Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How Would Your Kids Answer These 10 (Running) Questions?

Being as it’s summer and the kids are home, I’ve got kids on the brain. I know many of you have kids too. This got me to wondering how our kids really view us and our running. What exactly is their perspective on this little hobby of ours?

I came up with a few questions to ask Emma, who is 14. Here’s what she said (the blue is my input).


1. What does your mom eat before a run?

I don’t know. I am never awake. (True. She sleeps as much as I will let her. The answer is coffee and maybe a banana).

2. How far does your mom run everyday?

Like 8 miles or so. (Probably more like 6 on average)

3. What was your mom’s favorite race?

Her first marathon in Phoenix. That was my favorite too because we got to take a trip. (Yea. You never forget your first)

4. Why do you think your mom runs?

To stay in shape and cause it’s a stress reliever and cause it makes her happy. (Perfect)

5. What injuries has your mom had from running?

A stress fracture. Has she had more than one? She’s had stuff on her feet. (Let’s see. I’ve had stress fractures in my feet and hips. I’ve had a torn hamstring and high  hamstring tendinopathy. I think that covers it. At least for now).

6. Do you like going to your mom’s races?

Yea, but I don’t like waking up early for them. They should be later in the day. (Obviously my daughter wants me to die of heat stroke)


7. Does having a mom who runs make you want to run?

No. (My kids hate to run)

8. What have you learned from having a mom who runs?

That finding a hobby that you really like to do can make you happy and stuff.  (Yep)

9. What is your least favorite thing about having a mom who runs?

She gets really gross and sweaty and I have to smell her. (Well, I changed your diaper for two years and have cleaned up your puke more than once, so paybacks).

10. Do you think you’ll run when you are your mom’s age? (48)

No. I don’t like running. Maybe I’ll like it later in life, who knows. (Just between me and you, I bet she will).


Go ask your kids this stuff. See what they come up with.



  1. First the 7 year old: Cheeseburgers. (actually half an english muffin with peanut butter and honey. 8 Miles (60. a 5K (probably my 2nd marathon). To get exercise. Blisters. (IT band, posterior shin splints, tendinitis). Yes he likes going to races. He learned how to run. He doesn't like when I get injured (those darn blisters). Maybe he'll run when he's my age.

    Now the 22 year old. Macaroni night before. 6 miles. (She pays attention) The Palio Half (was my fastest half). Because I'm addicted to running. She knows my injuries (guess I complain a lot) No she's not crazy about going to races (too early). She's learned that you lose toenails a lot. Her least favorite thing is everything is about running. And she may run when she's my age but probably not.

  2. 6 miles, not 60 lol

  3. I asked my 13 year old daughter not too long ago what she thought about me doing triathlons. She thought they were a waste of time. She then elaborated that sometimes we can't do things because I'm "training."
    Fast forward to two weeks ago, she said she wants to the sprint tri with me next year. So next year apparently she'll be wasting her own time and can blame herself for not being able to do things because she has to train. Finally I won't be able to be blamed for something!

  4. I would be afraid of their answers. Stay tuned.

  5. What an amazingly polite kid you have.
    The small mammals I share the house with have nothing to say about my running. All they want is for us to activate those opposable thumbs to feed them when they are hungry, and scritch their ears and cheeks.

  6. My daughter doesn't want to run but she did teach herself how to ride a bike so she can come along. Yesterday she said...really mom, only 4 miles!?! That is easy. She said it complete with hair flip and eye roll. If running wasn't so hard for me I might have caught up and pushed her off the bike. Maybe. Probably not. Well maybe.

  7. I love reading these answers from your daughter's point of view!! So cool! And I bet she will love running one day. I used to hate running too, now I can't imagine my life without it.

  8. How much do I love this! I don't have kids (yet!) but I've always wanted to set a great example of fitness, hard work, determination, and love of life!... kinda like you :) And yeah I'd be ok with my future kids having to smell me post-run! hah!

  9. Awesome post! Both my kids are adults and I'm going to ask them the same questions and see what they say. I know for a fact, they both think it's great that I run but also CRAZY!!! :)

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  11. I have 17 and 19-year old sons. The 17-year old can't fathom why I run when you can drive instead. But, I came running up all sweaty to one of his baseball games, and I overheard him telling a teammate "Yeah, my mom's a runner." And there was pride in his voice. Made my day!

    Both sons are doing the St. Jude 5K in December in Memphis while I'm running my first half there.

    1. It's a great course - and the event is really well organized. Parking is the only issue.

    2. Thanks, Matt. Relatively flat course?

  12. My boys are 6 so I cannot wait to hear the responses to these!!!

  13. The more I try with my 3 girls here in the UK to get them in to running, the more they say they don't want to do it! I'm trying reverse psychology now...

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  15. How fun!! I found running and being fit late in life, coming from a very sedentary and UNfit family, so I thought this was great to get her engaged! I asked my 5yo daughter:

    1) Mom eats before run: *eye roll* "I don't know." (Ezekial raisin bread w/PB)
    2) How far everyday: *opens arms wide* "This far." (3 miles)
    3) Fav race: "Um, the race at my school." (True! My first 5K ever started and what would become her school!)
    4) Why mom runs: "So you can get, um, more energy." (Sure!)
    5) Injuries: "Your knees used to hurt and I put ice packs on them." (So, so true. I'd come stumbling in and she'd run to the freezer and bring me ice packs on the floor. Best 3yo RN ever!)
    6) Like going: *nods head in positive* When asked her fav part, she said, "Of you winning!" (Of course, I've never won, but she thinks me crossing is a win...and it kind of is!)
    7) Make you want to run: *big grin* "I run faster!" (True. Sad, but true.)
    8) Learned: "I learned that you want to make me ride my bike with you so fast." (She goes the whole 3 miles with me on a run and we're evenly paced!)
    9) Least fav thing: "Um, you want to run so fast, like superhero fast. And you always go run at night when I have to stay home with Daddy." (Superhero fast = 12:30mm. Such a sweet girl.)
    10) Run at 40?: "Um, I really just want to ride my two-wheeled bike." (The girl has goals. She's hoping by 40 she can take her training wheels off. ;))

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