Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bob Harper, the Chimney Sweep

You guys are funny. Everyone wondered in yesterday’s post how long it took to get this picture:


If you thought it was a self-timer shot, you give me way too much credit. It took exactly four tries by my son, Sam, photographer extraordinaire, before there was one I liked. First there was this:


Then this:


And then this:


And you wonder why I have a broken hip.

Moving on:

I love Bob Harper, trainer on the Biggest Loser, for many reasons. He inspires and motivates the contestants. He loves Extra Chewing Gum and Subway and excels at doing product placements for both. He has a lovely and sexy Southern Tennessee drawl. He openly admits to having become vegan after reading the “Skinny Bitch” book (which I did not write). Foremost, he has just a few muscles, a tattoo of me on his ass and a nice “happy trail.”


What I do not like about Bob is the fashion choice he made this week on the show.  The outfit in certain instances would be fun, but when you’re going to the gym to train people you’ve got to set a good example. Not the best photos, but you get the idea:


Here he is trying to teach Rulon to do a handstand. I am not sure how he keeps his hat on. Must be crazy glue.


I’m guessing one of these things prompted the outfit choice:

  • He was going to an audition for Oliver Twist immediately after the show.
  • He has a second job as a chimney sweep
  • He was headed to Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe for a skinny soy latte
  • He spilled Gatorade all over his workout clothes and had to wear what was in the trunk of his car.
  • He is writing a new book called “How to Train a Former Olympic Gold Athlete While Wearing Clothes From the Salvation Army.”

What did you think of the outfit? Is it appropriate for the gym?

Off for a three hour bike ride. Hoping I return with my vagina intact.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Might Have Torn a Hole In My Tights



Today’s been a good day.

Remember about ten weeks ago when I licked myself like a cat in the gas station parking lot and went to see my PT for the first time? (these two things have nothing to do with each other, it was just the chain of events that day). Remember how my PT told me she didn’t think my running the Boston Marathon was a good idea (I mean she is a PT and someone trying to run a marathon with a hip stress fracture might just appear stupid). Remember how I cried in frustration and you guys had to pick up the pieces?

She still may not think it’s the best idea on the planet – in the world of all the great ideas out there like sticky notes and pita chips – but today, the day of our last visit, she gave me her blessing. We fist-bumped on my way out. She told me I looked strong and capable. That my plan for Boston was a good one (keeping a pace that is 60 to 90 seconds slower than my BQ pace, taking one minute walk breaks, enjoying and soaking up every last minute of this epic event). I think I may have even overheard her tell someone I was a “higher level athlete,” which I had never been called in my life. I farted with joy.

It was another of those full circle moments. I am probably not completely healed and I would not be running a marathon in 19 days if it wasn’t Boston. But, I am good enough, and if I am willing to ask my pace-ego to step aside, I just might pull this off.

These days I am running slower than I did when I first started running 2.5 years ago. I’m not going to lie and say “at least I am running!” It is humbling and  frustrating. The runner mind is a funny thing. You give it an inch and it wants to take a freaking ten mile tempo run.

Case in point. For months all I wanted to do was run. Any pace any distance. Once I could run for five minutes at a time all I wanted to do was run a mile. Once I could run a mile all I wanted to do was run five miles. Once I could do that I wanted to run five miles faster.

STOP!! That is exactly how I get myself in trouble in the first place.  My crazy overachieving mind loves to tell me I am not enough. Today as I ran five miles I had this conversation going on in my head:

Small self (negative, competitive, controlling, judgmental): “Seriously? A 9:30 minute mile? Is that all you’ve got?”

Big self (accepting, intuitive, peaceful):What you are doing today is enough. There will be time to work on pace later when you are fully healed. Take care of yourself.”

Small self:At this rate it really will take you 8 hours to complete the Boston Marathon.”

Big self: “It takes however long it takes. You will be there running and that’s what counts.”

And so it goes. The question is, who do you listen to? I am a BIG SELF follower right now. I trust her. She knows how to keep me healthy and safe. And she knows more than just running. I hope to follow her for a long time.

I’ll drink to that (another good part of my day):


Do your big and small selves (good/evil, obnoxious/calm, whatever you want to call it)  battle it out? Who wins?

Off to fix the hole in my tights from doing that jump,


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Boston Marathon in 8 Minutes

I’m not a numbers person. I’ve never had a lucky number or been particularly superstitious about numbers. But when a number continues to kick you in the crotch to get your attention, you stand up and notice. Here I am taking notice in a very ugly and sweaty way:


The number 8.

Way back in October I went for an 8 mile taper run and came home with a hip stress fracture. It took me out of the running game for more than three months. Enter the pussy posse, my sisters who surrounded me as I ran in the water every stinking day.

The first post-injury run was on January 10. I ran for 8 minutes. I called it my “8 Minutes to Boston” training plan. At the time I really didn’t believe I could run for only 8 minutes and then 16 weeks later run a marathon, but I didn’t tell you all that. You can’t indulge self doubt. You just have to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

The first “real” distance run I had post injury was on January 13 . I ran for 8 miles. It was the a victorious run because it was the first time I felt pain free and actually believed in my heart of hearts I was healing and might be able to go to Boston.

Last week I got my bib number. It is 16835. Notice how the “8” is magically sandwiched in the middle like me at a dirty dancing dance-a-thon. I go to them all the time.

This week son Sam sent me a cool You Tube video he found called “The Boston Marathon in 8 Minutes.”  Basically, someone drove a car from Hopinkton to the finish line really fast, covering all 26.2 miles.  This is the first time I have looked at the course whatsoever. It seemed very long and intimidating. I can’t wait.

What does all this mean? Obviously it is a foreshadow that it will take me 8 hours to finish the marathon. Either that or it will be 8 degrees for the entire race. Or maybe I will have the runs and need the potty 8 times. I like to look on the bright side of things.

Clearly my new vanity plate needs to be GR8 SUAR.

Do you have a lucky number? Why?

What would your vanity plate say? (besides SUAR IZ GR8)

Have a GR-8 day!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Favorite Things–March 2011

This just may be a new little segment on SUAR. “Favorite things.” Lately I’ve found so many things I can’t live without. I love it when other bloggers highlight stuff they love, so thought I would too.

1. Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich, famed ultra runner. It will be released April 14 and I suggest you snag a copy. I will be giving one away on the blog when I do my official review on that day. I’ve read tons of running books, but this one highlights the mental aspect of running unlike any other book I’ve read.  “All endurance sports are about continuing on when it feels like you have nothing left, when everything aches, when you feel done – but you’re not.” Plus, you look good reading it in the tub. Marhall’s FB link is HERE and his website is HERE if you want to check it out.


2. This shirt. You see me wear it all the time. Yes, I do wash it after 95 wearings. It is the “twist top” from Athleta. It is the perfect running shirt. Fits snuggly, wicks moisture and looks kick ass. It is on sale right now for $49.99 (down from $69.99). Also comes in red and blue.




3. Burts Bees Lip Shimmer in champagne color. I have this stuff in my purse and in my car. I always have it on. It has a slight shimmer to it, moistens the lips and has that tiny tingle that excites me.


4. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins – I know these have been out for awhile, but I hadn’t tried the cinnamon raisin until the other day at Costco. Toasted with a slight shmear of cream cheese is heavenly. At 110 calories, 5 grams of fiber and 25 grams of carbs, they are the perfect pre-run snack or breakfast.  Plus, they don’t make me have to poop on runs.


5. Big Star Jeans. I found these at Nordstrom Rack. They usually go for about $105, but I got them for $49. They have the tiniest bit of stretch and are low rise. They are very classy for someone like me who still wears Wranglers. Well, not really, but you get the picture.


This was my attempt at my first butt self portrait:


6. Best place hands down to compare flight, hotel, vacation package costs. Draws from the major travel sites like Travelocity, Expedia, etc. In the past couple months I have booked trips to Vegas, Boston and Costa Rica. This site has been invaluable! Just note that some airlines like Southwest are not represented.


7. Charms Blow Pops – I drive a lot for my job. It is these lollipops that get me through the long hauls and the traffic. No I am not a long distance truck driver but what with my potty mouth and cussing I should be.

I love these pops because just when you think you’re done, surprise! A little wad of gum. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. I recommend stealing them out of your kids’ trick or treat bags. Yes, we still have candy left. I am a witch and ration it piece by piece day by day. They eventually get so bored with my rules and the candy gets so stale that they forget about it.


8. These shoes. Read review HERE.


9. This necklace. My friend Carolyn gave it to me for my birthday and I haven’t taken it off since. “b” could be for “beth” or “bitch” or “best friend” or “boston” or “butt thunder queen.”  Don’t diss that hole in my neck. I swear I’ve never had a trache. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


1o. No-stem wineglasses. It’s no secret I love my wine.  These are from Crate and Barrel and run for $4.50 a piece. You can get them cheaper at Kohls. I actually bought a set of these for Ken for Christmas, but I like to buy other people gifts that are really for me. It’s a win/win.


What’s one of your favorite things? And if you say “raindrops on roses” I’ll shoot you dead.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

11 Mile Boulder Back Roads Half Marathon Race Report

No I’m not drunk or high. I know a half marathon is 13.1 miles. Read on.

Today’s plan was to run/pace the last 11 miles of the Boulder Back Roads Half Marathon with my running client, Deb, and her husband, Steve. I probably could have done the full distance, but am still feeling very cautious and don’t want to push it. If you’re a regular reader, you know I’m coming back from a hip stress fracture. If you’re not a regular reader you should be.

Deb is 50 years old and training for her first marathon on May 1. Our goal today was for Deb to run a 2:17 keeping about a 10:30 min/mile pace. She has never run a half before and is a newer runner, so it was tough to know how it would all shake out. I’ll spoil the ending and tell you she NAILED it.

One bagel thin and one cup of coffee down, I dropped some kids at the pool x 2. Ken dropped me at the two mile point to wait for Deb. It was about 30 degrees so if I look cold, I am. If I had balls, well, they’d be shriveled.



I brought my own water, which I never do in races, but I was afraid that running as a bandit, the aid station people would kick me in my non-nuts if I tried to sneak some hydration.

The only reason I was nervous about this “race” was that it was my longest run post-injury and I wouldn’t be incorporating any walk breaks. Don’t tell my doctor. I figured with the slower pace I would be okay and I was.

While waiting I saw the leader blaze by. He thinks he so cool. “Look a me. I can run a 4 minute mile.” Okay, I guess he is a little bit cool. But he doesn’t’ have an SUAR sticker on his back and he hasn’t crapped himself. At least not that I can see.


Deb and Steve showed up and we began our journey.


Go Deb Go!


Deb also suffers from asthma and can sometimes cough a lot and have trouble getting enough air in. Steve and I kept checking her to make sure she was doing okay. We kept getting the thumbs up.

At the halfway point I took my GU Roctane Island Nectar. Basically a pina colada in gu form with no rum. Pretty yummy. No hip pain and going strong for all of us.


The great thing about this course is it is 80% dirt roads. Nice and soft on the joints.

As we neared the ten mile point I knew we were ahead of schedule. The second half of the course gives a bit of a downhill advantage. And the scenery isn’t too bad either.


There’s my favorite potty. I tried to resist the urge to stop and blow it up.


I love this picture of Steve and Deb. Steve took such great care of her along the way, continually checking in and calling her “dear.”


We approached the finish. Love how they give you a nice hill at the end. I felt awesome. No pain. I had that utterly fabulous running feeling where you think you could go on forever.


I dropped out right before the finish chute and watched Deb and Steve cross together holding hands. Time: 2:15!! She KILLED it.


I’m such a third wheel. Their illegitimate child. Except that would make me six years old.


We grabbed some bagels with almond butter, coffee and beer. The also had grilled cheese which I think is probably the best post race food idea I’ve heard of.

Great job, Deb & Steve. You are going to OWN the Colorado Marathon on May 1st!

This was an amazing run for me. I felt incredible cardio-wise and had no pain anywhere. It gave me a better idea of how to plan to pace for Boston. I also got some confidence back. One of the hardest things about injuries is believing in yourself and your body again.

I know for the full marathon I will have to take walk breaks to give my hip a rest. I plan on walking through every aid station and keeping my overall pace pretty slow (as in, if I normally run a 8:30 average in a marathon, I will drop to a 9:30/10:00 pace for Boston. If I’m lucky).

Thinking that GU needs to make an exit out the back door. Poor Sam just cleaned the toilet.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pearl Izumi Running Gear Review

Outside PR spoiled me with some great new running gear this month, all made by Pearl Izumi. I have never been so color coordinated in my life.


First there were the shoes:

Synchro-Float IV ($110). Weighing in at 10.4 ounces, this is a lightweight stability shoe.  It has been updated from previous versions to include springier cushioning in the heel and forefoot for “more energy-return with each step and a smoother overall ride.”


I have to be honest. Coming back from an injury, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of getting a pair of shoes delivered to my doorstep without having been able to try them on first. Shoes are so damn personal! I think ordering shoes online is challenging to say the least, and that’s why I never do it unless I have worn the shoe before.

However, I took a chance because I like to live on the edge. Oh, and free shoes are good. I requested these shoes based on their description and got them in a size 9, one full size larger than my regular shoe size.

Before doing anything in these shoes, I had my PT evaluate me on the treadmill wearing them. Once she gave me the thumbs up, I was off and running.

I like to be very honest in my reviews and give the good, bad and the ugly.Yet, I couldn't find the bad and the ugly no matter how hard I tried. From the moment I put on these babies, it was comfort all the way. The fit was true to size, the cushioning was ample but not overdone. The toe box is generous for my right foot bunion, but not bulky. And the shoes breathe, which means you’re feet aren't sweating as much as your balls.

Of course the true test comes with testing the shoe in action. I have now run at least five times in these shoes (totaling about 30 miles) and have walked at least ten miles. They are lightweight without being wimpy. They are supportive without being bulky. The heel height is moderate, unlike some shoe models you get with a very elevated and thick heel. Bottom line, they are comfortable and have performed well for me on the road, the trails, the bike path and  the treadmill.

I trade off wearing these with my Mizuno Wave Inspires and I have to say I’m actually preferring the Pearls.

While I don’t buy shoes based on how pretty they are , I do dig the look of these babies (wow, check out how bow legged, I am. Can’t even touch my knees together if I tried. Anyone have a shoe to correct that?)


Then there were the Infinity Split Short ($40.00) and Infinity In-R-Cool Top ($45.00):












Shorts: Size small. Perfect fit. At 5’5” and 110 pounds I had initially ordered the extra small. They were like a speedo on me, so I exchanged for the small. Very short, but I like ‘em short. The zippered pocket in the back is a nice touch so you can carry gels and condoms. There is a small slit on the side of the short that makes you run faster. Very comfortable, breathable and true to size.

Shirt: Size small. Perfect fit for my 34B size. Comfortable, with R Cool technology to keep you optimally cool. There are fancy screen print designs on the back with reflective elements.



This is all high quality running gear. Pearl has been around for 60 years and continues to perfect their shoes and apparel to meet the demands of the competitive and recreational runner. Yes, it is pricey, but no more so than any other reputable running gear brand.  It’s solid stuff that won’t disappoint. For cheaper prices, consider visiting the Pearl Izumi Outlet online. Most sale prices are 20% off.

Now for the outtakes. Ridiculous as usual:






Now go get your Pearl on! (and don’t look at what time I posted this. Shut up and be an insomniac!)


Fine Print: Outside PR sent me all of the above items to try for purposes of a review on this blog. I paid nothing for them.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway Winner and Humping

I spent the day at a volunteer training to work with the Dog TLC program at the Humane Society. Funny thing about that is my role will be to walk dogs. I don’t even walk my own dog (see “How I Break the Rules”), so it’s a tad ironic I’d be doing this. At least when my kids were babies I didn’t leave them in their cribs all day and go to the hospital to hold other people’s newborns. You have to draw the line somewhere.


My favorite part of the training? When the instructor said, “Don’t turn your back on a dog when they are jumping, they might mount you.”  I had images of a Chihuahua trying to get his way with me.

I did get to walk “Taz” a hound dog. He was much more well behaved than my three legged, one eyed dog, Lucky. And he did not lick his penis. Not even once.

The reason I am walking dogs is not because I want to. My daughter has a pet/animal infatuation and it is her dream to volunteer at the Humane Society. I honestly could care less, even though I do like dogs when they sleep and don’t ask anything of me. I am doing it for Emma. Remember? I do what she tells me to do.

Also today I did a two hour ride on my bike trainer. It was boring as hell. I set up a table beside the trainer with my iPad and phone. I watched Regis and Kelly, the View and a dumb Lifetime movie. Three of my worst favorite forms of cross training (worst favorite is my kid’s saying. I think it’s cute and makes me sound very educated):

Long training rides on bike trainers. I love them outside, however. Today was 30 degrees, too cold for my bones.

Water running. I will always say this is an amazing cross training, non impact option if you are injured or for variety. But it’s not my fave.

Long walks. I just get bored. I’d rather run.

Did I tell you I’m running a half marathon this weekend? Well, minus two miles. I don’t want to push it. I will do the last 11 miles of the Boulder Backroads Half Marathon as a bandit. I will wear a mask and black cape. I want to run alongside one of my trainees who is running her first half marathon as a training run/dress rehearsal for her first marathon on May 1.

Want to see the cutest picture in the entire world? Go HERE, to Adam’s blog.

The Twist running shirt giveaway winner is #4 - Kim from Just Another Mom on the Run. Congrats! Email me at and I’ll let you know how to claim your prize.

What’s your worst favorite form of cross training?

What are your weekend plans? We are laying low. Sam has been sick along with the rest of 7th grade.

Do you volunteer anywhere?


Storm Chaser (video)

Remember when I told you I was going on a six mile walk the other day? The good thing was it turned into my application video to be the next storm chaser on the Weather Channel. You know those guys who always broadcast from the middle of tornadoes and hurricanes and are holding onto poles to avoid being chucked into the ocean? That was me on my walk Wednesday. 

You can’t even hear half of what I’m saying. Just know it was all “f” words and such. Here’s proof.

Good thing I can laugh at myself because I am so dumb and if I did not laugh I would cry at the sheer goofiness. HOLY COW! Who says that?


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Only Dogs Could Hear It

It better be freaking worth it.

I got needled again today. That sounds dirty, kind of like “corn dogging,” but it’s really not.

I talked about dry needling in this post. Basically, it is to release really tight muscles that haven’t loosened up with massage, stretching, rolling. A practitioner (usually a PT, but could be a doc) sticks an acupuncture type needle directly into the trigger point muscle causing it to spasm and release. So far I’ve had great success with it.

Today I realized the first go-round my needler had been quite gentle with me. I be-bopped into my session, singing the praises of myself and how well I did post-needling: very little achiness, able to run the next day. She must have taken that as a green light to needle the eff out of my muscles.

My IT band is so tight that if it could fart only dogs could hear it.


You have to be really advanced to get that joke, so I hope it didn’t go over your head.

And yes my dog is in every picture because he cannot be more than three feet away from me at any given moment. I think it goes back to that one time I used KY Jelly on him (not kidding). I’ll have to post that story sometime. It’s a keeper.

She stuck me twice in the gluteus maximus (ass). She then started at the tightest part of my IT (by my knee) and worked her way up doing a total of five needles. The twitching, cramping and achiness flips me out a bit, only because you never know what to expect.  She then attacked my TFL (kind of to the outside of your hip).

I told her, “Okay, try not to hit the bone.” I have boney hips. She said, “That’s the point, we want to hit the bone, it helps us know where we’re going and lots of time the most cramped muscles are by the bone.” Me: “Shit.”

It hurt like a mother. But only for a few seconds.

I walked in the Center for Sport’s Medicine with a spring in my step. I walked out with a limp. I know this is normal and by tomorrow I’ll be fine. I know that the last session of needling really loosened me up and was totally worth it.

I have my eye on the prize and the prize is NOT Boston, is NOT running faster, is NOT putting in high mileage weeks. The prize is running pain free and loving to run again because it feels good and it’s what I want to be doing well into my later years.

Okay, so tomorrow I am hoping to finally get up a review of some cool Pearl Izumi gear I received (shoes, shirt, shorts). I always associate PI with cycling stuff, but seems they are really coming into the running world and I’ve been incredibly pleased with the quality and performance of my gear.

What’s your favorite brand of running gear and why? – I’m all over the board. I like Mizuno shoes, UA mock turtlenecks, Asics socks, Athleta running shirts.

What’s your best injury recovery tip? – Mine is plain and simple. Rest and not being hard on myself.

Feeling the need to make a chocolate cake (wait until I give you this recipe!),


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Corn Dog

I’ve got six miles of white-woman-power-walking on my agenda for this morning.

So, if you see a blond pony-tailed, skinny-assed honkey making her way around the back roads of Boulder County, give her a shout out. She is likely bored out of her mind. She might be dancing as she walks because this is one way she keeps things interesting. She could be on the phone, but she will hang up instantly if it means talking to a real human being. Please don’t throw Mountain Dew bottles and/or cigarette butts at her and keep your cat calls to a minimum no matter how great her butt looks in her tights. This is all very distracting.

I love to talk about myself in the third person. It is so mature.

I will walk to a tiny greasy spoon restaurant to meet a running client. Yes, having a destination helps.

Yesterday, Sam (13) came home to let me know the subject of his health class.

Sam:Today we learned about sexual harassment. We talked about corndogging.”

Me: (becoming very uncomfortable because I am familiar enough with the Urban Dictionary to know that anything with “dogging” at the end is very naughty and disgusting). “Really?” I said while laughing my ass off, “What’s corndogging?”

Sam: It’s when you knee someone in the butt. We also learned what a Snuggi is.”

Me: “That is so last week. I got a leopard print one for Christmas.”

Sam: “No. Not that kind of Snuggi. A Snuggi is when you hug someone and grab their butt.”

If you see me walking today don’t even attempt to corndog or Snuggi me. I will slap you in the face.

That is my Boston bib number. It is all becoming very real. Maybe my walk this morning should be 30 miles. I am not prepared. Not ready. But crazy excited for what April 18 will hold. I am in coral #2, have a white bib and will start this adventure at 10:20 a.m. on Patriot’s Day. I know Tall Mom is in my coral. Are you? Did you buy your pool raft yet?

16835 is a very lucky. If you translate those numbers into Arabic and read them backwards with a British accent it means, “You will have a very good running day, your hip will not hurt, the weather will be perfect and you will not have a care in the world."

I knew it!

Don’t forget my Twist running shirt giveaway. Ends Friday.

Off and walking,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eating for Two

No, not that kind of two. Two hours, you fools. Gotcha

Today’s workout: 1 hour spin, 1 hour yoga.

This makes me very hungry. I don’t talk about food much on this blog because I am just eating three squares a day with snacks thrown in and popcorn with parmesan cheese or cinnamon sugar pita chips at night (if you haven't tried the Stacy’s Cinnamon Chips you are seriously missing out on one of the joys of life).


Stacy’s: if you are reading this because I am sure you are please send me a case or two. I have already done a review (see above).

Here’s the scoop. It is hard to get enough calories when you are working out a bazillion hours a week cross training like a maniac to train for a marathon because you can’t run much. And, then when you do run, you poop so much you lose 20 pounds.

Okay, a bazillion hours of working out is an exaggeration, it’s more like 8 to 10 hours, which I don’t think is very extreme. I mean for marathon training with mostly running, you would probably be putting in those hours. But, if you figure that is probably in the neighborhood of up to 6,000 or so calories burned, there’s a lot of make up eating to be done. This is where it gets fun.

It is 12:30 p.m. Today I have had:

  • 2 cups of coffee with healthy splashes (i.e., tablespoons) of half and half. Can’t drink it any other way
  • 1 English muffin with generous scoop of almond butter and jelly
  • 1 banana
  • 1 Grande extra fat Chaiamys
  • 1 “kitchen sink” salad. I am on a “kitchen sink” extravaganza. Usually it involves eggs where I scramble up two or three eggs with anything in the refrigerator: leftover pinto or black beans, spinach, avocado, cheddar cheese, tomato and pair it with a tortilla.  Today was a salad with lettuces (I love how in Costa Rica they call it “lettuces,” kind of like how in Europe they call it “getting your hairs cut”), spinach, carrots, avocado, blue cheese, craisins, black bean burger all tossed with a healthy does of Annie’s Goddess Dressing. Superb I tell ya.
  • 3 Snickerdoodles. I have been on a baking roll these past two weeks. My daughter told me she needed some snacks while they did their standardized testing last week (called CSAPs in Colorado) and wanted cookies. I do whatever she tells me, so I promptly baked some CSAP Butterfinger cookies. When those ran out I made some CSAP Snickerdoodles. Let me share:

Butterfinger Cookies (also called Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies):

1/2 cup shortening
3/4 cup creamy peanut butter
1-1/4 cups packed light brown sugar
3 tablespoons milk
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 egg
1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1-1/3 cups (8 oz. package) Heath “Bits ‘O Brickle” Toffee Bits, divided

Heat oven to 375°.

Beat shortening, peanut butter, brown sugar, milk and vanilla in large bowl until well blended. Add egg; beat just until blended. Combine flour, baking soda and salt; gradually beat into peanut butter mixture. Stir in 1 cup of bits; reserve remainder for topping.

Drop by heaping teaspoons or by using a 1-inch cookie scoop about 2 inches apart onto ungreased or parchment-lined cookie sheet; press the top of each cookie down slightly with a fork and top each with reserved bits.

Bake 7 to 8 minutes or until set. Do not over bake. Cool for two minutes and remove to wire rack. Cool completely. Makes about 3 dozen cookies.

Seriously, incredible cookies and the shortening is so gross and lardish that these things stay soft forever.


Short-Cut Snickerdoodles (to make really fast in a pinch when you have yellow cake mix on hand and are out of Cream of Tarter, because we all forget to stock up on that weird ingredient that we only use for one thing):

1 box yellow cake mix
1/3 cup oil
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla

Mix and roll into balls and into sugar and cinnamon mixture. Bake at 375° for 10 minutes.

Told you they were easy. And super good. Really they are.


Go make some cookies now. My daughter wants you to.

Foods I can’t live without and are staples in our house:

Amy’s Goddess Dressing
Stacy’s Pita Chips
Whole wheat tortillas
Oatmeal (w/brown sugar)
Half and Half
Morningside Black Bean Burgers
Clif Bars
Fresh spinach
Cheese, any kind
Beans, any kind (but favorites are cannelini, kidney and pinto)

I thought my running clinic went well last night. Before I went I told Ken I was a little nervous. He very supportively said, “Do you think you will crap yourself in front of the group? Or just have bad gas?” That made me feel a lot better.

If I do one again I would tweak some things, but I had a good turn out and discussion. Thanks again for your input.

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Do you eat a ton more when you are training? What’s your go-to recovery lunch or dinner?

Any foods you can’t live without?