Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My New Boyfriend and Current Running Status

Long time, no blogging.

Well, still not running over here. Turns out the PT wants me to be able to do single leg squats on my "bad leg" for two minutes before I can attempt a run. Hell, I couldn't even do that before I got injured. You go try it before you call me a pussy.

It's been almost six weeks. For the love of God! Personally I feel completely healed, but better not to rush things. Ever heard of the saying, "Better safe than sorry?" I just made it up.

Don't worry. I'm filling my time just fine. There are trips to Vegas where you pose with Michael Phelps at the pool (he was not, by the way, super excited about this photo but I was).

He was drinking water. I was drinking vodka that looked a lot like water

Then there are dinners at Giada De Laurentiis' restaurant (also in Vegas) where you balance things on your nose because why not? I'm not sure Giada would be proud, but she wasn't there and she got money so....if you go, get the bucatini. Tell them nose girl sent you.

Not sure the couple sitting beside us were too amused

And of course, lots of this:

If you can't run, lay down
Sometimes I wear rompers:

Yes, I've been cycling a lot. And walking. But not much more. I still have a Ragnar Relay (Northwest Passage) in about three weeks, so that could be a shit show, but oh well.

It's a shock at first when you can't run, but then life goes on. When I am running and training I feel so consumed inside a running bubble. Now that I've popped the bubble, life looks a bit different. It really is okay, but I'll be glad to get back at it. It helps to find other things to keep yourself occupied with, and I don't think it's the worst thing to step away for a bit (yeah, you can tell I'm six weeks out - I have successfully gone through the stages of  injury grief and have arrived at acceptance. You didn't want to see me when I was angry and sad).

I can say this - if you are injured - three things to remember:

1. It gets better and your mental state will improve
2. It is temporary
3. You are cool even if you can't run (because maybe you see Michael Phelps or wear a romper)

Tomorrow Emma and I embark on a college tour to San Diego (SDSU and Univ of San Diego), then onto Tucson for Univ of Arizona. My children are all leaving me. It's okay. I have a romper and a trick I do with my nose and I know how to ride a bike.

Most famous person you've met?  Greg Kinnear (went to high school with him), Michael Phelps, Dean Karnazes, Deena Kastor, Michael Franti, Aaron Neville, Linda Ronstadt

Where did you go to college? Recommend it or no? James Madison in Virginia. Loved it!


Monday, June 4, 2018

16 Reasons I LOVE Being Injured

Hi, my name is Beth and it has been 24 days since my last run. (Injury details HERE and HERE)

That's pretty crazy for this girl who never goes a day or two without a run. The good news is that after my PT session two weeks ago I have been on a fast as shit route to healing. I can't believe how quickly I began to feel better after ten days on the couch. The bruise the size of a Montana is gone. The swelling in my thigh, which gave me a wicked thigh gap, is gone. I am no longer hobbling when I walk and wincing when I sit down on the toilet. In fact, all pain has completely vanished.

I rode my bike four times last week for a total of 70 miles. I felt amazing.

My two missed races came and went: The Bolder Boulder 10k and the Dirty Thirty 50k. On both race days I got on my bike and reminded myself I could do something even if it wasn't running. Life goes on.The pity parties have ceased and the look to the future has begun!

Being injured is GREAT! So FUN! Majorly MAGICAL!  Here's why I love it:

1. Way less laundry for Ken to do.

2. Lots more time to watch the cat perfect his skills, like opening doors (this is just a picture; the videos were classic and so you should be following me on Instagram).

3. More time to post on the Gram

4. Many more chances to sleep in.

5. Don't have to remember to charge my GPS watch.

6. Not as hungry. Saving big bucks on food.

7. Don't have to get insulted when other runners don't wave at me cause you have to be running for that to happen.

8. That extra glass of wine at night won't be hurting my morning run cause you have to be running for that to happen.

9. No unnecessary chafing.

10. More time to clean out my photos. Here's one! (circa 2000....)

4 months pregnant with Emma

11. The refrigerator is really clean. Here's a picture! You'd think with all my extra time I'd find a way to go grocery shopping.

12. More time to look at social media and all the running, racing, PRs and good times I'm not having!

13. Finished my work HIPAA online training way before it was due!

14. No need to shower and use extra soap and water.

15. No crapping/peeing outside because there is always a bathroom nearby when you're on the couch!

16. Not caring that my name is spelled wrong on this bib because I didn't run the race! Hi, my name is Betj and I haven't run in 24 days.

17. Being horizontal you get to find spiders on the ceiling

Why does he have markings that look like a face? So eerie. 

So, there's my attempt at a positive spin. Really, after I stopped being in pain and was able to walk and get on my bike, my mood shifted. I have PT tomorrow and will have the "when can I run discussion" that all PTs love. I am expecting to be able to at least try a short run or a run/walk in the next couple of weeks.

Fingers crossed, the Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay is ON!

Did you race this weekend? How was it?

What's one great thing about being injured?

What's worse, spiders or snakes? Snakes for sure.