Sunday, June 28, 2009

Damn the Cleaning Lady

The good: was in the zone on the treadmill at the gym last night. Doing hills on a steady incline, keeping up my pace, counting down my time, ticking off the miles, sweat pouring down my body.

The bad: all of the sudden treadmill goes black. Everything shuts down. Cleaning person has unplugged it while vacuuming. Huge loss of momentum for me. Do I just attract this stuff so I have something to blog about?


The good: Took a ten mile run with Ken (husband) this morning. He has broken his promise to never run further than a 10K and is running a 1/2 with me in August (Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon). Beautiful morning for a run along the roads near the foothills of the Rockies.

The bad: a cyclist is coming towards us on the shoulder, we move over. She's pissed and yells, "You are supposed to run with traffic not against it!!" Okay - am I wrong? I thought it was a safety thing that runners are supposed to run against traffic so they know what's coming. Any insight?


The bad: lost lots of money at the blackjack tables in Vegas this week.

The good: (this is for you L.A. Lakers fans) - Luke Walton sat next to me at the tables. Had no clue who he was until people were stopping for pictures and autographs. Pretty nice guy. A tall drink of water at 6' 8". Yes I think I'm cool. If you're like me and think this is just another LA dude, google him.

The good: took a few short runs (4-5 miles) in my new Sauconys. Like running on air.

The bad: on the ten miler this morning my arch hurt and I got blisters. In all of your expert running opinions, is this due to 1) poor shoe fit 2) just regular breaking in of shoes? Do I need to go back to the Olympian for advice?


  1. I've always thought you are suppose to run against traffic, and I will continue to do so. Just seems to make sense as far as safety.

    What a bummer about the treadmill unplugging and, of course, losing lots of money! How fun that you got to meet Luke. Cute picture of you two.

    Hope you get your shoe problem resolved. Must be very frustrating.

  2. you definitely run against traffic and the treadmill thing oohhhh that is the most annoying!

  3. I think you might need a better shoe fit...that sounds like one problem too many. I found my favorite pair of Asics four years ago, and I just buy the same, updated model each time it comes out.

  4. Wow. I am happy you didn't get hurt on the treadmill when it got unplugged!

    You are supposed to run against traffic. That is common sense that everyone is taught in grade school! (I am saying this to biker lady, not you!)

    What a fun time in Vegas! I better google that guy!

  5. That lady was are supposed ot run against traffic. A bicycle is subject to the same rules as a vehicle. A runner is a pedestrian....totally least in my opinion.

    I have never gotten blisters from new running shoes. It is my understanding that shoes that fit well should not need to be broken in. Again...just my own opinion.

    Love the pic of you!

  6. So, I'm guessing since you lived to blog about it, you didn't smash too hard into the console of the treadmill when the power got disconnected??

  7. Dork biker alert! Dork biker alert! The only time you don't run against traffic is when you are on the treadmill.

  8. Against traffic. At least then you can see what's coming at your before it creams you.

  9. Runners run AGAINST traffic and bikers bike with traffic. Duh...she was wrong.

    Cool pic (although I hate the Lakers).

  10. Runners run against traffic...or at least I do because if someone's going to hit me, I want to see them coming so I can get out of the way!

  11. What an annoying way to end a treadmill run!

    Run AGAINST traffic, please. You need to see what the oncoming traffic is upto since you're technically a pedestrian.

  12. My first comment, I'm not sure how I got here but I'm glad I made it.

    I think it was Kindergarten that we learned:

    "single file, indian style, facing traffic all the while"

    Probably not the most PC nursey rhyme but hey, I never forgot it.

  13. Bummer on the treadmill. Good thing you didn't get injured.

    I don't know what the biker was thinking, but I always run against traffic to see what is coming at me.

  14. Like everyone else has said - only cyclists need to go "with" traffic. ALWAYS against traffic on foot. JEEZ!

    Great job on the runs!

  15. I run against traffic. Everyone I know who runs, goes against traffic. Said bike is probably not a runner. So she should keep her (wrong) running advice to herself!

  16. I run against traffic too. The cyclist was mistaken.

    Handsome boy you found there... :-) I wouldn't have known he was either. I would have known he was cute.

    Blisters? Depends. I have two currently and I haven't had blisters in YEARS. For me, probably uneven terrain and more speed work.

    AND FINALLY... You're adorable!

  17. omgosh how annoying on the TM!!! i always try to run against traffic.

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  19. Against traffic for sure. And hooray for Sauconys! I have two pairs and love them both, but I started getting blisters when I began doing 6+ mile runs even though both pairs have 100+ miles on them. If you get any blister solutions or explanations, please share!!

  20. I know I'm way late here but just had to put my two cents in.. because they are worth SOooo much.

    Run AGAINST traffic.(hello).

    And CYCLE with traffic... Any duddy knows that.

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