Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Rejection Isn't for Pussies

I wish I blogged more often.

In my "real" job I do a shit load of writing, so sometimes my brain and fingers are worn out from thinking and typing. But, here, in this space, I get to do the fun and crass writing, which I certainly cannot do as a social worker. Well, I could, but then I'd have a full time blogging job that pays nothing because I would have been fired from my social work job. Somehow saying the "f" word and talking about poop is frowned on by social services. Who knew?

So, what is the solution? Probably to blog more, but to say less (i.e, shorter and dumber posts).

Here's a shot at that.

First, to be fully transparent, I did not get THE JOB (if you aren't sure what "the job" is, you'll have to click and go find out). It was disappointing, but helped by the fact that I know who was hired is amazing. Also, I am hopeful there may be a job for me in the future as the business expands.

Some other opportunities I've applied for have not worked out either.

REJECTION is tough.

And then this funny guy has to give me the finger. Behind my back no less.
How am I so pale? Do you get really pale when you are rejected?

REJECTION and not getting what you want are a part of life.

We know this. We are told it all the time.

  • Dr. Seuss's And I Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street, was rejected by publishers 28 times (maybe he should stop rhyming. jeez)
  • Michael Jordan didn't make his high school varsity basketball team (maybe he had B.O. who knows)
  • In her twenties, Oprah was removed from anchoring a news show because she was deemed "unfit for television." (maybe she said "and you get a car, and you get a car" too many times)

When rejected, we are told to get back up and try again. But what about our fragile egos? What about our fears of further rejection? What about our desire to just hide out in bed eating Cheetos washed down with chardonnay and watching the Bachelor?< or, maybe that's just me.

Trying again takes guts. But in my mind it beats a life of boredom and complacency. 

The good news is that with not getting what you want, sometimes you DO get what you want. Or some bullshit like the front door closes but the bay window opens up...then slams down on your finger, then the sliding glass door opens up and...

I did have a win for the month as I was accepted onto this team of amazing athletes:

When they say "be the smartest person in the room so you are inspired" - this team will force me to be the least fit and oldest in the room so I will be inspired. So, next weekend I'm off to St. George, Utah for a training camp.

Suunto also sent me this gem to get my training rolling. I'll do a review on it once I've used it a few more times. But so far - this watch does everything including tell me when to poop.

Speaking of getting my training rolling - that little bitch 50k I had to drop out of last year due to ripping my hamstring is calling me back, so...

Dirty Thirty 50k on June 1

Triathlon is calling me back too, so...

70.3 (Harvest Moon) in Boulder on September 15.

And...because friends and alcohol are always a good mix...

Bourbon Chase Ragnar on October 18-19

My race calendar is filling up with good stuff. And I'm going to keep being gutsy and being the best version of me because if not I will get really fat and lazy and make out with Heidi all day long. And then I'll get dog breath and kennel cough, which no one wants.

So for now...off I go into the distance as training once again ramps up!

Answer at least one or you're not cool

If I did shorter but more frequent posts, would you read?

Tell me one race you're signed up for.

Last rejection you've gotten? How did you deal?

Ever tried Suunto products? I've always been a Garmin girl but I'm down for trying this new brand!


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

That Time I Was On The Bachelorette (kind of)

In the most dramatic blog post ever from SUAR (Bachelorette reference):

Imagine a group of women, all strangers, coming together at a lovely mountain home near Aspen, Colorado, where they were welcomed with wine, an assortment of fancy cheeses and small talk. These women are here for the same purpose - to be a candidate for something that they want. Only this time the prize is not a man or "finding love." The prize is a dream job.

I was one of the strangers in that house last weekend.

Well, we don't really look like strangers...

I first heard of Run Wild Retreats and Wellness about a year ago. I'm not sure how it piqued my interest. Maybe it came across my Facebook feed as a sponsored ad. Maybe I heard it from a friend. All I know is that the minute I heard about this company I thought, "I need to be part of this." You see, RWR&W takes groups of women on running retreats around the world. Only, it's not just about running and it's not just about travel. Yes, those things are included, but it's actually more about helping women manage their stress. Through running mindfully.

Running + Travel + Mindfulness = my sweet spot

*Not to be mistaken for G spot*

I reached out to the founder, Elinor Fish, to learn more about her company. I DID want to learn more, but a part of me also wanted to put myself on her radar. Months later I heard she was hiring. After a phone interview I was invited to Aspen for the Bachelorette weekend (I like to call it the Runnerette).

This was an experience like none I'd had before. I love meeting new people, but it's a whole other level to spend a weekend with them, to expose myself (not like a flasher, that would be weird) and to essentially be on a 36 hour job interview. I felt it all - nerves, excitement, anticipation, gas build up (you can't just fart in front of a bunch of new people and you definitely wouldn't do it during a job interview).

My competition? Well, no surprise they were all these kick ass, insightful, lovely women. Any of them would be amazing at the job. So would I. I just hope that came through. As luck would have it, I still don't have a front tooth, so I spent the weekend looking like a fit hill billy with a lisp. Oh, well.

We ran in the snow covered hills. We did workshops on mindfulness. We ate and drank. As Elinor puts it in her blog:

"So, before and after runs on snow-covered trails, we cozied up under fluffy blankets at our rental modern farmhouse to engage in deep discussions and writing exercises about mindful running. Each woman contributed powerful stories and insights based on personal experience combined with extensive education and training in the areas of sports science, mindfulness, yogic traditions and physiology." 

If I'm really honest, I went into the weekend with a huge sense of trepidation. As someone who prides herself on moving out of her comfort zone, I was nervous. When I really dig deep down, what was that about? Duh. It's about every human's fear of being rejected and not being enoughBut, as Brene Brown says, at least I put myself "in the arena."

The verdict is not in yet. We do not know who got the rose. Of course I hope it's me, but if it's not at least I know my competition was amazing, strong and capable. She'll do a good job. If/when I don't get picked, I'll probably get into the back seat of my Ford Edge (my version of a limo) and shed some tears sobbing, "When will I ever find the dream job? Why wasn't I enough? This always happens to me!" Just kidding. I'll be sad and disappointed but I'll know that it's true that other roses become available when the one you want dies. Or, something like that. 

What's the most daring thing you've done lately?

Have you ever taken a running/adventure/wellness retreat? No. Except this weekend :)


PS: Find more about the retreats HERE. Iceland, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Moab, Telluride and more!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

If We Were Having Coffee...(aka Confession Time Minus the Priest)

Who am I kidding? I'd prefer we were having a cocktail. But, for the sake of boring Dry January (which I tried and failed at), lets stick to coffee (just in case you guys have more will power than I do).

If we were having coffee I'd tell you I am an idiot. Today I went for a run at one of my favorite spots, but I decided to drive there because I wanted to run 3 miles and not the 7 miles it would be if I actually ran there (<-lazy POS, I am).

Anyway, I got there kind of early and there was no one in the parking lot but a cop and a man living out of his truck. The man was making oatmeal out of the back of the truck. I kind of kept my eye on him because that's what the cop was doing so I got kind of distracted.


I put on my gloves, connected my wireless earbuds and set off, locking the car door. When I got back to my car three miles later I saw exhaust coming out of my car's tailpipe. What in tarnation? Was oatmeal man trying to steal my car? No. I had left the car running with the keys in the ignition. You see, my car has a code on the door so I don't have to carry keys, which is nice. What's not nice is that it means I can leave the car running and lock the door and go on a three mile run.

The upside? The car was VERY warm when I got inside since the heat had been blasting for almost 30 minutes.This was my contribution to the environment.

What stupid thing did you do today?

If we were having coffee I'd tell you I'd been thinking a lot about my cousin Sherry. She was murdered while running almost exactly 7 years ago. Can you believe it's been 7 years? I know many of you read my blog way back then and participated in my virtual run for Sherry and donated to an account for her kids. I love you for that.   You can read more about all of it HERE in my piece for Runner's World.

Sherry's sister, Rhonda, holding up a picture of Sherry, her husband and her two kids. 

A lot has happened since then. Her kids have grown - her son is married with a baby. Her daughter graduated from college. Life goes on, but never in the same way. I wish we could have grown older together as runners and friends. She liked farts as much as I do.

If we were having coffee (tinted with Bailey's. You may be dry, but I'm not) I'd tell you running has felt amazing lately. Don't get me wrong. It's not like I go out singing hallelujah with every step. It's still hard and I'm still slower than I used to be - but nothing hurts and it's rather joyful just being out in the crisp air. I still have to fight to not crap myself sometimes, but that's all of us right? RIGHT?!

If we were having coffee I'd let you know that sending your 21 year old to the grocery store is funny.

If we were having coffee I'd disclose that January is bland-uary. I'm spicing it up with the shows Dirty John, Homecoming and the Bachelor (raise your hand if you are over the costumes and the virgin jokes). I'm reading good books - Just finished Providence and am on to The Mars Room. I'm cooking new recipes and watching more porn (<-joke).

Are you doing Dry January?

Favorite TV show right now?

Best book you've read lately?

Stupidest thing you've done lately?

What would you tell me if we were drunk? Or, sipping on coffee?