Friday, October 20, 2017

Secrets I'd Tell You At Happy Hour

Disclaimer: I am not day drinking. I started this post yesterday evening. Not that day drinking is bad or anything...

If we were chatting over a glass of wine (I wish this were the case, cause right now I'm in my home office with the cat and a glass of wine = kind of pathetic, but at least I'm not drinking alone because the cat counts), I would tell you some crazy and random stuff (i.e., sh*t) that's been going on around here.

God. He's such a drunkard. Get a grip, cat. Go to C.A. (Cat's Anonymous) if you need to

If we were sharing a bottle of wine (or I could drink the bottle and you could just have water), I'd tell you that a week ago I was at home visit for work (I work with families who want to do foster care and adopt through social services - I do their home studies and certification), and I got tackled by a St. Bernard. I'm not going to say "attacked" because that implies the dog was aggressive. He was not, as far as I know. He was a one year old "puppy" with a tad too much energy. You all know I'm a dog person so when he came in the room (I was sitting on the couch) I was more than eager to pet his little (aka gigantic) head. Within seconds, he lunged at my face, head butting me below the eye and also catching my chin. I started bleeding immediately and my face swelled up. Then I headed to the doctor to have the wound glued and to get a tetanus shot. Chalk this up to news of the weird and unexpected. I've never been head butted by a dog. And, I've got to say, this will make me forever a bit more guarded around dogs.

And It's not even Halloween yet. That is ANGRY!

If we were finishing that bottle of wine, I'd tell you that we went to visit Sam at Arizona State this weekend (you know this if you follow me on Instagram - I got a little crazy with my stories). We stayed at the Graduate Hotel, which is right beside campus and tries to be like a dorm. This is our room.

Cute, but what fluids are on that American flag blanket or that remote?
The artwork is TDF (to die for)
This was our room key.

This is very clever. I don't know who she is (well, I guess her name is Ellen). And she is
currently 77 years old, so bless her sorority heart.
I'd confess that I brought my running stuff but somehow forgot my running shorts (maybe I sub consciously needed a break from running - who brings their socks, shoes, shirt, watch and hat and forgets their shorts?) or maybe it means I wanted to run naked from the waist down because that is a bucket list item of mine. I'm sure the frat boys would love it (or would vomit in disgust). Anyway, I didn't run, but I walked a shit load. In flip flops. Probably about 15 miles over the weekend. Then I promptly came home and had a very sore right knee. I'm sure it was from those damn flip flops. So I couldn't run all week until today. Lesson learned.

Anyway, it was a fun weekend with the family and ASU crushed Washington. And, I got to be in mom-heaven having all of us together. Then I sobbed my eyes out on the flight home as we flew right over Sam's dorm. It just doesn't get easier.

My babies.

Can't even see my dog laceration here. Thanks Aviators!
Someone thinks (wishes) he was back in college (except he's drinking good bourbon that
he could never afford in college)

If we were taking a break from wine and having a dirty martini (with blue cheese stuffed olives, because that is the only way to go), I'd tell you that I found out yesterday that a co-worker and friend of mine was at the concert in Vegas during the shooting. It was chilling to hear her first hand account of everything. She's the only person I've had a connection to who was there. She is fine, but one of her friends was shot (also fine).

If we were finishing up that martini, I would tell you that I have nothing big on my race calendar and that needs to change. You know what I have? One stinking 10k Turkey Trot. That is not going to cut it. I am deciding what my next big move will be. Ideas? I'd ask you what to do and you'd say something like "just run a 100 miler" and I'd sign up right now because I've had five drinks and that's what runners do when they drink. Sign up for crazy shit.

Image result for signing up for running races while drunk

If we were winding down for the night, I'd ask you the following (answer in comments):

Ever had an encounter with a dog on a run or otherwise? This was my first. Ever.

Ever sign up for a race after a few drinks? Probably, but I don't remember.

Do you flip flops cause you trouble? Not before this weekend. But I usually don't walk 15 miles in them.

What race should I do next?



  1. Ever had an encounter with a dog on a run or otherwise - Used to ride my bike to school a lot and we always went past this one farm with a mean dog that would chase us. We'd quietly (as possible) approach the farm and then hammer it past. There was also a mean little bastard at the corner a mile up from our house.
    Ever sign up for a race after a few drinks? - Thought about it but decided to waiting until morning thank goodness.
    Do you flip flops cause you trouble? - Those flip flops are horrible for your feet. I only wear them when showering while camping or at the health club. Get rid of them!!! Invest is a good pair of Keens or Chacos or something with support.
    No clue but I made a list of all the runs on or around holidays through Spring and will be doing those to keep me moving. 2-5 miles each but that's all I can barely do right now. May be time for cortisone in each knee :(


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  2. I have had a few experiences with dogs but luckily they have not been aggressive toward me. I run with my dog and they got aggressive with her instead. Luckily I was able to scare them off by yelling in the deepest loudest voice I could conjure. I carry mace on runs now just in case.
    I have had issues with flip flops too! I switched to the thong style birkenstocks (wow thong and birkenstock in the same sentence just formed an awful image in my head ��) and have had zero issues since. I do a ton of walking and they did the trick for me.

  3. Come down in November and do the Route 66 Marathon with me. (I'm doing the half but you can whip out that full). Id even let you stay with us so I can hear more of your stories. O - I have both wine and martinis.

    1. It's tempting!! I've heard great things about that race - and the wine and martinis and your company...FUN!

    2. Alcohol is unofficially offered all along the R66 course. One neighborhood makes tons of Jell-O shots and also serves beer and mimosas. If you choose, it can be a 26.2 mile drinking party. It’s a great time!

  4. My 25-pound dachshund mix broke my nose with her head once. I was down on my hands and knees playing with her and she popped up straight into it. The ENT said he could operate but once the swelling went down I wouldn't be able to tell--false. It's still crooked and I'm pretty sure I now have a deviated septum.

  5. I have never had an encounter recently with a dog. As a kid the neighborhood dog Lacey was a chaser. The kids would yell down the block “Lacey’s COMING!!” and literally ever kid would run home. I’m hoping to have good dog experiences since I just agreed to get a puppy in April. Never been a dog Mom so thanks for the heads up: note to self “teach dog head butting not good.”

    I’ve def signed up for a race post workout when I’m riding a mile long high of endorphins. Damn you pre-work out drink for your warm fuzzy tingles.

    Flip flops are the devil desguised in rubber. I swear I got plantar fasciatis one summer from walking too far in them over a weekend.

    You didn’t ask but if I were giving you advice over adult libations I’d say instead of a race—what about some crazy destination trail runs. Like a bucket list of must travel to places to experience the trail runs on your own terms. I’m not talking simple run in the woods stuff. Like your top 5 most visually stunning places to run. And then go there and do it.

    Check out the Iron Cowboys book book Redifine Impossible. Maybe it will inspire you to come up with some crazy feat like he did when he raced his 50/50/50

  6. Most dogs bark at me for some reason. Perhaps they think I'm looking at them like a predator looks at lunch. I've had a couple dogs run at me and seriously try to bite me. They get firmly discouraged, and lets say no more.
    Never have I ever signed up for a race after a few drinks. I wonder about some of my buddies though.
    I only wear flip flops at the pool because I don't want to think about what's on the shower room floor. Other than that it's barefoot or shoes.
    You should totally do a Calgary race. Well, maybe not next, exactly, since winter is coming soon. But next summer for sure. That gives you a couple weeks of choice, and it could happen any time between March and November, and there's lots of races then. That gives you even more choice, right?

  7. My Maltese dog was attacked by a much larger dog. He was ripped out of my hands by this dog. I was left with a massive arm bruise and my dog with stitches in three places.
    Yes, I have an addiction to signing up for races so alcohol only exacerbates this.
    I don't wear flip flops. I have a grandmother's back and a bad hip so I wear Birkenstocks if I wear sandals. (PS I'm only 28).
    I think you should just do the 100 miler...jk. Maybe a marathon somewhere you've never ran?

  8. What race should you do: The Moab Off-Road Duathlon, trail run followed by a mountain bike ride, in March.

  9. Your poor face! What a boisterous pup!! thankfully your eye is ok. and, that hotel is hysterical!

  10. Our puppy rolled on his back to get a tummy rub from my bro and peed in my bro's mouth. True.

    Flip flops = plantar fasciitis (according to the podiatrist who took months to cure me of the plantar fasciitis. Now I just wear them for beach/pool and quick errands).

    1. Good to know about the PF.
      OMG - did your brother throw up?

  11. My dog, the sweetest dog ever (he's a lab so hes literally not capable of being mean), bit a hole straight through my thumb a few years ago. It wasn't his fault, I shoved my hand in his mouth to stop him from eating something and he got me mid-chomp. I guess I deserved it?

    I follow you on Instagram so I saw your stories - I was in Phoenix this past weekend too!

  12. Back in the day when I was a home health nurse, I was seeing a little 2 year old and sitting on the floor with him. I felt hot breath on my neck and there was a pit bull right in my face. He was showing me his teeth and flexing his muscles. I nearly pooed my pants. The parents pulled him away but afterwards they laughed and laughed. Oh, it was so funny. They kept him locked up after that.

  13. I live in Nova Scotia, to break up the upcoming winter .... you know what I speak of living in Colorado....I registered to run the A1A Marathon in Ft Lauderdale in February........this is your next “move”........join us in FLA in Feb !,

  14. Many, many years ago, I was out for a run and saw a Springer Spaniel sprinting down the front yard toward me yapping it's head off. When it crossed the road, I barked as loud and as deep as I could directly at the dog. That poor thing planted his paws on the asphalt, slid to a stop, turned around and high-tailed it back to its home. I laughed all the way home!

    As far as flip flops go, I only wear them in the pool shower. I usually wear my Teva sandals out and about. Expensive, but worth it. They just don't wear out.

  15. Haha, literally just hit publish on a blog about not being able run away fast enough from attacking (with sloppy locking kisses) lap dogs due to the effects of grief! (let me know if you'd like a read :))
    Most race (particularly ironmans) signups have been encouraged by fermented grapes!
    Wearing thongs (I'm Aussie) thru Europe for a month gave me plantar fascitis!
    And a race in a tropical place should be next on the calendar!

  16. Ever had an encounter with a dog on a run or otherwise? Yes. My dog was attacked by two dogs on a run about 5 years ago. Twice, same pair of dogs. They had jumped the fence of their yard both times. My dog is quite unfriendly when approached by other dogs since then. Otherwise I run with my dogs all the time without incident.

    Ever sign up for a race after a few drinks? Probably, but I don't remember.

    Do you flip flops cause you trouble? Same as you, only after walking a really long way in them.

    What race should I do next? XTERRA WHITE TANKS 2018 Because I could probably be convinced to run it with you, if drunk when signing up.

  17. Get yourself some birkenstocks, they have cute ones now that your husband won't accidentally try and wear. Flip flops are for kids.

  18. I can walk forever in flip flops. But I have high arches, so that might help.

  19. I love flip flops. Would wear them all day every day if I could. Never any problems from them, but that's probably because it's what I'm used to. I think any time you do something different you risk discomfort or injury.

    So, just out of curiosity. Did the big exuberant dog hurt the family's chances of being approved to foster? I've always kind of been interested in fostering, but with 2 big dogs I've heard it can be hard to get approved....

    1. I've done hundreds of studies with big dogs and it has not been a barrier to approval as long as they have demonstrated they are non aggressive with children, adults and strangers coming into the home and as long as they are vaccinated. Sometimes if it is a large dog and they want placement of a small child I'll put in a safety plan around that. I guess each count is different, but that's usually how we approach it.

  20. Did you end up going to the race camp in the Catskills? I wanted to go but had a race that weekend in the Adirondacks, and I didn't see a post from you about it after that. I live in the country so dogs are everywhere, but so far nothing serious has happened. Flip flops kill my feet. I currently wear birkenstock plastic (or something like plastic) slip ons and they are fantastic! I have them in bright orange and lime green, and they are just 30 bucks on zappos. and the number one thing I do when I drink is sign up for races :)

    1. No I didn't go (it was in the Poconos) cause I had something come up that weekend. But it seemed like it went well! going to check out those birkenstocks

  21. That makes me so angry about the dog. We adopted a large dog this summer who is 70 lbs of "I think I'm a puppy and a lap dog". We KNOW what a sweetie he is but also how LARGE and overexcited he is. So we train him. He lays in his corner when ppl come over and only when we see he is calm do we allow him to go and greet. Otherwise he goes outside. If you are gonna have a large dog...or really a dog at responsible! Very sorry this happened. Glad ur friend is ok.

  22. Dog- cut through an alley, startled a dog that was chained up OUTSIDE the fenced yard. He bit me in the lip, stitches, not the dogs fault. Sometimes stuff happens.

    Yes, that’s what runners do.

    No, I run barefoot.

    Same boat, no suggestions. Bored of concrete, contemplating a few trail races.

  23. Do another Ironman!!! You know you want to! :)

  24. Yes to all of your questions.
    1) A dog I knew well because I babysat their kid almost daily, suddenly lunged up and bit my arm one day when the kid and I walked into the house. I'm just glad it was my arm and not the kid who was bit. Since it was the second time the dog had been aggressive toward someone, he was euthanized that evening (though not by my family's request).
    2) I've registered for multiple races thanks to drinks with runner friends.
    3) Ever since purchasing Oofos recovery sandles, I no longer want anything to do with regular flip flops!


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