Saturday, November 10, 2018

Tonight, I Sleep On A Plane

We are off to Chiang Mai, Thailand tonight to visit Sam, elephants, temples, Pad Thai, Chang beer and humidity. I can't wait! If you want to follow along....follow my Instagram HERE. My stories and I would love to have you.

Image result for map of thailand

My friend, Sylvie, is living in Chiang Mai right now and sent me this casual picture from her hike the other day.

Yes, it definitely is another world.

There's lots I'm excited about - I've traveled some, but never to southeast Asia and I welcome the vast difference in culture - food! language! customs! All of it. On Friday we will visit an elephant sanctuary that is part of the Karen Tribe. We will feed and bathe the elephants and I hear there is a new baby!

If you've ever been to Thailand (we are not going to Bangkok or the islands most likely - probably will stay in the northern region), let me know what you saw and did that you loved!

We're coming for you Sammy Boy.

Until next time...


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Getting Older Can Make You Slow(er) AF, But Does It Have To?

For the past two to three years (well, since I turned 50), I've become a slower runner. Shocker. Any one else? Raise your hand if you can relate.

I can't blame myself. It's a proven fact that as you age you get slower. Why else are age group requirements for Boston "easier" as you get older? The BAA has to know what they are talking about.

In actuality, shit happens to the body as we age. Gravity takes hold and things like boobs and nut sacs droop. Hair (including pubes apparently - my mom of all people told me this) get gray. Wrinkles show up making road maps across our foreheads and around our mouths and eyes. Sometimes we pee ourselves, or worse. Hence the enormous number of Depends commercials you see during the evening news.  Don't even get me started on my neck. It is becoming a shit show.

Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Men, Maximum Absorbency, S/M, Gray (Packaging may vary)
I think this guy as "bigger" issues than wetting his pants
But, there is also physiology to why we might become slower as we age. As the years pile on, the body, unfortunately, tends to break down. Our ability to take in oxygen decreases. We lose flexibility. Muscle strength lessens. 

Just shoot me now.

Woah...wait. Let's knock off the pity party.

The thing is, once you buy into the fact that you are going to be slower and it is simply your fate, something psychologically takes hold. We begin to not only accept this as truth, but it becomes our excuse for slowing down. We basically give in as our minds continually tell us a story about our limitations.

Again, there is validity to what happens to the body as we age. But we can fight it like hell. Sure, maybe we'll never see those times we did 20 or 30 yeas ago, but there is still hope.

There's a reason I was inspired to write this post.

I'm always floored by older runners who are kicking ass, but last weekend I saw it up front and personal. I did a ten mile trail race. Granted it was not super technical and didn't have a ton of elevation gain,  ten miles is ten miles and there were still a couple of decent climbs. This was my longest race back since getting injured in May, so I was happy to finish in 1:40, good enough for 2nd in my age group.

Later, Ken and I were looking at the results. Guess who WON the race? Take into account that there were a ton of youngsters running this race.

Dan - 57 years old - with a pace of 7:18

The first woman came in 5th overall with a pace of 7:36

And then there's Mark who at age 67 came in 10th with a 7:52 average pace

I would love to hook up with these bad asses and find out their secret. My guess is they train hard including strength and cross training. They probably are also unwilling to make the excuse that age HAS to make them slower. They train their mental muscles too.

So, what can we do? First, train our brains to believe. Strength train. Take our calcium. Keep moving. And, most importantly, just because we slow down does not mean we can't still have big goals and strive for them!

What have you noticed in your body as you've gotten older?

Are you slower than we were 10, 20, 30 years ago?


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Running, You've Ruined Me

You know how when you've been in first class on an airplane (this has only happened to me once on our honey moon to Greece when we begged the TWA person to upgrade us ((not because we had status but just because)). We we had just gotten married and she actually did put us in seats 4A and 4B - TWA doesn't exist anymore and neither do those kinds of "gifts") and then you go back to coach and you're like, "Uh, no. Coach is SO slumming it. Cannot deal with the masses of people farting and picking their toe jam. Please allow me up beyond that blue curtain again."

This is on Mykonos after the First Class flight. I am happy and topless.
I know my kids will like this picture. You're welcome
Or, when you drink Milwaukee's Best for your entire college career and then you move to Colorado and try a Fat Tire craft beer (no, not making a reference here to how better the Rockies are than the Brewers, don't read too much into it) and you're like, "I will never drink piss again, only amber liquid gold for me."???

That's how running is for me. Running has ruined me for all other things that raise my heart rate.

Anytime I've been injured, I've done what most runners do and they dreadfully go back to cross training. There was even a time I actually spent an entire training season pool running to train for the Boston Marathon (2011) because I had a femoral stress fracture. I would go to the pool on crutches, put that floater belt thing on and "run" in the deep end for an hour at a time. I told myself I would do this even when I was healthy because it was great exercise and prevented injury. Did I once do it when I was healed? Hell.No. I dropped that shit like Shalane did during the porta potty stop at the Boston Marathon.

Image result for shalane porta potty
It took her 16 seconds. To poop. Champ

***On a side note, the pool running worked as I did run Boston in pretty good shape for not training. So, go do it but don't ask me to join you.

My point being - throughout this injury (complete hamstring tear on May 11 after a terrible fall, read and weep HERE), I have resorted back to cycling, walking, swimming, even the elliptical to stay fit while I couldn't run. Just a couple weeks ago (and after I'd been back to running for a couple of months) my leg started hurting and I was so scared I had re-injured myself. So, I got back on my bike riding for 25 miles at a time up and down hills. Then I started walking as fast as I could without running (I can actually walk a 12 min/mile pace. You try it. I might look like a ridiculous, middle aged, middle class white woman trying to break a sweat, but that is what I am).

But, let me tell you - the minute I thought it was safe to break into a run (i.e., no pain) that is what I did. And, if I CAN run I am ignoring all other things like cycling, swimming and white woman fast walking because they are all dead to me.

This is a weird picture from today's run. I appear to be walking but NO I am running.
I really hate walking. I find it boring

Running has ruined me that way.

Not to say I don't love my bike. I do. I had a love affair with cycling long before running (and I actually think I'm a better cyclist than a runner). But somehow it just doesn't give me that same high and sense of accomplishment like first class on TWA or a cold Fat Tire beer.

Boulder 703. When can I run?
Clearly, I enjoy the sport of triathlon or I wouldn't have done two Ironmen ("did" two Ironmen sounds dirty). But, there is just something about running. I know you get it.

Do you cross train? 

What's your go-to thing when you're injured? (besides Cheetos and The Office)

Ever flown first class? (btw, you are rich)

Favorite beer? I don't drink much beer, but when I do I really like Fat Tire and Samuel Adams Oktoberfest


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Why I Might Re-Name This Blog

Well, not really, but it does occur to me it would be รก propos to rename it Toothless Runner or Running With a Flipper given the current circumstances.

Here is the toothless part, plus a filter cause I'm old and wrinkled:

Here is the flipper part:

Here is the result when you combine the two.

My mouth surgery sucked the big one (insert eggplant emoji + a mouth here). For info on why I had the surgery, go HERE.

I kind of pride myself on not being afraid of the dentist cause I've had so much work done in my life, nothing phases me. So, I went into this whole tooth extraction/implant thing pretty chill. That was until they started roughing me up with all of their tools like forceps and hammers and vibrators (if only) and I was profusely sweating and squirming in the chair.

Side note: I don't like knowing they are yanking out my teeth. At all. It didn't hurt cause I was shot up with Novocaine, but I was stressed. They offered laughing gas and I took it gladly, but it didn't make me laugh at all and really did very little to take the edge off.

I continued sweating and squirming and groaning like a whore in church? <- does that fit here?

This whole thing was taking longer than anyone expected, so I knew things weren't going as planned. Turns out they had to do a bone graft to make the implant more stable. I'm not sure whose bone I have in my mouth now (that's what she said) but I hope it's Meb's or someone like that. After I got boned, they sent me next door to my dentist who had hoped to put a temp crown on but could not because the implant needs to get stronger.

That means the flipper and I are bonded for 10 weeks. 10 WEEKS.

The flipper goes on all my runs! The flipper will go to Thailand! The flipper hangs out with me in bars! That is, until I order food, then the flipper is taken out and I eat food in public without a tooth. Good thing Halloween is right around the corner.

Just me taking the flip out on a trail run so I could have a Clif Blok
I'm happy to report that pre-flipper I managed to run a 10k on Labor Day.

I had very low expectations given this slow injury comeback...I really wanted to break an hour but knew that was debatable. Then, guess what??? I ran it in 57 minutes, about a 9:15 pace. I am as shocked as you are. Here I am at the finish. I was glowing with sweat and pride. This was actually good enough for 12th/64th in the 51 year old lady age group.

So, yes, running is finally improving slightly - four months post injury. Just in time for September in Colorado, which is my favorite month. I am thinking of doing THIS ten mile trail race in October.

What's up with you?

SUAR (or RT or RWAF)

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Key to Happiness and Guess Where I'm Going? (hint: it's 8,241 miles away)

The theme for this month (okay, well it's almost next month, so the theme for next month) is...


Yeah, so damn cliche.

But, it is truly the key to life and eternal happiness. Because if you can start to let go of the way you think things should be and accept how they actually ARE, you will be infinitely more content.

Letting go does NOT mean giving up. They are two very different things. It's more about acceptance than it is about apathy and laying down and becoming a total victim of your life.

Case in point. This injury of mine. It was making me crazy. Every single run has been a sufferfest of frustration because I am not progressing fast enough. Or, I am not where I used to be. Or, I will never be where I used to be.

Every run felt sucky, not just physically, but also mentally. If fact, I had a slight temper tantrum on the trail on Saturday because nothing felt good and everything felt like shit and I was hot and tired and people were passing me and it felt like I had to work for every.single.fucking.step (only Ken witnessed the tantrum, so I'm not sure it really happened). As I continued to climb up this small mountain at a snail's pace, I thought, "Screw this. I'm done running for awhile. I need a break. Maybe running just isn't my thing."

Well, we all know that's not true.

Coming down the mountain once my heart rate wasn't 300 bpms anymore and my leg wasn't screaming, I re-thought my idea to quit running. Instead I thought, "NO! That's not me. I don't give up. I'm going to continue to recover from this injury like is my JOB." I'm pretty dramatic.

What I ended up doing with that mess of emotions is this. I LET GO. This week I've been holding back when I run. I have been running slower and at a pace I can sustain without walking. I've accepted that right now and as I recover I'm slower. But I'm still a runner, dammit. I decided to be kind to myself about this. Maybe my speed will come back, maybe it won't. But, I want to love running and I don't want to be frustrated every single time I go out.

And, guess what? Not only have my runs felt really good (my leg still gets tired but that's not going to kill me), I am running at faster paces without even meaning to. Once I accepted being slower, it was a breakthrough somehow. MAGIC.

This is me running my new slower pace, which allowed me to run for 3.5 miles without stopping.
MAJOR milestone from where I was just a couple of weeks ago.

My lesson for today.

#1 - Stop trying to control something that is making you crazy the more you try to control it and the less it is working

#2 - Be kind to yourself

#3 - Accept where you are and where things are. Sometimes this means being willing to let go of your expectations of how things SHOULD be.

#4 - Realize everyone struggles, no matter what your social media feeds say

I love running again. I'm happy.

Oh, and guess what? I'm going to Thailand for 12 days in November!! I'm going to play with elephants! I'm going to eat street food! I'm going to get $10 massages without happy endings! I'm going to meet a Buddhist monk! I'm going to make sure my son is still alive! I'm not going to hang out in caves! I'm not going to drink the water and get giardia and diarrhea!

Tell me one thing you're hanging onto that you're going to let go of this week (magic will happen, I promise)

Last place you traveled to? Nevis/St. Kitts

Dream vacation? Thailand and going back to Greece. Morocco.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Coffee Date (With a Side of Alcohol)

If we were having coffee there would be many things I would want to share with you. Probably the most fascinating things you've ever heard. First of all, the new season of STDs in Paradise (aka Bachelor in Paradise) has begun so that's breaking news for sure. If you've never watched show you are: 1) better than me, and 2) not missing out on anything.

Moving on. If we were having coffee (I'd prefer mine with a splash of Bailey's) I'd tell you how post injury running is going. It's going to hell. My trail runs feel the best with the variety of terrain and ascending/descending, but the flats on the road/path suck. My left leg still doesn't want to join the party, i.e., it's weak and temperamental, but I press on. I still have not brought myself to run on that very short stretch of road that I fell on. Maybe it's PTSD, maybe I'm a pussy or maybe I'm just superstitious, but that little part of the road by my house is off limits right now. It's a dangerous black hole of misery and destruction.

From Saturday's trail run. Perhaps I shouldn't do this if I don't want to tear another hamstring.

If we were onto our second cup of coffee (+ ounce of Kahlua), I'd tell you another great fear I now have are chocolate chip cookies. This may sound innocent enough, but while eating one on Sunday, this happened.

#missingtooth + #ropeyneck = sexy

Granted the cookie was hard and frozen, my crown snapped off (tooth and all) and plummeted to the floor. Heidi swooped into eat what she thought was part of a cookie and I had flashes of me going through her fecal matter for the next two days to fish out my crown (then having it put back in). I freaked out and pushed her away, safely taking the crown to higher ground. I don't know why but I started crying about all of this (probably because my family could not even look at me without bursting out laughing). I just feel so accident prone. In the past year I have:

Been head butted by a dog, resulting in this (October 2017)

Fell on a run severely tearing my hamstring (May 2018)

That is not grape jelly

Knocked out my own tooth eating a frozen cookie (August 2018)

What the hell is next? Impaling myself on some rebar? Is this what the 50s are like? Don't answer that.

Anyway, all of this is requiring a tooth extraction, implant and new crown. And it only costs $3,000!  That's 30 race entries or 15 new Garmins or 30 pairs of new running shoes or 3,000 GUs! Dentists and insurances are crooks.

If we were having coffee with a splash of Baileys (hold the coffee) I'd tell you that Emma's first day of senior year is today!!

New Vans - check. Hydroflask - check. Holey jeans - check. Must be a teenage girl.

And, Sam leaves for a semester in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Tuesday. Holy fuck. I guess that means I need to get a life. My kids are moving on and so should I. In fact, Sam will spend his 21st birthday in Bangkok (cue all the cock and prostitute jokes as well as the humming of "One Night in Bangkok". I've come up with several renditions of that song that I sing to Sam regularly. Mostly the songs involve him not getting incarcerated, not impregnating a Thai girl and not going for any "happy endings.")

If we were finishing up our whiskey concoction (did I tell you we had moved onto Irish coffees?) I would tell you that I am doing a 10k on Labor Day and I'm positive it will be the slowest 10k of my life. I am also thinking of a doing a half marathon trail race in Crested Butte, CO in September. Sure, I'm not really in race shape, but the trails feel good to me and I need something to perk me up besides singing "One Night in Bangkok."

One more thing before I drain the last bit of this cup 'o joe. So, I love the blog Pinch of Yum. She's real, her recipes are good. I got curious last week when she posted a recipe for vegan queso. Queso, by definition is hot cheese dip. This recipe involved putting cashews, water, green chilis and taco seasoning into a food processor 'til smooth. Then it would apparently and magically be queso. I had to try it because it sounded so weird. And, weird it was. I would not call this queso. I would call it ground up cashews with green chilis and taco seasoning (dog poop). Don't be fooled.

Well, that's all I got.

Tell me something you'd share if we were having coffee/alcohol together?

Ever been to Thailand (Chiang Mai)? Where should we stay/see if we go?

Do you have a fall race planned?


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Long Road Back from Injury: Frustrating as Hell!

I must have been high or something because when I was given the "go ahead" to run for 2 minutes at a time (2 minutes run/2 minutes walk for 16 minutes and build from there) back at the end of June I thought it would be a piece of cake. After all, the hamstring was healed and running is, like, what I DO! (of course in full disclosure I NEVER did 16 minutes. More like 56 minutes because I don't listen).

Major wake up call. When I ran, I felt as if I had never run before. My leg tired so easily and I honestly could barely even run the 2 minutes. I kept at it, running 4 to 5 miles a day, doing the run/walk thing.

I did that for WEEKS. Do you know how long it takes to run/walk 5 miles? I bet you do. People do it all the time. I am just not a patient person, however. So, averaging 12:30 miles was humbling as hell. And, it wasn't getting any better. I can actually have some patience if I see improvement. But after three weeks of being back to "running" nothing felt better. It might have even felt worse. Sure, I did the relay, but those miles were rough on me. I never got into a groove, I could hardly run for more than 4-5 minutes at a time before walking and my poor leg felt like a huge ham hock that I was dragging behind me.

Trails feel WAY better to me these days than road. I might look "okay" here, but I'm pretty
sure I was hyperventilating.

Fast forward to today and all of the complaining I'm doing to my PT (they must get SO sick of us). I'm a bit shy of three months out from the injury. I'm still struggling. Well, I say that but I can now average a 10:13 mile and that includes some walking. That is definitely progress, but is is really hard not to compare where I was pre-accident.  I am less concerned with pace than I am with how I feel. I'm not sure how/why I still feel so out of running shape. I've had some major drying needling the past few weeks and have done a gait analysis to make sure I'm not doing anything too wonky. I'm not.

So, here I am, just a girl trying to be patient and grateful that I can do anything at all. Blah blah blah.  I just wonder when I'll feel like my old self again. Running is hard enough as it is, but when one minute you are on top of your game and the next minute (literally) you are laying in the street and can't walk, it's discouraging.

And life goes on. I think if the rest of my life felt really in place, maybe all of this wouldn't bug me so much. But it doesn't. I lay awake in the middle of the night last night (as I do most nights between 2am and 3am), knowing that I cannot be the only person who is 51 years old and feels a bit lost. Kids are leaving the nest. My career has been successful but I'm just not sure it's what I want to do anymore - and if it's not what I want to do, what the hell DO I want to do? What the hell am I actually QUALIFIED to do if not what I do now?

I can't believe I'm sharing this; I have no shame. Ken took this of me the other night. Proof that I sleep
really HARD before I am wide awake from 2am to 3am

People tell you you can do and be whatever you want. Not really. You know I'm the first person to chase dreams and big goals, but at 51, there are some things that are a bit out of the question for me now (probably won't be a heart surgeon or the POTUS). Then I start to have regrets about career choices I've made and not made. I basically have made the choices I did because I wanted to be home with my kids. I'm proud of that. But, that meant a job where I could work from home. I've been good at it and the job has been really fulfilling, but I'm just entering a new phase I suppose.

Enough on all that. Just being real here. Then I go to hospice with Heidi today and get some much needed perspective. All of what I love and value is right here in front of me right now. But if I could run normal again, that would be great, yeah thanks.

Seriously. Wouldn't she comfort you? I can't even with this picture.

What's your job? Can you see yourself doing it for years to come?


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay - Did I Run It?

I know you all have been holding your breath wondering if I was able to run the Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay. The relay kicked off almost two months to the day after I fell and tore the shit out of my hamstring on May 11. I'm happy to say, I ran all of my legs - 5.2 miles, 2 miles and 5.7 miles, all for a grand total of 12.9 miles! 

No, I did not feel like myself. No, I did not have any hamstring pain, but other stuff felt "off." Yes, I was happy with how it went. No, I did not tell my PT I was doing it. Yes, I averaged about a 10:30 pace and yes, I walked quite a bit. I was teetering on that edge of wanting to do what I wanted to do, but not wanting to further injure myself. I think I accomplished that.

I'm competitive by nature, so it's tough for me to hang back, let people pass me and not be able to show up how I would have liked. But the truth is, I was just glad to be there at all. This was my 8th relay. Here are the others (linking to my race reports):
Seems like these days Ragnar has taken over the relay world, and the smaller relays don't exist like EPIC and Wild West. That's too bad cause I really liked them. Ragnar is efficient and like a well oiled machine, but in my opinion in lacks some personality and character. Also - it's getting super congested.

These relays are a funny thing. I mean who thought, "Let's put 12 people in two vans and have them run for 25 to 35 hours, through the night and no one will die??" Honestly sometimes it seems so dangerous what with people running on roads all night, driving hundreds of miles in vans in unknown territory..but I've only heard of a few deaths - a guy in Maryland in 2010, a man hit by a drunken driver in 2011 at the Vegas Ragnar. There have probably been more, but not to my knowledge.

This is the first time our team has flown to a relay. It was fun having a new adventure in a new place. We rented a house on Whibdey Island (northwest of Seattle), where the race ended. 

We flew Alaska Air. Anyone else think their mascot looks like Bob Marley? (yes, I know it's an Eskimo)

Image result for alaska air mascot

The first night at the house involved  a lot of drinking because that is a good idea before an endurance event. The house we stayed in (Langley, Washington) was an Airbnb and was awesome. It was on the final leg of the relay route, so that was nice too. Interested? Here's the link to it. 

Cute courtyard for cocktails

I was in van #2, which means we start later. We hit the road heading toward Bellingham and started around 2pm. I was runner 10 out of 12, so my first run wasn't until about  5pm when it was nice and hot. These days, my injured self usually starts out walking but there was no way in hell I was going to grab the baton and walk out of the starting area like some gimpy ass. So, I took off, running until my problem child leg wanted to take a break. I was psyched with how the first run went. It pays off to have very low expectations because then you are never disappointed. That is my new life hack.

My second run came at 3am. It was only 2 miles, but I'd been cramped in the van all night and the run kind of sucked. It was dark (duh) and mostly on sidewalk (ewww) so I was terrified of falling on some damn sidewalk crack. PTSD. Plus I didn't want to break my mother's back. She already has osteoporosis. 

My third run came at about 2pm and after a huge plate of eggs Benedict (EB). I wasn't sure how all of that would play out. Turns out Ragnar frowns on crapping in someone's yard or on the side of the road. Which is too bad because that always makes for a good story. I did not, however, feel the urge to unload the EB. Despite some major hills and heat, the run went well. One major complaint about Ragnar - not even ONE free beer at the end.

Then just like that, we were done. 

My BFF, Erika, next to me in the pink did her first relay!

Usually we are in the masters division cause we are all well over 40, but our friend's daughter, 21, joined us, so we were in the mixed division.

32 hours with 11 runners. We placed 74/195 in our division. 

I was just a bit happy to be done.

We spent the next day eating our way through Langley - I might have had a few raw oyster shots with vodka.

Monday was spent hanging out in Seattle and after a delay, getting into Denver at 3am. I'm old so I'm still recovering - not from the race but from lack of sleep. And vodka And oysters.

We saw the gum wall in Seattle and it literally made me gag. We heard it is the second most non hygienic tourist attraction in the world after the Blarney Stone.

I'll give you $5 if you guess which piece is mine.

Overall, I'd say this relay ranks up there in my top three that I've done. I gotta say I don't love running on the road, so I missed the trails, but the scenery was lovely, as was the weather.

Deception Pass

And when you hit Bush Point, well you have to point at your....

Next year we're thinking about Ragnar Napa or Ragnar Niagara - anyone done either? We tried the lottery this year for Napa and didn't get in.

Until then...

Favorite relay you've done?

Raw oysters, yes or no? Despite the fact that they have the texture of a loogie and taste like you are eating sand from the bottom of the Pacific, I like them. I learned they are a great source of phosphate!


Monday, July 2, 2018

The Flight From Hell and I'm Running!! (sort of)

It seems like everyone has a nightmare flying story. It may not be as bad as being sucked out of a window or landing on the Hudson, but chances are you've got one. I had (one of) mine flying back from Phoenix last week. What was supposed to be a 1 hour flight turn into 7+ hours. How does that happen, you ask?

We were delayed from the get go, leaving Phoenix almost an hour later due to Frontier crew showing up tardy style. I'm happy to say Frontier is now the new Spirit Airlines, leading the industry in crappy, soul sucking service that nickles and dimes you for every peanut and ice cube. And, then they love to delay and cancel flights just as icing on the cake. They should charge you for that too.

In the air we go and I'm still certain we'll touch down just after lunch time. That's why we brought no food! Because it's supposed to be an hour! That's why I wasn't too desparate to pee before we left. Because it will be one hour!

We approach Denver and that's when the fun began. The "flight deck" (FD) came on saying a huge storm was right over the Denver airport, so we'd have to circle for 45 minutes. That turned into at least an hour.

Finally, I guess the FD got clearance to land, so down went into the turbulent, stomach tossing stormy weather. I am a nervous flier. I do fine until things bounce and dive and shake. Then I sweat, and in this case, start cussing. Loudly. I had one hand on Emma's thigh, one on Ken's. I was digging in. With every drop of the plane, I dropped a nice F-Bomb or at least a "shit!". I've flown a ton and this was some of the worst, if not the worst, turbulence I've been in. The only thing keeping me going was that we had to be close to ground, right? Wrong.

I opened my eyes to look out and we were still high, high up over the Rockies. We continued to swoop and shake as the FD came back on. "Well, folks" the captain said in his best official voice, "We started to land in Denver right as they closed the airport. They told us to circle for another hour while we wait for it to open but we don't have enough fuel for that. So, we're going to land in Grand Junction." Sighs and chatter all around the cabin. Another F-bomb from me.

  • Fact one: I never like to hear the words "we don't have enough fuel for that" while I'm in a plane in the air
  • Fact two: If you don't know Colorado geography, Grand Junction is at the opposite end of the state.

20 minutes later and we're on the ground in Grand Junction. This is a small airport with no gates, so we are stuck on board. Someone throws up in aisle 21 (my only phobia greater than turbulent flying is vomit. Aviophobia + emetaphobia = Beth having a panic attack). Finally we can get up and pee and the aisles are full. I'd really like a beer or a whiskey or something. A stranger gives me a stale Twizzler.

They guy in yellow shirt's expression is how I was feeling

It has now been about 5 hours since we left Phoenix and I am starving. In true Frontier fashion, there are no free drinks or drinks even offered (well, maybe some water during hour six). Not that I'm partial or anything, but I think Southwest would've had free drinks all around. If a nothing else, that would make the passengers more relaxed and happy.

We hang on the ground in Grand Junction to learn they've closed the airport. Again. WTF with this storm?

Finally, we are on our way to Denver. We land pretty smoothly and the entire plane erupts into applause. I do too. Problem is, we're not done yet. We taxi to the gate only to wait on the tarmac for about another hour (no gates available). The kid in the row next to us throws up. Get me out of this f&cking prison already! It's now been 7 hours.

Well, we make it off the flight. It's now 7:30pm. We were supposed to land at 12:30pm. Could be worse! (my favorite expression). I could've had a connection to make! I could be traveling with a screaming baby with crap in their diaper. I, myself, could've had explosive diarrhea! God is good after all!

Moving on. Guess what? I'm running again.

Well, let's just say I'm doing a version of running. I finally got the okay a week ago to give it a shot. The plan was to walk 2 minutes, run 2 minutes up to 16 minutes. So, I donned  my cute running stuff, fired up my GPS and headed to the local lake. The anticipation and excitement was building as I broke into my first run in 7 weeks.

And, if felt like shit!

A pensive runner in her habitat.

It felt like I had never run before in my life. Nothing hurt, I just felt out of shape, stiff and awkward. Oh, the humble road back after being sidelined. I went the next day and did further. And, it was slightly better. Then I went to the trails on Saturday and Sunday, run/hiking for four then five miles. The trails felt a ton better on my body - maybe it's the surface, maybe it's using different muscle groups, I don't know. But, oh-so-slowly my confidence is returning.

The Ragnar Relay (Northwest Passage) is in ten days. I have the shortest legs (no I'm not a midget) with only a total of 13 miles. I think I can swing it. Washington is one of the few states I have not been to (others are Alaska, Hawaii, Alabama, Mississippi). We're staying on Wibdey Island, which I hear is amazing!

Tell me your nightmare flying story

Favorite airline? Southwest. We're taking Alaska Airlines to WA and I hear that's great too

How many states have you been to? 45


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My New Boyfriend and Current Running Status

Long time, no blogging.

Well, still not running over here. Turns out the PT wants me to be able to do single leg squats on my "bad leg" for two minutes before I can attempt a run. Hell, I couldn't even do that before I got injured. You go try it before you call me a pussy.

It's been almost six weeks. For the love of God! Personally I feel completely healed, but better not to rush things. Ever heard of the saying, "Better safe than sorry?" I just made it up.

Don't worry. I'm filling my time just fine. There are trips to Vegas where you pose with Michael Phelps at the pool (he was not, by the way, super excited about this photo but I was).

He was drinking water. I was drinking vodka that looked a lot like water

Then there are dinners at Giada De Laurentiis' restaurant (also in Vegas) where you balance things on your nose because why not? I'm not sure Giada would be proud, but she wasn't there and she got money so....if you go, get the bucatini. Tell them nose girl sent you.

Not sure the couple sitting beside us were too amused

And of course, lots of this:

If you can't run, lay down
Sometimes I wear rompers:

Yes, I've been cycling a lot. And walking. But not much more. I still have a Ragnar Relay (Northwest Passage) in about three weeks, so that could be a shit show, but oh well.

It's a shock at first when you can't run, but then life goes on. When I am running and training I feel so consumed inside a running bubble. Now that I've popped the bubble, life looks a bit different. It really is okay, but I'll be glad to get back at it. It helps to find other things to keep yourself occupied with, and I don't think it's the worst thing to step away for a bit (yeah, you can tell I'm six weeks out - I have successfully gone through the stages of  injury grief and have arrived at acceptance. You didn't want to see me when I was angry and sad).

I can say this - if you are injured - three things to remember:

1. It gets better and your mental state will improve
2. It is temporary
3. You are cool even if you can't run (because maybe you see Michael Phelps or wear a romper)

Tomorrow Emma and I embark on a college tour to San Diego (SDSU and Univ of San Diego), then onto Tucson for Univ of Arizona. My children are all leaving me. It's okay. I have a romper and a trick I do with my nose and I know how to ride a bike.

Most famous person you've met?  Greg Kinnear (went to high school with him), Michael Phelps, Dean Karnazes, Deena Kastor, Michael Franti, Aaron Neville, Linda Ronstadt

Where did you go to college? Recommend it or no? James Madison in Virginia. Loved it!


Monday, June 4, 2018

16 Reasons I LOVE Being Injured

Hi, my name is Beth and it has been 24 days since my last run. (Injury details HERE and HERE)

That's pretty crazy for this girl who never goes a day or two without a run. The good news is that after my PT session two weeks ago I have been on a fast as shit route to healing. I can't believe how quickly I began to feel better after ten days on the couch. The bruise the size of a Montana is gone. The swelling in my thigh, which gave me a wicked thigh gap, is gone. I am no longer hobbling when I walk and wincing when I sit down on the toilet. In fact, all pain has completely vanished.

I rode my bike four times last week for a total of 70 miles. I felt amazing.

My two missed races came and went: The Bolder Boulder 10k and the Dirty Thirty 50k. On both race days I got on my bike and reminded myself I could do something even if it wasn't running. Life goes on.The pity parties have ceased and the look to the future has begun!

Being injured is GREAT! So FUN! Majorly MAGICAL!  Here's why I love it:

1. Way less laundry for Ken to do.

2. Lots more time to watch the cat perfect his skills, like opening doors (this is just a picture; the videos were classic and so you should be following me on Instagram).

3. More time to post on the Gram

4. Many more chances to sleep in.

5. Don't have to remember to charge my GPS watch.

6. Not as hungry. Saving big bucks on food.

7. Don't have to get insulted when other runners don't wave at me cause you have to be running for that to happen.

8. That extra glass of wine at night won't be hurting my morning run cause you have to be running for that to happen.

9. No unnecessary chafing.

10. More time to clean out my photos. Here's one! (circa 2000....)

4 months pregnant with Emma

11. The refrigerator is really clean. Here's a picture! You'd think with all my extra time I'd find a way to go grocery shopping.

12. More time to look at social media and all the running, racing, PRs and good times I'm not having!

13. Finished my work HIPAA online training way before it was due!

14. No need to shower and use extra soap and water.

15. No crapping/peeing outside because there is always a bathroom nearby when you're on the couch!

16. Not caring that my name is spelled wrong on this bib because I didn't run the race! Hi, my name is Betj and I haven't run in 24 days.

17. Being horizontal you get to find spiders on the ceiling

Why does he have markings that look like a face? So eerie. 

So, there's my attempt at a positive spin. Really, after I stopped being in pain and was able to walk and get on my bike, my mood shifted. I have PT tomorrow and will have the "when can I run discussion" that all PTs love. I am expecting to be able to at least try a short run or a run/walk in the next couple of weeks.

Fingers crossed, the Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay is ON!

Did you race this weekend? How was it?

What's one great thing about being injured?

What's worse, spiders or snakes? Snakes for sure.