Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Next Marathon

I took about five days off from running after the TransRockies, but then I couldn't keep myself away.

I mean, seriously, could you?

One interesting fact about my body and this race (aside from lots of farting - I know you've heard of the alti-toots - where one farts much more at higher altitudes - it's a real thing and very entertaining)...I was not sore afterwards, nor was I especially fatigued. I swear, the body is amazing the way that it adapts. I felt like hell on day #3 and heaven (or close to it - that might be a slight exaggeration) on day #6.

So...I figured I'd ride the wave and get in one last race before the weather shifts to the deep freeze that can be November/December around here.

I will say, though, that now that I have a reason to visit Arizona (son at ASU) I've got all kinds of excuses to go down there in the winter for races. Did you know my first race ever was the Rock 'n Roll Marathon in Phoenix in 2009? True story. This was my rookie race where I had no watch and pinned my gels all over my body because I didn't know about pockets or things like that. #runningnerd.

Omg these kids are basically embryos. Now they're (almost) 19 and 15.

What's next, you might ask (or you might not ask because maybe you really don't care).

The Blue Sky Marathon in Ft. Collins, CO. This is a trail marathon and it's 26.2 miles in case you don't know how far a marathon is. Many people don't! Have you ever gotten the question: "How far was that marathon you did?" Or my favorite, "I ran a 5 mile marathon!" Huh?

Anyway - it's on October 2nd. About 3,500 feet of climbing. I've settled back into moderate training, nothing crazy. Last week:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: rest
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 14 miles (trails, 2,000 feet of climbing)
Sunday: 5 miles

Grand total: 36 miles.

You may notice I have no cross training or strength in there. I am a horrible, no good runner. Do not use me as your role model. I'll probably do this until I get injured again then I'll start behaving once more.

In other exciting news from the week.

  • I saw Bad Moms. I think too many people told me how good it was that my expectations were outrageous and I didn't end of thinking it was all that.
  • I am reading Being Mortal. If you have aging parents or just want to know about the aging process, options for us as we age, etc, read it. It's not the most uplifting book but DAMN I am learning so much. And guess what? We are all going to die, so deal with it.
  • I haven't pooped in 3 days. 
  • The thing I worry the most about with Sam away at college is that he will fall out of his 8 foot in the air loft bed. I asked if I could send him a railing and he said no.
  • I made the best quinoa/tomato/edamame/red pepper salad this week.
  • At TransRockies I won a pair of Salomon trail shoes and they just got here. I cannot stop wearing them around the house because they are so gorgeous.

These are the Speed Cross 3.

Shoe Porn

Tell me one thing about your week?

Last movie you saw?

Favorite brand of shoes? I still like my Brooks, but I noticed my Pure Grits didn't hold up that well on the trail.

Best meal you made lately?

Best book you read lately?



  1. Awesome! The marathon sounds beautiful. Care to share your salad recipe?!? I just read "some girls"...good read! Lat movie I saw was Pete's dragon with my 8 year old :) it was cute!

    1. Sprouted Grain and Vegetable Salad:

      2 small cloves garlic, minced
      1/3 cup olive oil
      2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
      1/2 tsp salt
      4 cups cooked quinoa
      2 cups fresh sweet corn kernels
      1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved
      1 red pepper, diced
      4 ounces smoked mozzarella diced
      1/4 cup fresh parsley/basil

      To make dressing, whisk together garlic, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Toss 1/2 with grains while still warm.

      Add the corn, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, cheese and herbs to the grains. Add rest of dressing.

      PS: I also added shelled edamame.

  2. Darn, I was hoping you were going to say you were doing the Boulder Rez Marathon! My husband and I are doing the half and it will be his first real race and my first half post-baby. We are so undertrained it's not even funny, but at least it's flat?

  3. Well if that is true about alti-farts, then I can never come to Colorado. It would be a disaster.

  4. I went back to work on Monday after a 2 week vacation. I'm exhausted. But then again I moved my daughter back to school for her sophomore year and i must have done a shit load of stair repeats.
    I was a Brooks girl but just recently became a Sauconey convert.
    I haven't watched a movie in a while but rewatch rd season 1 of Poldark in preparation for Season 2. I am a costume drama nerd.
    Susanna Kearsley: Named of the Dragon. I'm also a historical fiction nerd.
    Enjoy your Marathon!! Richmond half is my next distance race.

  5. Last book ... "Between You and Me". I recommend. Can't remember the last movie I saw. I don't cook much. I do like the shoes! Very nice. I'm still looking for my favorites. So far top pick is Under Armour.

  6. Haha. I just dropped my daughter off at University of Portland and was worried about the same thing! They have guard rails though. The floors in the dorms are HARD.

  7. I just ran a 50k on Saturday and I actually thought about you during the race. I thought, my feet are hurting and I don't have to run tomorrow, but Beth ran for 6 days in a row. How badly did her feet hurt?!!!! You are awesome!

    Nice new shoes, let us know how you like them. I am a Brooks girl but am always on the lookout for something new.

    We saw Central Intelligence with the Rock (!) and Kevin Hart (!) Hilarious

    My cooking is so boring we can just skip it.

    I am about to finish a book about the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens, it is excellent.

  8. In answer to the book question, I've been working on a new post for my blog about the best healthy cookbooks. This gave me a great excuse to pull out my tattered recipes and pour over cookbooks in the book store. Boy, there are some great options out there! Of course, all of this inspiration lead to a great meal. As a fan of Indian dishes, I made the most delicious cauliflower and chickpea curry. No complaints here :)

  9. Love the Speed Cross 3! They are my go to trail shoe and have never let me down!

  10. Final Gifts is a great one to read too. I resisted it for a while, but a dear friend kept encouraging me. I actually found it comforting. Yes, we're at that time when we have to face some tough stuff. Great job on the Trans Rockies! Very inspiring. Oh and I love my new Newton Boston Fates so much, I haven't worn them outside yet ;-)

  11. We fly home to CA from HI today. Getting out just before 2 hurricanes and President Obama arrive.

    I wear Saucony, mostly because they are one of the few shoe companies that make size 5.

  12. Those shoes are sweet!! I wouldn't take them off either. Congrats! My week has been excessively stressful - my Dad just got a new computer (a Mac!) and he's driving me crazy. I try to be kind, but it's so frustrating trying to help him out!!

  13. I ran the R and R Marathon in Phoenix back in 2006 and ran my best time ever in 3:56. ( Less than 1 minute off a BQ.) I laughed hysterically about you sending a bed railing to Sam, that is exactly something I would ask my son! :)

  14. Best meal I cooked was jambalaya for a potluck at work. I made a ton, and figured I would just be taking home leftovers at the end of the day. Nope. People came back for thirds. Not bad for something I threw in a crockpot.

  15. I haven't seen a movie in ages but am going to see Star Trek this Friday, which I know I'll love. I'll be seeing it with my youngest who I dropped off at college three weeks ago. I'm glad he's coming home for the Labor Day weekend.
    Tara French's The Likeness
    Tomato Pie. Yum!

  16. I'm using this summer to catch up on books that have been on my list forever. My favorites so far: The Secret Life of Bees and 11/22/63 by Stephen King.

  17. I read Being Mortal. Good book. This will be my first year in six or seven years to not run a marathon. You've got me thinking about it. I'm smitten with those Speedcross 3s. The 4s are out. I ran in the Pros at AngelFire. They are on my list.

    1. Yes I tried on the 4s, but they didn't offer them as part of my prize. Darn. Being Mortal has really changed my perspective on aging, especially as it relates to my parents. I think it's an excellent read and really got me thinking.

  18. I had a horrible week at work. Huge team meeting that i was in charge including guest speakers who were remoting in. none of the audio, phone or monitors would work so i stood there looking like a dope.

    Just watched Jeremiah Johnson because Robert Redford is beautiful.

    Fav shoes are my Hoka Clifton 2s because i'm an old lady.

    Meal: made Hatch chili pepper quesadillas

    Book: just read Gladys Tabor's Stillmeadow so sweet.

  19. Favourite shoes Hoka cliftons. I have no less than 3 books on the go at all times. Depends on my mood for reading. Will look up Being Mortal, anything to help deal with aging parents. Really tough being in the sandwich stage, trying to launch kids and deal with aging parents.
    Wondering if you have ever done a post on your favourite equipment for ultra running. I would be interested. Thanks

  20. I'm reading "Chasing the Scream" right now and cannot recommend it highly enough. It is about the history of the war on drugs in the US and it is incredible.

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