Monday, November 28, 2016


I haven't done one of these in a while. Or, maybe I never had. I don't know. I've been blogging for so long I sometimes have my head up my ass. Anyway, I love reading these when others do them, so here goes...

In the life of me - Beth - SUAR, here's what's up currently...

Eating: I cannot get enough of this chunky veg (veg not vag) soup from Jamie Oliver's wife, Jool. Jool and I go way back. Like back to last Tuesday when I first made this soup. You should watch the video of her making the soup because I love her English accent and how she says "lovely" and "tender" and "if you fancy." Seriously, this soup is delicious and feels really healthy and healing to put into your body. I leave out the bacon.

Enjoying: Laying in bed. These past four days have been really decadent for me and I feel guilty about just how unproductive I was. Well, I did get in some great trail runs and I did some cooking and cleaning but the rest of the time I was horizontal. Seriously, one night I got into bed at 7:30 and watched the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix. I turned off the light at 8:30. I got out of bed at 8:00 the next morning. Do you think Amanda did it? I don't.

Watching: Don't even get me started. I have been in a TV coma lately. We've been loving the show Shameless (I think it was originally on Showtime, now streams on Netflix). It is wildly inappropriate, Inappropriate is my spirit animal so I am good with that. Seriously, it is hilarious. This weekend we also watched Obsessed (<Lifetime-ish movie), San Andreas (<Dwayne the ROCK). Oh, and then there was Amanda Knox. Foxy Knoxy!

Dreaming: It was just over a year go I was in in Nevis/St. Kitts for the Nevis Triathlon. The pictures keep coming up on my computer screen. That trip felt like I entered some crazy fantasy world that combined my love of warm weather, sandy beaches, seafood and swim/bike/run.

Nisbet Plantation. Nevis.

Nesbit Plantation. Nevis.

Charlestown Harbor, Nevis. 

Reading: I haven't read Jodi Piccoult in awhile, but I did pick up her latest book, Small Great Things. What I've loved about Piccoult's books in the past is how she usually presents a moral/ethical dilemma and builds the story around that. In many respects the book is disturbing as hell (it is highly steeped in discrimination and racial tensions), but it really draws you in.


Rediscovering: An un-met goal from the 8th grade. For real!

I used to be a gymnast. I was obsessed with gymnastics and would practice my skills for hours at a time in a grassy area outside my house. I would pretend that the 6" curb was my balance beam and would spend hours perfecting my walkovers, cartwheels, etc. One skill I could never master was the press handstand. This takes so much core strength I while I could do it when press up against a wall, I could never do it without the wall. For some reason I rediscovered this goal the other day and decided DAMMIT. I will master the press handstand in the year I turn 50 (2017). Here I am with the wall #proof

Welcoming: Sam home from college on Friday! He couldn't be here for Thanksgiving, but we found a way to bring him into the picture (see what I did there??):



I think most moms would agree that all is right with the world when the whole family is safe at home and sleeping under the same roof (but not the same comforter...ewww).

Relishing: Tons of miles and time on the trails with Ken. Over the weekend we did about 16 miles on trails with 3,000 feet of climbing.This shit just feeds my soul. I cannot explain it.

Shopping: I haven't done much shopping lately for myself. I don't know what my problem is, but as I've gotten older, I kind of hate to shop. Something about driving there, parking, browsing, waiting in line. I know!! When did I become such a cranky bitchy lady? I hate myself! 

Anyway, so I was excited to try out a couple items sent to me from prAna (<means "life force" in Sanskrit in case you want some trivia to drop at your holiday party). Do you know their clothes? I already own a few of their things - a couple of dresses and some accessories. I love their stuff because it is high quality, sustainable and fair trade items. Stylish for hiking, yoga or even work. 

I tried out the Mariette Dress in Gray Indigo. I paired it with black tights and boots and wore it to work. This is a soft, warm, cozy dress. It will be a new staple in my rotation (like I have a rotation, but whatever):

This is not me
I also ordered the Kara Jean (gray with charcoal dots). I usually have a tough time ordering pants online and getting them to fit right, but I followed the size chart to a tee and they fit perfectly.

If only my butt looked this good.
I did notice that some items on the prAna website are 30% off today with free shipping, but if what you like isn't on sale, use this code at checkout:  MHMF16BERS to get 15% off. !!

Tell me on thing going on with you currently...

What are you reading now?

Best new recipe you've made lately?

Best new show you've watched?


Disclaimer: prAna provided me the products to sample, but all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Phone Dump from the Weekend and a VLOG

If you want to know what your priorities are, look at the pictures you have on your phone.

Clearly, I like running. And, my pets. A lot.

I also am a big fan of my husband, my children and wine, but somehow pictures of them are scarce. Hmmm.

We started off our weekend with an early morning trail run. There was snow. And there was me deviating off of the trail to heed nature's call. I love being married to someone who just keeps watch for me and doesn't judge.Or, maybe he does inside his head, but he doesn't say it out loud. I still don't get why he always wants to run behind me. The farts are vicious.

Seriously. This is everything.

I just wish I understood why he likes to put his face in her ass so much.

Then there was some laying around with the brown eyed girl.

My highlight from Saturday night. Who needs to go leave the house when you can torment your pets?

Next, was another trail 8 mile run on Sunday morning. Selfies are not my style or my forte.

For awhile on Sunday I just watched these two mess around because they don't seem to be able to keep their paws off of each other. Get a room.

Oh, and one other weekend thing. I got my newest subscription box from PopSugar and am doing the unveiling here.  This is hands down the most exciting video you will see probably in your entire lifetime.

Since you asked about running (wait, did you ask?), right now I'm not really in routine training. Going to start marathon training (for PARIS) at the beginning of the year. Now I'm just keeping it at about 30 miles per week. Anyone have a great training plan they recommend that will get me a 30 minute PR?

Thanksgiving plans? Trail run in the morning, watching the parade with cinnamon rolls then going to my mom and dad's for dinner. Sam is not coming home :(. This will be our first Thanksgiving without him. Boo.

Last marathon training plan you used? I've done Run Less, Run Faster and other than that I've usually come up with my own. Once I did one that came from Andrew Kastor and that was great too.


POPSUGAR sent me this Must Have Box to try...#sponsored 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

16 Ways Running Is There for You

I'm not going to blog in depth about the election because I'm sure you are as eff'ing sick of the fall out as I am. But, I will say, I have been trying very hard to see both sides of things, which has involved educating myself as much as possible about the entire picture. Both sides. I feel it's my duty as a US citizen to be well informed and to realize the country has spoken. No matter what side I am on.

Bottom line, I tell my kids to be productive, to be kind and to fight for what they believe. I'm encouraged that they care as much as they do about the process and want what is just and what is right. I love that we have open and candid family discussions. I want them to be inclusive. I want them to not be apathetic. This was Sam's first year to vote and he took it seriously. And, Emma will follow in 2020.

Through all of this and through any tough time I am forever grateful for running. 

It's an escape as much as it is a therapy session and a means of getting perspective. I come back from runs a more balanced and better person overall. This weekend I was lucky enough to have my therapy session in Frisco, Colorado.

But, even if you can't run in the Colorado mountains or on a white sandy beach, all it takes is lacing up and getting out. And, remembering that...
  1. Running is there for you when your heart is broken.
  2. Running is there for you when you lose a loved one.
  3. Running is there for you when you feel like a failure as a parent and need some perspective.
  4. Running is there for you after a stupid argument with your spouse or best friend.
  5. Running is there for you when you are crying so hard you can hardly see.
  6. Running is there for you when you listen to the news and start to once again feel despondent about the state of things.
  7. Running is there for you when  you are fighting addiction.
  8. Running is there for you when you are bursting with happiness.
  9. Running is there for you when you need a mental boost.
  10. Running is there for you when nothing has turned out how you thought it would.
  11. Running is there for you to make you feel strong.
  12. Running is there for you when your pet dies.
  13. Running is there for you when you need a do-over.
  14. Running is there for you when you are recovering from illness.
  15. Running is there for you when your house is a mess, when bills need to be paid and when the toilet is overflowing. 
  16. Running is there for you when no one else is.
How has running rescued you or made you better?


Monday, November 7, 2016

Why I Never Go to the Gym. Plus, a $25 Dick's Gift Card Giveaway (Courtesy of XShadyside 24 hour gyms Pittsburgh)

Confession: I love to workout but I'm not a member of a gym or fitness place. I don't go to spin classes, yoga classes or anything else. I basically run outside year round, ride my bike when I can, occasionally swim at the local rec center with the geriatric crowd and do core work on the floor of my living room (as if I do core work, right).

The whole gym thing is just not for me, mostly because:
  • I'm cheap
  • I don't want to drive there
  • I like being outside even if it's a snowing/raining/gusting
  • Sometimes gyms, well, they smell (BO, too much perfume, farts)
  • I don't like grunting people lifting weights
  •  I tend to fall off the equipment
My gym

Not so say the gym is a bad idea. It's just not for me. I used to go to a gym - mostly to do yoga and simply for the company of people. Maybe I'm becoming anti social in my older age.

That said, I know that there are countless reasons people love to hang at the gym.
  • Accountabilty - Your gym rat friends are waiting for you. Don't let them down.
  • Bathrooms nearby - Yeah, if I did go to the gym this would be reason #1. I've had far too many emergencies with not place to go.
  • Protection from the weather - Because it's always about 70 degrees and dry in the gym.
  • Force you to cross train - If you are paying x number of dollars a month for a gym membership, maybe you will actually cross train.
  • Meet people - If you're into that sort of thing
  • People watching - From fake boobs to bulges to perfect and imperfect bodies, it's all there.
  • Child Care - Huge bonus if you've got little ones. 

So, want to win $25 to Dick's Sporting Goods to get some new fancy workout gear (to wear to the gym or not, you decide. Or you could just get a golf shirt). Enter here. Giveaway ends 11/14. Open to US residents. You must enter a comment to enter. Good luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Giveaway is courtesy of 24 hours gyms Pittsburgh

Thursday, November 3, 2016

If We Were Having a Cocktail Together...

What's up? Let's get a drink.

If we were hanging out at happy hour having a glass of wine, a shot of Fireball, a frosty mug of beer or simply a sip of moonshine (<can you tell I just got back from Virginia?), I would tell you that I had a walk down memory lane this weekend visiting both Richmond (where I met Ken and lived for a bit) and James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA), where I got my undergrad.

It was homecoming weekend, but also a chance for Ken and his friends to show off being 50 years old:

This is clearly how 50 year olds act. I am 49 and I would never do that.

I would tell you that Ken dug up some JMU shirt I never even knew he had from 30 years ago. I would tell you he looked really sexy in it and that it's pretty easy for me to check his moles when he wears it.:

I'm going to borrow it and wear it with the hole in the front.

I would tell you that it's odd to go back so many years later and remember how you felt when you were 19, 20, 21. And when you lived in the top right corner of this building (which used to basically feel like a convent and now it's co-ed and God only knows the things that go on. STD-City!).

Attractive 60s/70s architecture

I would then try to show off for a minute and would tell you that when I was 19 I rappelled down the face of that very building with ROTC. No I was not in ROTC (can you even imagine that?) but they were doing a practice drill and they let me do it too. No one cared about liability shit in 1986). That is me:

Outstanding form for a scared shitless person
I would then show you this picture of Clair and I posing:

 And, this one of me with the best porta potty ever because it is in JMU colors and it stole my heart (and took a piece of me, if you know what I mean).

Red Solo Cup! Just like the college kids!

If we were having a cocktail or two I'd tell you that Ken and I tried to go on a trail run in the Shenandoah mountains and it was kind of a disaster. We had researched a run that people actually do, but found that the trail really wasn't that runnable at all. In fact, it took us almost 3 hours to go 9 miles. This was really the only stretch of trail you could run, which clearly I'm happy about.

I would tell you that I thought for sure I had poison ivy on every portion of my exposed skin and tics in every crevasse, but I didn't. Sure was pretty though!

If we were having a bottle of wine each, I would tell you that you really need to plan your travel plans around festive holidays because drinks were free on Southwest when we flew on Halloween.

Take me home you people with free drinks. I even dressed up as a tired traveler.

Then I would tell you that I applied to be on two triathlon teams (one local and one national) and did not get onto either one. I would lie and say rejection is good for the soul because it makes you tougher and is just a part of life, but I would really feel kind of crappy and wonder why they didn't take me. Ouch.

If we were drinking our asses off I would tell you that my runs this week have felt kind of blah and I've had a hard time getting out there. But, I have been getting out there. I don't know if it's age, too much wine or my attitude, but I rarely have a running moment that feels effortless. It just feels pretty hard most of the time. But I do it because I know how to Shut the Eff Up and Run.

And, on that note, I need to say goodbye so I can go to bed and wake up and hopefully not suffer too much on tomorrow's run.

If we were having a cocktail, what would YOU tell ME? Spill it.