Monday, May 13, 2013

What I Got For Mother’s Day & A Question For You

Mother’s Day started with eggs benedict and chocolate chip pancakes and ended with steak, chardonnay and the season finale of Survivor, so basically all of my senses were satisfied.

I did realize, however, that even when it is Mother’s Day, it’s not entirely Mother's Day because kids have constant needs and preferences that they want you to know about. That is my nice way of saying that when I wanted the family to do a 3.75 mile hike with Heidi and it was hot and everyone was tired and had headaches, I finally had to say, “Guess what? This is not children’s day. This is my day. So suck it up.” Touchy/feely motherhood moment.  At least Heidi had fun.


I don’t need gifts or fancy things, but what I always love are the home made cards from my kids. They range from the obscene (“Thanks mom for pushing me out of you a few years ago”) to touching poems (this is part of one from last year):

You’re the coolest mom in town
But when you fart I sure do frown.

Yesterday Sam got a bit crazy and drew me a picture.


I always think it’s interesting to see how your kids view you. Obviously I have a very round face, eyes that are extremely close together and uneven and a middle hair part. And, I am very impressed with his attention to detail with regards to my breasts. Perky.


This picture captures so many things I love. My new car (Ford Edge. Yes, I traded in the Maxima – just not a family car), my coffee, my new HEIDI (and she really does smile like that. I’ll show you a picture sometime), my SUAR sticker and my Colfax sticker (I am running the Denver Colfax Marathon on Sunday). The only things missing are Ken and the kids, but maybe they are laying on the floor or in the trunk because Heidi gets prime seating. Oh, and wine is missing also that but would be really BAD if I DWWD (Drank Wine While Driving).

Overall a wonderful day. The kind where you look around and you realize that nothing really needs to be different for everything to be just right.

By the way, it is 86 degrees here today. I got out for a nice, long bike ride. Made me very happy:


Now, here’s what I want to ask you. I am six days out from my marathon. I had a bad cold all of last week which definitely affected my stamina. I have been tapering, so not running as much, but generally feeling pretty low energy. Maybe it’s just the taper crazies, or maybe I’m just feeling the cumulative affects of marathon training. Then I wondered if my iron might be low. I’ve been anemic before, and seem to always teeter right on the edge. Probably need a blood test.

I read a great article by Pete Pfitzinger today on why Iron is important for runners. Here’s an excerpt:


He also talks about how you might feel when you are low on iron (lethargic, heavy legs, overall crappy) and tells you what to do about it.

I’ve been focusing on eating iron rich foods like spinach and lentils (and steak last night!), but I am wondering if I should add  an iron supplement, but probably need a blood test first. Honestly, the only reason I’m hesitant is that I know it could clog the pipes (that’s my clinical term for constipation- or as the Germans call it, Farfrompoopin) and that is seriously the last thing I need on race day. Suggestions?

Ever had low iron? Do you take an iron supplement?

How did you spend your Mother's Day? Did everyone behave?



  1. Oh lord, I had iron so low that I couldn't walk up stairs and I almost got a blood transplant because I was so sick. Don't be me! It was terrible. I now take a supplement a few times a week. FYI, it's harder for the human body to process iron from plant sources (non-heme iron) than it is from meat sources (heme iron). If you're me, your body can't process non-heme iron in general, how lucky. I have never had a problem with it stopping up the pipes. It usually helps to get a slow release iron tab to prevent that (like Slow-Fe or a generic equivalent).

  2. From what I have read we are not supposed to take an iron supplement unless we have a blood test It's not a good idea to supplement that unless you're sure you need it. The fatigue could be soooo many other things. If you think you have it see the doc. I know runners can get it easily.

  3. Sounds like a great Mother's Day! Happy that you got in a hike AND a long ride! (My kind of day.) I was down with a migraine, but kiddo was happy to wait on me and curl up on the couch next to me, so all was well!

    As for the iron, I have an iron deficiency and feel like CRAP if I don't take a supplement. But you're right- doctor it up first and be sure. I wouldn't do anything new before your race if you aren't sure!


  4. A friend of mine had a major iron deficiency and almost had to have a blood transfusion. Ever since her scare, I've made sure to take an iron supplement!

    The other night, we tried to take our kiddos out for ice cream and a walk by the pond, and they ended up acting so crazy that no one got ice cream! That was a sad day because I had visions of us skipping down the path by the water with ice cream cones and holding hands. Ha!

    PS - your blog cracks me up, and I love that you blog in a conversational way as opposed to a "perfect writing" kind of way (I know you know what I'm talking about!)!

  5. I don't take a supplement, but maybe I should. I've always had low iron, and my symptoms seem to have gotten worse since I began running, but I haven't been tested lately so I don't really know what my levels are. Thanks for this post! Happy belated Mother's Day!

  6. I love, love, love your perky boob card. That is beyond hilarious!!

  7. I was anemic during pregnancy, but I don't know about now. Hmm. Maybe if I saw a doctor, ever, I might know?

    Love your mother's day card. I got one from my five year old that said "I like you." Not sure how to take that. Like? You LIKE me? No love? LOL

  8. I'm so glad that things are going well with Heidi! She looks like such a sweetheart. My golden puppy, Belle, is such a smiler too. Love those Goldens! As far as the iron, I'm a pharmacist so I can tell you that it would hurt to take a supplement. I would use Slow Fe which is a slow release iron so less GI effects. Also take it with food. And good luck!

  9. Your Mother's Day card is so sweet! Love the pup in the back seat. Just too cute.

    Yes you should get a blood test first, don't be messing with iron.
    Look up a product called Mag 07 if you're ever constipated. It will cure you, I promise. Don't take it the night before a race though.

    There's a tea I drink when I feel like crap. Here's a link for the recipe. It's simple, and it really works!

    I hope you feel better soon, and wish you lots of luck on Marathon Day!


  10. If you're able to couple iron rich foods with foods containing vitamin c your body can more easily absorb the iron. This has helped me and my 3 anemia prone kids avoid supplements and yucky GI issues. eat has a lost of info on this. Good luck!

  11. The only time I took an iron supplement was after I had my youngest son - I lost a lot of blood (and had a transfusion of 2 units) - I think I took the supplements for close to a year to get my levels back up. I haven't had any problems since then (he just turned 12).
    Love that you told your kids it was Mother's Day not kid's day - sounds like what I occasionally say!!

  12. Love your blog! And fellow MD'r! I was so psyched to read about Heidi - she seems like a such perfect fit for your fam. The iron thing can be such an issue. I've always been on the low side but never really gave it much thought - duh! I've been feeling super crappy lately and that might be the reason. Thanks so much for the informative post. Might have some blood work done to see what's going on. If I were you and don't feel like doing the whole doctor/blood work thing - I might try a small dosage of iron supplement- for a week or so and see how it goes. I hope you feel better soon!

  13. Taper crazies. Maybe some extra rest this week and some Emergen-C?

  14. I agree that it's best to get your iron levels tested (both for peace of mind -- good to know if it's normal or not, either way -- and to not overdose on iron!) If you don't want to be tested it certainly could not hurt to continue to eat iron-rich foods paired with vitamin C foods, and even take a women's daily multi-vitamin (generally though I'm not a fan of multi-vitamins and think we should stick to one vitamin/mineral supplements as needed). Iron supplements can be pricey so you might as well go ahead and pay for the test! The doctor might even have some samples of fancy iron supplements that are kinder to your system than the OTC ones are.

    I hope you feel better soon! Good luck on your marathon!

  15. Absolutely do not add an iron supplement this close to your marathon.
    - Your friendly pharmacist

    1. Thanks pharmacist! That's what I thought, but good to have confirmation.

  16. Iron can clog the pipes but is that a problem for anyone who doesn't want to--as you say--crap themselves on the run?

    I agree with the comment above that you shouldn't take iron unless you are for sure anemic. But if you need to take it, FYI...iron can turn your poop black, which is kind of gross...but again, that is preferable to anemia in my book...A helpful hint, if you do take iron supplements, take it with oj, the vitamin C helps you absorb more iron.

  17. Spent my Mother's Day hiking a small section of the Appalachian Trail with my son and husband. It was a great day. One of the best gifts was my new trail socks and a text from my son's girl thanking me for raising "the sweetest man" she knows. Very Proud!

  18. Done the anemia thing myself. Probably not a great time to add an iron supplement, but unfortunately, if your levels are pretty depleted, replenishing through diet can take awhile (even supplements take awhile!). Focus on meat sources: liver (ick, I know), clams/mussels, oysters, sardines, beef, even turkey - for more readily usable iron. Iron in veggies (non-heme) is harder for your body to absorb and utilize. Fatigue could also be from lots of different things, and there are unlikely to OVER iron you (if you aren't actually anemic).

    But have a blood test after your race, and if your heme or ferritin levels are low, supplement for a bit. Everyone has a different experience, but I use a slow-release supplement, and as long as I keep running, I don't have much of a "back up" problem. But be careful if you start during a (non-running) recovery phase...

  19. I agree with Holly above - taking iron supplements before your race now isn't going to help on the day, it takes a few weeks for new RBC's to form.
    When I've taken iron supplements I also quaff a few prunes to keep things functioning (they're high in iron and Vit C too)
    The reason your hair is centre parted is because you are so darn fast! Good luck for your marathon!

  20. I would definitely get your blood worked up post-marathon if the fatigue continues! I went through this recently and kept thinking that I must have become anemic from foot surgery and my awesome peri-menopausal two-week periods, but it turned out that my blood counts were normal. I started taking a closer look at my diet and decided to track all my food intake for over a month on one of those handy little apps. that breaks down the percentage of carbs, protein and fat in your diet. I quickly realized that I was getting a ton of carbs and a good amount of protein, I wasn't eating nearly enough fat on a daily basis...I've never given much thought to fat but from the little I've read, it is important to have adequate amounts, esp. for athletes. I've since made a huge effort to add in healthy fats like avocados, nuts, eggs, etc. and am feeling so much better...maybe it's in my head, but my legs no longer feel like tree trunks when I run and I can actually stay up past my 7 year old's bedtime now!

    Best of luck with your marathon - I look forward to reading your race report!

  21. I've read that you should get a diagnosis before taking a supplement as too much isn't good either. I was diagnosed two months ago and have been taking two pills a day. I felt so awful that easy runs left my muscles and joints sore, I was sleeping 8-9 hours a night (compared to my usual 6) and waking up feeling hungover, and was exhausted and freezing all the time. About 3 weeks in to taking supplements I was feeling better, but still have days where I just feel depleted.

  22. I eat very little meat and almost no red meat, so I have been looking into the iron issue recently. I just finished reading Thrive Foods by Brenden Brazier (a vegan former pro triathlete) and No Meat Athlete recently posted a blog about 10 foods to eat every day. Both of those readings hinted at the need for runners, especially high veggie/low meat runners, to pay attention to their iron intake. I try to take care of it through my diet but my diet is also the part of newish running lifestyle that I seem to be adjusting the most. I put broccoli in my morning smoothie, eat a spinach omelet every day, have a mixed green salad w/ quinoa every day, and usually work in some more green veggies and quinoa into my dinner as well. I don’t display any of the major symptoms of an iron deficiency, but I’m trying to get ahead of it as my miles will be increasing over the summer and could accelerate the issue if it exist. You’ve been paying enough attention and have a good enough experience base, that you may just be having a bit of taper-crazies strengthened by the uneasiness of the recent cold. Good luck on Sunday. I look forward to reading about how you kicked that marathon’s ass.

  23. Sometimes you have to offer some tough love as a mom. You made me smile!

  24. My first thought was'getting plugged up'. Was anemic when pregnant and the OB suggested iron supplement that have a stool softener in them. Unfirtunately, i cant remember the name but they were OTC. That might work for you. I def wouldnt try before your big race. Softened stool might not be what you want. Im sorry but this conversation is making me extremely uncomfortable ;)

  25. I'm not much help with the iron issue (I have supplemented when pregnant but that's it). My iron is always borderline when I donate blood (I've even seen the nurse push down the drop with her stick...I'm sure that's ethical). I think this close to go-time you might wanna just wait it out but maybe get some blood work done as soon as you can.

    Good Luck Sunday! Go SUAR!

  26. I take an iron supplement, based on blood work and blood donation. I recently ran out and thought, "Meh. I'll be fine." Enter heavy legs...

    If your iron is low, the iron supplement feels like a shot of energy.

    (jots down note to head to Walgreens)

  27. Great post! I love the homemade cards as well, and the homeade gifts. My daughter made me a bracelet for Mother's Day. I take iron supplements daily, as well as B12 on instruction from doctor. I'm a frequent blood donator as well.

  28. Steak is my go to food when I start feeling a little low in energy. It's almost always my night-before meal, with lots of low-fiber veggies. Yum!

  29. Do you take a multivitamin? Most multiv's have the required amount of Iron. I just checked mine, Women's Active One a Day, and it contains 18mg per serving. BUT that also depends on how much your body actually absorbes. I guess i need to start drinking less coffee :) and more orange juice.
    Good luck Sunday!!

  30. Sounds like a great Mother's Day to me! We also did a hike, although the trail was flooded over and we had to find a plan B route.

    So I am the anemia queen. After seeing a hematologist and trying everything, he concluded that I can supplement in hopes of not going any lower, but to give up on ever being normal (encouraging, no?). The one thing I will say is that when I do get lazy w/ taking my supplements, I can feel the energy low. But before you supplement, do get a blood test to see if it's what you need. At our age, so much comes into play, like hormones, etc. that can throw off your energy levels.

    So, when you qualify on Sunday, let me know if you need a roomie for Boston!

  31. Heidi is beautiful. I'm so happy to know she has a happy and loving home.

  32. I take a multivitamin during the week and I feel the difference when I don't take it on the weekends. Go ahead with the iron pill. Drink it with OJ for better absorption. If anything, it will help you recover from this race and help you prepare for the next race.

  33. You could take an iron supplement every few days but not everyday, to avoid the constipation. I take one about once a week but I run far less than you. I do experience the fatigue when I don't take it.

    1. I also take supplements 2-3 times per week as I have been borderline anemic for a couple of years now. I run anywhere from 40-55 miles per week depending on what I am currently in training for. I have found taking iron every couple of days does not cause any disruption to my GI tract.

    2. I have a hypothyroid condition and I get blood tests / finger pokes every time I visit the doc. I'm always, always testing low for hemoglobin and was given a low iron diet to follow... nuts, dates, dark green veggies, red meat etc.. I ate most things on the low iron menu except I do not eat a lot of red meat... and I was still testing low for hemoglobin. I now take an iron supplement daily and I have to say, the heavy leg thing went away. I am pretty sure that it's due to both the iron supplement and the warm-up routine I added before each run. While I don't have the side effects mentioned, I do have to make sure I take it with food b/c it makes me a little nauseous.

  34. I take an iron supplement every day and I've definitely noticed increased energy!! It hasn't stopped me up - probably because my coffee intake is obnoxious and keeps me regular.

  35. Love that touchy/feely mothers day moment :)

  36. As far as I know, I do not have low iron. I am a vegetarian, and I will get my blood tested at my next doc appointment anyway. My sister, a fellow runner, did suffer from severe anemia last year. After a short run she would go home and sleep for six hours. She finally got tested and the doctor told her no exercise at all, you could do serious damage! She had to get iron infusions and thankfully after a year is running again.
    Beth, please get your blood tested if you think something is wrong before you supplement. This is not something to play around with.
    Mother's day was great. I'm not a mother, but we celebrated my sisters and mom, with chili, cornbread and my famous margaritas. We called it our Cinco de Madre party!!
    BTW, Heidi is looking great!

  37. I have been dealing with low iron for the past year. I tried to fix it with diet, but have had to start supplementing. It seems to be helping with the fatigue and heavy legs feeling. Good luck at your race this weekend! And I love Heidi, we have a Golden too.

  38. I've taken Bifera for iron deficiency anemia and it didn't cause constipation. Might be a good product to try.

  39. Anemia and I are very close friends. I've even tried intravenous iron supplements. They work great - you feel like you're on top of the world in the months following - but can be risky. So now I just take an iron supplement daily.
    They definitely don't constipate me - quite the opposite in fact. That, plus the fact that blood work would be a good idea, is why I suggest waiting until your marathon is over to start the supplements.
    Good luck for the marathon.

  40. I read some other blogs, but yours is just the best, consistently funny and real. Great job! Woohoo!

  41. The only time I've ever had an impacted stool (TMI) was when I was taking iron supplements. NEVER again.

  42. Hi, I actually need to read the following blog post again, but my takeaway was that there's more to anemia than is commonly understood and that it's worth getting the bloodwork if you really want to know what's going on:

    Love your blog, I think this was my first comment!

  43. I take an iron supplement daily, due to chronically low iron. My pipes are not affected by the daily dose, thanks to daily coffee!
    I'm running the Colfax marathon, too! Coming from Northern Cali for a little family/elevation time! Hope to see you out there.

    1. PJ I'll be working the expo both days - I'll have on a Colfax Ambassador shirt. Please look for me!!

    2. I'm planning on hitting the expo on Friday, so look for you.

  44. your perky boobs cracked me up!

  45. I was absolutely sure I was low iron, maybe from the hemolysis footstrike, ulcers, etc. Had plenty of symptoms. Blood test showed my iron slightly on the high side?! Anyone else have that happen to them?

  46. I also teeter on the edge of anemia, so (when I remember) I take Ferro-Sequels. This is the only one that doesn't clog the pipes for me, because it's combined with a stool softener!

  47. Loved this post. Glad you had such a nice mother's day.

    No, I don't take iron supplements. Seems possible you're just tired from training, a busy life and that virus you had. Hope you feel better by race day.

    I was in Fredericton, NB, to run my marathon last weekend but ended up doing the half instead. My right knee seized up - I suppose because I was still suffering from effects of the flu I had the week before and was too sedentary in the days leading up to the race. Not sure.

    Anyway, my point is this: Colds and flus can have a pretty big impact on performance so be sure to listen to your body and take it easy if you need to. You don't want to end up injuring yourself or getting sick all over again.

    Look forward to hearing how it goes. Good luck!!

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  49. What a pretty girl! Have you run with her yet? I have two pups that I run with and I love it.
    Love the pic of you by your kid. Don't you love being a mom? Man, there's nothing better.

  50. I was diagnosed with low iron when I was BOTH running and pregnant, but haven't had it rechecked this year. I do crave red meat often and probably eat it more than the uber health conscience individual. Thanks for this info - now I can claim that I'm just combating potential low iron from running! :D

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