Friday, August 4, 2017

5 Favorites From the Week

I just came in from mowing the lawn. Does anyone else mow their lawn? I had to mow the lawn as a kid. We had a HUGE yard and if you could have seen me as a 10 year old girl pushing the mower in 95 degree Maryland humidity, you probably would have thought I was a bad ass. Or, thought you should call social services because...well, child labor.

Some of my favorite posts from other bloggers are about stuff they are finding/trying/noticing, because it gives me ideas. I get stuck in my ruts and love it when I can find my way out to experience something new. So, in case you like these posts too, here are some of my recent favorite things/experiences/thoughts of mine.

1. Books. I love to read. But, my job requires me to pretty much read and write all day, so I don't do as much "fun" reading as I would like. Instead I can often be found watching The Bachelorette and feeling bad about myself (Lee is a snake and a racist).  I did, however,  just finish a couple of books.

This was a fluffy beach read (any book with "beach" in the title means probably not going to be the most serious piece of literature, especially when the cover includes bare legs and loungers and drinks).

Same Beach, Next Year: A Novel by [Frank, Dorothea Benton]

I've got to say, I love books set in the South (one of my favorite authors was Pat Conroy - RIP). This one takes place in and around Charleston. There is also a part where the main character spends time in Corfu, Greece. As you know because I bring it up all the time, I lived in Greece for four years during high school, so I love EVERYTHING related to Greece, Greek food, etc.(this book made me want to go cook up some Mousaka and tzatziki - or just to go Greece and have someone cook it for me). If you're looking for a light read, pick this one up.

On a more serious note. I found this one on Amazon Kindle while looking for cheap Kindle books. This is the kind of book I love (basically a memoir about a ridiculously dysfunctional family). I think it's the social worker in me. Highly disturbing, but I dare you to try to put it down.

Spilled Milk: Based On A True Story by [Randis, K.L]

2. Races

I have raced a lot this summer. A few 5ks and 10ks and two half marathons. But, I still have some fun stuff coming up.

Colorado Ragnar Relay at the end of the month. This one starts in Copper Mountain, Colorado and goes to Snowmass (Aspen).

That is not me
It's 200 miles. You are supposed to have teams of 12, but we only have 9 (wanna come along? I'm serious. As long as you don't mind a co-ed team of 45 to 55 year olds - email me). So, with nine of us, we each will run about 22 miles.

Ken and I also signed up for the Black Squirrel Half Trail Marathon on September 9. A fair amount of climbing (2,200 feet - all in the first 4 miles), lots of single track and great views. I felt like I couldn't pass up one more race before it gets cold because September is my most favorite month of the year in Colorado.

3. Movies/Shows

The best movie that I watched this summer was Lion. I know many of you have seen it. I thought was very well done and well cast. Go watch it if you haven't. It's on Netflix now.
Ken and I just finished the one and only season of Friends from College (also on Netflix). There are only 8 episodes. It is hilarious and really inappropriate (my favorite kind of show). There may even be some frontal nudity.

Image result

4. Gear

I don't usually run with a handheld bottle. I prefer my Orange Mud Hydra Quiver or my Orange Mud hydration vest. But...this has been such a hot summer, so even on shorter runs I like to have a bottle with me. I also have been carrying my phone for safety but also for Spotify. And I LOVE this handheld because the pocket is large enough for my iPhone (7). I can't take a picture with my phone in it, because I have to use my phone for the picture (First World Probs), but here it is. The phone fits in the pocket and sticks out the top, but the foldover part fits over the phone, if that makes sense.

Orange Handheld - Orange Mud - Running Water Bottle comes with a 21 ounce bottle.

5. Recipes!

I am always and forever trying new recipes. We had my parents over the other night and I wanted to try a shrimp boil. I used a recipe based on Old Bay seasoning (yes I am a Maryland girl) and it turned out fantastic. Basically, you cook up corn on the cob, red potatoes, andouille sausage and shrimp then dump it all out on newspaper in the middle of the table and everyone goes to town. If you like to add a twist, then be sure the newspaper is the obituary page. Recipe HERE.

That's all I've got for now. But...your turn.

Tell me one favorite from the week.

Best book you're read recently?

Best new recipe?

Best show/movie you've watched?

Softest toilet paper? Charmin FTW

Favorite place you've pooped (but a bathroom or porta potty doesn't count) In a hollowed out tree.



  1. I just had that shrimp boil last night while I'm in Alabama! They call it low country boil. It was delicious! I'm going all down south...

  2. I love books set in the south, too - Pat Conroy was the best. Have you ever read Anne Rivers Siddons? Definitely lighter fare than Conroy, but great summer reads - many are also set in the south.

    I just finished The Bright Hour by Nina Riggs - I'm not usually a fan of memoirs but this one is funny and beautiful and moving - really recommend it!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. And, yes, I've read quite a few of Anne Rivers Siddons books. Loved them as well.

  3. When Breathe Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. Loved it. The writing is brilliant.

    Eating everything vegetable right now. Garden is busting at the seems with zucchini, beans, herbs, lettuce, you name it.

    Toilet paper....Scotts. No, it's not soft but it does the job.

    As a former backpacker, I have pooped in some beautiful places here in the northeast. No snakes! Just don't wipe with dry leaves. I learned that at a young age.

  4. How hard is it to get the sleeve off the bottle? I have a handheld that I like, but when it came time to take the sleeve off the bottle to wash the bottle, it was such a pain and then the damn thing ripped. What's the spout like? The Nathan SpeedDraw ones never last very long for me and they don't sell replacement parts. In short, I'd like a slightly larger handheld that isn't also a high maintenance prima dona.

    1. I find it easy to get out. Spout is your typical high flow thingee that you pull up with your teeth or something.

  5. I just finished Robert Bryndza's The Night Stalker and am now reading Breakfast with Buddha - how's that for variety?! No new recipe for you here since I've been making my 19-year old son's favorites before he heads back to college. New show: PBS's My Mother and Other Strangers. Charmin. Poopin' in the trees off a sand bar when kayaking.

    1. I think we would get along really well! How was Night Stalker? What are your son's favorites. I've been doing the same since Sam leaves on Friday for ASU. Pizza burgers mostly.

  6. I suspect we would be good friends if we knew each other -- laughing is at the top of my list of fun things to do. 😊 The Night Stalker was great, and Breakfast with Buddha has a dry humor that is making me laugh as I'm sitting here on Amtrak (returning from a fun weekend trip to Chicago with that 19-year old).

    Son's food favorites: pot roast is #1, roasted pork tenderloin with WHAM spice (yum!), sautéed chicken fillets coated with bread crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese, spaghetti and meatballs (sauce recipe compliments of my ex-Italian mother--in-law. And roasted asparagus with any meal.

    Pizza burger?

    1. The pizza burger is a family favorite - at least for my husband and son. Brown ground beef and add pizza sauce. Put on open faced English muffins with mozzarella and brown in the oven. Ta da!

  7. Yes I do mow the lawn & it's a pain in the ass! I usually get a friend with a petrol mower to do it. He charges £12 & it's well worth it! I'm reading Us by David Nichols. It's a bit British but it's making me laugh. Favourite food is tapas & lots of rosé as we're in Barcelona. I made everyone travel by train from U.K. as I hate flying. Saw loads of people with Paris marathon t-shirts on- we stopped a night there. I just kept thinking how the hell did you run in that heat?!? Good job it's always chilly at home or I'd never set a trainered foot out the door!! Xx

  8. Best book this week: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine (LOVED IT!!) and Do Not Become Alarmed (vacation drama involving lost children). Very different, but I enjoyed them so much while sitting on the beach and the pool this past week.

    1. I have both of those books on my TBR list. Glad you enjoyed them!

  9. We have two things in common: I'm from Maryland (still there), and I spend my work day reading/writing, which makes me less inclined to read at home.

    New recipe: Runner's World chicken quinoa soup, which I found by looking through your archives. Very tasty and healthy. I swear I run faster after I eat it. :)

    TP: Charmin all the way.

    New book: Just finished the first book in Louise Penny's Chief Inspector Gamache mystery series, "Still Life." Sorta late to this party, but I'm glad I found it.

    Poo: Other than going on the delivery table while in labor, I've always gone in a toilet or port-a-pot. Oh wait, there *was* that one time the summer after fourth grade when my family and I were coming home from vacation (via car) and I had a horrible GI bug. My dad had to take the seat out of a lawn chair so I could sit on it and go on the side of the road. Great times. :(

    1. HAHA!! What a great memory for your family! I went on the delivery table too.

  10. I loved the Chief Inspector Gamache series too.

  11. I just finished reading Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford. It was even better than his Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet, in my opinion. A beautiful story about a boy who is raffled off during Seattle's World Fair and won by the owner of a brothel; however, the content and language is never vulgar. It's a beautiful story.

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  14. Reading the comments has given me a new list of books to read. I recently read a childhood favorite, Heidi, by Johanna Spyri. Reading it as an adult I realized why I enjoyed it as a kid. Heidi only wants to be outdoors and in the mountains, she lives by her own rules, and treats everyone with kindness. Favorite place I've pooped: In Alaska, at our homemade composting toilet behind the cabin we built. It's a blue, plastic barrel in the rainforest. No shelter. Better bring an umbrella if it's raining.

  15. I love book suggestions! I'm currently most of the way through Night Film by Marisha Pessl and I am loving it. (I also really enjoyed her other book - Special Topics in Calamity Physics).

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