Monday, November 13, 2017

13 Things We Probably Don't Agree On

If you thought I was going to discuss religion or politics - you would be mistaken! I won't touch those subjects with a ten foot pole. Or, my finger toe.

Morton's toes rule! So do pedicures, but clearly
I'm out of the loop on that one.
Over the years I've realized there are things I like and hate that seem to completely go against the grain of civilization. Maybe this is true for everyone, I don't know. But, sometimes I feel like an oddball with my preferences. Don't know what I'm talking about? Read on.

1. I cannot run with a hand held bottle. I know I should, but it just feels wrong to me, like it throws me off balance. And, I hate running with anything in my hands. I know if I continue doing trail races and eventually ultras, I should probably get the hang of it, but for now it's just not my thing. I always go for my Hydraquiver from Orange Mud.

2. I don't like or eat ice cream. The taste is okay, but not worth the calories to me. And, it also sometimes make me feel shitty. Maybe it's an aversion from when I drank a huge milk shake that resulted in my most embarrassing moment ever (see HERE). So, don't ask me to go to DQ or anything like that. I'd rather go to a wine bar.

3. I like Atloids, but I can't handle a whole one (that's what she said), so I suck on it for about 30 seconds and spit it out (that's what she said). This is usually done in my car where I keep the Altoids. Once a month I pick up the semi-sucked on mints from the floor and throw them away.

4. I can't stand Monty Python movies and I especially can't stand when people quote from the movie and try to do the accent.

5. I hate my bare feet on the floor. I have to have slippers on my feet in my house. Always.

I knitted these. JK, they came from Kohls.

6. When I'm running with someone they have to be on my right side. It's just how it is. That works out really well when we are on the road because I'm always on the inside and then I am not the one to get hit by the car first.

7. I hate rum. And, gin. So when I visit the Caribbean I don't do all those daiquiris, Mai-Tais etc. And any martini I have is vodka based.

8. I don't like Twitter and rarely use it. Just not my thing.

9. That book, A Man Called Ove? Didn't love it. I know this will make me very unpopular. People have extreme love for that book. In fact, people at my book club asked me, "Do you even have a heart?"

A Man Called Ove: A Novel by [Backman, Fredrik]

10. I don't understand all the hype about Nutella. Don't hit me.

11. When I go to Starbucks I always get straight coffee. Don't like the fancy drinks.

12. Please don't ask me to put pineapple on my pizza. I don't get it.

13. I don't spend any time in the bathroom when I poop. I'm in and out in about 2 minutes flat. I don't see any reason to hang out in there. I can think of better places to spend my time.

I could probably go on and on, but this is a good start.So, now it's your turn to tell me how much you disagree with me.

Tell me something you hate or love that most people would't agree with.



  1. You are NOT Alone!

    1. Can't do it. I feel off-balance and my hand starts to hurt. Forget switching hands - it's like trying to write with the opposite hand.
    2. I do like ice cream, sorry!
    3. Same - much too strong to eat the whole thing.
    4. Don't think I've ever been able to watch an entire Monty Python movie. The snippets I've seen just aren't funny to me.
    5. I can be barefoot sometimes, but usually wear some super sexy grandma slippers around the house. Just ask my boyfriend!
    6. I'm good with either side, so we could run together!
    7. Rum in Coke, yes. Gin, never.
    8. Have never tweeted a thing in my life.
    9. Have never heard of that book!
    10. Nutella doesn't do a thing for me either.
    11. I do like a chai latte from Starbucks - but prefer my coffee black.
    12. Fruit does not belong on pizza. Period.
    13. What are people DOING in there? What takes them so long?

    I don't like peanut butter - never have. I know, weird.

    1. You are awesome. Turns out we have a lot in common! But I do like PB. But, less as I've gotten older.

  2. 1. I run with a very small one but I detest it and only do it when it's super hot. I hate carrying excess ANYTHING.
    3. Haha I don't even know what to say to this one.
    4. I don't get the Monty Python hype either.
    5. I always wear slippers too, or crocs or flip flops. Mainly because my dog is a messy drinker and gets water everywhere and I hate stepping in it.
    6. My training partner is always on my left.
    7. Again, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Have you had black cherry rum? Maybe that would turn you...
    8. Agree, twitter is not my thing. I use it to write complaints and bitch - just to get it out. Nobody follows me so it's anonymous.
    9. I've never even heard of that book, but I often hates books everyone else loves.
    10. I hate Nutella. Don't hit me either.
    11. I can't really stomach the super fancy drinks either anymore. They were my gateway to coffee, but I gave lattes up one year for Lent and now I have trouble with them.
    12. Have you ever tried it? Weird at first but I kind of loved it.
    13. I try not to spend any time in there but sometimes it just takes a while.

    I hate Twilight/50 Shades of Grey and (this is the gasp) Harry Potter. I've tried to read HP 3 times and can't ever get through it, even though I'm an avid reader. I also hate 90% of the Beatles catalogue. That never goes over well.

    1. Haha, you are cracking me up. I actually can't digest pineapple very well, so that might be part of my aversion. We are totally on the same page (pun) with the 50 Shades thing. Could not get through it and never saw the movie. HP is just - meh - for me. Also have never been into Star Wars or Star Trek. Gasp.

    2. HAHA! OK my deep, dark secret was not liking the Beatles but you beat me to it. Also did not like Ove. and was also the weirdo in my book club. Glad I'm not the ONLY one.

    3. I did like the author's other book, Beartown, better

    4. I was thinking of checking our Beartown! It sounded more "edgy" from reviews.

  3. 1. I don't like getting manicures or massages. Really don't care for strangers touching me and I'm perfectly happy painting my own nails. Also, I'm a cheap ass.
    2. Cannot watch It's a Wonderful Life without falling asleep.
    3. I hate soda.
    4. I can't run with either a bottle or phone in my hand. All things must be secured to the body.
    5. I do like ice cream but it cannot have nuts or weird fruit pieces. Oddly, I like fruit and nuts just fine but NOT in the ice cream.
    6. I don't spend any time in the bathroom when pooping either.
    7. Regarding pooping: I cannot poop outside my own toilet. Just not happening.
    8. I'm not a fan of the Keurig. Love coffee, but the Keurig pods are not strong enough and they are wasteful.
    9. I have never heard of that book.
    10. I can't think of anything else so I'll stop here.

    1. I HATE 50 SHADES TOO! I never bothered to try to read the book. Watched part of one of the movies but thought it was laughable. I thought the Twilight books were good but the chemistry between Kristin What's her Name and Edward What's His Name on screen is non-existent. Also laughable.

    2. So this begs the question...wth do you do if you are not near your own toilet????

    3. I hate massages too. I had a friend in college try to give me a backrub to practice her massage technique and I wanted to climb the walls and she kept saying, "You're so tense!" and I was like, "THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE TOUCHING ME. STOP."

  4. Let's see.
    1. I don't like running with anything in my hands either, but I do it if I have to, like an 8-12 K run on a hot day. That's too far to do without water, and not far enough to be worth putting on hydration pack.
    2. I love Rocky Road ice cream. There's even a song about it that describes me.
    3. I don't even know what Altoids are.
    4. Monty Python is ok, but not worth quoting even if you do get the accents right, unless the situation is PERFECT. Princess Bride has much better quotes.
    5. Bare feet are ok in the summer, but it's slippers the rest of the year. Sheepskin, if you must know.
    6. I go both ways when running. Out and back. I mean, on either side.
    7. Most mixed drinks are meh. Except Rum Swizzles on a hot day. Wine is the way to go.
    8. I tried Twitter and gave up. The world is more complex than 140 characters, and I usually have more to say than that.
    9. Haven't even seen that book, and I was in a book store a week ago. Maybe we're behind the times here in Calgary.
    10. Nutella is a sometimes thing. I'll get started on it, and it's all over everything. Well, not that, or her, but everything else. Then I'm done with it for a while. I think I'm about due to start again, now that you've reminded me.
    11. The only time I go to Starbucks is if someone else is buying, and I can't talk them into getting real coffee. Then I'll get hot chocolate. It's marginally acceptable, but better than anything else.
    12. We can't be friends anymore. It's not pizza if it doesn't pineapple on it.
    13. Depends on if there's a good article on the iPad. I think this is your way of saying you can't take it any longer than that.

    Let's see. Keurig is not coffee. Running at -30 C is fun. It's normal to get up early and swim. Litterbugs should be staked out and forced to listen to Donald Trump debating the North Koreans.

  5. 1. I hate dogs. Admitting this always feels somehow un-American, or inhuman, because people gush about their dogs and how their dogs are their babies or whatever but...I don't get it. I really like cats, and someday we'll have a cat again (one kid is highly allergic), but

    2. I don't like hot chocolate. It makes my teeth feel furry. I'd rather drink a black coffee or plain tea.

    3. I will resist reading the latest book that everyone is gushing about, until it's been out a long while, just because I hate following trends. Exceptions: the latest Sue Grafton, Alexander McCall Smith, or Stephen King.

    4. I hate the Outlander series. I did read it in the past, but as I've aged I've realized just how cringeworthy most of the plot and attitudes are, to the point that I sold/gave away my signed copies of the series.

    p.s. I liked A Man Called Ove, but that was because I really liked the grumpy old guy and I identified with him. I was kind of bummed when he softened up at the end. Just like in the movie Up, I thought Karl was funnier when he was a crabby old dude.

    1. Oh, I also resist holding anything in my hands when running. Hate. Especially water bottles, they slosh and it bugs me to no end.

  6. 1. Occasionally I run with my phone in hand (when traveling/running in a new area... I’m prone to getting lost) but I hate water bottles and the sloshing sound.
    2. Ice cream is give or take. I have to have one at the start of summer but otherwise... meh. Mint or pistachio only!
    3. Altoid’s are too strong! I prefer spearmint gum.
    4. I’ve never watched a Monty Python movie and don’t understand the humor.
    5. I hate bare feet. And I like blankets on me even when it’s summer!
    6. Same
    7. I like gin! But I’ve had one too many hangovers from vodka, rum, or tequila to ever drink again.
    I prefer craft beer!
    8. Twitter? What’s twitter?
    9. Ive never heard of that book.
    10. I love Nutella! I ate an entire jar when studying for boards...
    11. I dislike Starbucks coffee so I just don’t! I like independent shops.
    12. Pineapple is a no go! Blech! Pesto and mozzarella!
    13. In and out! I have other sh*t (pun intended) to do!

  7. Hmmmm....

    I eat Altoids 2 at a time. In fact, I'd eat them off your car floor....

  8. I believe you when you say you don't eat ice cream, but you don't like it? I'm lactose intolerant. I shouldn't eat ice cream but I do, because it's effing delicious. What kind of person doesn't eat ice cream because they don't like it? You wouldn't have made it through the front door in Willy's chocolate factory. You need to re-evaluate your priorities. Right now, go to Cold Stone and think about what it is you like and don't like. For reals.

    1. Haha! I see you are not questioning me as a human being. The truth is I don't HATE it, but if I had a bunch of foods lined up, it might be my last pick. I sat in Coldstone all night and just couldn't make it happen.

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  10. 1 -5, 8,9,10,12 and 13 - TOTALLY AGREE!!!
    #6 - no preference
    #7 - LOVE fruity sweet drinks
    #11 - see #7 - I like cream and sugar with a little coffee in it.
    Otherwise, maybe we were separated at birth and are twinsies!

  11. #10-13 really hit home for me. Nutella is a waste of time. I mean, I can't come up with anything to do with it but eat it out of the jar, and in that case why not just eat chocolate that's actually good? I am also the asshole that orders regular coffee at Starbucks (sometimes an Americano if I'm feeling fancy), and I don't have a lot of patience for individual drink orders that take 3 minutes to detail. Pineapple just makes pizza soggy, and sometimes gives me hives, so yeah. No pineapple! And, finally, #13--yes, I either have to go, or I don't. There's usually no gray area where I have to sit in the bathroom and meditate about it or anything.

    Thanks for these! A much needed laugh this morning.

  12. I hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I can eat a PB sandwich or a jelly sandwich but think the 2 flavors together are gross. Also, I don't like raisins unless they're covered in chocolate.

  13. Reality television of any kind. Do not try to win me over to any kind of Kardashian or Real Housewife or Amazing anything. Nope. Will. Not. Watch.

    1. Wow! I have to respectfully disagree - although I won't touch Kardashians, I do love Survivor and Real Housewives (but only OC and Beverly Hills. I have my standards).

  14. I agree with most of your post, so I don't find you weird, but then, I tend to be the weirdo in any group.

    I DO like gin and rum, but I won't touch beer.

    It doesn't faze me to run with something in my hand, but I won't run with anyone. I mean, races, I guess there needs to be people around me, but I have several friends that are all "oh let's do a training run together!" or "hey, join this great running group" and it's like they don't know me at all. I run to escape people, not hang out with them. #introvert

    1. I don't like live music, at all. It never sounds as good as the recorded version, and again with all the people.
    2. I've never done an Uber or Lyft (with the exception of once WITH my sister who ordered it and I just jumped in), basically because I don't see how people can trust that they will go on their phone minutes before they need a ride somewhere and some stranger magically appears. That seems shady as hell, and completely unreliable.

    1. These days beer gives me a headache so I sadly don't drink much of it anymore. I get the running alone thing - but I do love Uber. Don't take it much cause i don't live in a big city, but it is convenient when you travel. That said I don't think I'd take it alone. Does seem creepy.

  15. I usually run with my cell phone in my left hand. Its 2nd nature to me as much as I am on it. Nutella isn't my thing despite my love of chocolate. Its like cake frosting & I'm not that desperate for sugar to eat cake frosting out of the jar. People have to be on my right side in life because I carry my purse and cell phone in my left arm & can't have peeps blocking my bling.

  16. Don't do hand bottles either
    Ice cream Yes please
    Don't drink coffee
    My wife is in and out of the toilet while I just sit...

  17. Don't do hand bottles either
    Ice cream Yes please
    Don't drink coffee
    My wife is in and out of the toilet while I just sit...

  18. Haha I love this! I was literally laughing out loud at the last 2 because I'm the exact same. I always just get black coffee from Starbucks and I HATE pineapple pizza. Even if someone tries to get it on half the pie, it ruins the whole thing!

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  20. Totally agree on almost all...can't comment on the book since I haven't read it! Running I'm ok with someone on either side, but NO switching around during that run! I once ran Boston with a handheld water bottle and hated it (knew it going in, did it anyway ��), after the race my friend said she thought she saw by handheld on the side of the road...yep, I chucked it mid run! Gave ZERO F's that I'd just thrown away a $20 item! And the bathroom thing...what are people doing in there?!? Get it & get out!

  21. You crack me the hell up, as always! The slippers!! I am the same way and can't stand it when I sleepover somewhere else and don't have them. Then I have to wear socks. I don't like the idea of my feet being dirty in the house, especially if I don't shower before going to bed.
    I only get fancy drinks at Starbucks when I have a reward, and then I have to make a special order to cut down on all the dang sugar.

  22. I loved 'A Man Named Ove' but then I'm a sentimental bitch who has been known to sniffle once or twice at a Hallmark Christmas movie. I know you can take or leave ice cream, but the one thing I love that may turn people off is a handful of potato chips on chocolate ice cream ;-).

  23. Dislike coffee, tea, soda and beer. Pretty much the only beverages I'll consume are water, skim milk, and Red Cat..also gatorade. Not together, of course, b/c that'd be nasty.
    Also gross? Salad dressing, all kinds. Why muck up a perfectly good salad and get it all drippy and sloppy?
    Okay, now this one is REALLY odd, but...I'm also not a fan of cell phones. Never had one, likely never will!

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  25. I completely agree with you about Nutella! I do not get the fuss about it at all!

  26. Who mentioned Nutella? Love the stuff but unfortunately it's a banned substance in our house!! Far too addictive. Python not funny I don't get it, never got it. Sweaty palms or cold thumbs so avoid holding anything when I run. Ha ha my mum gave me the 50 shades of grey book she said she couldn't get on with it sex on every page! Harry Potter another no no. Never twitter, don't drink as can't cope with hangovers - I'm so boring!! Oh & ice cream makes me feel sick & shivery - toilet? Can take a while & definitely NOWHERE but at home!