Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bloody Mess

There are some things I would like to tell you about this picture. Four things specifically. Go ahead, see if you can name them (this is kind of like "Highlights" magazine and having to find the hidden pictures).

1. Yes, I AM ALIVE after my blind running date. She did not abduct me and she did not even try to get to first base. In fact, she was quite pleasant and was exactly what she said she was. Not sure how often we'll run cause we are at different paces and places in our training, but I always enjoy meeting other runners.

2. Yes, that is a bloody sock I am wearing. I did not just come back from wearing these socks to the cafeteria and stepping in a heap of ketchup. Guess my last pedicure didn't get those nails short enough. The only good thing about doing such an f'n hard run this morning was that it took my mind off of the hemorrhaging from my toe.

3. Yes, that is my black cocker spaniel, Lucky, behind me. What you may or may not notice from this angle is that Lucky has three legs. We adopted him this way so I don't know where the other leg is. Sometimes he has phantom leg issues and pretends to be scratching his ear with his stump. It's kind of pathetic, yet at the same time funny. Another thing to know about Lucky is that he always has problems with his little penis sticking out and staying out. That is not clear from this picture, but is the truth. If you'd like more info on this, please visit my off color "other" blog. But please read at your own risk.

4. Yes that is a new running shirt I am wearing from my "Boulder Striders" running club. Here is a picture of my boobs my new shirt (just because I love it).

We had another training run today. People were nicer to me. In fact, I met some really cool folks.
The crappy part about today was running a four mile time trial. I probably would have liked to have sucked that blood out of my toe or looked at Lucky's lipstick all day than endure that. Not to mention that there was one runner who passed me who was grunting SO loudly like she was in SO much pain that I couldn't believe it. I have truly never heard anything like this. And this was at mile one. She wasn't even close to being done. And she did it the entire time. Some older guy walking on the path even commented to his wife that "if it's that hard, she really should stop." I asked one of the coaches if grunting girl was okay and the coach said, "Oh yeah, that's just how she runs."

As for me, I didn't go as fast as I might have wanted:

4 miles: 32:14

Mile 1: 8:12
Mile 2: 8:17
Mile 3: 8:09
Mile 4: 7:40

Avg pace: 8:09

I am proud of myself that I followed directions to "keep something for the end and to finish strong." At least I'm a good direction-follower.

And all this before 8:30 a.m.

How's your day?


  1. Two things: First, if women are going to grunt during running like they do in tennis, I am finding a new sport. Second, your boobs look huuuuuge in that shirt - which is why I suspect it is your new favorite shirt.

  2. Don't you just love "surprises" like that? (Bloody toe) oh the joys of being a runner! Good job on your run though! Now I'm off to check out the other blog... which I'm sure will be wildly entertaining and much needed to break up this dragging work day! :)

    P.S. Great boobs... I mean shirt! LOL!

  3. I have a guy in my National Guard Unit who grunts when he runs. It does sound like he is going to die.

  4. Just say no to grunting while running. Yuck. Bloody toes on the other hand, badge of honor. :)

  5. oh I can't stand tennis grunting, but running grunting is just as bad! Love the shirt!

  6. Vote 'no' to running grunting...
    Vote 'no' to bloody toes...
    Vote 'yes' to boobs...I mean shirts...I mean, oh you know what I mean.

  7. Wow, a picture is worth a thousand words!! Poor Lucky!!

  8. Glad I'm not the only one to think "nice boobs"!

    I know it's not as fast as you wanted, but I like those paces!!

  9. Yay for running blind dates that don't turn out to be axe murderers!!!

  10. Glad your running date wasn't a psycho. Very nice morning time trial. Way to finish strong.

  11. Pretty funny the older guy's comment. :)

  12. Great boob......err...t-shirt shot!

  13. AH- My sisters cat doesn't have a tail but sometimes tries to chase it!! It is hysterical.

  14. Nice bloody toe! I feel so hardcore when my socks are bloody.

    Great 4-miler, too. Nice finish kick.

  15. This makes me think about tennis grunts! But running while running I believe is a different thing. And of course, things happen sometimes the way that we dont expect them to happen. So just sweat it all out! : ) A bloody toe is an accomplishment! Believe me! WEll, as for me, life is always full of surprises! ; )


    i was giggling uncontrollably at the lipstick part... probably too much, haha

  17. haha a grunter, maybe I should try that it would keep people away at least. Very nice boo...shirt.

    glad you found the group nicer today

  18. Your blog is awesome. I hope you don't mind me following you. You're awesome.

  19. I meant to say you're funny too...Not awesome twice, but being funny makes you REALLY awesome.