Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why Turning 50 Doesn't Suck

The perfect thing about having a blog is it can be all about YOU, all of the time! And, your dog!

Today is my 50th birthday.


Think about that.

As my son told me, "You are half way there." Hmmm...not sure I have 50 more years in me, but I like that he thinks I might. I'm just glad to be in a new f&cking age group.

I started my day running and taking in views of my beautiful Rocky Mountains and thinking hard.

I had the best feeling come over me. Today, I am exactly where I want to be. And, exactly where I should be.

Naturally, mostly of what I write on this blog is about running. Sometimes other parts sneak in like my kids, my husband, my dog, my friends, my travels.

But, there is probably a lot about me you really don't know - like how I hate it when people quote Monty Python!

It's not like I'm some sage or something, but I can look back and recognize things I've learned over the years, things that have become personal mantras. Here are 50 of them.

1. In the middle of the night all problems are 10x as worse as they are when the sun comes up.

2. I don't understand pineapple on pizza.

3. Age does not define what I wear.

4. Travel is the best way to expand the mind.

5. Dogs make life happier.

6. Everyone should know how to swim.

7. One good friend means more than 100 acquaintances. 

8. The most soothing sound is rain on the roof.

9. The most important work may not come with a paycheck. 

10. Everyone should learn how to drive a stick shift.

11. Time doesn't heal everything. We just learn to live in a new normal

12. Confidence gained from running applies to all areas of life.

13. Being truly able to listen to someone is a gift.

14. It's okay to tell your kid, "because I said so."

15. Never trust a fart while running.

16. Airplane turbulence isn't dangerous. It's just unsettling. (Flying used to really scare me and I      would tell myself this).

17. The last six miles of a marathon suck balls.

18. Costco samples can be lunch.

20. Everyone still wants their mommy sometimes. 

21. You know you've got good kids when they send a thank you note without being reminded.

22. Donate anonymously.

23. Googling medical conditions will always make you think you are dying.

24. A broken heart can be mended.

25. You know you picked the right person when they give you the perfect gift you never had to ask for.

26. A fried egg is not is good Halloween costume (I know because I was one in 2nd grade)

27. OPI needs a nail color called "black toenail" for runners.

28. Gossip. What's the point but to hurt someone else or to make yourself feel better?

29. It's a good idea to let your kids feel uncomfortable and to let them fail.

30. Sometimes there is not a right decision, but just the decision you can live with more.

31. Running starts the day right.

32. Library books win over Kindle books.

33. You don't have to know what you want to do. You'll probably change careers 6+ times.

34. Your doctor doesn't know you like you know you. Take charge of your health care. Get second opinions if necessary and advocate for yourself.

35. Winter in Colorado is amazing and sunny (best kept secret).

36. Friendships can have an expiration date and change over time.

37. Don't feel guilty unless you did something truly wrong. Then, say you're sorry.

38. Being right is over rated.

39. I wish Kelly Ripa and I could hang out.

40. I wish Jimmy Fallon and I could hang out.

41. Learning to type in 9th grade was one of the best things I've ever done.

42. Your kids need you to look at them more than your phone needs you to look at it.

43. Running trails are my church.

44. Eating only when you're really hungry changes your attitude about food.

45. Chicken broth has healing qualities at mile 130 of an Ironman.

46. Social media life isn't real life.

47. Being ultra busy is not a badge of honor. 

48. A good night's sleep is everything.

49. Drinking a huge malt milkshake and eating a giant pastrami sandwich right before meeting your boyfriend's family = most embarrassing moment ever. 

50. You're only as old as you perceive yourself to be. 

Costa Rica. April 2016. Wait! Does that say, "VAG?"

So, I just gave you 50 things!! Can you give me at least one of yours?


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  1. I wish you and I could hang out!

    Happy birthday! In spite of my new life challenge (RA) my 50s have been awesome. I've had PRs, I've run marathons, I've made awesome new friends, and I can do a handstand too. <3

  2. Happy birthday!! Looks like "jizz" to me ;)

  3. #2?! Pineapple is the best. #30 is what I wish I had learned ten years ago. #50 is the goddamned truth.

  4. Happy Birthday, you youth you. It only gets better. Mostly.

    I say, "ask nice and the worst they'll do is say no. Then figure out if you really want it, and if so figure out how, without having to hide a body. And if it turns out you have to deal with a body, I know a foolproof way of getting rid of one."

  5. Happy birthday! I LOVE the list. Except the pineapple on pizza one, that is awesome with ham and banana peppers.

    I'm only one month behind you...see you in the 50-54's!

  6. Happy Birthday! I love the list. Here is one mantra from me: stay curious. I try to learn something new everyday. The more I learn, the more I realize I never knew I never knew.

  7. Happy Birthday to you ! I had my birthday #54 last week.....a new age group when I run Boston in April, yay for me. Here are two mantras for you: It is okay to say "I don't know" ...... and as all runners should know "You better learn to like yourself". This one comes in handy around Mile 22. Hope you had a great b' day.

  8. Happy birthday!!! I love your list! Does it make me an old soul that I already had most of this figured out by age 35? Well except for #49. I can't believe I've never read that post!! I've been following your blog since forever and I guess I missed it? I had a similar experience except I was at my father in laws house.... it was from the other end though -I was naked and puking in his bathroom hallway. He calmly held my hair for me until I was mostly done and carried me to the living room ( I was naked and mortified!!)
    Anyways......I digress
    I do hope you enjoy your milestone half a century on earth day!!!

  9. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new age group, I'm about a year and a half older than you so I know what you mean.
    I live in San Diego and my work commute is getting worse and worse every year. My new mantra is "Just let them in", meaning let the drivers trying to cut in front of me in. It makes me feel better, kind of how not gossiping makes you feel better.

  10. Doesn't matter, they're not migratory.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Happy 50th! Mine is "it is okay to not to color your hair." It isn't a crime to get older, even though as a society, we punish people for simply aging.

  13. Replies
    1. You should write a book :)

  14. You inspire me! I'm older than you, "and I have more insurance". Sorry, "Fried Green Tomatoes" quote. I love movies. I loved this blog. Here is the thing I think I've learned in my 50+ years: I have a lot to learn.

  15. Happy 50th birthday!!! "You can't make all the people happy all the time"

  16. It appears that the sand behind you in the above picture is inscribed with the phrase "Jizz M." It can be inferred that that is the work of the infamous beach villain, The Jizz Maestro. Now I am certainly no expert in the field, but I do tend up to date with jizz-related affairs! Let me know if you have any other pictures of the beach or perhaps any pictures of your beautiful family I can take a peek at to help confirm my hypothesis! Cheers! :)

  17. Does anyone know how I get off this page?

  18. Having a body as good as your turns heads, well it would turn mine!

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  20. Happy Birthday! I've been reading your blog for many years, but recently started following you on instagram - and love the pics Heidi & your cat:-)!

  21. Joyeux Anniversaire.

    60 does not suck either.

  22. Awesome! I'll be there next year. Happy birthday - you rock it!!!

  23. Happy Belated Birthday! That's a great list you've created. I'm a year behind you and really looking forward to turning 50.

    1. I'm glad to hear you say that!! I think some people dread it, but I think my fifties are going to be great...

  24. Happy birthday! I was almost giddy about turning 50 (I'm looking at 53 in a few months.) My 50s have been crazy (both good and emotional) but I never want to turn back the clock. Carpe diem!

  25. Happy Birthday! I remember turning 50...I was hiking up from Havasu Falls. The last 13 years have flown by and this May I am getting ready to retire so I can do more fun things! (Like my 130th triathlon and my 3rd Ironman!) :-) Keep on keeping on! Cheryl

  26. Happy Birthday! And yay for new age groups... i just hit the big 55 about a week ago :) And running Boston this year thanks to that!

  27. Happy Birthday and thank you for the 50 things. I was nodding my head as I read each one. You will love your 50s. Keep on keeping on.

  28. Happy Birthday and welcome to the 50 club! Stay your awesome self!!!

  29. 1) eating dinner at the table with your kids and playing a board game (even if its monopoly) beats sitting in front of the TV everytime
    2) being injured is your body's way of saying "lets take a break and try something new" and not your body and the universe being a b#tch
    3) I wish I could hang out with Stephen Colbert or Drew Barrymore

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Happy Birthday to you! You will love your 50's. I'm 60, and this decade so far is as good as my 50's but with an added sense of peacefulness.

    My words of wisdom: Gratefulness and living in the moment is the key to joy.

    1. *are the keys*. Dammit, I can't type today.

  32. Happy Birthday Beth and welcome to the "Big 5-0" club! It's not so bad out here and I love your list! Sadly you have us Canadians to blame for the Pineapple on the Pizza thing..we call it a "Hawaiian"! LOL Only thing I would add to your "50 is awesome list" is "Life Begins Outside of your Comfort Zone" < this is my motto. Good Luck on your Run in Paris!! =) #love from Canada

    1. AND this was what I posted when I turned 50!

  33. Happy Birthday to you! It is true that 50 is the new 30. Yeah right. One thing that I have learned at the ripe age of 54 is that laugh lines on men are very attractive.

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  35. Everyone has their own challenges in life - once you figure out how to overcome them you feel like superman (or superwoman)!

  36. Having great neighbors makes life a lot easier and better. Especially if they are funny.

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  38. Happy birthday! i too love your blog. My share is:

    It's OK sometimes to go to bed mad. When you're tired or hungry things can seem way worse than they are. Get basic needs met & revisit that stuff!

  39. Happy belated birthday.

    • having a goal is important but more important is not letting the goal take over your life.

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