Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fragmented Mind

My 68th post! Yes! Let's celebrate.

Product review: Today I did a seven miler with my new Sofsole inserts. They are the "Women's Performance Insole" for maximum cushioning. They have a gel heel and a Hydrologix moisture management system. That sounds fancy and I'm not sure what that is. I didn't realize I had a whole "system" going on in my shoe. At any rate - I didn't have any of the foot pain I had the other day, so I think these babies helped me out. I was focusing on how my feet felt quite a bit. The cushioning was noticeable and comfortable. My feet felt cool and dry (must be that system I was talking about). Overall, I really liked these insoles. For me, I don't want to feel or think about my feet when running. Really, I don't want to think about any body parts or malfunctions while running. That way I'm freed up to think about -
  • What's for lunch?
  • Why did that cashier look at me that way?
  • Oh, here comes a biker I better move over.
  • Did I leave the iron on?
  • God that was a great dump this morning.
  • Cute prairie dog.
  • I wonder if the kids are awake?
  • Shouldn't have had that extra glass of wine.
  • Why did the Bachelorette not give Jesse a rose?
  • When is the premier of Entourage?
  • Did Will.i.am just say the F word?
  • These shorts are riding up my ass.
Very stream of consciousness thinking. Or ADHD.
Unless I'm pissed at someone and then I go over and over that in my mind calculating confrontations and responses. I guess I really should be thinking positive thoughts and mantras or listening to some uplifting and educational book or podcast. But that might be too healthy.

Whatcha think about when you run?


  1. "Cute Prairie Dog" - really?

  2. I often think "why the hell am I doing this"?

  3. My thoughts are much like yours except I would never wonder about the Bachelorette (but I WAS glad when I read the freaky foot guy left). Often it depends on the season. In the spring I think about my softball teams- think about drills, past games and upcoming games. In the summer I think mostly about my races. In the winter I think about spring and summer :)

    Congrats on the pain free run!

  4. Depends on the type of run. Speedwork I think about how much faster this pain better make me. Long run -- basically the same as you. I also like to read books I download. Nicolas Sparks, Janet Evanovich....Never never educational stuff though:)

  5. HAHA. I think about random stuff like that too. Usually "that lady is soo not looking both ways; she's gonna hit me!" or "ugh this sports bra is giving me THO." Stuff like that.

  6. haha actually i have no idea what i think about when i run... random stuff thats for sure! but the best runs are when i dont think at all :)

  7. I think about being done when I run. Then when I am done, I think about how much I wanna run. I'm totally backwards. Glad you like your new insoles!

  8. I would have to say I am similar to you...my mind seems to wander to a million different things. :)

  9. I often think about how I would narrate my run on my blog. I am SO lame. :(

  10. I think about my next blog post (how meta), but I also day dream and make up fantasy stories. Good times.

  11. Lately I've been filling my ears with Jillian Michael's podcast on my runs, she's got so much to say on health, nutrition and exercise I can't get enough!

    When I'm not letting Jillian do the thinking for me my mind runs in a similar fashion... what am I going to make for dinner tonight, why doesn't that family recycle, I hope they've got invisible fence, what's that smell, I'm ready for breakfast, can't forget we're out of olive oil. Olive oil. Olive oil. Don't forget to buy olive oil.

  12. I think about ice cubes falling on my head after a hot run.

  13. I have all kinds of random thoughts going around in my head also while I run. And yeah, why didn't Jillian give Jesse a rose? And do you think it was right that Ed got to come back? I really like Kiptyn, but his mom was a little scary. Okay, enough about that.