Tuesday, February 12, 2019

That Time I Was On The Bachelorette (kind of)

In the most dramatic blog post ever from SUAR (Bachelorette reference):

Imagine a group of women, all strangers, coming together at a lovely mountain home near Aspen, Colorado, where they were welcomed with wine, an assortment of fancy cheeses and small talk. These women are here for the same purpose - to be a candidate for something that they want. Only this time the prize is not a man or "finding love." The prize is a dream job.

I was one of the strangers in that house last weekend.

Well, we don't really look like strangers...

I first heard of Run Wild Retreats and Wellness about a year ago. I'm not sure how it piqued my interest. Maybe it came across my Facebook feed as a sponsored ad. Maybe I heard it from a friend. All I know is that the minute I heard about this company I thought, "I need to be part of this." You see, RWR&W takes groups of women on running retreats around the world. Only, it's not just about running and it's not just about travel. Yes, those things are included, but it's actually more about helping women manage their stress. Through running mindfully.

Running + Travel + Mindfulness = my sweet spot

*Not to be mistaken for G spot*

I reached out to the founder, Elinor Fish, to learn more about her company. I DID want to learn more, but a part of me also wanted to put myself on her radar. Months later I heard she was hiring. After a phone interview I was invited to Aspen for the Bachelorette weekend (I like to call it the Runnerette).

This was an experience like none I'd had before. I love meeting new people, but it's a whole other level to spend a weekend with them, to expose myself (not like a flasher, that would be weird) and to essentially be on a 36 hour job interview. I felt it all - nerves, excitement, anticipation, gas build up (you can't just fart in front of a bunch of new people and you definitely wouldn't do it during a job interview).

My competition? Well, no surprise they were all these kick ass, insightful, lovely women. Any of them would be amazing at the job. So would I. I just hope that came through. As luck would have it, I still don't have a front tooth, so I spent the weekend looking like a fit hill billy with a lisp. Oh, well.

We ran in the snow covered hills. We did workshops on mindfulness. We ate and drank. As Elinor puts it in her blog:

"So, before and after runs on snow-covered trails, we cozied up under fluffy blankets at our rental modern farmhouse to engage in deep discussions and writing exercises about mindful running. Each woman contributed powerful stories and insights based on personal experience combined with extensive education and training in the areas of sports science, mindfulness, yogic traditions and physiology." 

If I'm really honest, I went into the weekend with a huge sense of trepidation. As someone who prides herself on moving out of her comfort zone, I was nervous. When I really dig deep down, what was that about? Duh. It's about every human's fear of being rejected and not being enoughBut, as Brene Brown says, at least I put myself "in the arena."

The verdict is not in yet. We do not know who got the rose. Of course I hope it's me, but if it's not at least I know my competition was amazing, strong and capable. She'll do a good job. If/when I don't get picked, I'll probably get into the back seat of my Ford Edge (my version of a limo) and shed some tears sobbing, "When will I ever find the dream job? Why wasn't I enough? This always happens to me!" Just kidding. I'll be sad and disappointed but I'll know that it's true that other roses become available when the one you want dies. Or, something like that. 

What's the most daring thing you've done lately?

Have you ever taken a running/adventure/wellness retreat? No. Except this weekend :)


PS: Find more about the retreats HERE. Iceland, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Moab, Telluride and more!


  1. OMG! I don't know what could be better??? This whole thing sounds amazing. And, if I can't work there, I definitely want to take a trip!! GOOD LUCK - I hope you get the rose, er um, job and I really hope you can at least get a trip somewhere amazing to run!

  2. You will be excellent at this job! Your blog already helps me manage stress by making me laugh!!! I miss reading your thoughts on weekly basis. I hope you are able to free up time to start blogging more again ... I (and I think I can speak for rest of your followers) miss you!!!! I'm sure you made a lasting impression (not just the missing tooth!) and will hear some positive feedback soon. I am sending you some positive mojo --- good luck!!! Is this a home based job?

    1. Thanks Deb. I would like to get back on more of a regular blogging schedule...I miss it!

  3. Well how cool is this? You would be perfect. I'd go on a running retreat if you were leading it. Do they offer scholarships?

  4. I did Elinor’s Moab retreat in the fall of 2017. It was completely out of my comfort zone, and one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Had an unforgettable experience and also made some new friends that I’m still in contact with. Good luck with the job. I’d love to see you get it!

    1. Great feedback. Surprising how some of those "out of comfort zone" experiences turn out to be some of the most life changing!!

  5. This sounds great. Fingers crossed for you!

  6. How awesome, and what a fun experience the "interview" sounds like! Good luck - fingers et al. crossed!

  7. Good luck on the job! Trying new things is so hard! I just attempted my first 50k and missed the last aid station (27 miles) by 6 minutes. So I have signed up for another attempt in 3 weeks.

  8. Saved as a favorite, I really like your website!

  9. Good luck! This sounds like something you'd be perfect for and just a really cool job. I've NOT been getting out of my comfort zone too much lately (although I just started a new job and my daughter is getting married in a month if those count). I'm thinking of signing up for another Ironman 70.3 (I've only done one so far) to push me out of the cushy comfort zone!

  10. I just love it when I found out that jobs like this EXIST...best of luck to you!!