Saturday, November 10, 2018

Tonight, I Sleep On A Plane

We are off to Chiang Mai, Thailand tonight to visit Sam, elephants, temples, Pad Thai, Chang beer and humidity. I can't wait! If you want to follow along....follow my Instagram HERE. My stories and I would love to have you.

Image result for map of thailand

My friend, Sylvie, is living in Chiang Mai right now and sent me this casual picture from her hike the other day.

Yes, it definitely is another world.

There's lots I'm excited about - I've traveled some, but never to southeast Asia and I welcome the vast difference in culture - food! language! customs! All of it. On Friday we will visit an elephant sanctuary that is part of the Karen Tribe. We will feed and bathe the elephants and I hear there is a new baby!

If you've ever been to Thailand (we are not going to Bangkok or the islands most likely - probably will stay in the northern region), let me know what you saw and did that you loved!

We're coming for you Sammy Boy.

Until next time...