Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gaining Weight While Marathon Training: WTF?

Remember that episode of the Biggest Loser when Daris gained weight during marathon training and Jillian bit his head off? Runners worldwide gave Jillian the virtual finger, knowing that it’s in fact very common to pack on some pounds while training for the big “M.”

Daris ran his first marathon in an amazing 4:02!

I was reminded of this Friday night during a conversation with a friend who I am coaching towards her first marathon. She is about half-way into her 20 week training plan for the Marine Corps in October. I asked how training was going – she said she was plowing through with consistency and strength, and had remained injury free. She then added (while we stuffed guacamole and chips in our pie holes), “But, I’m totally shocked. I’ve gained like 7 pounds. I thought for sure I’d lose weight while training, and this sucks.”

Enough already. I decided I needed to get to the bottom of this weight gain conundrum. Seriously, if you burn on average 100 calories per mile (depending on age, weight, sex, etc.) and run about 30 miles per week, then technically you have 3,000 extra calories of eating to do just to maintain your weight. Right? Wrong.

Here are some reasons you may gain weight while training for a marathon (from HERE and HERE):

  • You're building more muscle mass, which is denser than fat. So while that may translate to an overall weight gain, your body fat percentage has decreased and you're more toned than you were before.
  • Your body is learning to store carbohydrates as fuel (glycogen) for your long runs. Those glycogen stores are important to completing your long runs and marathon without "hitting the wall", but you may see a couple extra pounds on the scale on certain days. Your body also requires additional water to break down and store the glycogen, so that will also add extra weight.
  • You may have been increasing your calorie intake. Running a lot should not be an invitation to eat gallons of ice cream and trays of Oreos. The basic principle for weight loss still applies: You must burn more calories than you consume. To lose a pound, you have to burn, through exercise or life functions, about 3600 calories.
  • You are drinking too many calories. Just because you're training for a marathon doesn't mean that you need to constantly drink sugary sports drinks. While it's important that you replace electrolytes during your long runs, you don't need to constantly have a sports drink at your fingertips the rest of the time. Plain water is fine for staying hydrated during the week.

Keep in mind too that if you go for a long run and then come home and sleep the rest of the day, you probably aren’t burning any more calories than if you were moderately active consistently for most of the day walking, hiking, cleaning the house, etc.

Also it’s important to eat enough food to keep you energized. Dieting while training for a marathon can be dangerous and lead to all sorts of issues like fatigue, illness, and injury. It is a slippery slope:  If you eat more calories than you burn, you'll gain weight. If you eat too few calories, you won't have the energy to train.

Do you gain weight while training for races?

During high volume training I am ravenous and eat much more than I would normally. Even with lots of pooping, that usually this means a weight gain of 2-5 pounds at the peak of training. The extra pounds are mostly muscle and help fuel me towards a better race. After the race, my training volume decreases and I tend to naturally go back to my pre-training weight.

Is one of your motives to train for a marathon or half marathon weight loss?

For me, NO. I am happy with my weight. Yes, you read that right. I am probably in the minority on that one. I train for marathons to challenge myself and to be in the best physical shape I can be. Weight does not figure into the equation for me.

Stay tuned for for scientific info from Dr. San Millan (who did my performance testing) on why, despite your best efforts, you may not be losing weight during exercise.



  1. Love this!!!! And love the "virtual smack" on Jillian Michaels. Totally feasible to gain weight and I'm glad you debunked the myth :)


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  2. I actually did track calories during the last month of marathon training. I was starving ALL THE TIME so I wanted to be sure that I was getting enough calories and that were balanced - carbs to protein etc. Many days it was very tempting to eat the fridge, but I think balanced nutrition is just as important as getting your miles in. And if you gain a couple of pounds - big deal.

  3. My weight stayed the same through most of marathon training, but I dropped a pants size - this makes me think that I gained muscle and lost fat. However, I chunked up during taper and then right after the marathon. Still trying to recover from that one...

  4. I'm not training for a marathon to lose weight, but I am losing weight while training, which is something I wanted to do. I am carefully watching what I eat to make certain I get enough carbs and protein to fuel my runs and repair my muscles after. Having said all that, I think when you are putting your body through the trauma of training, it wants to hold on to every calorie, so it isn't suprising to me that people gain while training.

    BTW, the a-ripping Jillian gave Darias after he ran a 4 hour marathon is the main reason I stopped watching that show. If I remember correctly, she has never even run a marathon. Nice.

  5. Funny - definitely gained weight the second time I did a marathon (the first I didn't train for so it doesn't count). And then for boston, I watched what I ate and thought I was starting to look way too skinny by the end (and got sick constantly)! Maybe 4th marathon will be a charm for remaining normal :).

  6. Kudos! Fabulous post! I'll take dense muscle over fat any day :) I learned that I am ravenous if I wait too long to refuel post-long run which leads to greater calorie consumption later in the day.

    And, hope that your butt is healing too! (and your girl parts post 1/2 mary!)

  7. This is SUCH an important post. It took me a long time to realize that a number on the scale didn't reflect anything during marathon training. My fiance and I run and train hard, eat well most of the time, and I love all the muscles I'm developing in the training process. A couple pounds of muscle now and some extra carb stores are a-okay for me. :)

  8. I've also found that a simple thing called "routine" can cause the weight gain.

    When I first started marathon training, I ate and ate (and ate and ate...). I completed my marathon, but kept eating as if I was still training. Problem was, I wasn't putting in the mileage anymore - yet was still consuming marathon calories.

    I've since learned it's not about eating as much of anything that I want. I've also learned to remind myself when my marathon is over, that I need to curb the portions.

  9. Good post Beth. When I focus on losing some pounds it is in the offseason. Endurance folks need the calories for training and trying to balance losing weight with the necessary glycogen levels needed for each workout is too much.

    But I do think we use our training as an excuse to eat. Which is fine if you are cognizant of ratios (protein/carbs/fat).

  10. Nope, I've never gained any weight while training. As I told you before it just stays the same. I don't drink my calories other than Nuun and that has hardly any.

  11. I fluctuate between 144-148 during training and when I go into taper I tend to drop down to 140-142 for race day which is my preferred weight.

    I started this journey to lose weight and it worked, then tapered off. When I became a vegetarian I lost another 6-7 pounds immediately and have stayed at this weight since then.

    We have a lot of math to do in terms of (P/F/C) to make sure that our bodies are prepared for those training and racing days.

    Great post.

  12. ahh thank you for posting this! I always tell people about the whole glycogen storage and they look baffled. I gain weight during training and its a good thing. Stronger is better for that distance. Nice job Beth!

  13. Love the post...I've been so annoyed by the scale going up during this marathon training!!!!!

  14. This post could not have come at a better time for me. I weighed in for the first time in a couple months the other day and was devastated to find that despite the miles I have been putting in training for my first marathon I am the heaviest I have ever been.

  15. I don't train to lose weight, but it's nice when it happens. You're so right though about the coming home and sleeping cancelling out what you did or the drinking calories issue. Personally I think putting on a little weight before a big run could be good because it's hard to go into a run where you may bur 2,000 cals and if you're "trying to lose weight" and training yourself to only eat 1,000, race day won't be pretty. Who am I to talk though? I can't run a 4 hour marathon. ha

  16. I don't gain weight but I certainly can't loose any. I have FINALLY accepted that while I train hard, I will not loose any pounds because I have to eat to refuel and if I don't refuel enough I'll have a crappy workout.

  17. I have also gained 7 pounds--a combination of several summer vacations and marathon training. I don't drink sugary drinks--just water and I have tried to really watch what I am eating. It's so hard to believe you can put on lbs while running so much!!

  18. I gained weight during my first marathon training. At first I lost some weight. I figured since I was running 30 plus miles each week that I could also eat what ever I wanted. WRONG. There for I gained 8 pounds. I'm in training for marathon number 2. Eating clean and healthy and also including weight lifting in to my routine.

  19. I have just banned myself from the scale. I have been consistently gaining weight for over a year, been hiking, running, paying attention not to overeat, but never letting myself starve.

    Today, I reached a milestone, being the almost the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I wanted to give up, cry, scream, starve, anything. And then my boyfriend reminded me that I look good and healthy.

    I may be almost 20 lbs heavier than a year ago, but my waist is smaller, and my pants are loose. I can run. I was never able to do that. I can do a pushup. I have never done a pushup in my life. Screw the scale.

  20. As long as my shorts/jeans continue to fit, I'm happy.

  21. My first marathon I lost weight I really didn't have to lose and got all skin and bones. I have no idea why. Second marathon I gained weight, even though I was eating very little at the time. It was my first experience running long distances in the New Orleans summer heat, and the electrolyte loss lead to nasty stomach cramps that deterred me for eating the entire rest of the day. I decreased calories and upped exercise and still gained weight. Oh, and with the weight gain (with the added pounds I was still in a recommended weight bracket) I LOST my period. So basically none of it makes sense to me at all, didn't then and still doesn't!

  22. Great post!!! That must be my issue....all those stored carbs! No seriously though I did gain weight when I trained for Boston. My running buddy gained about 10lbs but she also carried the mindset that gorging on chocolate chip pancakes and Krispy Kremes every day was ok since she was training!

  23. I have ALWAYS wondered why this is....great post, now I know:) I will now think of it as DENSE MUSCLE!

  24. Great topic. I watch my eating very carefully, but I weigh a few pounds more than I did in past training cycles, and they really don't want to budge. I'm okay with the idea of muscle weight, or glycogen storage/water weight...what I'm not okay with is the idea that maybe I am in such good running shape that my body has adapted and no longer burns as many calories running. I hope your expert will not say that is the case! (I also had my body comp tested, and it is fairly low, 15.2% body fat, which may be a factor as to why it is hard for me to lose more fat while still maintaining muscle....)

  25. Thanks for using your influence to post this truth and encourage those that may be frustrated. I have lost 65lbs in 2 years and it always slows down/stops during racing season. I use the last 3 months of the year (not fit for running) to do some interval and weight training to cut weight before the next season begins!

  26. I've found in the past that I gained weight while training for a marathon, this summer I took up cycling for cross training and so far during this marathon training I've been able to maintain and even lose a little weight, without having to count every single calorie.

  27. I think that when you start running often, and then have a long run, you get hungry. I know I get hungry and find it hard to stay full. I don't use it as an excuse to cram junk food into my mouth, but I do eat more than I usually do, and ultimately it is pretty easy to eat up the calories you burned off and then have a few more.

  28. I was just having a convo about this issue just this morning. I am the same weight (halfway through training season), but my friend said she was having issues with it.
    Thanks for the good info!

  29. I would put a huge like beside Leauxra's comment. It's not just weight, it's how toned you are, and if you're getting sufficient nutrients and calories for the training.

  30. I'm so glad you posted about this!!! I wondered why i looked a little more puffy when training for marathons. Now that i know, I'm more conscious about what i eat & am sure to eat healthy foods rather than bad foods.

  31. Thanks so much for posting this - i loved reading all the comments from people who experience the same thing! This is by far the toughest thing for me when training for the big M...I track all my food, try to balance what I eat to make sure I'm eating enough and not too much, and my weight is still higher than it is in the off season and I'm running a ton. Drives me nuts, but glad to see others go through the same thing!

  32. I heart you SUAR, but I hate when people say "You're building more muscle mass" By simply marathon training, your friend is unlikely to be building the kind of significant muscle mass to account for any weight gain.

    She would need a very aggressive weight training program and an increase of 250 calories a day (from mostly protein) to gain a half pound a week. Women don't gain muscle without serious, focused effort. Most marathon trainers aren't weight training nearly enough either. Who has time?

    Anytime you start a new training program, weight gain is most likely from your #2 suggestion.

    Good luck to your friend on her first marathon!

  33. Well, I think I figured out how to lose weight while training. Apparently the HIM training load isn't enough, but IM training load has me losing weight. The difference is that so much of the day you're training so you're trying to keep your stomach empty 2 hours before it and it makes it really hard to find time to eat. And then sometimes you're just too tired to eat. :)

  34. xcountry - while it likely doesn't account for all of her weight gain, I do think it plays a part.

    Like I said, muscle gain is just one of several components. And, like I said, these reasons for weight gain weren't invented by me, so no need to disgaree with me personally. See the sources!!

  35. I gain weight when I train. I gain weight when I don't train. I gain weight when I eat. I gain weight when I don't eat. I gain weight when I smell brownies. I've given up and now I am just waiting for a famine.

  36. Ok, so I know you practically never answer comments, but I need to know, and it never occurred to me before--I very intentionally lost 15 pounds while training for my last marathon and I hit the wall hard during the race. Could the two have been related?

  37. Thanks for the reminder. I just managed to lose all the weight I gained for my October marathon last year. Le sigh.

  38. I'm with X-Country, I find that pure running results in very little actual muscle gain, at least once you get up to marathon training. When you are first learning to run you have muscle gains, but marathon training results in more endurance, and some muscle strength, but again, probably only half a pound.

    I trained hard for a hilly ultra and my legs did not get significantly larger due to muscle mass.

    I'm betting that if your friend had her body fat percentage take she'd find that she has gained more fat than muscle. That said, there are more important things than muscle, like, say, completing a marathon...

  39. oh Yeah I remember that. Jillian pissed me off.

  40. I stay pretty much the same during training and probably actually don't eat as much as I should.

    I don't train to lose weight, but love that it's an added bonus. My problem right now is the 6lbs I've gained since my last marathon. My body hasn't known what to do with the break in training. And my brain still thinks that I should eat like I'm running ridiculous mileage. My fault for listening, I guess...

  41. RW had a great piece on this online a while back that was a real eye-opener for me. Yes, you burn 100 cal a mile, but that is 100 "gross" cal per mile, not a net add. That is, some of that 100 cal would have still been burned if you were sitting on your couch. I think the calc was something like 0.5-0.65*cal per mile = net burned extra per mile, on top of what you'd burn anyway. (0.3ish if walking) Once I figured I could only eat half of my mileage cals extra, that helped. For example, my 13 mile training run on Sat gets me 650 extra cals, of which 300 is taken in during the run itself in gels, leaving me 350 extra to play with.

  42. This post couldn't have come at a better time! I'm training for my first marathon right now and while I'm not doing this to loose weight, it is frustrating to that number on the scale going up, even with running 50+ miles a week and still eating healthy! Thank you

  43. Going into my first marathon, I thought for sure I would lose some weight and was hoping I'd lose the weight on my tummy that just won't go away. Sure enough I gained weight, only a few lbs but was pretty surprised. I remember thinking about that BL episode.

  44. I did experience weight loss when I trained for my marathons. Mostly because running does a major # of my digestive system and there were tons of time when I would finish a long run and spend the next several hours in the bathroom, unable to tolerate solid foods. This was especially bad when we had season ticket to UM games and I would pretty much have a packet of animal crackers, a pretzel, and a sprite from the time I finished my run (prior to attending the game and it ending). That was all I could tolerate of stadium food.

    Tri training has been another story. Biking just makes me hungry and I CAN eat. I can eat ANYTHING after biking, and WHILE biking. AT Muncie 70.3 they asked the athletes who had lost the most weight training for the event, someone had lost 150 lbs. Not me. I gained weight from in it. My upper body was way more muscular than before, as well as my legs. My BQ marathon was at a heavier weight than my first, though. I think being stronger played a huge role in me being faster.

  45. This happened to me as well when I was training for my half marathon. I'm getting ready to start training for my first marathon so as I understand the post, still nervous to see the scale go up.

  46. This is such good information. I haven't run a marathon or even a half marathon ( I did walk a half). The more informed the better as I heal from an injury and move towards a goal of running. Thank you.

  47. I gained weight from both halfs I did and with tris I trained for even while keeping track of calories. The only time I lost weight was when it was too hot to eat and I was eating mostly fruit. I also lost weight during recovery from an injury and only doing yoga.
    I find it all frustrating because I was keeping track of calories in a tracking system and was unshooting my needs (programs est my calorie burn I think was over the amount). I think my body holds on to calories while I am training hard and I tend to look puffier for sure. I am very interesed in what the dr says and how it may differ from gender and different people in general. I am not trying to find a certain number on a scale but my clothes are literally tigher when I am training. I wonder if it has to do with cortosil levels as well...

  48. Since I started running again and training for races I have lost 23 pounds. I can see my bones now , not just pudge.....But the neat thing about it is that I do not run to lose weight nor do I diet. It just happens, I love to run and the pounds just melt off and I dont need to diet. I work hard for my miles I run and I have learned that if I feed my body good stuff then I get good stuff out of it! When I eat crap I feel like crap. And once in awhile when I eat some junk food, I dont feel bad because I will burn it off the next day.

  49. This is a great post, my own research is leading me in the same direction but it's a wonderful synopsis.

  50. Great post! I was one of the lucky ones that lost weight during marathon training (last time). This time around, I haven't weighed myself so I'm in the dark but I think I may be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Weight gain actually makes perfect sense when you lay out all those reasons, but damn it, I don't like it! I guess I need to stop being lazy after those 20 milers, huh?

  51. Great post! I was one of the lucky ones that lost weight during marathon training (last time). This time around, I haven't weighed myself so I'm in the dark but I think I may be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Weight gain actually makes perfect sense when you lay out all those reasons, but damn it, I don't like it! I guess I need to stop being lazy after those 20 milers, huh?

  52. Jillian often needs a smack. Her calories in/calories out method is bunk to begin with. My first marathon I didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain any either. I could still stand to lose 30 pounds even if nobody believes it. My problem comes after the marathon. I'm not a summer runner, so if I'm not super careful about what I'm eating, I will gain 10-20 pounds. The post marathon recovery phase. I take that to the way extremes. Give this girl one week off and she'll take 2... months.

  53. I totally gain weight when I run/train. Like a solid 5-7 pounds of extra me. It's depressing. I love my non-running weight, but get aggravated with my extra pounds when training. My choices are to be svelte but flabby, or be 5+ pounds heavier with an ass of steel (and quads to match).

  54. I pretty much always loose. And I eat A LOT. All day long. That's why I love heavy training :)

  55. Last year I lost weight training. I was very strict about my food. Counted calories and was diligent about portions. This year I have laxed and gained. It's food and calories. You may have temporary gains from muscle recover/fluid. This is my non professional opinion.

  56. I hate hate hate the fact that I'm gaining weight during this training. I haven't hit my long mile days yet and have already packed on 7 pounds within the first 7 weeks of my training. I journal everything down to the calories in a tsp of seasoning added to food so I know I'm not loading on calories....don't even like sugary drinks. Im assuming its muscle weight but that doesn't make me feel better about it. My inches aren't shrinking either. Maybe my mindset will change as time goes on and just be happy its muscle instead of fat. Maybe. I can say my run time & endurance has improved greatly so kudos for that. I will be ready in October no matter the weight.

  57. Your reason for gaining weight is something called the PPAR alpha.
    Your leptin levels are going down, C reactive proteins are pushing them down.

    Here's what happened:
    Endurance training-induced accumulation of muscle triglycerides is coupled to upregulation of *stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1*.

    Cross-talk between peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) alpha and liver X receptor (LXR) in nutritional regulation of fatty acid metabolism. II. LXRs suppress lipid degradation gene promoters through inhibition of PPAR signaling.

    liver X receptor (LXR)

    "The primary regulator of ketone body synthesis is fatty acid availability. When hormonal conditions (e.g., high glucagon, low insulin) cause fatty acid concentration in the plasma to be high, malonyl CoA concentration in the liver cytoplasm is low (because acetyl CoA carboxylase is in the less active phosphorylated state).

    "During sustained low to moderate exercise, fatty acid oxidation increases to become the predominant energy source to muscles [17]. CPTI (Figure 2) is a control point of FA oxidation and decreased carnitine levels and acidosis of CPT1 have been implicated in decreased fatty acid oxidation during heavy exercise [18]. Deficiencies in CPTII may result in exercise induced muscle injury due to inability to increase FA oxidation with increased exertion."



    Lance Armstrong was triggering insulin spikes. How do I know?

    -inflammation = insulin spikes (TGFbeta1 blocks inositol. Inositol naturally keeps the insulin at normal levels. Taking any kind of sex steroids shrinks the thymus gland and puts that individual at risk for allergies, inflammation, etc.)

    -insulin blocks IGFBP-1. What the heck is that? You ask... IGFBP-1 BLOCKS BREAST CANCER AND PROSTATE CANCER. If the insulin is blocking the insulin growth factor beta protein-1, you're already at a higher risk for both cancers.

    ***Just because you're an athlete does not mean you're glucagon level goes up. You have to lower your insulin too which means fighting inflammation and adding nutrients to your body***

    I will help you out here... how to control your insulin spikes:
    -sugar in moderation? (I have a chocolate habit too)
    -barley lowers insulin levels.


    -AVOID TRANSFATS AND POLYSATURATED FATTY ACIDs. MUFAs are not an essential nutrient. Meaning, your body makes MUFAs on it's own. Anorexics create MUFAs. They don't need coconut or olive oil to create MUFAs. The energy expenditure might be similar, but MUFAs increase ghrelin levels which creates hunger.

    -ALSO with glucose? Your L cells in the small intestine reads the sugar in your digestive tract to tell the pancreas what to expect. IF there is a lot of sugar, the L-cells will release something called a "GLP-1" or glucagon like peptide-1 that will tell the pancreas to release insulin. I haven't seen any evidence that the pancreas can even read our blood glucose levels.

    How to increase glucagon stores:
    ...arginine, ibmx, carnitine increase glucagon

    Now, instead of whining about it... RESEARCH!

    1. ................what.

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