Thursday, October 4, 2018

Running, You've Ruined Me

You know how when you've been in first class on an airplane (this has only happened to me once on our honey moon to Greece when we begged the TWA person to upgrade us ((not because we had status but just because)). We we had just gotten married and she actually did put us in seats 4A and 4B - TWA doesn't exist anymore and neither do those kinds of "gifts") and then you go back to coach and you're like, "Uh, no. Coach is SO slumming it. Cannot deal with the masses of people farting and picking their toe jam. Please allow me up beyond that blue curtain again."

This is on Mykonos after the First Class flight. I am happy and topless.
I know my kids will like this picture. You're welcome
Or, when you drink Milwaukee's Best for your entire college career and then you move to Colorado and try a Fat Tire craft beer (no, not making a reference here to how better the Rockies are than the Brewers, don't read too much into it) and you're like, "I will never drink piss again, only amber liquid gold for me."???

That's how running is for me. Running has ruined me for all other things that raise my heart rate.

Anytime I've been injured, I've done what most runners do and they dreadfully go back to cross training. There was even a time I actually spent an entire training season pool running to train for the Boston Marathon (2011) because I had a femoral stress fracture. I would go to the pool on crutches, put that floater belt thing on and "run" in the deep end for an hour at a time. I told myself I would do this even when I was healthy because it was great exercise and prevented injury. Did I once do it when I was healed? Hell.No. I dropped that shit like Shalane did during the porta potty stop at the Boston Marathon.

Image result for shalane porta potty
It took her 16 seconds. To poop. Champ

***On a side note, the pool running worked as I did run Boston in pretty good shape for not training. So, go do it but don't ask me to join you.

My point being - throughout this injury (complete hamstring tear on May 11 after a terrible fall, read and weep HERE), I have resorted back to cycling, walking, swimming, even the elliptical to stay fit while I couldn't run. Just a couple weeks ago (and after I'd been back to running for a couple of months) my leg started hurting and I was so scared I had re-injured myself. So, I got back on my bike riding for 25 miles at a time up and down hills. Then I started walking as fast as I could without running (I can actually walk a 12 min/mile pace. You try it. I might look like a ridiculous, middle aged, middle class white woman trying to break a sweat, but that is what I am).

But, let me tell you - the minute I thought it was safe to break into a run (i.e., no pain) that is what I did. And, if I CAN run I am ignoring all other things like cycling, swimming and white woman fast walking because they are all dead to me.

This is a weird picture from today's run. I appear to be walking but NO I am running.
I really hate walking. I find it boring

Running has ruined me that way.

Not to say I don't love my bike. I do. I had a love affair with cycling long before running (and I actually think I'm a better cyclist than a runner). But somehow it just doesn't give me that same high and sense of accomplishment like first class on TWA or a cold Fat Tire beer.

Boulder 703. When can I run?
Clearly, I enjoy the sport of triathlon or I wouldn't have done two Ironmen ("did" two Ironmen sounds dirty). But, there is just something about running. I know you get it.

Do you cross train? 

What's your go-to thing when you're injured? (besides Cheetos and The Office)

Ever flown first class? (btw, you are rich)

Favorite beer? I don't drink much beer, but when I do I really like Fat Tire and Samuel Adams Oktoberfest



  1. Go Brewers! Yes, I cross train... although I hate it!

  2. I totally get it! I do Triathlon in order to keep running, because I don’t want to over do and not be able to run—because with Triathlon I am forced to train on my bike and the water. I will say the cycling and swimming have grown on me—but nothing is quite like runnning. Yesterday I had surgery on my right ankle—and I’m hopeful to be running again in January. In the meantime I’m counting the days until I can do what I love again—hopefully with more stability and less pain. Fingers crossed.

  3. This is so relatable. I’m currently on the bench with torn muscles in my hip that inconveniently happened 4 weeks ago. So needless to say all of my training for the Chicago Marathon this weekend is toast. So I’m back in the pool because it’s the only thing I can do that doesn’t cause pain. Like you I tore my hamstring a few years ago and swore while I was rehabbing that I would continue to cross train and like you I drop that like a hot potato once I was able to run without pain. I almost feel like my mind associates cross training with injury recovery and I avoid it when I’m healthy. If that makes any sense?

    1. Ugh. So sorry. I totally get it and am pulling for you. Patience. You will be back!

  4. Hold up! You trained for Boston doing pool running? I did that for Big Sur. But did you tell me this? NO. And I thought we were friends.

    I won't lie, I am loving this Boot Camp I do at my CrossFit box. That is the only cross training I've loved. Today I got to swing a sledgehammer into Trump's face, I mean a tire....

    1. YES! So I BQ'd in April for the following spring and got injured in October. Couldn't do anything for a month then got in the pool. Did that for months. Barely was able to train for Boston, but against what my PT said was able to run Boston and do okay after all (4:08, my slowest marathon, but I did it with no pain). You did that for Big Sur? Kudos!!

  5. I always cross train...and yoga and strength training has kept me going for 47 years. Headed towards my 138th tri in two weeks. (70.3). I like Asahi beer. and we have gone first class a couple of times on longer flights because hubby is 6'2" and no we are school teachers so far from rich.

  6. I'm torn between three loves. I've hiked all my life, and really enjoy getting out into the woods for a long hike, but it takes time and except for my local 2-mile trail, it requires driving to a trailhead. I've cycled on and off all my life, and got into it more in 1997 and then really seriously in 2008 (as in 100-200K rides in the New England hills, often on steep dirt roads), and I really enjoy spending half a day or more exploring, but the time commitment is huge, plus there's maintenance on the bike. I got into running in grad school in the 90s—I did a 25K a month before my wedding, and wore the t-shirt with the slogan "It's your best time to run!" at my wedding rehearsal—and then back into it in 2014. Running is by far the most efficient, in that it takes minimal equipment and I can be out my front door in a few minutes and do in 30-60 minutes a workout that would take 1.5-2 times as long on the bike, and 2-3 times as long when hiking. It also takes more out of me, though, and I'm not as resilient at 50 as I was in my 20s.

    I do also like rowing on the erg, and in an earlier life I swam regularly too. Swimming just requires too much travel and prep to fit my life now. Hell, thinking about all this, I'm looking forward to retiring, when I can do it all, as long as I don't get injured and build in enough recovery time. Only 15-20 more years....

  7. I so relate to this post! There is nothing like running..! Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment and the high you get after a run. Non-runners don't understand. I know someone who is an avid biker and he keeps trying to get me to stop running ('to save on my joints') and bike instead. Biking just doesn't least for me. I hope your leg continues to heal and get better!!

  8. I'm one of those rare people that keeps up with and - gasp! - actually enjoys cross training. There are times where I will be doing cross training more than I do running and am perfectly okay with it. But tell me I can't run and can only cross train???? Then it's like the world has ended and I hate everything. So yup, I totes get what you mean.

  9. Your post is so timely, I am supposed to be running St. George this weekend, but developed plantar fasciitis for the first time in my life and am facing no running until the first of the year ��. I have reluctantly hit the elliptical and do love CrossFit, but none of it is the same as being outside running. It’s especially hard because fall in CO is my favorite running season. Reading your post and all the comments makes me (again) realize, these things happen and running will return (just not soon enough). I will try not to have such a bad rxn the next time someone says ‘you should bike or swim’ ��

  10. Ohhh thank you Beth! I qualified for Boston in April for my first time at the glass city marathon but I ran it on a stress fracture of my tibia oops. It healed and I started running in August only to get another stress fracture on a different spot in my tibia. I paid my $200 and signed up for Boston anyway. My orthopedist said I would not be able to run. Eff him right! What does he know I mean this is Boston! I will bring out the dreaded bathing suit and pool float and start in the pool to train for Boston as soon as I get rid of my scooter (hopefully another 5 weeks). #BostonBoundnomatterwhat

    There’s nothing better than running. I’m forced to lift weights and an work right now. But I cannot wait to hit the trails. Yes I’ll be waiting impatiently a long ass time.

    My husband made the mistake of upgrading us to 1st class for our honeymoon. Now every trip we go on (no we are not rich) he uses his American Express points to upgrade us to 1st class. I’ve been very spoiled.

    I’m getting fat sitting around not running and having a pity party. Too much drinking during this injury gave me 10 extra pounds so I quit as of 10 days ago.

  11. Ugh. Elliptical alllllll summer after Grandma's Marathon last year. Sucked, but it worked! No first class flights for me, flying with the rest of the middle class is my purgatory. Fave beer is Anchor Steam and also New Glarus Two Women

  12. As others have said, timely post. Thanks. I had an hamstring/ nerve root irritation in May and now find myself with a somewhat rare fibula head jammed up in the wrong place ( no, not there!! HA!).
    Getting treatment.. This old lady is trying to the keep the parts moving. I have enjoyed biking alot more than running/ (and now a walker ) for many years now BUT I do love a challenge of pushing myself in a race or other.. Not like some of you do, but enough to say,"hey I did that at 65" !! My biking is also a necessity. We are down to one car.. ( both retired) so it's more a lifeline of sorts for me.. But also brings me joy which is what any of this is suppose to do..right? Again, thanks for the post..

  13. If by cross train you mean swim semi-regularly, and get on bike trainer even less semi-regularly, then why yes, I cross-train. Nowhere near as much as some other people think I should. Then again, my abs like their insulation.
    The couch. Or deep water running, WITHOUT the weenie float belt I'll have you know.
    Yes, I got upgraded to first class on a flight to Germany, because I was the first person wearing a suit to check in. Going business class to New Zealand soon. I probably shouldn't tell you about the time my father was flying the plane on New Years eve, and the deadheading crew commandeered first class, and we partied hard, since we went through 3 separate New Years as we flew west.
    Not much for beer, prefer wine.

  14. So after I tore a few tendons away from my heal bone last year, I was sentenced to a hard cast (did you know they even use those anymore?), then the boot and finally physical therapy. I smiled the whole time I read your blog because that is me. Continue stretching and using these rubber bands? Of course! For the rest of my life! I may or may not have done it once or twice. When others ask me why I don't take up some other sport - I mean you're old! (63) they just don't understand. There is no other sport. Running my first half in Nov. in Las Vegas (might as well go big). No first class yet - maybe someday. Beer? I don't really drink so it would have to be something lite.

  15. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn't show up. Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just
    wanted to say superb blog!

  16. Love your post! I crosstrain with Bodypump classes, core training get on the bike. But as you say, running is my favourite!

  17. Recovering from a fifth injury in as many years. This summer I began sculling (rowing) and it was the closest thing to a runners high I’ve ever gotten. This is Canada, so my foot MRI is finally coming up on October 11th - after my January 4th injury. Here they like to bank on you healing before getting through the queue.

  18. holy shit you are in my head! i just wrote something incredibly similar in my journal, well, basically every freaking day this week. i'm having this weird ridiculous not-goint-away pain in my left leg and the only thing hurting it is RUNNING. WTF. so needless to say i'm losing my mind bc i only feel *it* with running. i love the gym, i love all types of working out, but its just not the same! so i spin, lift, elliptical, stair mill, whatever...but i miss running. so much so i cried spectating the marathon today. and not bc i was so moved (though i was! way to go everyone! so proud of you all!) but i was pretty jealous of the feels and exhilaration and just the high. anyhoo, longwinded, i get you.

  19. In 2016 I tore some ligaments in my ankle 3 weeks before Chicago Marathon. I splurged on an ElliptiGO, rode it for the entire taper (doubling the mileage in my running training plan) and PR'ed at the marathon three weeks later. That thing is pure magic. I also hate giving up for injuries. I broke my wrist three weeks ago and had surgery to put hardware in there. Ran a half marathon a week later, in a special brace my surgeon fitted me for - he didn't think I was nuts for asking when I could run again and gave me the brace a week early. Finally I injured something I don't need when running!