Friday, April 3, 2015

Virtual Cocktail Hour – Confessions

If we were going out for a glass of wine tonight there are things I would tell you. I would tell you these things because I already feel that many of you are my friends. My virtual friends. So…

If we had a glass of wine tonight on a lovely patio overlooking the Rocky Mountains, I would tell you that tomorrow we are heading to San Diego and L.A. to look at colleges for my 17 year old son, Sam (UC San Diego, San Diego State, USC, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara). If you have been reading this blog since it was conceived (in a mad fit of love and running), then you have “known” Sam since he was 11 years old. He is now a junior heading into his senior year in high school.




            Then                                                                                                 Now

I would tell you that I cannot believe my first born is leaving the nest. I would tell you that California seems like an amazing place for a young man to party his ass off go to college, but I will desperately miss his company. His wit (I’m not just saying this cause I’m his mom. Dude is stinking hilarious). The way he leaves all of his dishes from the week on the pool table downstairs. How he calls our dog “beautiful.” How he never fails to tell me he loves me before he goes to bed.

If we had a glass of wine tonight I would tell you that today’s six mile run was the first decent run I have had since before leaving for Israel. I would tell you that my first two runs this week were fraught with cramps and fatigue and the desperate need to crap myself. So much so that I found myself praying to the running gods, as I clenched and turtled, to just let me get home and not soil myself. I would tell you that I hid from my neighbor because I knew I could not stop to talk to her without an epic accident. You would hopefully tell me you have done this once or twice too. Or, you would just laugh at me.

If we had a glass of wine tonight, I would tell you that I think yoga contributes to me getting injured as a runner. I know this sounds ridiculous, but for years I did yoga and ran. And for years I struggled with hamstring issues and butt issues. Once I stopped yoga, these problems have stopped. Coincidence? Maybe. I do love yoga, but I love not being injured more.

If we had a glass of wine, I would tell you that I have read a few really good books lately that you need to read.

If we had a glass of wine I would tell you that I hate the impact social media has on teens. This is a huge and complex issue, but it’s been on my mind. I hate how it perpetuates a lack of self confidence, jealousy, feeling left out, FOMO (fear of missing out). I hate how it consumes kids. I hate how many have traded real life interactions for screen time. Just my two cents.

If we had a glass of wine tonight I would tell you that Ken and I just signed up to do our first ULTRA relay in September in the Colorado Rockies. 5 runners. 165 miles. 16,000 feet of climbing (if you do the math, that’s about 33 miles each). I could not be more excited. I eat new challenges for breakfast, you know?


If we had a glass of wine, I would tell you that I hate thongs. I have tried but never gotten used to things creeping up there.

If we had a glass of wine I would tell you that I could not be more excited that I get to meet two of my favorite bloggers/friends in San Diego for a run and have coffee. Teresa and Kate. I’ve never met Kate in “real life” but sometimes you just know you will click with someone (no pressure, Kate).


Me with Theresa – Jerusalem Marathon expo

If we had a glass of wine I would tell you that as spring approaches, our family is crawling out of a few hard months – jobs, school, relationships. I see the light ahead. Life is never easy, but hardships are temporary and for that I am grateful.


What would you tell me if we had a glass of wine tonight?

Ever done an ultra relay? Nope

Best book you’ve read lately? Secret Wisdom of the Earth

Where did you go to college? Would you recommend? I went to James Madison in Virginia. Would highly highly recommend!



  1. 1. I would tell you that this has been the toughest year. My daughter is a senior and the stress and tears have been abundant. Hers as well.
    2. My gf just ran her first 100 mile ultra and nope. I won't do it, although I hear pacing is awesome.
    3. You Before Me.
    4. I went to Quinnipiac College, now University, in Hamden, Ct. Beautiful, with a strong Allied Health school.

  2. No ultra relay. No ultra anything. I'm more of the 10k type. Best recent read: Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle (I'll admit I listened to this on my commute, not really reading). I went to St. Cloud State University - at the time it was the #1 party school in the USA. Got pregnant, no degree, but I got an awesome son who is currently a junior at South Dakota State U. SDSU - good school - and cheap!

    If I had wine a glass of wine I'd tell you that you can find yoga without injury, you just need to find the right method, right teacher and right balance of yoga and running. PS I just added Yoga Bitch to my library request list. PPS That spell checked to "Yo Bitch" and gave me a really good laugh.

  3. If I had a glass of wine tonight I would tell you that I just typed out a really awesome reply that included a book rec and an anecdote about gas while swimming but the internets ate it. I fear I can never recreate that magic. Have a fab trip to Cali!

    1. That has so happened to me and it's so sad when it does, isn't it? I believe in your magic...:) From a fellow "Conley"

  4. I'm currently a student at Kansas State University and I would completely recommend it. Campus is beautiful, the academics are great, and most importantly... I never get lonely. I know college, and moving away from home in general, can be really lonely for a lot of kids. (Especially sweet ones who really love their moms) The KSU students are more friendly than any other college I visited. On days I just don't want to even get out of bed, it's really nice to have teachers who care, students who are just friendly, and a great administration.
    Depending on what Sam wants to "do," I'd say you should come tour! And I'll totally run with you while you're here!

  5. Do you really want to know what I'd let loose after a glass or 2 of wine? I would tell you that seventeen is the new terrible twos. That I'm sorry yoga hurt you. That I'm jealous of Kate and Teresa because I named you as the blogger I most want to run with (we could talk farts and you wouldn't judge me for any "stops"). That at age 52 I'm gunning for a BQ (who does that?)--it's the wine talking now....That I have a book club on my blog and I may just have to add Yoga Bitch to the list...

  6. I AM having a glass of wine. Right now. (sip). When I'm done, I'll come back and tell you what I think. Unvarnished, as it were. Stay tuned.

    1. Congrats to you guys - sounds like your son is doing great!
      1. I need another glass of wine.
      2. No ultras... Yet.
      3. Lately... I'm just excited to make it through an entire issue of Bon Appetit.
      4. I went to UCSB for undergrad - go Gauchos!! I really loved my time there.

    2. Whoo-hoo! Go Gauchos!

  7. Over a glass or two of you having wine I would tell you that I speeze before during and after nearly every aerobics class I teach (speeze is where you sneeze and pee at the same time). I would tell you how hard it is to lose control of your body even if it is for a wonderful purpose and I would tell you that pants/skirts are the enemy. All. The. Time. I would tell you that I desperately miss running at the wee hours of the morning and how good I remember it feeling to shake off the drowsiness of the night with a run first thing. But that I just don't have the energy to teach 10 classes and be 6 months pregnant with kids at my feet.

    And then I would cry a little that your son is really actually leaving for college because it makes me feel like the next 8 years with my girl are going to go faster than the last 10. And because he is your boy and there isn't anything better than a sons love. Not even my husband or daughters make me feel as good as a sweet hug from my boy. And I don't know why.

  8. I don't need a glass of wine to tell you that you are awesome. But if I had a glass of wine, I'd tell you that, sometimes, I imagine our paths might cross on a run. Even though we don't live in the same state. The avoiding the neighbor thing because you are afraid of soiling yourself--yeah, that happens to me entirely too frequently. If I had a glass of wine, I'd tell you my oldest baby is turning 15 tomorrow. He has turned into a wonderful, intelligent, funny young man. He ran a 5:39 mile the other day. That's amazing to me. I'd tell you that thats make me both proud and sad at the same time. I miss him, and he hasn't even gone off to college, yet. It's just that these years, they go by so FAST.
    I went to JMU, too--I think we might have even been there at the same time. As for an ultra--no way. Well, I've said that about every other distance I've run. So, maybe with a glass of wine...

  9. Totally believe yoga could contribute to injury. There is a lot of joint rotation + pressure that can be hard on the body.

  10. I'm back. Unvarnished. TWO glasses of wine, one with awesome rack of lamb. One with a cat. On my lap, what were YOU thinking??

    I would tell you that you have the best readers ever! Yes, because they like to read the best running blog ever. Nobody else gives the straight poop about running. Even if I think you're mistaken about the yoga.

    You must be wondering who will be your faithful videographer when Sam is off to school. You don't do as many videos as you used to, and I miss them. But to balance it off, I'm sure your food bill will drop.

    What I'd really like to tell you is that you should do a race in Calgary. I know a great place for you to stay...

    No ultra relay. Not now, not ever. Best book in quite a while is Night Circus by Morgenstern. Which totally reminds me of The Princess Bride, which is almost as good. I've been to many colleges and universities, but I wouldn't recommend any of them. Sam would pick up an awesome Canadian accent, and we all know where that would lead. Straight to fame and fortune and girls in Hollywood as another ex(semi)Canadian lured by bright lights.

  11. As I sit sipping my tea, whining about my sore butt. I never thought my yoga could be hurting my running. Running hill repeats is like have two concrete butt cheeks. Started running at 50, and went from zero to the half marathon in six months. A year later I am still loving it and love to read your blog and relate it to all the runners I meet along the way. My running buddies have no hesitation in stopping on the road or on the trail for bathroom breaks. I am no longer squeamish about poop talks, and porta-potties are a wonderful sight. Keep up the great blog and twitter. I hope one day you win the lotto and can buy that old gas station and convert it into a "run in" - because I will be running in for a visit. Cheers from a Canadian Fan.

  12. If we had a glass of wine together tonight, I would likely grill you on this whole "college" thing! Mine are 8 and 9 and I can't believe/don't want to believe/refuse to believe that they will eventually turn 17!!! That's not right!!! I went to USC too so would likely pour us another glass of wine to tell you my USC horror stories (it IS in the middle of south central LA!) and how awesome UCSD is! (Boyfrien-then-hubby-now went there and I LOOOOOOOVED it- great people, right by the water, safe neighborhood, all good things!)

  13. I don't drink wine, but over a couple Angry Balls (Apple Cider with a shot of cinnamon whiskey) I would tell you I'm so F***ING over recovering from knee surgery. The daily reminder that I'm no where near ready to return to running even though I get out there a couple times a week an make painful faces for a couple miles. That even though I hate running, I miss being totally spent after a double digit run. And I hate the person I've become because of this. Give me another drink.

  14. I don't drink wine, but over a couple Angry Balls (Apple Cider with a shot of cinnamon whiskey) I would tell you I'm so F***ING over recovering from knee surgery. The daily reminder that I'm no where near ready to return to running even though I get out there a couple times a week an make painful faces for a couple miles. That even though I hate running, I miss being totally spent after a double digit run. And I hate the person I've become because of this. Give me another drink.

  15. I would tell you that I don't need wine... menopause has made me a total klutz and I can only imagine what alcohol would do to my system! I'd like to blame this morning's swan dive on the lunar eclipse, but it was partially over, and I've fallen so much in the past couple of years it's not even funny anymore. Running and good genetics is responsible for my strong bones, so I'll keep running with the occasional fall. Hopefully this too shall pass.

  16. I would tell you that my husband almost died in September. But he is doing better now. That we decided to homeschool our autistic daughter due to bullying and our schools lack of understanding and I feel it has been the best decision, even though I have lost most of my alone time. She is so worth it.

    I would tell you that family can hurt you more deeply than anyone else and that friends can step in and make the pain more bearable.

    I would also tell you that your blog makes my day and I smile every time a new post comes through :)

    1. "I would tell you that family can hurt you more deeply than anyone else and that friends can step in and make the pain more bearable."
      That is so sad, but so well said - and unfortunately, can be so true. Chin up! It sounds like you have a good attitude and a strong sense about what is important in life. :)

  17. I graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Admission to Penn has become so competitive now that I doubt that I could gain admission these days. If Sam is still interested in pursuing a career in communications, Penn's Annenberg School for Communication, founded in 1958, is arguably the best school of its kind in the country. While visiting LA, Sam should check out the USC Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism. It was founded in 1971 and has long been considered a leader in the field.

  18. I would tell you that Monday we are getting hard wood floors and I am in the middle of cleaning out the first floor and getting the stairs ready as well. We must vacate for a week and I would tell you the process sucks, but the end result should be better than the crappy carpet and vinyl flooring that is there right now.
    I would also tell you how uplifting your blog is and it inspires me at 61 to keep moving. I too felt yoga hurt me physically more than it helped- my hips thank me for stopping. I opted for more stretching instead.

  19. I would tell you that I think yoga makes me more prone to injury too. And I love it. But I love running more, so I stopped.

  20. omg babies leaving the nest i think is the hardest thing in parenting. my 18 yo is in the US, my 20 is here, my 15yo goes to the US (high schools better there) next year and teh youngest is still here, so i will have oldest and youngest IN the nest and the middle two out. AND in another COUNTRY.

    it physically hurts.

    i mean it is GREAT for them to grown their wings and fly but dayum, it really, really hurts.

    now i understand wanting your babies to stay young. i'm SO glad that they are ready and chosing to leave and making their lives (go independent babies!) but wow, such holes in my heart...

    good luck with sammie.

  21. I hope your son loves UCLA - I'm an alum and I had a great time there!

  22. I'm currently a student at UC Santa Barbara and absolutely love it. If Sam has any questions from a current student, I would love to help him out!

  23. If we had a glass of wine tonight, I would tell you that I'm completely stressed out right now balancing family/school/work/and my running. Seems like the only liquids I consume right now are coffee and wine.
    My daughter goes to USF in Tampa. She loves it. I go there too. It's neat to be in college together. But I wish I had finished my degree before I became a mom. The years bring wisdom to us all.
    No ultras yet.
    Only have time for reading textbooks right now. Essentials of Biology, Developmental Psychology, and Nutrition. I know your jealous of my books. Ha!
    Have a great trip. A trip to Cali is on my bucket list.

  24. I would tell you (because I AM having a glass of wine...or two) that...
    1. My baby girl turns 18 TODAY and I am feeling quite old.
    2. The thought of college has me so overwhelmed that it is paralyzing.
    3. Quinnipiac is her "Holy Grail" and she has been accepted there (which I am thrilled about because it's a great college!).
    4. I now need another glass of wine...because...ummm...Tuition Payments!

  25. I would tell you that if something happens and you need another teammate for your ultra relay I want to join!!!!
    And, I would agree 100% about the negative impact of social media on teens - I have seen my oldest son feel left out and lose trust in people he thought were good friends because of social media this year.

  26. UC Santa Barbara!!!! Small but amazing area. Beautiful wineries, just far enough outside of Los Angeles, great running know, for when you visit;)

  27. If i had too many glasses of wine, I would tell you that everytime I burp or fart while running I think of you. :)

  28. Ooh... wine. I'd probably open right up after a few glasses of Shiraz. No ultra anything, I've only got a 5k under my belt, officially (so far). I'm not much of a reader, so I'd have to go with EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey for book... It's about the only one I've read the last few years.

    If you asked about college over wine, I'd have to tell my life story... because I never finished college. Thought I wanted to be an architect when I was in H. S., but my grades weren't good enough to get into U. of Oregon, so I went to a community college with a major in "Drafting Technology". Went out on my own drawing house plans while still in college, but ran out of work during my first winter, and got a job driving truck for my family's business (did that for 6 years). Tried to finish last few college credits, but never got it done. Hated drawing house plans anyway, but found out I do OK at running the family business -- been doing it for 17 years now. Wish I would have taken business classes now (the D. Ramsey book is as close as it gets).

    There, that's what you get for keeping my glass full...

  29. I DID just have a glass of wine (mixed with some bubbling flavored water, poor girl's cocktail) and I WILL tell you, that even having a fun afternoon with friends on this Easter, has left me longing for my family. Holidays, I think are the most "family" oriented for me and friends only "get" me so much. I long for a meal with my father on this Easter Sunday, but must remember this feeling when given the chance on a non-holiday.

  30. Relay: I've done a 12-person Ragnar relay (Key West) and now I'm signed up for a 6-man Ultra Team for Feb. 2016.
    Book: What Alice Forgot or Where Did You Go Bernadette
    College: Univ. of Florida - Go Gators!! Loved it and highly recommend!

  31. I went to USC for undergrad and I loved it! As a California native, I would not recommend a California state school (UC or CSU) to an out-of-state student. If you're looking at the cost of out-of-state tuition, you will get a better bang for your buck at a private school. And I'm not just saying that because I went to USC. I had a much easier time scheduling classes, getting academic/career/personal/whatever advising, getting smaller classes (!!!!), getting into the programs I wanted, making professional connections, etc. than my friends did at public universities. I'm not saying the UC/CSU systems are bad. You can definitely have a wonderful experience at any of those schools. It's just overpriced (and impacted) even for CA residents, let alone anyone from a different state.

  32. If I had a glass of wine I might tell you I was an avid runner before I was almost killed last year in a car accident (old man blew a stop sign and broad sided me in an intersection). I completed my first half marathon in 2013 and I am just starting to run again. I would like to train and complete a tri next year. Unfortunately, I have not read a good book in a while.

  33. I went to UCSD---started back in 1987---and never left this beautiful city! I love San Diego. Am happy to answer any questions you have about the school or city. Have fun!

  34. I went to Smith College, in Northampton, MA, and would HIGHLY recommend - for your daughter, not your son, because it's all women. I met the BEST, most amazing, quirkiest, funniest, smartest women there. An all-womens college is certainly not for everyone, but it was one of the best life decisions I've ever made. Going back for my 20th reunion in May :)

    I have such mixed emotions about the social media for teens thing - I totally agree with you, but how do you get kids to listen to your words of wisdom without sounding like a fogey? The best I can do at this point is limit my boys' screen time (how long can I hold out on giving them cell phones???) and model good device usage myself (ie, not looking at my screen while I'm with them).

  35. I live in CT and my son is in his last year at USC. He has loved it and it certainly has been easy going to school in the warm weather! But it's far away! I love the empty nest but I miss him terribly. Because of the distance though, he calls every day and has since he left home.

    USC is a beautiful campus but in downtown Los Angeles. You don't want to stray too far away from the campus.

  36. If we had a glass of wine together I would tell you that it's crazy to me to think about sending your oldest off to college because I am freaking out about sending my oldest off to kindergarten next year. I would tell you that I've let the voice inside my head that tells me horrible things control my life lately and it's led to me to horrible food & fitness choices that are just making me feel horrible about myself. I would also tell you that I'm totally jealous about your run with Teresa & Kate. Teresa is one of my oldest & dearest friends, and I don't get to see her often enough, and I miss her laugh!!

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