Thursday, January 29, 2015

Armpit Hair

Very strange. I was looking for a tutorial on coloring your hair yourself (not convinced I will try this, but wanted to see). When I searched Google, I got “how to color your armpit hair.” Is this a thing?

I didn't know it was a “thing” to even have armpit hair, let alone color it. If you ask me, it is a very disturbing and ugly trend, but what do I know? I lump this into the category with the “merkin” or wig for your pubic area. Really not necessary.


This got me to thinking…I wonder what people Google that causes them to end up on my site, Shut Up + Run? Here are few juicy ones I discovered (beyond the ones about GPS watches and running in the cold and the treadmill, etc):


Yes, I have them.

Boys free-balling in sports shorts

Okay if you are just hanging out with the boyz. Not okay if you are actually jumping around and playing sports. Even though I don’t have balls, my guess is the package needs to be more secure.

Can’t stop coughing urinating

I am sorry. This sounds frustrating and very moist.

CRV for family of 3 and pets?

Too crowded! You should get rid of a kid.

Does running build muscle in your abs?

You tell me.

Image result for picture of abs

Can I dry yoga mat in dryer?

Yes, especially if you want to ruin your dryer and melt your mat.

Is porn good for sex?

Probably, but you should really ask your mother.

Russell the love muscle

I actually had a short term boyfriend with this nick name. Never touched the muscle, though.

Should you do a colon cleanse?

I don’t know, I’ve never done one. Running gives me all the cleansing I need.

Teeth fell out

Are you five years old? If not, do you eat a lot of sugar? If not, are you a meth addict?  If not, are you 90 years old? If not, I can’t help you.


Ever color your own hair?



  1. This post is hilarious. I love when bloggers share the weird searches that get people to their blog. The weirdest one I've seen for my site is people searching "don't pull out." Uh... don't advocate that, kids. Wrap it up.

  2. Yes and it turned orange like Bozo the clown. My hair is blonde like yours go get it professionally done. IMHO.

  3. Yes I have colored my own hair. It's ok and doable but tiring on the arms. I recommend buying latex gloves though because the crappy ones they give in the container slide around all over the place. Much nicer to pay someone IMO or have a sister or child help. ;)

  4. I sued to love dyeing my hair in HS and college, a form of mini-rebellion - the merkin always had to match, though

  5. Yes, I have multiple times when I was younger. It never turned out the color expected, especially because I have dark hair to begin with. Then I tried to be hip and bleach underneath to put bright purple in. What a mistake. Good luck and I hope all turns out well!

  6. I found your site by googling "why does running always make me have to poop?" :) And it took me to your blog about all of the different things that can happen. Turtling...still laugh at that one.

  7. Running is all the cleanse I need, too! TRUTH!

  8. Yeah, I color my hair at home. I was sick of paying so much for it.
    But my armpit hair has been abolished by the laser and I will never ever get to climb on board that fashion train.

  9. Those armpits looks great :))

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  11. Thank you for sharing! The problem seems simple, but through your pen, it impresses me!