Friday, June 17, 2016

You Better Get Out of That Comfort Zone Real Quick

Well, here we go up to Leadville (elev. 10,151 feet). Wish me luck. Hardest marathon in the USA or so they say (rhyme). I'm sure I'll have some stories to tell so check back on Monday or when I can type again after regaining consciousness.

Just a small part of the fun

By the way, remember my push up challenge? I'm now up to 38 in a row. 5 weeks ago I could scarcely do 5. So I take that as a victory even if I crash and burn at Leadville. If I do crash and burn I will scream to everyone, "But I can do 38 push ups mother f-----ckers!!" And they will all bow down to me in awe of my greatness.

Ken Chlouber, found of the Leadville Race Series, once said:
"There comes a point, no matter how good an athlete you are, no matter how well trained you are, that it's going to transcend the physical, and become about the mental. You better get rid of that comfort zone real quick." 
I am going to do my best to remember this when the going gets tough (the tough get GOING!<I made that up).

My race strategy: Wear all new clothes, preferably those that chafe. Hydrate the night before with only beer. Eat a chili cheese dog for breakfast. Go out really fast.

Moving on:

Did I tell you we got a kitten? Oh my. He is Krosby (named after Croby from Parenthood). He is not cute at all, which sucks.

I have been neutered. Let me show you.

He and Heidi are learning to hit it off. Proof:

Basically Heidi tolerates him in that way Golden Retrievers do (such martyrs). I only got Krosby because he matched Heidi. And I like the feeling of his sandpaper tongue. Oh, and I love the scent of the litter box.

That's all folks. Have a great weekend!

Any advice or me for this race?

Are you racing this weekend? Where?

Do you have any pets? Are they assholes?



  1. I actually did eat a chili cheese dog (from Sonic) once before a race, 1500 meters in college. I probably don't have to tell you how that turned out. Good luck Beth. I'm excited for you.

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  2. Add one more beer to that and then only get 3 hrs of sleep. Will make for a great race! :) Good luck!!

  3. Oh and Krosby reminds me of my Truman. He would give me hugs. I miss him. Our current cat is an asshole most of the time.

  4. That race looks like a beast but so are you. You can do it because, well, you always do. No race this weekend but doing the Slacker Half next weekend. First half in Colorado! I figure with the word Slacker in the title I will eventually finish. Wonderful photo of Krosby and Heidi. 3 cats and 2 dogs here. They tolerate each other and get along but I wish they would cuddle together. Not an asshole in the bunch. ~ Kim

  5. We don't have pets. We are staff minions, good only for those opposable thumbs that are good at opening cans of cat food.
    Don't forget, lots and lots and LOTS of coffee just before the race.
    They're cats, question 3 just answered itself.

  6. Eat lotsa fiber the day before. It'll make you fart a lot, and that will help propel you forward. No races planned for the near future. No pets, just furry children with four legs.

  7. It will be challenging! looking at the terrian, it is pretty compound. good luck!

  8. If you don't already do this, set a timer on your watch for every 30-45 minutes to remind you to eat. I'm betting the altitude and the effort might make you forget to eat, and bonking is never fun.

    No races for me this weekend, I just raced last weekend (15 mile trail run). Missed the last turn and ended up doing 16 miles. I guess that makes me a real trail runner. Btw, that was probably my 5-6 time doing that race.

    We have the sweetest, most mellow Border Collie. Not an asshole. Unless he spots you and you are on a skateboard. Then it's attack-mode. Thank goodness most people on skateboards (teenage boys) could care less if a dog is chasing them.

  9. I have a new puppy and she bites me a lot. But since she's a puppy, she can't really be an asshole, right?

    My advice for your race is to leave those yellow shorts at home. Especially if your fueling plan includes chili cheese dogs.

    Good luck! Looking forward to your recap.

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  11. Advice: Break down your runs to the aid stations by comparing it to a training run. For example 8 miles to the next aid station is like Tuesdays trail run with Mary, 6 more miles heck that's just a 10K, I can do this!
    I have a cat, Bella, she is an asshole for sure. If I had got to know her before I named her she would be named PITA (pain in the ass)

  12. That marathon looks crazy hard! Good luck, and I'm sure you'll be great!

    Krosby is super cute, especially making friends with (or annoying) Heidi there! I have cats. 3 of 'em. They can be total nightmares at times. One sits in the litter tray and poops outside of it - I swear she has worse spatial awareness than I do! Another scratches everything except her scratching posts/boards/boxes. The third is less high maintenance but he's a biter when I try to touch him. I love them so much!

  13. Good luck although I know you'll amaze us all. Congrats on the kitten. so cute.

  14. My cat's an asshole to everyone except me. Especially to the dog. The dog, on the other hand, being the Golden that he is, loves the cat and cannot understand why they are not the best of friends. No about of the cat slapping him around seems to make a difference.

    My first half is next week. Looking forward to hearing how the race went!

  15. What happened? Hope you are ok....

  16. Oh there you are...they didn't have you in results earlier...congratulations!

  17. Hi! I've been reading your hilarious blog for the past few months! Hope you are recovering well. I like how your dog and cat match! I got a kitten the fall my oldest went off to college. He's sort of made himself king of the castle, but he does earn his keep by keeping us all entertained. Once when I was recovering from an asthma attack he placed himself on my chest and purred. I thought it was so sweet, but my then my husband walked by and said, "you know he's trying to take the rest of your breath away."
    Hmpf :)

    Be well!

  18. Love the kitty!! Congratulations on Leadville - you are one tough cookie! Inspired by your Ragnar and a friend that did SnoMass too - I just signed up to captain a team for the WA Cascade Ragnar. The whole running on a trail through the dark scares me to death. I'm also a little nervous about times - I'm guessing we can use the full 36 hrs to complete it. Any tips? Did you run in Cascadia's and several other pairs too? Thankful for any advice that you might have!!

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  21. oh this is just too funny! The race is past now but love your race day strategy! your new kitty is adorable and so happy that they get along!

  22. That kitten is adorable!! I have a 17lb orange striped Maine coon. The back of his special dry cat food bag says "Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the cat world"...all except mine. Pungo is his name and he's an crotchety old man cat asshole. 12 years young and will probably live forever!

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  24. The whole running on a trail through the dark scares me to death. I'm also a little nervous about times - I'm guessing we can use the full 36 hrs to complete it. Any tips? Did you run in Cascadia's and several other pairs too? Thankful for any advice that you might have!!
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