
  7. Talk with a robot voice all the time (because people love this even though they claim they don’t. Especially at the drive thru)
  8. Gain enough weight to get on The Biggest Loser (so I can be closer to Dolvett and learn how to cook my Jennie-O turkey the right way)
  9. Start smoking to lose weight (What? The Marlboro Man looked healthy)
  10. Stop buttering my doughnuts (might use Crisco instead)
  11. Eat more fruit... snacks (or veggie…chips)

Any resolutions for you?

What are you doing tonight? We’re going to a PARTAY. Sometimes people invite me to things.

Happy New Year! The best of the runs in 2012 to you!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Egg Salad Is Not a Death Sentence

All of you seem to have it figured out. I have no clue. Should I do this? Should I do that? My 2012 race schedule is totally non existent. This is due to my lack of decisiveness, an issue for me since I slid out of my mom’s you-know-what.


Something occurred in my childhood so repeatedly that it will forever be etched in my mind. And, I’m not talking about coming out of my mom’s you-know-what.

The memory goes like this: I am sitting in a restaurant. I could be 6 years old, 9 years old, 16 years old. I am holding a menu. I am scanning it and starting to panic. So many choices, so little time.

The waitress comes to get drink orders. “Phew,” I think. I’ll order a Coke and buy myself a few more minutes. She comes back with the drinks and I know it is “go” time. I hang back, letting everyone else order. Since there are only four very decisive people in my family, my turn quickly arises. My dad stares me down. It annoys him to no end when I can’t make a decision about what to order. I stall a bit, maybe asking a question to the waitress like, “What is your favorite sandwich?” I start sweating because I feel my dad’s eyes on me and can hear him sighing with complete frustrating and annoyance. I quickly scan the restaurant because it helps if I can see the food in real life. I am grasping at this point. I impulsively blurt out, “I’ll take the egg salad sandwich!,” immediately knowing this was a huge mistake.

My fears are very much confirmed when our orders arrive. Everyone else’s looks better. My mom’s crispy  BLT, my brother’s gooey grilled cheese, my dad’s juicy patty melt. I made the wrong choice! Not only that, but everyone else made better choices. My life will never be the same. Freaking egg salad.

Funny thing is, I still do this as an adult. The other night, in fact, Ken and I were out to dinner and I bet I looked at the menu for 20 minutes. Smothered burrito? Nope, too rich. I’ll be up all night. Greek salad? Sound good, but totally unsatisfying. At the last minute I went with a burger, still questioning my choice. 

Yes, we are talking about menu choices. Yet, my life is one big menu choice. Sometimes I am so afraid of making the wrong choice that I either don’t do anything or, I pick something and fret that I’ve chosen the wrong thing. One of my favorite tactics is to put off making a true decision by doing something else like having a beer. Sometimes I will ask someone else to make the decision, “No, you decide, I’m good with whatever,” but then their choice sucks. Ever do that?

Over the years I’ve tried to tell myself, there are no wrong decisions. I don’t really believe this, but it sure does make me feel better.

When we choose something, we are doing our best based on the information we have in front of us. No choice is ever a death sentence. If it doesn’t work, it can usually be undone. But, it is important to give it a chance to work.

I usually don't plan a year of races in advance – I just decide stuff as it comes. Last year Boston and the 70.3 were my biggies and I did register for them way ahead, because well, duh, you have to. This year, I’m just not sure. I’m toying with the idea of entering the lottery for the NYC Marathon. It opens on January 2.

Do you have a tough time making decisions, even about what to order or what movie to see?

Do you plan your whole race year in advance?

Ever run NYC? Is it worth all the fuss?


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today I had a tragedy. Due to way too much snow/slush/messy crap still on the ground, I found myself on a treadmill at the gym again this morning. This makes like 95 times in the past week, or it feels that way.

One of the things that makes the ‘mill bearable is music. I put in my ear buds, and SHIT. Are you kidding me? No battery charge. When will technology get advanced enough so I never have to remember to charge stuff? I almost turned around, slapped the guy behind me on the bike (not that he deserved it, but someone has to get the brunt of my unhappiness), and stormed out the door. However, I dug deep for inner strength, found it, and began my workout anyway.

One of my favorite things to do on the treadmill to keep it interesting (besides playing the Outlast Game) is doing hill work. This is one thing that is much easier to do on a treadmill than on the trails or road. I put the setting on “random” which means that every minute or so the incline changes. I put it on a tough setting, so that when the incline does change, it's pretty significant. I then choose my speed and don’t change it throughout the workout. This means that whether the incline is 0% or 5%, I am challenging myself to keep my same pace. It is not easy. Today’s workout was five miles at 6.8 mph (8:49 min/mile), which is a piece of pound cake while it’s on 0% incline, and a piece of hard ass shit when it’s on 5%. Or, maybe I am just a pussy.

Damn! but a hard, sweat fest is fun and satisfying (TWSS).

I rushed home, showered, and threw some 15 Bean Soup in the crockpot (I soaked the beans overnight) before heading to work. Best hearty, winter soup EVER. Guaranteed to promote flatulence! Says so on the label.


On my drive I saw this bumper sticker on someone's car and it make me laugh out loud (LOL!!). Yes, I  am in fifth grade, thanks for asking.

By the way, the third installment of the Refuel with Chocolate Milk videos from Vegas was posted yesterday HERE. You can see what a dork I look like when I am trying to be serious and thoughtful. I do way better being immature and crude. The first and second episodes are HERE and HERE if you care. I find them entertaining and not just because I’m in them. Refuel did a great job putting these together. There are two more to come!

When the weather makes it almost impossible to run outside, do you treadmill-it or just skip it? Be honest. I usually weather the bad weather (wind, rain, cold temps, blistering hot temps, snow). But if it’s really slick outside I go indoors because no run is worth breaking a bone and being laid up for months with the pussy posse. I hardly ever just skip it.

Do you always run with music? I do. It motivates me. I only train without it if the race I’m training for doesn’t allow iPods.

Best bumper sticker you’ve ever seen? When I was a kid I loved “Save gas, fart in a jar” and “Is that your face or did your neck throw up?” Not sure why. Still pretty funny. Yep, still in 5th grade.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lucy Hatha Legging Review

Do running tights or leggings look good on anyone?


Recently Lucy Activewear  sent me a pair of their tights/leggings to try. I have been a fan of Lucy for a long time – but to be honest, I didn’t have any of their active wear. Up to this point, I owned some of their everyday items like this wear-anywhere-shirt (doesn’t wrinkle; totally awesome for travel):


And, a shirt/jacket (not the exact one I have, don’t think they sell it anymore!):


Awesome, quality stuff.


Hatha Leggings – $78.00















These leggings are multipurpose -  for any kind of workout, from running to yoga. The day I wore them it was cold out – about 25 degrees. The tights seem lightweight, so I was worried my legs might be cold, but they weren’t. The tights are true to size (following Lucy’s size chart), but being a compression item, you can expect them to be tight. The material, made of mostly nylon with some lycra thrown in, is extremely soft and stretchy. The fabric is called Powermax, which allows for maximum compression and moisture management.

I don’t know about you, but some tights can be very restrictive. These are not that way and allowed for easy and comfortable movement. As with all Lucy clothing, the quality is exceptional.

Because these are in essence leggings, not tights, I felt kind of “naked” and was more comfortable wearing shorts over them (my way of saying the girl parts were a bit too outlined for my taste – there’s a name for that that kinda rhymes with “gamble show”).

Be aware that they are not your typical running tight material, and truly do feel more like a legging. That said, many reviewers on the Lucy site used them for running purposes.

Where do you buy your running tights? What is your favorite brand?

Do you own any Lucy apparel?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Letting Go of the Edge

I got in an early 5 mile run before heading to the airport this morning. I almost traded in my run for some extra time on the couch with my coffee and the paper. Then, I reminded myself that I am responsible for me and I’m not going to make excuses or let myself off the hook. And, as is ALWAYS the case, I was glad I did it. Invigorated, energized.

I’m now waiting for my first born, Sam, to fly off across the country. Alone. Denver to D.C. to see my brother. The plane is still at the gate,  but they told me to hang out until it left. Hell, I might just stay here all day people watching. Airports never disappoint in that department. Plus, there is always someone pitching a hissy fit about something (what do you mean my German Shepard can’t fit under the seat?) and it makes for good entertainment.


He’s on there somewhere

Sam may be 14 and fully capable of wiping his own ass, but he’s just a helpless child to me. Okay, that’s a  bit dramatic. He’s quite mature and all that, but I might be having just a little trouble letting go. I have to remember, you can’t get to the other side of the pool unless you let go of the edge. Whatever that means.

Yes there are those of you who will say, “What’s the big deal, my kids have been flying alone since they were fetuses,” but I am a virgin at this sending-your-kid-solo thing and I just need a moment. He asked if I would cry when he walked down the jet way. I stoically shrugged and laughed as I shook my head “no”.  When they called his name and took his boarding pass,  he hugged me and walked away, ready for his adventure. I hoped he wouldn’t turn around and see me standing there, eyes filling with tears. He did turn around to give me one last wave.  I don’t care if he thinks his mom is overly emotional. He already thinks I’m a dork for so many other reasons; we can just add this one to the list.

Here’s the thing. I know nothing will happen to him – I mean what’s he going to do at 35,000 feet except watch Pimp My Ride, make a pass at the flight attendant and drink a few too many Cokes? It’s more symbolic of him getting older and slowly edging away from home. This is exactly what he is supposed to be doing. In fact, I support his slow departure and despite my tears, I couldn’t be more proud of the young adult he is becoming.

And there he goes…


At what age did you first fly alone? I never got on an airplane until I was 12. I didn’t fly alone until I was 20. For real.

Have you sent your kids on solo flights yet? This is my first time, but I’m sure there will be many more to come.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut

On Christmas Eve I visited my old friend who I don’t see very often and who I don’t like very much. She once was abusive towards me and threw me onto the ground. She is boring, yet always there waiting for me. She is dependable. She cleans up well. She allows me to step all over her. She’s a haven when it’s cold outside and I have nowhere to go. You’ve got to know who I’m talking about:

The treadmill

It was a decent 7 miles at a slow pace. I was unknowingly in the throes of a UTI, so was feeling kind of off. I distracted myself by observing the guy next to me. He had his incline set at about 10%, making his treadmill look like a steep ramp at some skating park. He ran at a pace he could maintain at that incline. He was working HARD and I hoped I wouldn’t have to do CPR. It was then I noticed something unusual. He was running with his eyes closed.  Yes, he was. I will never understand how he could do that and maintain his equilibrium. I should have asked.

After the run and spending the next few hours battling crowds at Pet Smart because Emma needed that one last gift for Betty Sue, the guinea pig, I spent the afternoon in urgent care. It was awesome. Lots of sick people and grumpy nurses. After I learned of my high white blood cell count, I got some antibiotics and hoped I wouldn’t wet my pants.

The rest of Christmas Eve was a blast spent with friends. Christmas day was all about family and gratitude and gifts and wine and roast beast. See for yourself:

Look! I’m like the guy on the treadmill!


Lucky got a new bed. It is a Christmas miracle his lipstick is not hanging out:


Every one of my gifts was running/triathlon related. So weird because I never talk about/write about/obsess about those things.


The mother of all GPS watches. This thing is bigger than my head.


No tie shoe laces for a quick transition:


Even this gift was about fueling myself to run:


Something about the word “cavity” just doesn’t sound right

Or, warming myself up after a run:


And something to keep my strength up, the Shake Weight! Hopefully it will not make me look like I’m doing something obscene like these people  (hilarious if you have not seen it yet).



Huge thanks to Kate, my secret blog Santa, who went me this horseshoe necklace in honor of my beloved dog, Lucky. With three legs, one eye and an obsessive need to lick himself 24/7, he truly is lucky to be alive. Thanks Kate. Love your thoughtfulness and you taking the to send this to me! It might even bring me some kind of crazy PR in 2012.


What the heck is this a picture of? Take a guess.



Have you used the Timex Ironman GPS? I am debating if I will keep it or not because the reviews were only so-so.

What was your favorite gift you got this year?

Ever run with your eyes closed?


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Have Yourself a Merry Little…

From my home to yours – have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or Blessed Whatever You Celebrate. Thanks for reading and for being part of this amazing blogger/runner community this year!



Friday, December 23, 2011

I Didn’t Last Long

What a difference a day makes.










I was able to get out with my Yaks for a short run. Probably shouldn’t wear them around the house. Or to the grocery store. They might scare young children.


How did I get the straps on backwards?

Because it was only 5 degrees when I went, I didn’t last long – 30 minutes of frozen snot and not being able to feel my face. I will say the only runner I saw out there was myself.  A bunch of pussies live around here, I tell ya!

The cold air never fails to clear my mind. By the time I got back, the kids were just rousing their lazy butts out of bed. What do they think this is? Some kind of vacation? Oh yeah, it’s vacation. For them. And I suppose a little for me, too.

Check out these daggers hanging from our back deck. You could combine these with the Yak Trax and make a torture chamber.


On a serious note, I read something really insightful today HERE, and I wanted to share it with you. If you are having a tough time these days, consider this:

What would your life be like if you said to yourself:

“I am enough.
“I do enough.
“I have enough.” ?

Kind of changes your perspective, eh?


The winner of the Zipfizz giveaway is Amee from I Run & Do Stuff. Email me at to claim your prize! Check out her blog…she lost 100 POUNDS!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Bit Naughty

Today I had great plans to go to the gym, run on the treadmill, do some adductor (aka spread eagle) weights, and contort my body in yoga. None of it happened. We got a bunch of snow (a freaking foot) and I got lazy.


What can I say? The queen of no excuses made excuses today. I am just being honest. If you want to burn me at the stake you’ll have to make your way through buckets of snow and catch me first. Then I’ll make you laugh so hard you’ll want to be best friends and have a sleepover, and you’ll forget all about the burning thing.

I’ll make up for it tomorrow, I promise. I have grandiose plans to run, maybe with my special Yak Trax.


Meanwhile I cranked up the Christmas tunes on Pandora and wrapped gifts. Just me and Lucky shut ourselves up in my office for my super secret wrapping extravaganza.


I almost suffocated. This week I changed Lucky to canned food because he is getting old and I feel sorry for him. Let’s face it, in his old age he needs some spoiling. Kind of like when humans get old and start eating tapioca in the nursing home. The canned food is Lucky’s version of tapioca and he is in heaven.

HOWEVER, the canned food gives him the WORST gas on the planet. As in, it makes my eyes water. I’ve never quite smelled anything like it. If you’ve read the children’s book, Walter the Farting Dog, you can expect the sequel, Lucky the Gaseous Cocker. His butthole is deadly. Maybe this is the same effect tapioca has on grandpa.

Walter the Farting Dog

If I seem a bit more off my rocker than usual it is because I have been shut in the house all week with a foot of snow and a post-surgical child. It will make you a bit batty.

I will leave you with this holiday dessert selection: Slutty Brownies. I have not made them, but I am told they are “oh so easy and quite naughty,”  just like your average slut. Seriously, anything made with Oreos, brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough has got to be sinful, just like your average slut.

If you try them, let me know. Then I can call you a slut.

By the way, I tried the Melted Snowman Cookies. Guess which one is mine?











You are so smart.

Have you done any holiday baking?

How’s your dog’s gas on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the worst?

How have your holiday workouts been? Are you getting them all in?


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Outwit, Outlast, Outplay

I won’t go into details, but to suffice it to say the shart is alive and well in Colorado! How’s that for elusive?  That’s all I’m telling you. I like to be mysterious.

Today I went against my grain and ran on the treadmill. I simply could not take another day of navigating around the ice outside and nearly breaking a hip or freezing off a tit. Plus, I’m a pussy in the cold and I’m not afraid to admit it. I run a ton in freezing temps, but some days I want to be warm. Sorry, I just do. There will be plenty more chances to don the layers, run a few miles, shoot icy snot rockets onto the asphalt and spend the rest of the day trying to get warm by the poor man’s fireplace: the heating vent.

I find the treadmill boring, so I like to play games. I have little secret competitions with people around me. I know it’s childish, but it keeps me engaged. I like to outlast and outwit them all (Survivor reference). This is not hard to do when most people get on the ‘mill, run for 15 minutes like a bat out of hell, almost throw up and get off. I was successful and outplayed each and every one. Jeff Probst would have been proud.

Today I noticed once again the cell phone mania at the gym. People on the elliptical on phones, people everywhere on phones. I don’t have a problem with cell phones. In fact I have one with me usually in the treadmill holder thingee in case one of my children calls and is bleeding or choking or projective vomiting. But, something I do not do, and have never done, is talk on the phone while I’m working out. There are some things that are sacred, plus I can’t usually speak when I’m working out because I’m too busy breathing heavily (TWSS).

Here is where I hate seeing people talk on cell phones:

At the gym while working out
While having sex
While getting a massage
At table while eating with other people. Hello! There are live people to talk to right beside you!
In restaurants. Period.
While in the bathroom stall
At a funeral
In line for anything, especially when it’s their turn to order
At the movies
While under water

My favorite cell phone moments are when you are on a plane and it lands. People are grappling for their phones and everywhere you hear, “HI! We just landed!” I’ve been guilty of that one as well. What the hell did I do for those 30 years before I had a damn cell phone?

How do you survive treadmill boredom?

Any places you would not use your cell phone or get annoyed when people use theirs?


Yes, I did watch Survivor. Yes I am a huge Ozzie fan. No I don’t think Sophie should have won.

Sports Bras vs. Speedos

Check out this graphic posted on Running MP3. The information comes from the 2011 National Runners Survey and Running USA. Aside from the male/female component, it’s fun to see where you fit along the averages.

You could also call this graphic “thongs vs. jock straps,” or something like that if you wanted to spice it up.

There are no big shockers here. What’s missing? How many runners shop at Whole Foods/REI and make in excess of $1 million per year.

Anything surprising to you? I was surprised only 13.8% of women began running for weight reasons. I thought it would have been higher than that. I was also surprised the average person does about 8 races/events per year. That’s HIGH unless you’re obsessed like most of us.

Do you fit in with the averages? For the most part although I’ve only been running for 3 years and my favorite distance is the marathon.

What’s your favorite race distance?


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Job of the Year: Bed Pan Changer

Thanks for all of the well wishes. Sam’s surgery went off without a hitch. He even let me come into the O.R. with him and hold his hand while he fell asleep. I kissed him and told him I loved him as many times as I could. 14 year old boys LOVE it when their moms do that.

I have to say, I hate everything about an O.R. It freaks me out. Bright lights, cold, shiny cutting utensils. But, this is why I write a blog and am not a doctor. That and the fact I am not smart enough to be a doctor. Maybe a candy striper is more up my alley. Or, bed pan changer.


Apparently I should be going in for botox of the forehead

When we were in recovery, Sam was coming out of the anesthesia and still hooked up to all the beeping stuff. He asked what would happen if he ripped it all off to make the machine stopped and played dead. I told him that’s not funny. They would call a “Code Blue” and freak out. He seemed very impressed that I knew what code blue was and asked if I watch a lot of hospital shows. Why, yes, I used to be a huge ER fan. “To the O.R. stat! GSW!”

Moving on. Thanks to those who entered the GU Roctane Endurance contest. You have no idea how much I appreciate your feedback, compliments and support. It wasn’t easy, but I chose Julie at ROJ Running as my “Reader of the Year.” Julie is someone who has been reading for over two years.  She’s a dedicated blogger and runner. Her determination and kind hearted spirit really come through. I think she “gets” what I try to convey in my blog:

“I read your blog because I feel like you're the woman I'm going to become in the future. I started reading you somewhere in June/July of 2009, just after starting my own blog. I was drawn to your humor, sincerity and the fact that you work in social services. At the time as a newer runner I liked having someone I felt I could relate to and I also liked pretending I could be you in 10-ish years. 

My earliest memory of you was when you won the trip for Hood to Coast. I also recall writing a poem about your toenail and "winning" although I am glad you didn't send me the actual nail! Ha! You've worked hard for all your successes and that's why I enjoy continuing to read you. No matter how "popular" you become you don't seem out of touch.

Oh and on a final note, I admire how despite being injured at times you keep up with you posts, encouraging positive outlooks and commitment to recovery, instead of simply going on hiatus.”

Thanks, Julie, for the support. Drop me an email at and I’ll tell you how to claim your prize.

How about you? Do you like medical dramas– Grey’s, House, etc.? These days I’ve traded in hospital drama for Real Housewife drama.

If you weren’t in the job you were now, what would you rather be doing? Not sure. Freelance writer. Trapeze artist. Candy striper. Who knows?

Ever try botox or would you? Never. Undecided on whether I’d ever give it a shot.


My Boy

My oldest, Mr. Sam, is having surgery today. It is nothing serious, just an outpatient procedure, but he will be under general anesthesia. Surgery is surgery and when it happens to a loved one, especially a P1110108child of yours, it’s unsettling.

In other words, Sam could care less, but I am a bit on edge. I told him he could ask the doctors any questions he wanted. He said he just wants to ask the anesthesiologist what he/she makes per year. He would also like to tell the doctor to not fall asleep during the procedure.

Fair enough.

“Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.”  ~Benjamin Franklin

Off to the hospital in Denver. I will keep my thoughts and my son in the sunlight.


Monday, December 19, 2011

2012: The Year of the Trapeze?

It’s that time of the year when I drive myself crazy re-evaluating my life. I’m not a huge resolution person.  I do, however, usually have one or two that I don’t follow through on (drink less wine, floss more, meditate, keep my closet neat, figure out what I want to be when I grow up).


Yes I do wear my down coat in the house, especially when I’m pondering things. It helps me think. If you look closely, you can see my nose is running.

One area that I do follow through on is training. It seems I have no lack of motivation in that part of my life. Right now I’m focused on figuring out my race schedule for next year. I do not yet know what it will include. A run here , a triathlon there. I’ve always wanted to learn to swing on a trapeze, so I may do that too. I’m not kidding. I even found a place in Denver where you can learn to do it.

January through April 2011, I was recovering from a hip stress fracture, then the race fun resumed. Here’s what last year looked like:

April 2011 - Boston Marathon
May 2011- Bolder Boulder 10K
June 2011 - City of Longmont Sprint Triathlon
August 2011 - Boulder Stroke 'n Stride 5K
August 2011 - Irongirl Boulder
August 2011- Ironman 70.3 Boulder
August 2011 - Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon
October 1, 2011 - Skirt Chaser 5K – Denver
October 9, 2011 - Rock 'n Roll Denver Half Marathon
December 4, 2011 - Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

I am only picking goals I am extremely excited about. No cop-outs or “shoulds.” I’m liking the idea of a trail marathon and maybe, just maybe, an ultra marathon later in the summer. I will definitely add in some triathlons, for sure the Longmont Sprint Tri, the Boulder Irongirl Tri and an Olympic distance race.

I’m very very very still on the fence about an Ironman in 2012. Don’t get me wrong. I know myself and I have no doubt I could complete the race (see how humble I am?). I am torn about the time commitment to the training. I do not want to over-commit myself and I don’t want to drastically take away from my family life and the quality of my work.  If I do an IM, it will be Arizona in November. I know it’s sold out, but I’ve got connections, baby!

What are your race goals for 2012?

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Why or why not?


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Zipfizz Review and Giveaway

On tap for me today was a six mile early morning run. It was quite pleasant and seasonably warm with temps at about 24*.  People always comment that I wear capris when it’s so cold. Weird, but my legs and feet never get cold.


I did almost fall on my ass several times on the hard packed snow and ice, but I skillfully slid around without going down. All I want for Christmas is my two hips not broken. I already have my two front teeth even if they are crowns. If I never told you about my accident when I was twelve that knocked out several teeth, I promise I will some time. I know twelve is  a little young to get into a bar brawl, but I was an early bloomer.

I will not talk about poop in this post. I will not talk about poop in this post. Word on the street is that poop talk is “getting old.” How does that subject get old? I mean, you will poop for your entire life, so as far as I am concerned, it’s not old until you die and don’t/can’t do it anymore. As for those who are too embarrassed or grossed out to talk or read about it, I don’t know what to tell you. There are lots of poop-free blogs out there. I cannot, however, help you avoid Imodium and Maalox commercials on TV. Or stop your body from producing it’s own waste. And, for the record – I have plenty of poop free posts, so just pick and choose.

Before I ran I drank some Zipfizz energy drink. I was sent a sample pack of Zipfizz to try out.


This one is pink lemonade flavor:


Zipfizz’s claim to fame is that it “is the only healthy energy drink-mix powder in a tube.” I’m not sure why we need drink powder in a tube, but okay, I’ll roll with it. Zipfizz is said to “deliver an advanced formula that provides a significant amount of vitamins, fewer calories, lower carbohydrates and superior taste!”

Nutritional Info:image

Zipfizz comes in five flavors:  Berry, Citrus, Grape, Orange Soda, and Pink Lemonade. There is also a featured flavor: creamsicle. Zipfizz has zero grams of sugar and is sweetened with Xylitol and Sucralose. Xylitol is a naturally occurring, low-calorie sugar substitute found in berries, fruits and birch bark. It has 100 mgs of caffeine from natural sources of green tea and Guarana (a plant in the maple family).

The cost is $29.99 for 30 tubes at Costco, plus shipping. This averages about $1.00 per tube. If you buy from the Zipfizz website, it is more expensive.


Taste: The first flavor I tasted was orange and I did not care for it at all. It was too sweet and tasted very artificial. I did, however, really like the pink lemonade flavor. I also tried the creamsicle flavor which tasted exactly like a liquid orange creamsicle ice cream bar. Yum. Zipfizz is slightly effervescent, a big bonus.  I really love some bubbly in my drinks. Too bad champagne is not a sport’s drink.

Nutritional Aspects: Zipfizz labels their drink a “healthy” because it has no fat or sugar and is high in vitamins and electrolytes. It is especially high in Vitamin B12, which is supposed to give you energy. I always thought that your body did not need much B12 to get the benefits, and that the excess was just peed out. It seems that 41,667% of one vitamin is excessive. Recommended daily intake is 2.4 mcg. Zipfizz has 2,500 mcg. I get annoyed with companies packing drinks and food full of vitamins and nutrients that are in much higher amounts than our bodies need or can sometimes even handle. Just a personal pet peeve.  While there is some good stuff in this drink, these are nutrients that, IMHO, can easily be obtained by eating a balanced diet and/ or taking a daily supplement.

Cost: Although $1.00 per serving might seem high, the price is comparable, if not cheaper, to buying a 20 oz bottle of Gatorade or another sport’s drink. Additionally, it has lots more stuff in it and does not have the added sugar.

Bottom Line: An affordable sport’s/energy drink with a decent taste (depending on the flavor). The tube is small and makes it convenient to bring it on the go. Zipfizz can be purchased at many retailers including Costco, REI and Target, so it is readily available.


Want to try a sample pack of Zipfizz in a cool water bottle (a $14.99 value)? Zipfizz has offered this prize pack to two winners!


To enter (comment for each):

  • Tell me what your favorite sports or energy drink is and why you want to try Zipfizz
  • Blog, twat or FB about this giveaway

Giveaway ends December 23. Winners will be chosen at


Fine Print: Zipfizz provided me with the samples and water bottles as well as the giveaway items at no charge in exchange for my unbiased review of their product.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Decision

You all need to move in with my to be my fashion consultants. Who knew hose were taboo and only for 90 year olds playing bingo and eating Jell-O?  I also ditched the shoes for good. I should have been arrested for even thinking about wearing them. The thing is, I have never had much of a fashion sense. For some people, this is second nature. For me, not so much.

So – most of you chose option #2 for me to wear to the party. That was actually my choice too.  But, when it came down to it I was worried it wasn’t fancy enough. The actual party was at a pretty swanky spot. So, I went with option #1, no hose and cute strappy wedges. You would have been proud.


Of course I froze my ass off all night riding in the short bus, which could only go 45 mph and had no heat. I never rode the short bus in school, so now was my chance. I felt like I was part of the Partridge Family:


The short bus was so not-fancy I could have easily wore a flannel shirt and my corduroys, but once we got to the party, the dress was the right choice. There was some neat writing inside the bus on the ceiling.


I kept looking for “For a good time call, SUAR” but never found it. Look carefully and you can find a phallic symbol I drew. Just kidding, I didn’t draw it but it sounds like something I might do.

Any Christmas parties for you this weekend?


Friday, December 16, 2011

Outfit Dilemma–Help NOW!

Let’s deviate big time from the norm on this blog. Those possessing male genitalia may be rolling their eyes, but I’d actually like your opinions too.

We’ve got Ken’s office party tonight. I have never met any of these people. As you know I can be slightly outrageous and crude and I do not want to get him fired. Essentially, I want to make a decent first impression and not look like a slut. Keep in mind, the party starts at a local brewery (score) then we are taken by brewery-provided-bus to a fancy restaurant near Boulder, then back to brewery. I am told to dress “fancy.” Ken will be in a suit and tie.

I am really pushing it to the wire here, but I have two outfit options, so let’s have a vote. Do not pay attention to hair and makeup. There is none. I haven’t even showered yet. Still have to go for a run and shave my pits: SICK!! That’s what happens in the winter.


But first of all, one of my pet peeves, the things I hate THE MOST is when I get home and find this piece of locked plastic shit on my clothes. They should pay me for my time to come back to the store to have it removed. Or I should buy one of those removers for my home, then I could shop lift a lot.


Option #1:

Dress: Forever 21 ($13.70! Bargain of the week)
Necklace: Kohls
Shoes: No clue
Hose: Hanes from Kohls


Option: #2:

Skirt: Forever 21, faux leather (fleather or pleather or whatever)
Shirt: Kohls
Necklace: Kohls
Hose: Hanes fromKohls
Shoes: No clue


Which one shall it be?

Option #1
Option #2
Option #3: None of the above. You should stay home, get in your sweats and not embarrass anyone.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Runners Are Whiners

Today I found out that as a marathoner, I am a whiner and a rich snob who hates Las Vegas and only shops at Whole Foods. So are you. Well, at least that’s how Patrick Coolican, author of an article in the Las Vegas Weekly yesterday, pegs all of us runners. Talk about stereotypes and judgments!

Mr. Coolican starts off the article describing the snafu that was the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Marathon. He then goes on to say:

“Put that aside for a moment and consider the people who run marathons and how they might be the kind of people who enjoy a fine whine.

I used to live in Seattle, so I know them. They went to Stanford or USC and work at technology or consulting firms or have already made so much money that they’re stay-at-home dads or moms or started their own nonprofit. They shop at Whole Foods but eat only 1,200 calories a day. They voted for President Obama and felt so darned good about it. They consider the twice-annual sale at REI a religious event. They are the modern Organization Man and so can’t understand why the marathon didn’t go off with the efficiency of their second child’s midwifed home birth. They are the anti-Las Vegas. So, let’s be skeptical of their complaints.”

Here’s what I have to say to Mr. Coolican:

  • I love Las Vegas. I go there at least twice a year and give a great deal of money to your fine city. For this race alone I spent $165 to register and hundreds of additional dollars on hotels, food and gambling to boost your economy. You are welcome.
  • I came to Vegas to have a good time and to run a race. The race was great. The 5 hour wait to get back to my hotel and the 36 hours of nausea after the race was not.
  • I eat at least 2,000 calories a day, more if there are Christmas cookies around.
  • I don’t shop at Whole Foods because I can’t afford it and I like my chicken with hormones and antibiotics in it.
  • Doesn’t REI stand for Religious Event Inc?
  • I didn't have a home birth or a midwife. I had a hospital birth with an OB and a nurse who wiped my ass.
  • I don't have my own non-profit. Yet. When I do it will be to fundraise for runners who need counseling because their water did not stay cold enough during their run and their shoes came untied too often. We really are a weak and whiney bunch. That is why we run 26.2 miles for fun. Have you ever done that Mr. Coolican?













This is me whining. As a runner, this is how I look 99.8% of the time

Mr. Coolican shrugs off his article stating he was only trying to “provoke and have a little fun.” Yeah, yeah, supposed to be a joke and all that. But when you’re dealing with many people who ended up in ERs and had their weekends spoiled due to illness, not so funny.

I still think he comes across as a self righteous douche bag, but that’s just me.

What do you think? Are runners an entitled, elitist bunch or was he way off base?

What would you say to Mr. Coolican?


PS: When I first looked at the article, the title was, "Our marathon was the source of much complaining but how much of it was justified," and now it's "Preliminary testing does not point to water.” Interesting that he went back and changed it 24 hours later!