Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kids These Days

We had a house full of kids sleep here last night. Like 6 of them. For some reason, when it is sleepover central, I always have a hard time sleeping. I’m worried someone is doing something they shouldn’t be doing, or someone is sick or someone is breathing or not breathing properly. In reality, I probably can’t sleep because I know what I used to do at sleepovers. But, I’m not going to tell you what that was because you’ll look down on me more than you already do.

At midnight, I woke up Ken and told him to go check on the adolescents who were holed up in their teen-man-cave in the basement. He was annoyed. I am the worrier and he is the laid back one in our relationship. The laid back one always gets annoyed with the worrier, especially when the worrier makes them do something they think is stupid like make sure the oven is off.

Me: (pushing him, punching him to get him to wake up): Can you go check on the boys?

Him: (sighing, annoyed): No, they're fine. Go back to sleep.

Me: Seriously. Please just go down there. Make sure everyone is okay.

Him: What? Leave them alone.

Me: Just check, please (reaching for my Xanax)

Five minutes pass

Him: I hate to disappoint you, but they're down there looking at the yearbook.

Me: I KNEW IT!! Damn kids. Isn’t there someone’s house they should be TP’ing or some dirty magazine they should be gawking at?

My point in telling this story is that when 6:00 am came, I really didn’t feel like getting up to run. But, as I always say, it matters not how you feel, you just have to do. This blog is not called Be Quiet and Stay in Bed.

So, I:

Got dressed
Brushed my teeth
Took my vitamins
Fed the dog
Fed the guinea pig
Put the coffee on
Ate a piece of cinnamon raison toast
Drank half a cup of coffee
Filled my fuel belt with water and GU

Lastly, I cleaned up the dog’s throw up before he could eat it (he tried, he really did. I don’t know which I understand less - a dog eating their own poop or their own vomit. It is all just wrong and confusing).

I was already tired from all of my pre-run activities. But, I sucked it up and we headed out for 10 miles.


As you know, I've been taking it easy with my running. I’m working on my running form, and this has meant shorter, slower runs. Today I decided to see how 10  felt because I am still holding out to do a half marathon in a a couple of weeks.

It was a gorgeous morning to be out in the Colorado air.


I had no poop urges, my stomach felt great for once in my lifetime. I don’t think I farted once. We kept the pace very moderate and I never felt tired. I stopped halfway and had an Island Nectar GU and I pretended I was drinking a pina coloda. That GU flavor rocks my world and it’s a Roctane one, so there is some much needed caffeine in there.

I had some aches starting at about mile 8, mostly left side stuff like my back, my neck and my calf. I am happy to report my left ear lobe did not hurt. I know that my form is still off, and as I’m making changes I’m sure I’m taxing other parts of my body. I still feel that my left side is weak and wonky. The aches and pains frustrate me, I’m not going to lie. I am beyond sick of feeling limited in my training. I keep telling myself that all of this is a means to an end.

On a different note, I know you have been wondering for the past few days how the tutu making is going for our race on Monday. All I can say is I am clearly Martha Stewart minus the jail time. Here is a sneak peek:



The no-sew home-made tutu is the way to go. Don’t be too jealous. Now the question is, do I go commando underneath? Ken thinks yes, but I don’t want to frighten the other runners. Or, scar my daughter for life.

 What types of stuff did you used to do at sleepovers? I can’t tell because I think my dad reads this blog and he will ground me or take away my Garmin.

Are you the worrier or laid-back one in your relationship? I know Ken gets sick of me worrying. It has been this way for 20 years. Good thing I am so perfect in every other way.

Did you do a long run this weekend?



  1. I am the worrier so I know exactly how you feel. I am planning on a long run tomorrow morning, so looking forward to it too.

  2. My kind of sleepovers were the ones where I had to wake up early and escape before her dad came home. I was very young then. I am not the worrier. I think about consequences, mitigate them, and let it go.
    Long run. Hmmmm. Only 8 or 9 K with a bike ride tacked onto each end. There will be photos in a little bit, and Beth will have reason to visit. Maybe a run after a bike tomorrow, if the weather cooperates.

  3. JUST got in from a run that I really didn't want to go on. Updating my FB status helped--motivated my legs to get moving for 10.5 miles. Wooop. This was supposed to be my long run, but my long runs are supposed to be way longer--some reason I'm lacking the motivation to much over 10... We'll see how I do come race day.

    Oh geeeeez, sleep overs? We used to try and contact the dead... seriously, seonces in my super old creepy house. Drove my Mama crazy with our being freaked out-ness.

    I'm siiiiiingle! So I'm both! :D


    1. Oh yeah I forgot about the sceonces.."Light as a feather, stiff as a board" (that's what she said)

    2. We used to do the creepy sceonces too! Sleep overs are where I watched all the scary movies I wasn't allowed to watch at home.

  4. Why doesn't anybody TP anyone anymore. That was all the rage when I was in HS. You and your buddies would TP somebody with like 40 rolls, and you would get nailed back with like 50. All great fun!
    Hadn't heard that reference in a while - "TP'ing". Classic.

  5. My house got TP'd when my boys were in high school (five years ago?) and my favorite (sarcasm) they wrote foul words on my driveway with shaving cream which then bleaches your concrete and your driveway says that Good times. I had to get out OUR shaving cream and scribble through it. I think that lasted a good 3 or 4 years before the sun really bleached that sucker out. I didn't think that one was as cute...

  6. You may go commando, just dye yourself in the same colors. Daughter MUST wear jeans under!!

  7. Worst sleepover idea I ever had: tie my friends brother in his bed. Yeeeeeah, not so great. He woke up and we had to untie him. I went home a little earlier than expected the next morning. Oops.

    What IS the matter with kids today, maybe lack of a drivers license or car to drive to transport them to the TPing location? Still didnt stop my little brother.

  8. Not that you want to hear this (feel free to come and TP my house since you know where I live...): I'd love to be able to run 10 miles outside. I'd love to be able to run 3 miles on the treadmill. I'd love to be able to climb out of bed in the morning without my stupid back hurting.

    The worst sleepover I remember is the one where we TP'd this boy's house, got caught, had to return to un-TP it at 6 a.m.--and then had to play two soccer games that same morning. I remember going home and falling asleep for 18 hours straight after all that.

    My kids will never be allowed to host sleepovers. I'm the worrier. And I like my sleep. I might or might not be kidding about this.

    1. Yes, you are right. I can send my kids over to TP your house next time, just for something to do.

      Absolutely...being able to run outside any mileage is amazing, espeically when there were so many days I could not do that. I forget how precious it is to even go one pain free mile!!!

  9. I am totally the worrier/fun-sucker parent in this relationship ...ugh. I know that comes as a surprise.

    And I never did naughty things at sleepovers...I was the wide-eyed innocent. Really.

    No long run until maybe Monday. My husband is out of town and the kids do not cooperate with my intentions to work out.

  10. TPing brings back horrible memories - we did it, and then someone would TP our house and my mom was so frugal, that she collect it and put it in bags and that's what was in our bathrooms until it was all gone.

    Longer run with someone who I supposedly have a similar pace with. Unfortunately, she has more endurance than me, so the last part of the run was kind of rough.

    1. OMG, I thought my mom was the only one that did this! I would pray that it would rain so that I didn't have to collect it out of the yard. so embarrassing...

  11. Random quick question. ARe thise BRooks cadence shoes???? I over pronate and have been thinking of buying a pair? do you like them??/



    1. Yes, Brooks Cadence. I really like them if you are looking for a lighter weight shoe with a lower heel drop. Very comfortable.

    2. Ok I have been drooling over these shoes for about 2 weeks, I will be getting them VERY soon, but I was reading some reviews and 2 things caught my eye and wanted to get your input, one is are they wearing down quickly? One review stated that the wearer had only been running in them for about 2 weeks when chunks of rubber from the bottom of the shoe started to fall off. 2. Traction, do you find they are dont have great traction when wet?

    3. Hey Amanda - great questions. I am guessing I have about 100 miles on these shoes. No problems at all with them wearing down. They look brand new still! As far as the traction issue - I haven't run in super wet conditions, but when I've run on a damp surface, they have been fine.

    4. Thank you so much!!! I just knew when I saw these shoes I needed them for my longer runs about 7-9 milers. Getting up there but slowly.. I am currently wearing Addias marathon 10s, which I have had no issues with them doing 3-5 miles but after that I can feel my feet hurting a bit and also my knees a bit. So I really want to use these for my long runs only but we shall see when I glide my foot in these babies ;)

  12. I am definitely the worrier in my relationship. And I've noticed that the laid-back one gets all the sleep while the worrier gets to stare at the ceiling. Not fair!

  13. When I was younger, we always practiced making out with a pillow and dreamt about boys and movie stars.....ugh. So embarrassing! As I got older it was more of the pretend to stay at the girl friends' house, but secretly sneak out to meet the boyfriend....and of course got caught.

    Totally the worrier. Perhaps its because of the dumb stuff I did as a kid! (See above). :)

  14. Depending on the friend, either we would just stay up all night playing with make-up and nail polish (and spilling stuff on the rug and then trying to get it out without her mom finding it), or we'd walk in to town (6 miles in the county) to go to some party where I was so scared of getting caught I'd hide under a table. Oh yeah, I'm one badass chick.

    Matt and I take turns being the worrier. It completely depends on the situation.

  15. I am mostly the worrier. Except I think my kids are old enough to play outside (slightly)unsupervised and Mr. MOTH does not. This is our current worrying situation. And I think things will change when we have teenagers in the house.

    Sleepovers were where I learned that I am NOT a horror movie type girl. At all. I can still remember letting out a blood-curdling scream at about 2:30AM when Jason came out of the lake. ::shudders:: And I'm a redneck - we went cow-tippin' instead of TPing.

    I ran long for me this weekend.

  16. We played truth or dare. usually you were dared to call someone. Remember that meant sneaking into the kitchen of someone else's house and using the phone on the wall to wake up another household and risk getting in trouble.
    Now it means pulling out your cell and texting "hey" and giggling about it. And the other kid is awake watching people on Youtube sing about lost Chapstick. No fun at all.
    The only thing I worry about during a sleepover is that my husband remembers there are lots of teenage girls in the house before he gets out of bed. During the last sleepover, he took a group of them geocaching around the neighborhood and they were giddy!

  17. Pretty tutu. Thanks for the link on how to make it.

  18. We used to try and summon Bloody Mary in the bathroom mirror. Someone would scream that they saw her, we would all scream, and leave the bathroom. Fun stuff. I worry more. Someone has too!

  19. Haha you're so funny! I'm not going to let my husband read this. I'm the worrier. I always make him check on things. This made me smile and laugh and feel a bit better about myself!!! I love reading your blog. Except, I probably woulda just sat down and read the paper and never made it out the door.

  20. I accidentally stumbled across that Gu during a marathon last month. I fully intended to have to gag it down and anticipate it likely returning in the form of Slimer exorcizing from my mouth onto the side of the road and costing me 45 precious seconds barfing. Turns out - it's a fiesta for your stomach. Good times!

  21. Yes, I did run! Just over 9 miles, which is my longest run so far this year. Thirst and the warmth slowed me down at about 7.5 and then my ITB started to hurt. :( Praying it will be fine as I continue training. And I'll have to look for that flavor of GU - sounds yummy!

  22. Yes, I did run! Just over 9 miles, which is my longest run so far this year. Thirst and the warmth slowed me down at about 7.5 and then my ITB started to hurt. :( Praying it will be fine as I continue training. And I'll have to look for that flavor of GU - sounds yummy!

  23. Great tutu, I'm impressed! I'm sure the form changes will take time but hopefully pay off! Glad you got the 8 in before the aches and pains started though...hopefully each run will be better.

  24. What running shoes are you wearing in this pic?

  25. Laid back....I got my money on my mind and my mind on my money.....laid back.

    All that worrying causes wrinkles and I'm not in the market for botox.

  26. I am definitely the worrier. Heck, I worry when he doesn't worry about me on my bike! "WHY AREN'T YOU WORRIED!"

    One thing I didn't use to do at sleep overs... SLEEP!

    Great job on the tutu, it's perfect!

  27. I am totally a worrier which leads me to plan plan and plan some more.

    We always did practical jokes when I had sleepovers. The favorite when we were all going through puberty was to put the first girl who fell asleep bra in the freezer. We were kind of mean looking back.

    Hope the Bolder Boulder went well today! I did 10 miles instead of the race this year.

  28. I am the worrier, and an insomniac. Awesome.
    I did the Soldier Field 10 Mile race Saturday and it rocked!

  29. I noticed your Brooks PureCadence right away! I just got a pair after hemming and hawing over it for more than a month (I was reluctant to give up my beloved Ravenna and didn't want to shell out $100+ either!). But I LOVE THEM.

    Are you finding that you like them to?

  30. HAHAH!! They were looking at their yearbook! What good kids!

    Yes! I did do a long run this weekend!! It was 10 miles which I know is not that exciting, but for me and my tendinitis it's a godsend!! :)

    I have those same shoes! They're so cute but I can't run in them. My bony, tendon-inflamed feet don't dig them as much as I do.