Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I Like Them Dirty

My last post was about 3 weeks ago. That's the longest absence I've taken from blogging in 8 years. What? You didn't even know I was gone? Thanks a lot.

I could make up a bunch of reasons for not writing - like I was out of town (only four days) or that I'm too busy (not really) or that I've gotten my period twice in the past three weeks (at least I'm not pregnant x 2) or that I'm running so much (a whopping 20 miles per week), but the real reason is that I just haven't felt inspired.

I've thought about it and I don't know why.

And, it's not just blogging. It's my "real" job too. No, I don't at all feel depressed. I just feel blah. 

The good news is I am inspired to run and to cycle. And, to see friends and to be outside and to eat a lot and to travel.

Here's me traveling and feeling inspired.

Grey Goose dirty martinis definitely inspire as well (with blue cheese stuffed olives of course):

I'm not going to get all crazy and down on myself about not being motivated in certain areas. But, I am going to investigate what might need to change.

I have been spicing up things with:

Going to a Ninja Playground and realizing just how weak I am.

Image result for ninja playground longmont
This is not me, but I did make it up that wall!

Going to Vegas and winning $400 and realizing I really like winning money vs losing money like I've done on every single other trip. Here I am pondering my winnings while overlooking my empire.

Running on the Strip because it's Vegas and if you get out early enough you can see drunk people from the night before doing the walk of shame and trying to find their hotels.

Wait. Am I in Paris?
Having a July 4th Party and making my guests gamble because that is what we do in this house. Have you ever played Left, Right, Center? You have to. So fun. Guess who won? Can you spot me? (I am the one only one actively drinking and no, I didn't win. The guy in the black shirt on the right did. And I am the one who paid for him to play!) <he paid me back. Good person.

Making shrimp tostadas because I care about my family and I like shrimp

Going kayaking on a beautiful lake full of goose poop

Yea, lightening is about to strike. Livin on the edge.

One thing  I know about myself is that I get bored really easily. I don't like it when things are too routine. Maybe I should be a 911 dispatcher. Or a Navy Seal. Or a deep sea shark diver. Or a social worker...

Ever get in blah phases? 

What's the last meal you cooked? Tostadas

Vegas - love or hate it? We have a love affair

If you could choose - which show would you be on: Survivor, American Ninja Warrior, The Amazing Race, Naked and Afraid? I would do Survivor or TAR. Being naked and afraid sounds awful.

Last fun thing you did that didn't involve running? 



  1. thanks fo your story its useful for motivation me. Nice post

  2. I painted my cupboards and the walls in my laundry room. Yes it was fun because I work with preschoolers and it was more fun than that!

  3. I've been in a blah phase for about a year. Mostly with my job. I'm still inspired on the road and on the blog. If I could write for a living, I would. Of course, if I could drink and live at the beach too, I'd do that. I'm not picky.

  4. Yeah I've been in a blah phase as well when it comes to blogging!! Last meal I cooked. Macaroni and cheese. Last fun thing I did? Got smothered with puppy kisses by some golden mix babiesđź’• And you know, I actually got contacted by NBC to be on American ninja warrior in 2014. I'm still waiting to get back in shape so I can compete, lol!! Your vegas trip sounded like a blast btw. I think it's great you still made time to run and win some $$!

  5. Blah happens every now and then. I don't mind. Some down time is good. I think it's good to spend a bit of time actively doing nothing. If you feel blah once in a while, wallow in it!
    Last meal? BBQ chicken on a bun.
    Vegas. Never been. No desire to go. Even if Vegas was in a country I wanted to visit, I still wouldn't go, and just lately, I have zero desire to spend money in Trumpistan. Sorry if you feel I've sullied your blog with politics. I'll wash my hands and be good now.
    I wouldn't be on any of those shows. I might watch them if they had polar bears on them, bears that could eat the slowest people. A race where they butter you up with seal oil, say 21 K outside of Churchill, MB during late fall, and you have to dodge the polar bears to get back to town, now that would be interesting and worth watching.

  6. My career has been crazy fast, busy and wonderful for forever ... except for this past year. It's been blah, and I hate it. Last meal I cooked was today, and it was pot roast in a crock pot. My 19-year old is home for the summer, and as I walked in the door from work he said "Mom, the pot roast was great. I ate it with butter bread." Butter bread! It's a family thing, and I love knowing those words will survive another generation. Vegas? Nah. And I don't know those shows, though of course I've heard of Survivor but not watched it. I'm a NPR fan. I love The Great British Baking Show and Grantchester. Last fun thing? I bought myself a kayak for Mother's Day, and I did the Jack's Fork River here in Missouri a few weeks ago. The river was crazy high from recent flooding, and it was an adventure! I might have capsized and lost my phone...

  7. We love Left, Right, Center, so fun!

    I've been blah for a long time too. Need to find something that inspires me.

    I could give or take Vegas....I'm not fond of giving my money to casinos lol.

  8. Oh, great, your article gives me useful information and a fresh perspective on the subject.

  9. I think everyone gets in blah phases now and then. It's good to acknowledge it and, like Keith said, I tend to allow myself to wallow in it for a bit.
    Last meal was bubble up pizza (thanks, Pinterest) but last night we had ice cream for dinner because my youngest had to have a tooth extracted, and well, she's 8.
    I've only been to Vegas once - when I was mostly single so a LONG time ago. I loved it but not enough to put it on my list of places to try to go to again. Once was enough for me. ;)
    And now I'M feeling "blah" because I can't think of the last fun thing I did that didn't involve running. Does sex count? I'll go with that.

  10. I'm also feeling blah, and I'm oddly reassured that others are going through a similar phase.
    It was my childhood dream to appear on Guts, which was like an American Gladiators for kids on Nickelodeon. These days I would last maybe three seconds on any of those shows you mentioned!

  11. I'm in this exact malaise myself right now... there's nothing WRONG and my life is actually pretty great but I just can't find the motivation to do ANYTHING. Like, I needed to buy dog food this past weekend but I couldn't even motivate myself to do that... drive 10 minutes to get some or even order it online which takes no effort what so ever! I hate when I'm in this funk... hope yours clears up soon too.

    1. YES, same here. Even running little errands feels like a chore...

  12. You better get a grip. Two periods in 3 weeks? Feeling blah? Welcome to peri menopause. Hold on baby- it's a 10 year ride! I did it drug and hormone free. It was tough but I never went to jail so I'm a success and running is great again!

  13. blah blah blah I reckon! EVERYTHING is an effort. I just think as you get older you run out of steam. I was talking to my friend the other day she said I'm torn between letting it all go & clinging on to some self-preservation. I try to be grateful for my health & family. Having had a year of medical investigations each time I walk out of the hospital I think thank frig for that... I can walk out & get on with my life, some aren't that lucky. So then I try to dig my way out of Blah Blah Land! ha ha!! Chin up chuck as we say! Xx ps I missed you too! I kept looking at your blog

  14. Grey Goose dirty martinis with bleu cheese stuffed olives are my FAVORITE!!!

  15. Maybe it's time to sign up for a race to get you out of the blahs. For me, staying off NPR, CNN, news, etc. helps me not to get so depressed. I was checking your blog every couple of days....

    We just had chicken adobo with rice and weirdly, baguettes with butter. We are multicultural around here!

    I've had some fun times in Vegas but I try and avoid it now if possible.

    It would be a tie between Survivor and The Amazing Race. I have no upper body strength and we won't even go down naked street.

    I am planning a non-running trip to Yosemite in September, can't wait for that. It will be my first time there, I am going with 5 friends. I feel blessed.

  16. Hi! Just come across your blog today, love it. Looks like a great trip! I look forward to coming back and visiting your blog again soon. Paul :)

  17. Yes... blah. 51 and well, that's the deal and the period thing? I thought we'd be done by now??...and I haven't run in two weeks oh shit. Last thing I cooked; some quinoa thing, Vegas - no way, I've never heard of those shows, I'm a Grantchester girl, too. Martinis give me headaches but a chewy Pinot? Giddyap!

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  19. I've been the same way lately, blogging less. But I have a vacation coming up and hope it helps me break out.

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