Monday, May 1, 2023

My New Nickname and Finally, a Diagnosis

In the news of the weird I'm still over here being dizzy, heavy headed and foggy. I am operating at about 50% of my normal cool self. I'm still not driving, but have managed a couple disoriented runs. Yes, call me crazy for trying to run when I feel like I've just had 5 glasses of chardonnay. I just choose a wide dirt path with few people and no huge obstacles like bolders, sink holes or tiny children.

It's been almost eight weeks. Well, 46 days to be exact. When this type of shit strikes you, you don't forget the date of onset (March 16) and you don't stop counting the days. It's been a long road to answers, but I think I've found mine. If you don't know what I'm talking about read HERE first.

Unfortunately with medical stuff, epecially out of the ordinary symptoms, it's a freaking wild goose chase to get answers. It's all about ruling things out more so than getting an actually diagnosis. After two visits to the regular doctor, a hearing test and three visits to the ENT, I was finally sent for a test called a VNG (it has nothing to do with a vagina - that would be weird, just like CLT ((the code for the Charlotte airport)) has nothing to do with figure it out). 

VNG stands for videonystagmography, which is one of the most bizarre tests you will ever have - so bizarre that when I was done the audiologist thanked me for not throwing up. Basically, you wear goggles (think VR) that have cameras in them to track your eye movement. This shows up on a computer screen. Then the audiologist has you watch images on a wall, and puts you in differnt positions. Then the fun part comes where cold and warm air is blown into each ear to see what your eyes do when that happens. This elicits crazy eye movements and dizziness, where you feel like you have the spins after a long night in Vegas. 

The outcome of the vagina test showed a diagnosis of vestibular neuritis (inflamation in the inner ear caued by a viral attack - I like to think it was the walkers from Walking Dead). I have 60% malfunction on my right side. This definitely explains all of my symptoms and while it will go away, it could take awhile. I'll be starting what is called vestibular physical therapy to help retrain my brain and other senses to compensate for the malfunction and hopefully get my equilibrium back.

On a side note I'd also like to share that while I think my ENT is a solid, thorough and wonderful doc, he is a bit quirky. On my first visit whenever I'd ask him a question, he'd start his response with, "I see 4-5 dizzies a week..." So, basically I am now categorized as a "dizzy." I'm not sure this is proper etiquette - like if you saw a psychiatrist would he/she say, "I see 4-5 crazies a week?" 

I also had an MRI on Friday to rule out all the scary stuff, but haven't gotten results back yet.  I took Ativan for the MRI then had wine later and apparently things became very enteraining (you'd have to ask Ken about the details).

Turns out when you can't run you have extra time for other things that don't require too much focus like doing crosswod puzzles and Wordle, walking Annie and picking up her big shits:

The answer is yes, you do need to see this.

I can also sit by a fire pit and drink wine and watch friends fart into the flames:

Tiny bit 'o crack showing

I'm able to sit in a manicure chair:

I've had time to watch every new show imaginable - 

  • The Last of Us (Another day, another apocolyse. Episode 3 was 😍)
  • Ted Lasso, Season 3 (recipe for the biscuits Ted brings everyone. You're welcome)
  • Survivor (I am the only one who has watched all 44 seasons? I refuse to add up how many hours that is)
  • Shrinking (Harrison Ford is so old. But so am I)
  • Bad Sisters (I wish the use of the word "twat" was normalized in the US)
  • The Door Prize (My potential = dizzy. You will get his if you've watched the show. If not, sorry)
  • A Million Little Things (this is getting very sad even if that particular character really annoys me)
  • Jury Duty (okay, this is worth the watch if for no other reason than the poop scene and the ending)
  • The Beef (I will NEVER engage in road rage again)
  • The Last Thing He Told Me (I read the book. The series is entertaining)

I also went ice fishing becaue that just requires standing still and looking into a hole (that's what he said) and not catching anything (well, okay everyone else caught something but they are just show offs).

This was last week at Redfeather Lakes, CO. Spring in CO is not spring in other places

I have already missed two races, including a trail half marathon in Fruita, Colorado. I really enjoy donating so much money to my running habit. Next up is the Bolder Boulder 10k on 5/29. I am determind to do this one as it is one of my favorite days of the year and I've probably done it 15 times. Plus, you can drink beer at 9 a.m. Here Ken and I are last year if you care.

Well, that's enough ranting for now. 

Humor me:

Best shows you've watched lately?

Ever had an illness misdiagnosed or hard to diagnose?

When's your next race?


SUAR (aka "the dizzy")