Sunday, January 28, 2018

I'm ULTRA Excited for This

Before we jump into running related stuff -

Do you watch This Is Us? I realize this is the trendy and emotionally manipulating show that makes people sob their eyes out and eat cartons of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough, or in my case, drink a bottle of wine gets that attention for a reason. I happen to think it's kind of brilliant the way they weave story lines together. And, I love watching it with Emma because it's the only time we cry together when it's not about her missing curfew or doing other teenage bullshit.

So, if you watched this week's episode - am I the only one who frantically checked all appliances (especially the killer crock pot!), candles, etc before going to bed? Because now we know how/why Jack is going to die. And, while I adore Jack, now we know the DOG DIES too and that's enough to send me over the edge. I did have to laugh at this tweet though:

Moving on. I did something this week. Hint:

Yep, signed up for my first 50k. That seems to be the progression in the running world.

1. start runing
2. do marathon or a few
3. try to BQ
4. run Boston
5. get injured; get into triathlons
6. start trail running
7. do more marathons/triathlons/Ironman
8. decide you're sick of really big road marathons
9. sign up for an ultra

Or, at least that's kind of what happened with me. Not to say I won't be doing more road marathons and big races. I will. But just want to mix it up. Plus, here in these Colorado parts, we've got so many fantastic trails and races. One way to see parts of the state you can't otherwise, is to run them!

I like the training plan in this book (there is also a 50 mile plan and a 100 mile plan - goals). It is a six month plan, but I'm coming in around week 9. Looks like mileage will peak out at about 56/miles per week with a 22 mile Saturday long run and a 12 mile Sunday long run. Totally do-able!

So, you want to know about the race? It's called the Dirty 30 (definitely sounds like a race made for me - I'm dirty and I was 30 once) and starts near Golden, CO - June 2. I would add that this seems to be a VERY challenging race as a far as 50ks go, mostly due to the elevation change. 7,250 feet of climbing, mostly single track. To give you perspective, the winner in my age group did it in 7:30 last year. I'll be out there for a lifetime.

Piece of f&cking cake, right? My quads are burning off just looking at that profile.

In other news, as you know, I've been streaking since January 1st. Wednesday will close out the streak. I have to say, weather-wise I definitely would have skipped some days but, NO! Had to shut my eff'ing brain off and just RUN. Today was a nice break with running in the 50's!

When this is over and done with I'm going write a post about what I learned, noticed, liked, etc about this whole streak thing. Stay tuned.

Here's what yesterday's run looked like:

I spent some quality time in the shitter. Nice view though! (not me on the shitter, the mountains).

That's all I got for today. I'll see you on the other side of This Is Us. 

Have you done ultras before? Give me your best piece of advice? While I've never technically done an ultra, by definition, I did to the TransRockies Run, which is 6 days, 120 miles, 20,000 feet of vertical.

Are you a This Is Us fan? Favorite character? Got to go with Jack


Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Running Streak and 15 Simple Running Rules to Live By

I have run for 18 days in a row. This means I am streaking (running everyday). Unfortunately, I am not "double streaking." That is a term I made up for when you run every day, naked. I am not doing this for two reasons. Number one, no one wants to see that, and number two, I would freeze my titties off (or what exists of them).

I decided to do a run streak for the month of January - 31 days. My made-up rules are:
  • I have to run at least a mile a day (I've been averaging 4-5 miles per day)
  • I will not run if I think I'm injured
  • I will run in all sorts of weather or resort to the wheel of torture (treadmill) 
  • I will run if I have a cold, period, but not a fever, flu, explosive diarrhea, projectile vomit, etc. Simple enough!

I've never done a streak before because I really didn't feel like it. Running every day is a commitment. Plus, I was always afraid I'd get injured. Well, so far so good. Thanks for asking.

I've been chronicling my running and other stupid stuff (my pets, me eating Tide pods - jk - not funny) on my Instagram story- HERE. Join the fun!

Last week I ran about 33 miles total. Here I am:

January in Colorado and shorts. Mother Nature is f&cking with all of us lately.

Speaking of rules, I think people like to make things complicated when they don't have to be. Running in and of itself is supposed to be a simple act of love you do for your body and soul. So, don't over dramatize it. Just follow my simple rules and you will qualify for the Olympic Trials and be hired by Runner's World  be really cool.

1. What other people think of you as a runner is none of your business. Be the best runner you can be.

2. Smile. If you hate running so much you can’t find a moment to crack a smile, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it (unless of course you have just soiled yourself, are about to throw up, or are on your 16th interval).

3. Don’t let running consume you to the point where it makes you stressed. There is life outside of running. Keep things in perspective.

4. Take care of your body so you can run until you die. Sleep. Eat well. Have sex. Floss.

5. No one is in charge of how well your running goes but you. Stop whining. 

6. Don’t litter. It gives runners a bad name.

7. Get over the last crappy run or race you had. Look to the future and learn from your mistakes.

8. Don’t judge other runners for all the weird stuff they do and say. You don’t know what their journey is (laughing behind their back is probably okay).

9. Stop running if something hurts.

10. Have a beer at the end of your race even if it’s 9:00 a.m. You earned it.

11. Volunteer at a race because it can’t always be about you.

12. Don’t lie about your running times. You’ll get caught because there is something called the Internet.

13. Stop thinking so damn much.  It’s really not that complicated. Just shut up and run.

14. Dream big because small dreams are boring and safe.

15. Be humble about your running. No one likes a braggart. Except if you are doing a running streak. Then tell the world on your blog.

Ever done a running streak? For how long?


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

20 Running Resolutions That Are Easy AF

I very much realize it's a faux pas to put up resolution stuff on January 3. I never said I was punctual. But, these resolutions should be so effortless, you'll barely have to think about them. Read on.

1. Do not sign up for races when you have had more than two cocktails.

2. Only eat white snow while on long runs.

Image result for yellow snow

3. Do not be as fast as Shalane Flanagan - because everyone needs to have one achievable resolution.
4. Avoid hitting the wall in your next race by actually following the training plan.

5. Resist the urge to punch someone in the face just because they tell you for the 99th time that running is bad for your knees.

Image result for running is bad for your knees

6. Remember to actually strength and cross train instead of just reading a million articles about how important it is and never doing it.

7. Stop apologizing every time you get a pedicure and your toenail falls off in the nail technician’s hand. 

8. Keep the water in your bottles from freezing during your long run by not running when it’s so damn cold outside. Duh.

9. Save water and electricity by washing fewer running clothes. Wear more deodorant and FDS.

10. Always be aware that spandex can produce camel toe. This particularly applies if you are the type to go to the grocery store right after a run.

11. Learn how to do a snot rocket because nothing says you’re a real runner more than being able to projectile your slimy boogers out of your nose.

12. Avoid over-talking about running to people who don’t care about running.

13. Do not assume that nagging injury will go away if you just run on it more.

14. Finish one damn tube of Chapstick.

Image result for finish chapstick

15. Take up smoking until at least March so you can quit smoking and see how much better you feel when you run.

16. Do not eat any of the following the night before a race: chili, chili dog, chili
cheeseburger, chili fries, chili smothered burrito, or baked potato topped with chili.

17. Keep a running journal so you can remember that there are actually days when you like to run.

18. Lose enough weight so your gut doesn’t keep you from tying your running shoes.

19.  Stop becoming so exasperated when your grandma asks you how long your marathon is.

20. Wave to other runners because apparently this is the etiquette and their feelings will be hurt if you don’t.

What other running resolutions do you have for 2018?