Friday, March 3, 2017

If We Were Having a Cocktail Together....

It's Friday, friends. You know what that means! Happy hour.

In the spirit of it's 5 o'clock somewhere, I've got my glass of wine. Have you got your mug of beer, shot of tequila or pour of wine?

I'll wait.

If we were having a cocktail together, I'd tell you that I've spent the last ten days doing training to become a hospice volunteer. Heidi (Golden Retriever) and will do this as a pet companion team. I cannot tell you how much I've learned, how much I've been touched and how much this has broadened my world.

I came to this wanting to share the sweet, calming and joyous gift that is Heidi with someone who needs comfort. But through it, I learned that deep down I want to know more about death. I also want the honor of sitting with someone who is actively dying and to do what I can to provide something, anything that could be of help to the patient or the family. I just do.

Wow. That was deep. Refill my glass, would ya? Thanks.

If we were having a couple of drinks, I'd tell you that my 50th birthday was the bomb. My dear friend Clair surprised me by flying in from Richmond, VA. My son, Sam, surprised me by flying in from Phoenix. I surprised myself by getting on stage with an Eagle's tribute band and embarrassing everyone.

Kung Fu

I know the singer loves this. I'm very serious. And barefoot.

If we were a bottle of wine into the conversation I'd tell you that training for the Paris Marathon is going...BLAH. All of my runs have felt stupidly hard. You should have seen me after my 18 mile run the other day. You would have thought I just emerged from the trenches of a war zone. I am re-adjusting my goals a bit. Not counting on a PR (3:42 or under) and am gunning for a BQ (under 4 hours). C'est la vie.

Exactly NOT how I've been feeling lately

More like this

If we were now tipsy, I'd tell you I'm going to see Chris Rock tonight in Denver for his Total Blackout Tour. Hope I don't black out after all of this wine. Also, hope I don't feel compelled to get on the stage because Mr. Rock is probably not as laid back as imitation Glen Frey from the Eagles (pictured above).

Have a splendid weekend. Pray for me on my long run.

What's one thing you'd tell me if we were having a cocktail?

What are you training for? Does it suck or is it amazing?


PS: No, I did not really start drinking this early. 

PPS: Have you signed up for the Utah Valley Marathon or Half Marathon yet? Use code suar15 at checkout for 15% off. See you there, it's going to be a blast. Go HERE.


  1. Duck lips? All the 50 year olds are getting them. Almost all of them...

    1. I hope you enjoyed a lot at your day with your friends. I am glad to read this interesting blog about your birthday and Happy hour. I enjoyed reading it and would like to share it with my best dissertation writer’s team at and I am sure they would also enjoy reading it. Thanks.

  2. I am in Myrtle Beach carbing up for the half. My brother in law is a hospice MD and my brother is getting his degree to be a hospice chaplain.
    You will love what you give to those who are in the process of dying. It takes special people. Thank you for that.

  3. I'd tell you that you are my first choice for a home stay, if I should ever be so foolish as to sign up for a race anywhere near you in Colorado. I don't need to fly down there to finish way last. Training for a half marathon in June. It's sucking just now. What's the trade in value on a pair of cranky legs?

  4. Looking forward to hearing more about your hospice volunteer time. That's an amazing way to give back. My life is currently very consumed by a 2 1/2 yo & 5 mo old. Maybe I'll look into hospice volunteering when they're older & I have more free time. We just put down our third "baby" (11 yo black lab) & it will be awhile before we're ready for another fur baby but I'm very interested in a pup that can become certified to be a pet companion.

  5. I met with a hospice nurse in my dad's final days. I have never met a more compassionate person. She really helped us through the transition.

    Currently on my first cup of coffee, but pretty sure there will be more this morning. We came home from Hawaii on Thursday and I brought a cold/sinus infection with me. My running there was wonderful - I ran my favorite 10 mile, +1500' loop twice and took a couple of trips around Diamond Head.

    I won a free entry to the Utah Valley Marathon from Wendy's blog! Just finished week 2 of training.

    1. GREAT, see you there. And, feel better.

  6. I would tell you something I haven't told most of my peeps, real life and blog life: I am currently training for the Cleveland Marathon. It would/will be my second marathon. When I trained for the Akron Marathon, I loved everything about it. I had a lot of fun, so much that I wrote on my blog that I loved training for a marathon much more than running a marathon. This time: not so much. Every long run feels like death. I don't have to declare that I'm running the marathon because I'm an ambassador for the Cleveland Marathon, but I had planned to do that last week. I didn't write anything. I'm feeling lots of doubt. I don't know if I can run alone for 26.2 miles when my last run of 16 miles felt so awful. I haven't had a good long run yet. Sorry to vent on your page. I can't vent on my own yet because I'm trying not to look like an ass.

  7. If we were having a cocktail, I would tell you that I'm going to see a baby giraffe tomorrow and I am more excited about it than my seven-year-old is. Baby grizzlies, too! Which might be the most exciting part of all.

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