Sunday, February 1, 2015

You Know You’re Addicted to Running When…

1. You enter a porta potty and you feel at home.

2. You plan your races around your menstrual cycle.

3. You wake in the middle of the night and look at the clock - it says 3:42. You automatically think of your marathon PR time.

4. You actually debate whether you should crap your pants during a race so that you can get your PR.

5. You’ve run out of sticker real estate on your car.

6. The voice mails you receive all say, “Sorry I didn’t get ahold of you. You must be out on a run.”

7. You critique other people’s running form while you are driving (even though your running form could use some work).

8. Before every trip/vacation you research what runs you will do.

9. For your birthday you ask for race entries, sports bras and massages.

10.You get a boner every time a new GU flavor comes out. Salted caramel? Root beer Float? Yes, please!

11. More than 2/3 of your laundry every week is running clothes. With skid marks.

12. You don’t take your dog on runs anymore because he/she can’t run that far.

13. You wear compression socks under your work clothes on recovery days.

14. You’ve stopped doing other high risk activities like skiing because you don’t want to get injured and not be able to run.

15. People tell you you have a running addiction.

16. You talk in acronyms, e.g. “I wanted to get my PR so I could BQ, but I ended up with a PW. At least I didn’t DNF.

17. You read running blogs.

18. You run even though you think you might be injured.

19. You deny you have a running addiction


Which ones apply to you? 1-9 and 10-19

Any others you’d like to add?



  1. I actually got a race registration for my bday present!

  2. #10, the Caramel Macchiato is yummy!

  3. You run your long run in a blizzard. Yep, did that today.

  4. You stop working mid latte at your coffee shop job to watch other runners through the window.

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  6. Yesterday I was trail running in the forest and there was a small foot bridge volunteers were rebuilding. There were some 2x4's going over it so you could inch across it. Being the total uncoordinated person I am, I slipped and fell "splatt" into the mud. I was coated on one side of my body. I didn't turn around. I continued to run 7 more miles.

    I'm still finding mud in all the wrong places!

    I'm addicted!

  7. I love this list! I'm definitely an addict... actually, no, I'm not addicted to running. Right? RIGHT? #4 happens more frequently than I care to admit.

  8. Definitely 15 & 19. Husband accused me of having a one track mind & he wasn't talking about sex...this time.

  9. Definitely 15 & 19. Husband accused me of having a one track mind & he wasn't talking about sex...this time.

  10. 7, 8, 11, 15-19. Not a chance for 14, skiiing is my other addiction.

  11. Yup, you covered all mine! Both the Hub and I will also automatically check out any races within 50 miles of a vacation.

  12. Every one of them! Especially the port a potty.

  13. Love that sweet puppy face! I have to admit that I am way less grossed out by port-a-potties now that I've become a runner. And I'm definitely guilty of doing gait analysis on people running in front of me--hazard of working at a running store. :)

  14. I'm not a runner...yet...I'm a cyclist...but my wife and I are sitting here laughing out loud at this list. Thanks for a great laugh!

  15. this is me and walking the half marathons :-)

  16. I used to be grossed out by porta potties. Not any more! I love them!

  17. 7, 8, 9. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  18. Yes to so many of these, but not number #12--my Daphne is a ROCK STAR! :)
    My dog is as addicted to running as I am. I'm so lucky that way.

  19. That picture of what I feel like vs. what I look like is hysterical!!!

  20. You run on a, shudder, treadmill and do everything else your doctor tells you to do to get healthy and back on the road. Even yoga!

  21. OMG my husband and I always critique running forms when we're driving! Glad to know I'm not the only one! Makes me think who is judging MY form, though!

  22. 8. Before every trip/vacation you research what runs you will do.

    Totally! And it's the best way to travel.

  23. Or you skip a family holiday because it would interfere with your training schedule....

    Haven't done it yet, but this year Easter weekend falls 4 weeks before my marathon. I'm supposed to run 22 miles that Saturday, but I'm also supposed to be going home for the holiday. Hate to miss it, but I cannot skip my last long run before I start my taper! Pretty sure that will qualify me as an "addict" in my family's eyes!

    1. Yep! But you do what you have to do...and you can eat more ham.

  24. 1. Dear god no. no no no.
    2. I haven’t, but it’s not a bad idea, I may start.
    3. Well yes, only mine would be much closer to the time I would actually be getting up.
    4. Happily no never. Bladder yes, bowels no.
    5. Yup.
    6. Yup.
    7. Yup (although I suspect I look more like a hippo than a cute little toddler).
    8. Yup
    9. Not so far, but I have a birthday coming up, so….
    10.Num num yes!!
    11. Yes, sans skid marks (see 4)
    12. Yup
    13. Nope. Not a fan.
    14. Yep. Always wanted to do a tough mudder, never have because of fears injuries will get in the way of my “real” running.
    15. Yup.
    16. Yup.
    17. Clearly!
    18. Hell yes. Couple of years ago I did 2 Half’s and a Full on a torn hamstring.
    19. Of course!!

    1. Hahaha!! I loved that you answered each one individually. Sounds like we have a lot in common minus the skid marks.

  25. I've done the waking up overnight (tho not a marathon time for me!), the dog can't keep up, pre-planning runs for upcoming vacations, new flavors of gu, and obviously reading blogs! :)

    I'll add one about planning local runs around knowing I'll have access to a bathroom at a few key points along the way!

  26. HAHAHAHAHA! Omg omg omg, BRILLIANT. I love #14, because it's sooooo true. I'm a complete waste of space when it comes to doing anything remotely physically fun other than running because of the injury risk. Great post. Great blog!

  27. Add: You realize that you have absolutely nothing to wear to work when they introduce 'casual Fridays' because all your non-work clothes are running clothes. You own nothing in between!

  28. oh yes the researching where to run before you travel. There is always the severe depression of being told not to run or those damn rest days

  29. Hi, my name is Jeanie and I am A2R (addicted to running)! 1-8 and 13-19 I will definitely own!


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