Thursday, August 16, 2018

Coffee Date (With a Side of Alcohol)

If we were having coffee there would be many things I would want to share with you. Probably the most fascinating things you've ever heard. First of all, the new season of STDs in Paradise (aka Bachelor in Paradise) has begun so that's breaking news for sure. If you've never watched show you are: 1) better than me, and 2) not missing out on anything.

Moving on. If we were having coffee (I'd prefer mine with a splash of Bailey's) I'd tell you how post injury running is going. It's going to hell. My trail runs feel the best with the variety of terrain and ascending/descending, but the flats on the road/path suck. My left leg still doesn't want to join the party, i.e., it's weak and temperamental, but I press on. I still have not brought myself to run on that very short stretch of road that I fell on. Maybe it's PTSD, maybe I'm a pussy or maybe I'm just superstitious, but that little part of the road by my house is off limits right now. It's a dangerous black hole of misery and destruction.

From Saturday's trail run. Perhaps I shouldn't do this if I don't want to tear another hamstring.

If we were onto our second cup of coffee (+ ounce of Kahlua), I'd tell you another great fear I now have are chocolate chip cookies. This may sound innocent enough, but while eating one on Sunday, this happened.

#missingtooth + #ropeyneck = sexy

Granted the cookie was hard and frozen, my crown snapped off (tooth and all) and plummeted to the floor. Heidi swooped into eat what she thought was part of a cookie and I had flashes of me going through her fecal matter for the next two days to fish out my crown (then having it put back in). I freaked out and pushed her away, safely taking the crown to higher ground. I don't know why but I started crying about all of this (probably because my family could not even look at me without bursting out laughing). I just feel so accident prone. In the past year I have:

Been head butted by a dog, resulting in this (October 2017)

Fell on a run severely tearing my hamstring (May 2018)

That is not grape jelly

Knocked out my own tooth eating a frozen cookie (August 2018)

What the hell is next? Impaling myself on some rebar? Is this what the 50s are like? Don't answer that.

Anyway, all of this is requiring a tooth extraction, implant and new crown. And it only costs $3,000!  That's 30 race entries or 15 new Garmins or 30 pairs of new running shoes or 3,000 GUs! Dentists and insurances are crooks.

If we were having coffee with a splash of Baileys (hold the coffee) I'd tell you that Emma's first day of senior year is today!!

New Vans - check. Hydroflask - check. Holey jeans - check. Must be a teenage girl.

And, Sam leaves for a semester in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Tuesday. Holy fuck. I guess that means I need to get a life. My kids are moving on and so should I. In fact, Sam will spend his 21st birthday in Bangkok (cue all the cock and prostitute jokes as well as the humming of "One Night in Bangkok". I've come up with several renditions of that song that I sing to Sam regularly. Mostly the songs involve him not getting incarcerated, not impregnating a Thai girl and not going for any "happy endings.")

If we were finishing up our whiskey concoction (did I tell you we had moved onto Irish coffees?) I would tell you that I am doing a 10k on Labor Day and I'm positive it will be the slowest 10k of my life. I am also thinking of a doing a half marathon trail race in Crested Butte, CO in September. Sure, I'm not really in race shape, but the trails feel good to me and I need something to perk me up besides singing "One Night in Bangkok."

One more thing before I drain the last bit of this cup 'o joe. So, I love the blog Pinch of Yum. She's real, her recipes are good. I got curious last week when she posted a recipe for vegan queso. Queso, by definition is hot cheese dip. This recipe involved putting cashews, water, green chilis and taco seasoning into a food processor 'til smooth. Then it would apparently and magically be queso. I had to try it because it sounded so weird. And, weird it was. I would not call this queso. I would call it ground up cashews with green chilis and taco seasoning (dog poop). Don't be fooled.

Well, that's all I got.

Tell me something you'd share if we were having coffee/alcohol together?

Ever been to Thailand (Chiang Mai)? Where should we stay/see if we go?

Do you have a fall race planned?



  1. I had vegan alfredo sauce at a friends house recently. It was cauliflower and garlic blended with a little hot water to make it creamy. It was.... bland. Not great. And within an hour I found out I don't digest cauliflower well- I had to suddenly leave the dinner party early- in pain and sweating (I'll let you imagine why 😂)
    Why don't you get a bridge instead of an implant? Cheaper and less surgery......still a good aesthetic result. Just a suggestion!

  2. Oh, no - my condolences on the loss of your crown. I live in fear of breaking mine off and will never look at a frozen cookie the same way.

    Fellow injured runner trying to make a comeback here...I was doing ok post hip-arthroscopy, until the hamstring on my non-operative leg got super pissed and refuses to cheer up. I’ve been mostly biking these days and picked up a spin class yesterday, but unfortunately realized a few minutes in that my knickers were quite literally in a twist. I contemplated the odds of pulling off a quick, stealthy adjustment, but being in the front row, I just couldn’t muster the courage to try. Because I was too afraid to bust out a Michael Jackson crotch-grabbing move in the middle of class, I am now the sad owner of an extremely chafed nether region and I’m afraid I will be squirming uncomfortably all through my new employee orientation today. Good times.

    1. HAHA!! So much I love about this post, but especially "nether region." Hope you heal up soon

  3. Do not get the implant until after Halloween. You can be a pirate!!

    Fall race is the Loch Ness Marathon. I am slow slow slow so I will have hours to spot Nessie.

    1. I drove the LNM route in May. Beautiful but but do not be fooled - it may be a net downhill but there are hills

  4. Oh gosh, my front crown broke off in a piece of baguette - my then 12 yr old laughed his behind off while I cried. I will not even bite into an apple anymore. No way Jose!
    Fall races - signed up for Secret Beach 50 miler on 10/7- what the heck did I do that for? I'm struggling with training. I've yet to get a B2B in. Life throws curve balls. Husband had unexpected pacemaker and then other things happened as a result. How does a healthy active 47 yr old end up w a pacemaker? Because life is just that way. So, not sure whether to bail on it or keep on trying. Hmmm
    Nope, neve been to Thailand but I do love me some fresh rolls n spicy food.
    You are a beast in my book! Take your time, heal and enjoy just moving while we can.
    And, yes that fake queso sounds NASTY!

  5. Soooo, I would tell you that I broke the crown off of my front tooth eating a piece of frozen cookie dough goodness. Hey, it happens!
    I am training for the Giant Half Marathon in San Francisco in a few short weeks and have not managed to run more than 9 miles this summer due to changing jobs and working 14 hour days for the last month. At least I know I will successfully complete the Denver Hot Chocolate run in October at the rate I am going.....

  6. If we were having coffee I would tell you we must be kindred spirits. I am back 95% from my nerve irritation/ and hamstring injury sustained in April and in June I had 2 teeth needing crowns. I didn't lose them, but broke off pieces of each. I have dental insurance, but still an expense.
    You are having your kids leave the nest and while mine have left awhile ago, I am now going to be a grandmother for the first in a few weeks. It's all about life cycles.
    No, no fall races.. I may decide to volunteer at them and not partake. I still feel my leg is tentative sometimes.

  7. I'll be at Fortitude as well! I'm going to be in a giant foam cowboy hat, like last year. It's such a fast, fun course.

    There's also a half in Cheyenne in September.

  8. When I was in high school, on my first date ever, my front crown came off in a piece of pizza. I calmly excused myself, went to the restroom and replaced it. Whew. Then we went back to my house to watch TV (SNL) and an add for Stayfree Maxi Pads came on. Not sure if this had anything to do with it, but I never dated this guy again. But then I saw a parent of a patient this week and he was just rocking the missing front tooth. Not really, but hey, he didn't seem bothered by it at all.

    Neither should you...

  9. LMAO I find vegan food seems to be mostly about trying to recreate non vegan food that they can eat? Maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure someone will yell at me for saying that. PS I'm terrified of knocking my teeth out.

    1. Yea, I feel that way too about the vegan stuff. But I guess it works for them. I just happen to really like a lot of cheese.

  10. If we were having coffee I would tell you I got an is ridiculously expensive, but it looks amazing and you don't have to worry about it as it pretty much just acts like a regular tooth. It is a long process to get it have to do healing between putting the post in and getting the permanent implant. Good Luck!

  11. If we were having coffee I’d tell you that my air conditioning in my car worked on the way to work yesterday but not on the way home. And today I’m picking up a trailer to pack and move Son #2 back to college. It’s gonna be a warm weekend mixed in with my tears (I’m really going to miss him. When does this get easier?). I’m signed up for the MO Cowbell Half here in St. Louis in October and the St. Jude half in Memphis in December.

  12. If you come to Crested Butte please look me up. I would love to meet you and talk to you about trails to check out, etc.

  13. Keep on working, great job!

  14. That actually seems reasonable for an implant (no, I’m not a dentist!), I have one & it was more than that, unfortunately.
    If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’m coming to Boulder on the 18th to take my son to school! So happy for him - not so much for me - last kid at home. I think I need more than coffee to get through it!

  15. If we were drinking together, we'd probably get into trouble.

  16. Hello, I enjoy reading through your post. I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

  17. I totally agree on insurance and dentists are crooks thing. My husband and I have both had lots of dental work this year and it effing sucks (I don't love having to pay $400 /month for a year on an installment plan when i could be using that for other things) and there's not actually an end in sight. I have another molar whose filling broke, which means I may get decay in that molar, thus a root canal, thus a crown on top.

    In race news, this is the first summer in 5 years I'm not training for a marathon and it's been bliss. So my race is the Bull City Race Fest half marathon in Durham, NC.

  18. I just wanted to say that I pop into your blog regularly to check if there is something new, and man, you crack me up! I love your sense of humor and outlook on life! You make me happy :)

  19. OMG Laughing out loud about your not so fabulous so called cheese dip. I will refrain for trying it! THANKS for the tip. Thanks for making me laugh!