Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Why You Need Compression In Your Life and a GIVEAWAY!

I’ve been wearing compression socks and other compression stuff (leggings, thongs) for years now. To be honest, I don’t know if they do what they say they do, but if not, then the placebo is working for me. Here’s why I love the socks, especially these from SLS3 (the dog and the trash not included):

  1. I feel like a school girl when I wear them. I used to love me some knee highs.
  2. The squeezing effect promotes blood circulation, which is supposed to give us more energy.
  3. If I want to wear shorts, but it’s cold, they provide that extra bit of warmth.
  4. They come in many colors and styles. These from SLS3 have butterflies. Butterflies can symbolize our souls. I like wearing my soul on my socks. It makes me faster.
  5. They provide UV protection!
  6. They reduce lactic acid!
  7. If you are flying on a plane with a kid kicking your seat and a tray table full of e-coli, you can wear these and they just might keep you from cramping up or getting a fatal blood clot.
  8. They look cool. I feel fast when I wear them. Even if I’m not.
  9. If you are running in the jungle or in high weeds, they can protect your legs from scratches and abrasions.
  10. If you are a clean freak, you will like the fact that dirt from the road or trail collects on your socks and not on your legs.

Want a pair? Simply enter this giveaway and choose a pair of your choice. Giveaway ends June 3. Open to those with U.S. addresses. Click on the giveaway link below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And…if you don’t win or you just have to have a pair RIGHT NOW, use the the coupon code BETH40 at checkout for 40% off. Go HERE. (socks retail for $54.90, but with the coupon it will be only $32.94).

Good luck!


Monday, May 25, 2015

My Next Race and What I Ran This Weekend

I told you I needed a running goal, so I just went ahead and bit off a bit more than I could chew and chose this little race as my next endeavor. C’mon I only count 3 hills.


The Leadville Heavy Half.

You maybe be wondering why I chose a course that starts at 10,000 feet and climbs to 13,200 feet where there is little oxygen and no trees (and therefore no place to hide and poop). You may be asking yourself why I decided it was a good idea to climb 3,720 feet in one single run. You might be questioning, “Why the hell is this called a half marathon when it is 15.5 miles long?”.

Or, maybe you don’t give a shit and have not pondered any of these things.

Aside from wanting a really tough goal, I wanted to reminisce a bit from when I was in 8th grade. You see, in this race we run over Mosquito Pass (which is the teeny nipple you see at the top of this “hill”). And, when I was in 8th grade, and a member of the (IBTC) Itty Bitty Titty Committee, I was often chided for having mosquito bites for breasts. I see this run as a way of conquering that time of my life and “passing over it.” Get it?

Or, maybe I just needed a race to sign up for and this looked fun. Who needs a real reason anyway?

The good news is I have done no training for this race in terms of altitude or vertical running. I am hoping that lack of conditioning gives me some good stories for this blog after the fact.

On that note, this was a great weekend for running. Saturday I blew off my run because I had a bit too much fun on Friday night and needed some extra sleep (you can interpret that any way you want).

Yesterday the sun finally came out after 21,234 days. I did a lovely 11 mile run with myself. We talked about all kinds of things including why the dentist talks to you when his/her hands are in your mouth and how come I always press harder on the remote buttons when the batteries are dead/dying? It was very profound.

Some scenes:


There must be a drop of GU on my lip I needed to lick off.


Like I said on Instagram, post-run coffee is the best (well so is pre-run coffee so you can get the pipes cleared and stuff):


Today was the infamous Bolder Boulder 10K, which I like to run with 52,000 of my closest friends. The biggest feat of the day is getting my two teenage children out of bed at 5;30 a.m and to the finish line. I just keep telling myself (lying to myself?) that one day they will look back on this as the best damn years of their lives!!


Then there is beer (a craft brew this year, no less!) and 10 a.m. and all is good.

At the start it was cold so I dressed like a trash bag.


We ran into my daughter’s teacher. He was dressed like a naked muscly man. I must wear this costume one day (well, not this ACTUAL one, but get my own) in a race if only to show off my mosquito bites.


I have been running this race with my friend Kathy and my daughter, Emma, for the past 5 years. It’s a fine tradition.


Happy Memorial Day!


Were you ever a member of the IBTC?

Did you race this weekend? If not, what kind of run did you do?

Are you going to come to Leadville with me?


Friday, May 22, 2015

How to Keep Your Runner’s Feet from Looking Like Sh$t

Yes, we are entering that season where we show our feet on the beach, at the pool, in the mall, at the strip club. Feet can be an amazingly beautiful part of our anatomy when they are soft, supple, tanned, scrubbed and dressed up with pearls.

Runner’s feet are notoriously the opposite of soft, supple, tanned, scrubbed and dressed up with pearls due to (but not limited to):

  • bunions
  • missing toenails
  • black toenails
  • callouses, blisters
  • dead/dry skin.
  • pearls on feet are goofy

What does this happen? Often the culprit is ill-fitting shoes, the wrong socks, untreated funguses (yum! who wants sautéed mushrooms for dinner?), and excess moisture on the feet while running. I happen to like to make my feet look even worse by picking at the dry skin and throwing it on the floor.

So, how can we runners do some damage control and avoid having our feet look like sh$t?

1. Stop Running Altogether. Gross feet are a pain in the ass and you just don’t love running that much. Take up badminton and start asking your friends how far a marathon is. Be sure to tell them running will kill their knees. And, maim their feet.

2. Make Sure Your Shoes Fit. Typically it’s a good idea to get shoes that are at least a half size larger than your everyday shoe. This is because your feet swell when you run, so you need a bit of extra space. Also keep in mind that your shoes may shrink over time due to them getting wet, etc. For extra special help in finding the perfect fit in your running shoes go to a pedorthist (title of a professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and employ supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs). You are welcome that I taught you a new word.

3. Get Your Toenails Removed. This is extreme, but Marshall Ulrich did it, so you can too. Your feet will look like ridiculously hideous, but you will have solved the toenail issue. Make sure you do this after you are married for life. And don’t forget to paint the stubs.

4. Pick the Right Socks. There are a bazillion types of running socks out there. Make sure you try them on with your running shoes. I have different socks I wear with different shoes. It’s not a bad idea to have socks that wick away moisture from your feet to avoid blisters and fungi (why did the squash date the mushroom? Because he was a fun-guy!). Cotton socks are not the best idea. And, for crap’s sake, make sure your socks do not have any holes in them.

5. Keep Your Feet Supple. Spoil yourself with all of these amazing foot lotions out there – Burt’s Bees has a great line (my favorite is the coconut foot cream). I like to make my children rub my feet because God knows I do enough for them.You can also apply coconut oil to your feet and sleep with socks on.

6. Clip the Nails. Keep your toenails short, but not too short. This will keep you from piercing the inside of another toe with your sharp nail. Trim them in a straight line and after a shower when they are softened.

There you have it. Now your feet will look like this.


Just kidding. That’s just me giving you the toe finger with my Morton’s Toe.

Do you have feet issues from running? If so, what? How do you deal with them?


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weird Running Habits. What Are Yours?

As I double checked to make sure I double-knotted my shoes and ensured my watch fit on my wrist perfectly, not too tight, not too loose, I wondered if I was the only one who had pre, during and post run rituals/obsessions/habits. These are the little things that we do (or HAVE to do) in order to have the best running experience possible. Call it OCD, call it what you want. Here are a few of mine:

  • My running clothes cannot be loose. It has to not move when I run.
  • I don’t like having things in my pockets. Too much movement. I’d rather stuff gels in my bra.
  • My shoes cannot feel the least bit tight, especially near the ankle. But, they also can’t be too loose or they’ll rub.
  • I need sunglasses on. Always. Even when it’s not sunny.
  • If I’m running without music I replay in my head the last song on heard on the radio before I started my run. For the entire run.
  • I ball my right hand into a fist while running. It gets sweaty.
  • I spit all the time. Excess mucous I guess.
  • I create grocery lists and weekly dinner recipes in my head.
  • I have to drink a Vitamin Water the day before a race. It’s good luck.
  • I wave at cars.
  • Snot rockets galore. Again, the mucous thing.
  • Post run I really like beef jerky. And eggs.
  • I let Heidi (dog, not person) lick the sweat off of me.


Those are some running habits. Here are some random life habits:

  • I always kiss the airplane as I am getting on. That’s why my plane has never crashed.
  • I triple-check the stove before going to bed.
  • I sleep with two pillows. One under my head, one between my legs.

Do you have any weird running or life habits?


Friday, May 15, 2015

Best and Worst of the Week

It’s Friday!! Time to review some highs and lows from the week. Did I say it’s Friday?

Best Meal I Made: I’ve made this many times before, but it stands as one of my favorite veggie meals. And, the whole family eats it, which is a huge bonus. Rice and Bean Casserole with Guacamole.

Best Book I Read: Well, I didn’t read the whole thing because my head has been spinning off my neck this past week with work stuff, but I did start Missoula by Jon Krakauer.


Best Run I Took: I haven’t done any super interesting runs this week (see the thing about work above), but today I only had time for a short 3 mile run, so I busted it out in about 24 minutes. Sometimes it’s just good to pound it out, breathe heavy and sweat.

Best Show I Watched: I am HOOKED on “Naked and Afraid.” I like watching the bare butts (some nicer than others), but I also appreciate the quotes from the show, “I think I have a leech on my scrotum.” We also went through the entire first season of “Togetherness.” Hilarious.

Best New Product I Tried: I get offered lots of supplements, new protein/endurance drinks, etc. I don’t try many of them, but I decided to sample HeadOn because they are a local company (Denver). Have to say I love this product, not just for the taste, but for the ingredients. Check it out.


Best Quote I Overheard (at Starbucks): Two teenage girls were sitting at a table watching two moms outside with strollers. “I cannot wait until I have a baby so I can drink Starbucks all day and just talk to my friends.” Hmmm…

Best Moment With Heidi:



Worst Way I Acted Like a Mom: I got into a very heated argument with a 17 year old boy at a concert and embarrassed my daughter. But, I was right and he needed to be handled.

Worst Running Moment: For me this is always about some interruption to my run because of the urge to poop. This week is was related to that time of the month. ‘Nuf said. I know for a fact you don’t want to hear more or to see pictures.

Worst (Best?) Over-Indulge: Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn. It is like crack. Do not even open the bag.



Give me a best and a worst from your week. Right now. Do it.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Excuse #4: I Can’t Run, I Don’t Have a “Runner’s” Body

This is the fourth part in my 5 part series of why there should be NO excuses to not run. See my first post HERE – all about people who don’t run because they are too busy. The second post can be found HERE – about why you can run even when the weather sucks. The third post, HERE, tackles people who whine about having no motivation to run.

Today we’re going to talk about our perception of ourselves and how this limits us.  There seems to be this assumption that in order to be a runner you have to look like this (or at least be super lean and muscular):


Yes, Deena Kastor is a super star and a true running talent. But, it’s important to know that about .0003% of the population actually looks like that (or have that talent).

I mean look at me. I feel like a frumpy giant next to her.


The truth is that runners come in all shapes and sizes. If you don’t believe me, go spectate at a marathon and you will see what I am talking about.

In my opinion, it is less important what your body shape or weight is, and more important that you are healthy. I will say this – it is probably a bit easier to run if you are not overweight only because then you are not carrying extra pounds around (this is not rocket science). That said, running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, so if you are wishing for that, keep up your running practice. This does not mean, however, that you need to be or should be stick thin.

Here are some other reasons you should run even though you don’t have a “runner’s body”:

  • You love to run. It relieves your stress. It keeps you healthy and out of therapy.
  • All runners are created equal, just like all people are created equal, regardless of size, pace, weight, age or distance run.
  • No one is judging you. You are just judging yourself. So, stop it.
  • Running clothes come in all shapes and sizes.
  • By continuing to run, YOU are helping to define what real runners look like.
  • When people say, “But you don’t look like a runner” prove them oh-so-wrong.

Has anyone ever dared to tell you that you don’t look like a runner?

Is not “looking like a runner” something that holds you back?


Friday, May 8, 2015

Virtual Cocktail Hour: Confessions

Well, it’s Friday afternoon and that can only mean one thing around here: wine time.

{Who am I kidding? As if it has to be Friday to be wine time}

Come join me. I’ll wait. Go get your wine (or beer or straight shot of whiskey). Done? Let’s move on.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you that I just got back from the doctor. For the past couple of weeks I’ve felt like I have a piece of steak or a huge loogy stuck in my throat. It is the most annoying thing. It doesn’t move. Doctor prescribed Prilosec and said maybe I have “silent reflux.”  Silent bitchy loogy reflux.

If were were having a glass of wine tonight I would tell you that I have gotten so many emails lately from runners who are injured. When runners are injured they panic and they want some one who has been through it to tell them they will run again. I can’t say for one thousand percent sure, but if you are injured now, know you will most likely run again. And, know that you are not ALONE!! Then go read THIS. I promise it will help.

If we were having a glass of wine right now I would tell you that I need a race goal. With the exception of my ultra relay in September I have nothing on my calendar. This is weird and unacceptable to me. I love races. I love goals. Maybe after a couple more glasses of wine I will start registering for everything because that is what runners who drink do. Upcoming tomorrow: I’m doing my first 200 mile run.  *burp*

If we have had at least three glasses of wine I would tell you I trusted a fart today. And, it was not trustworthy. Not one bit.

If we were having a glass or five of wine tonight I would tell you that I have made two incredible veggie meals this week. I think I told you my 14 year old became a vegetarian last summer. It has been somewhat of a pain in the ass. But we are finding things we all love. First, I made these black bean burgers from the Pioneer Woman. Ah-maz-ing. But, if you make them, the recipe makes more like 6 burgers, not four. Then, last night I made caprese paninis. Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes on a soft roll slathered with pesto then pressed on the panini maker. If you don’t have a panini maker, you need one in your life (Mother’s Day?). We use it all the time. I have this one.

If we were having a gallon of wine I would tell you I just read this book.  It’s written by a health and food blogger, Andie Mitchell ( I liked it for its honesty. I also think it would be a great book for anyone who has struggled with food obsession, emotional eating and weight gain/loss. Andie now has what I consider to be a very healthy attitude about food – viewing it as fuel and something to enjoy, not to abuse.

It’s been nice drinking/chatting with you. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you kick ass moms out there. Cheers!

What would you tell me if we were having a glass of wine?

Last good book you read?

When was the last time you were injured? About two years ago, fingers crossed.

Any new recipes to share?



Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tragedy on the Treadmill - Don’t Let It Happen to You

What a tragic story this week when Dave Goldberg (CEO of Monkey Survey), husband of Facebook’s CEO Sheryl Sandberg, died after falling off of a treadmill at a resort in Mexico. There are not many details about what happened, but it does appear he was alone at the time. How ironic it seems that a 48 year old man is engaging in something to keep himself healthy and fit and this devastating thing occurs. It’s just so damn sad.

There have been countless times when I’ve been on a treadmill, especially while doing speed work, that I have thought “Man, if I fell of this thing and slammed into those machines behind me, I’d be toast.” In fact, one day I did get on a treadmill when it was ON and got ricocheted right off of it. I have laughed about this too many times to count, but it actually could have had a horrific ending.

Everything, and I mean everything, has a danger warning these days. It does get a bit ridiculous. It seems there is nothing we can do that doesn’t have some crazy inherent risk to it. I grew up in the age of no seatbelts, helmets or sunscreen (not saying this was a good thing) – but, wow times have changed.

I try not to let fear hold me back from doing things I love. I figure I could just as easily die choking on a grape or getting hit by a texting driver as I could die skydiving or running on a trail where there are mountain lions. If you let fear restrict you, you will never do anything and that is definitely not how I want to live my life.

That said, I am not here to say don’t run in treadmill, but I am here to say, use caution. Here are 8 ways how.

1. Don’t get apathetic while you are running on a treadmill. Stay alert. Be aware of the button you push or the rope you pull should something happen. If you are using a device like a phone or if you are watching TV be extra careful.

2. Try to run on a treadmill when there are others around. At your local gym this is easy to do as there are usually a plentitude of gym rats around. If you go on vacation and are at the fitness center at a time when no one is there, consider picking a different activity, bring a buddy with you or go at a time that might be more crowded. If you run at home on  a treadmill, try to pick a time when someone is home and knows what you are up to. Or, at least have your phone within arms reach should something happen.

3. Don’t run at speeds that are so fast that they start to make you feel out of control. Yes there are those very experienced and coordinator runners who can do intervals at 9 or 10 mph, but this is not for everyone. Make sure you always feel in control.

4. If you have kids, always make sure they are supervised when on and around the treadmill. There have been many injuries and deaths to kids that have involved treadmills, especially when the child is under 10 years old.

5. Be sure to run on the middle to the front of the rotating belt. Don’t get too far to the back or you could risk falling off.

6. If you need to get off the treadmill mid-run, pause or stop it. Don’t try to get off while it’s moving. This should be obvious, but you never know. Clearly someone got off the moving treadmill that I stepped onto that one crazy time.

7. If you are new to the treadmill, take time to adjust to speed and inclines. There actually is some coordination involved in using the machine. Think of it as a learning curve for hamsters.

8. Although you might want to stare at your gorgeous new running shoes or take a glance at that beefy guy beside you, do not do so while on the treadmill. Keep your glance forward or you could risk losing balance.

Ever had a scary incident on the treadmill? Aside from what I said above, I once had a custodian person unplug my treadmill at the gym while I was running. Nice way to come to a very abrupt and surprising halt.

Any other safety tips to add?



Sunday, May 3, 2015

That Was Not My Favorite Run

Yesterday was a 6.89 mile trail run that I rounded up to 7 miles in my head. It was gorgeous. I did not have to poop. There were herds of deer everywhere. Not a cloud in the sky. I think if I did have to leave a turd on this run it would have been peppered with glitter and sequins. That’s how great that 6.89 miles was (rounded up to 7 in my head).


Today was a 7 mile out and back on lovely country dirt roads. From step number one of 14,000 steps I just wanted to be done. I can’t blame it on the weather. I can’t blame it on the scenery. I can’t blame it on not getting a good night’s sleep. I just did not want to do it  Period. It was that mental battle the.whole.way. In the end I spit out a 9:13 average mile and it felt like a 7:30 average mile.


So, what do I tell myself in these instances?

  1. You can eat donuts and drink coffee with lots of half and half when you are done
  2. Just because you don’t feel like running doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run. You’ll be glad you did.
  3. Some days are going to suck. Oh well.
  4. This run will let you hit 3o miles for the week – your goal.
  5. Stop your bitching. You are healthy. You are not injured. You CAN run.


I know these 5 thoughts are extremely profound. I guess my point is that to keep going you don’t really need to be super profound. You just need to keep going. Even when your crotch is sweating so much you look like you wet yourself.


Now, I am done and I am inside, which is good because the Wizard of Oz is about to happen around here (those munchkins and flying monkeys freak me out. Confession: In ever really liked the Wizard of Oz anyway). I’d rather not be one of the 73 people struck by lightening this year.


Yes, that is actually a funnel cloud up there.

How far was your run today? Thumbs up or down? Thumbs down.

What’s a movie you feel like you should like, but you don’t? Sound of Music. Wizard of Oz. Monty Python.

Would you rather be struck by lightening or drown? Lightening. Seems faster. <- I like to keep it upbeat around here