Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ever French Kissed Under the Mistletoe?

Here's what I'm thankful for - that I started keeping journals when I was 8 years old. Because looking back on these is the most hilarious thing of my life. I wrote this entry almost 29 years ago when I was 13 (dang, I'm old):

"My life is pretty decent. Matt M. is the man of my dreams at the moment. I've frenched him under the mistletoe and last night at the movie "Hurricane" I put my head on his shoulder when he sat by me. It was romantic. I can't help liking him. For Christmas I got some stuff called fart powder which you put in someone's drink or food and they're supposed to fart like THUNDER. I love Matt."

Not that much has changed. Except I married Ken, not Matt, and we don't french under the mistletoe. I still like fart powder.

Don't get all excited, but tomorrow is my running debut. Yes, tomorrow I will actually graduate from my walk/run sequence to running a full 20 minutes. This will be my first true run since the stress fracture 9 weeks and 4 days ago. It is cause for celebration. I can actually begin marathon training soon I hope. Christina has suggested Hal Higdon's program. Hell, if she used this to run her first marathon and did a 3:39 I'm sold.

And more cause for celebration is that there is a new book out called, "Rules for Runners: Everything a Runner Needs to Know and Then Some." It was written for me and I'll tell you why. It has such chapters as:



I'm pretty sure there also has to be a chapter about crapping your pants or some kind of toilet issue related to running. Running rules have to include something about poop/farts. I hope he talks about how to camouflage yourself as a bush along side of the road or how to clean yourself up with leaves when nature calls unexpectedly.

You can read an interview the the author, Mark Remy (Runner's World Executive Director), here.

Merry Thanksgiving to you all.


  1. Good luck with your first run. The excitement is probably driving you crazy. It is almost like starting new . . . except that you know how much you get out of running . . . so the anticipation is probably overpowering.

    Take it easy and give yourself a break - don't go out to fast. You have plenty of time.

    Guess we know what you are thankful for.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.
    Enjoy the day!!!

  2. OH and the book sounds like it is right up your alley. Too funny.

  3. I'm going to have to get that book, it sounds hysterical! Your comment from age 13 is too funny (and I'm older than "dang, I'm old" :P

    Good luck with your 20 minutes tomorrow...and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. OMG... I want that book. Sounds great.

  5. Too funny about the journal, I'm not sure I'd ever want to reread mine! LOL Enjoy your run tomorrow, and happy thanksgiving to you and yours. :)

  6. Good luck with the run!

    I got the book, read it and gave it someone to read. It has a lot of good points (which I had it when I first started running) and does talk about farts.

  7. That journal entry is hilarious! Good luck with the run tomorrow!

  8. That made me want to go back and read my old journals from jr. high. I can remember drawing horrible little sketches all over it of me frenching my crush. I daresay, it would be rather entertaining to look back and maybe scan a few ...
    I like how you still enjoy farts and how they were rather intertwined with your feelings for Matt ... haha!

    Oh I'm so happy your running a little butt tomorrow. 20 minutes of running butt is better then 1 minute of running butt.

    And lastly, I'm buying that book. I can't even wait for christmas, I wanna read it NOW.

  9. Good tidings and good running!

  10. LMAO! That diary entry is hilarious!! Sounds like that book might be too - enjoy, and share the best parts!!

    Good luck with your running debut!

  11. Best. Journal. Ever. LOL! Dude, where can we get that fart powder?????

    So glad you are almost back at the running. It misses you.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. I saw an ad for that book and thought it looked super funny :)

    Have a good run today!

  13. Running already? It's been a speedy 9 weeks! Does it feel like it's been ages, or did it go by quickly for you?

  14. How great you still have those journals!!

    Good luck on your re-introduction to the wonderful world of running!

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