Monday, June 1, 2015

He Did WHAT In My Yard?

This has been a week of semi-weirdness.

It is the kids’ first full week of being out of school. As a mom I kind of love having my kids around. What I don’t love are the excess dishes in the sink that somehow don’t make it to the dishwasher and waking up to messes from nacho parties that occurred at midnight after I had been asleep for 3 hours. I find that charging the kids $1 per dish left in the sink has miraculously and quickly solved the problem (and initially gave me some extra coffee money).

Why else has this been a weird week? Let’s see. My neighbor told me that on Tuesday evening he saw some youngish kids (7, 8 year olds) hanging out on the street. One was jumping around like he had to go the bathroom. He then proceeded to take a dump in my yard. What? Who does that? Well, I suppose an 8 year old boy does that. Maybe this is karma somehow. But, I will say I have never pooped in someone’s yard.

In the world of awesome weirdness, I found this chair labeled “free” on the side of the road and it is my new favorite post run spot. I get to relax and Heidi gets to lick of my sweat. It is a win-win. Who needs a shower when you have a Golden Retriever.

Also kind of amazing is that this year the Bolder Boulder made their race photos free. Can’t say I’ve ever had a race that did this so I say, THANK YOU.

My daughter actually hates to run, but she’s faking it pretty well here!

In the midst of work, parenting, and kids taking dumps in my hard, I’ve been trying to get my ass out on the trails for some vertical running. In 3 weeks I’ve got this very vertical race (that’s a nice was of saying it’s a mother f’ing run up a real mountain to 13,200 feet)
On Wednesday with my mace in hand and my Road ID on my wrist, I took to the trails. I don’t usually go on trails alone, but on this day I did.

 Elevation gain =1,300 feet over 7.3 miles.

On Saturday, Ken and I did some more climbing at Walker Ranch outside of Boulder. 1,700 feet of gain over 7.4 miles.

I’m not sure who put these steps here at mile 2.5, but they were painful.

I ran into a friend on the trail who is also doing Leadville.

There you have it. My week in review.

Tell me one weirdish/random thing that happened to you this week.

Are your kids out of school yet? How’s it going?

What’s the best thing you’ve ever found for free?  A kitten someone threw out of their car (when I was 12). We had her for 10 years.


PS: Sorry for all the weird spacing and picture image size inconsistencies. Windows Live Writer isn't working and Blogger is making me crazy.


  1. The $1 thing must be something learned in Mean Mother School. I got charged a $1 fee for leaving my wet towels on the bathroom floor, ONCE.

  2. They took a dump in your YARD!?!?! WHOA!! that's insane!! Good job on your race and that's sweet about the free race photos!

  3. I cropped the Right Guard logo out of my blog pics from the BB. Am I an ungrateful runner?

  4. I'm thinking Right Guard will be calling you to use that pic in their ads. I mean, you're showing off your armpits and no sweat stains to be seen. Could be the next big thing for you!

  5. Free race pics?? How awesome!!
    I couldn't help but laugh out loud about the dump in the yard story. My fiancé once caught someone taking a dump on the his niece's playground set in their backyard. The horrible was an adult!!! For some reason I can be more accepting of kids dropping trow wherever, but not adults, on a kids slide....yikes!

  6. I love how the pictures are sponsored by Right Guard, and you're all flashing your armpits.

  7. I was running a hard trail run where you start on a steep long incline and then when I got to the plateau part I realized I had to run down another trail to hit the port-a-potties. Then I had to run up the steep incline again to get back to the same trail.

    I said I never wanted to do that because it sucked biscuits. I run a trail series and they published the map for this week. It was the exact route I did over the weekend.

    How strange is that?

  8. I'm glad to read that a seven year old pooped in your yard and not a seventy year old. Somehow, a kid turd is much less offensive than an adult one.
    Imagine -- you peer out the window in the early morning sunshine to find the silhouette of a seventy year old man, pinching a loaf five feet from your mailbox. Much worse than a seven year old kid doing the potty dance, dropping trou, and then running off completely embarrassed that he nearly soiled himself.

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