Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ironman Training Week #13

I honestly had no idea I had been training for 13 weeks because I have not been keeping track. I just do what Sharpie tells me to do every week and trust it will get me to my goal. The one thing I am very aware of, however, is that one month from today is Ironman Florida.  Yes, in one month I will be somewhere in this huge mass of wetsuit wearing triathletes whose hearts are beating out of their chests and who aren’t sure if they want to cry, puke, crap their pants or do all three at once.

Is it just me, or is this picture intimidating as hell?

There is so much about this training experience and how it has changed me and what I have learned about myself, but I am going to save that for a later post.  I could cry right now telling you what the chance to do this has meant to me. I am healthy. I have the support. I have the financial means. I have the physical and mental determination. I have the time.

I now believe I can do something as hard as an Ironman. I will be tested. I am getting more and more ready.

This was a great training week and a confidence booster. I hit every workout and felt strong.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Bike 18 miles, run 6.2 miles
Wednesday: Swim 2,300 yards, run 8 miles
Thursday: Bike 51 miles, swim 3,000 yards
Friday: Swim 2,300 yards
Saturday: Bike 100 miles
Sunday: Sling mud


Swim: 7,400 yards (~4.2 miles)
Bike: 169 miles
Run: 14.2 miles

Number of hours: 15
Number of workouts: 8

Total Miles: 187.4

I had lower miles this week on the run, but I feel like I made up for it on the bike. My body is holding up better than expected. I’m just not that tired. These workouts energize me. Or maybe it’s all that meth I’m using (that’s a joke).  I am eating my way through my life right now because that is what you can do when you train this much.

Cravings/most satisfying foods: bean burritos, egg sandwiches, instant oatmeal with a huge dollop of peanut butter, popcorn with butter and parmesan cheese, cheese pizza. My mom made Thanksgiving in September on Sunday right down to the pumpkin pie. Amazing. Too bad I rarely take pictures of my food because you would have been jealous.

I know this video has been making the rounds, but if you are looking for a bit of inspiration to shut up and get out of bed and get done what needs to be done – watch this.

“Decide to turn your back on what’s comfortable and safe and
what some would call common sense. The easy way out will always be there,
ready to wash you away.”

I don’t believe in taking the easy way. I’ll ask myself - IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? YOU SURE??

On a side/humorous note,  let me show you what happens when your almost-16-year-old son takes control of your phone.


I am still plotting how I am going to get him back for all of the crap he does to me. 


What’s your craving/most satisfying food when you train a lot?

How many miles did you run last week?

What’s something you did this week that you really did not want to do? I gladly did my training. But, I did not want to clean up the dog poop in the backyard. True story.

Do you have a teenager in your house? How’s it going for you? Being a boy, Sam doesn’t have a lot of drama and he really doesn’t give us much grief. Yet.



  1. I've been drinking a can of coconut milk (full fat baby!) as a smoothie with fruit almost every day. So good!

  2. I got up at 5 am to run 18 miles. I did NOT want to do that. But I did it (well, 17.5 but who's counting?). I am sure you have done enough running in your life that focusing on the bike at this point is probably a good thing. I feel my measly marathon is nothing compared to this IM and I am stressin' about it. GOOD LUCK over the next few weeks!

  3. I ran 14mi. And today I am in a boot for a metatarsal stress fractures. I am 6.5 weeks out from my A race. My workout today is being pissed and cranky.

    You are SO killing this!! I cannot wait to see you rock IMFL!!

  4. I haven't done a triathlon yet but that picture of the swim start is one reason why. Too many arms and legs to avoid. IM Florida is only a month away? That has to be exciting! I'll be rooting for you from the comfort of my computer chair.

  5. I'm craving Almond Butter and those Protein Luna bars with chocolate and peanut butter (detecting a theme here?) cold in the fridge.
    I ran 35 miles last week and biked about 70. Duathlon training!!!! I wish I was a better swimmer but oh well.
    LOVE that text exchange. Hilarious!!

  6. WOOHOO! One month to go!!! YAY! You must be getting ready to taper soon too! Be prepared to lose your mind.
    Most satisfying food. Pancakes + bacon. Lots of it. I have no idea how many miles I ran last week b/c I run in kilometers, ha ha. I think I ran just under 50km last week.
    I got up and swam on Monday and today when all I really wanted to do was smash my alarm clock and go back to sleep.

  7. I feel like Sam is pretty awesome-- your stories about him always make me laugh!

  8. I rolled my ankle a few weeks ago, and last week finally started to feel more back to normal. Reduced mileage still, but was able to get in a 16-mile long run. I can't believe you're already one month until IMFL. You are amazing!

  9. You are seriously doing awesome with Ironman training and, I know that you are right-- the process will change you. Hell marathon training changes me with everyone that I do, half ironman training changed me this year and I know that ironman training next year will change me even more.

    I've been obsessed with that motivation clip and still trying to work out a way to rip the audio from it and put it on my playlist for the marathon this sunday!

    ahahhahaha I don't have a 16 your old... or a kid... BUT I do have a fiance with a twin brother that lives with us... it's pretty much the same thing as having 2 kids who constantly do things like that!

  10. I’ve have fallen in love with Indian and Thai food during my training. I’ve started the tradition of eating vegetable biryani the night before races and some kind of Thai in the nights before my long runs. Luckily the spices don’t bother my stomach at all.

  11. That text just made my day!!! :D

  12. Side question: you had these really cute bike shorts or tri shorts a few weeks ago and I can't find them again?

    1. Were they the Athleta ones? If so, they are the Queen K tri short. You can find on their website.

  13. I "only" ran 11.3 miles last week. I'm a cyclist that runs from time to time. I did 160 miles on the bike...lower mileage than normal because of my work schedule. I'm loving PB&J rice cakes. I have a teenage son that thankfully has been a good kid.
    You're doing great with your training! I can't imagine doing an Ironman. You are bad a$$!

  14. It is just you. That first pic is not intimidating at all. It's fun. Think of it as swimming with your pod. You will love it. Ignore the Clif's bar commercial that I'm sure you've seen.
    The air horn will be nowhere near you, so you have nothing to worry about.
    Reassuring, that's me.

    Sign Sam up for Ironman. Take it out of his allowance. Wait, the food bill. Didn't think of that.

  15. I have four teenagers in my house!! And yes, many people have received strange txts they thought were from me:(

    You are such an inspiration - reading your blog is always so motivating.

  16. Love that Ken knew it was Sam right away!! We have made it through 4 teenagers, and are down to our last 2. Yes....if you added right that is 6 kids! I was terrified of them hitting the teen years until they got there. We have had so much fun!! They're awesome. Enjoy them because then they leave and go to college!
    So excited for your Ironman!

  17. How exciting reading about your IM training!!! I promise that swim start is not intimidating you will be so happy to start you will forget about all those people and just put one arm in front of the other :-) You can always stick to the outs side back and avoid some of the commotion. I did 0 running last week but lots of walking, hopefully I get to start running again in 9 days!!

  18. Wow that's so exciting! Can't wait to hear about it. I agree that photo is super intimidating! All the best.

  19. OMG Sam is HILARIOUS. Wonder where he got it?

  20. Thank you for the video. You just helped me commit to my first half!

  21. It's funny, 13 weeks of reading about your Ironman training has made it seem normal :) I just signed up to my first triathlon thanks to you! It's a whole other world compared to marathons!!

    1. Yes, you are so right - they are SO different. Congrats on signing up for your first tri!

  22. The Clif bar! I always feel if I survive the swim, I'm golden!

  23. Man, that beach does look intimidating. I watched my husband take off when he did the Waikiki swim, and I thought it looked terrifying and I wasn't even swimming. People on top of people craziness. If you can keep calm, he says it's not so bad when someone kicks you in the face or pushes you down. Um, no

  24. I am sooo bummed I will be in NYC the weekend you guys are racing here in florida!! well not bummed because I'm ready for my race, but I really wanted to come cheer!!

  25. That swim looks extremely intimidating!! Especially since I breast stroke - I always feel so bad that I kick someone - I feel like I'm taking up more than my alotted space - but I breas stroke faster than some freestyle.

    I have signed up for the New Orleans 70.3 in April - I have serious GI issues with my snacks during a long race - I'm real interested to find out what you are eating along the way. Hopefully, you will include that in your race report.

    Good luck - your training has been awsome - you will do great.

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