Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Look What I Found On My Run (and Other Pics from the Week)

photo 2

Possible captions:

  • She doesn’t always lock people in porta potties,  but when she does she always tips them over
  • A windy day became a very shitty day for someone
  • What kind of shit is she high on?
  • She should get that IT band checked. It’s about to explode all over the potty.
  • ?????????????? Give me your best caption.

We did 10 miles on trails on Sunday. In shorts. I actually sweated and smelled strongly of B.O. during and after the run.  Colorado gets a bad rap for being cold in the winter, which it for sure can be, but running in shorts in January and sweating so much you stink is a real bonus to living here.

photo 3

photo 4

This mother bucker was staring at me as I stopped for water.  Actually, I guess it is a father bucker, but mother sounds better. Sneaky bastard trying to be all calm and camouflaged.

photo 3

This is a spectacular view and it doesn’t look nearly as spectacular as it really is. Can you see the fire?

photo 2

We went out for Ken’s birthday (49th!) and a few hours (and drinks) in someone brought out the red lipstick. Did you know Ken had five sister wives who now all wear the same lipstick? Happy birthday to him.

photo 4

This happened at Target at night when it was 20 degrees. Car batteries do not seem to die in the daytime  in your own garage.

photo 5

No comment


Best caption for the fallen potty? I’ll send you a Shut Up + Run sticker.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever found on a run? A fallen porta potty.

Who are you routing for in the Superbowl?  The Budweiser horse or that Katy Perry’s shirt falls off.


PS: There is no fire.


  1. Hey, I posted it on your instagram, but I'm going with porn for runners. That's all.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. "It's called cow PATTY tipping, the latest craze."

  3. Oh don't mind me, just sitting here shitting a brick

  4. Not many people see the porta potty in its mating stance ...

  5. I knew that fart was going to have a lotta power, but didn't expect it to blow the john right off of the foundation!

  6. I blew it over, so it's mine, right?
    My best friend.
    Superbowl, thats the American version of the Grey Cup, or something isn't it?

  7. I spent several minutes looking for that stupid fire, thanks a lot.

    "Most people take the phrase 'the shit hit the fan' figuratively."

  8. Best thing I've ever found on a run - wild strawberries and huckleberries. So jealous of your awesome winter running weather. Its actually been above freezing here, so really nice, but still not quite shorts weather and we won't be seeing bare ground for many months.

  9. Pike's Poop!
    This is gross, kind of sad, it's the best "most interesting"thing I've found on a run, a few fishermen pulling a HUGE bull shark head off a boat as I ran by the marina.
    I'm routing for a replay of the Marlboro men herding cats commercial!

  10. or what about: I so needed that to be up-right!

    Ken's the men, on lucky man all the best to him!

  11. ok you may have trumped my ALL with that fallen PORTA!!

  12. I'm a Packer fan so I know your pain. However, I live in CT so I'm hoping the Pats crush Seattle...for both of us!

  13. My wife's car battery died once while parked in the garage. The problem is it's a one-car garage, and she always pulls straight in. There's no way for us to hook up jumper cables from my car, so we ended up calling AAA.

    1. Oh...I suppose there is that little problem...didn't occur to me!

  14. PUPPY BOWL and the Kitten Halftime Show! WOOP WOOP! That is who I am rooting for.

  15. With a nod to Mike Huckabee's "god, guns, grits and gravy," how about this caption:

    "Parks, Potties, Prancing, and Posing."

    It's a book title, I tells ya.

  16. Shitter? I thought you said sitter.

  17. Taking "breaking wind" to a whole new level.

  18. This run was a real turd burger.
    Most interesting thing seen on a run...when I lived in Alaska I came across a moose. And by interesting I mean freaking terrifying.

  19. "Queen of her throne"

  20. With these powers I could be a "Super Hero."

  21. John thought he'd won... until I tipped over his John. Take that, John.

  22. "Public Service Announcement: Eating greasy foods before a long trail run might result in, um, 'explosive' diarrhea."

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