Monday, November 6, 2017

Guess What I Found on My Run? (No, It Wasn't a Dead Body)

First let's talk about yesterday.

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Did anyone else turn into one giant crying goose bump as she ran into the finish? Or, was it just me? You know you really love running when you cannot get enough of watching someone with such perfect form and stride run. I could literally watch her for hours. What a race. What grit and determination.

Moving on.

So, I was running on Thursday minding my own business when I spotted something along the sidewalk. Like you, I am always spotting random stuff while I run, but I rarely stop to pick it up unless it's money. And, it never is. Usually I see lots of dental picks and empty Fireball bottles. Once I saw a live parakeet and a pair of underwear (not mine. Eww).

But on Thursday, this random item caught my eye. It looked like part of someone's journal, so I picked it up. And damn if it wasn't someone's diary from 1989! I stuck it in my pocket and within a few feet found two more clumps of pages from the same journal. I took those too. In total there were about 30 pages.

I could not wait to get home to read the juicy tidbits that were surely contained in these pages. I kept a journal and it was FULL of details about romantic crushes, nights out on the town, friendships gone bad and all kinds of other drama. I fully expected the same from these pages I found on the sidewalk.

As I walked in the door, I laid out the pages perfectly and in order. I made a steamy cup of coffee and sat down to read what I assumed would be a steamy collection of private and revealing memories. I honestly didn't feel the least bit guilty about reading this diary as clearly someone had thrown it out of their car for all of the world to see. Public information! They could have burned it. They could have eaten it. They could have buried it behind the shed in their backyard.

The handwriting looked like that of an adult, but I quickly learned that the thoughts were that of someone who was ten years old. Seems she was reciting her thoughts and her mom was writing them down. That should have been my first indication that there would be nothing juicy in those pages. The journal started in June 1989 when the family was travelling in Europe. There was talk of hotels, ducks and the weather.
Image result for boring
The family then return to Boulder and I assumed things would take a devious turn. The ten year old would have a crush on her teacher! She would steal a Snickers bar from the store! She would secretly start shaving her legs the day she got her period!

But, no. There were descriptions about violin lessons, walks to the park and thunderstorms. What a waste!

I learned that sometimes people keep journals just to document the basics, not for secrecy. Then the throw them out car windows because they are boring.

I guess I'll just keep looking for that dead body.

Did you keep a journal growing up? Do you keep one now? I have volumes from when I was 8 years old until I was about 30. Then I stopped.

Most interesting thing you've ever found on a run? Besides the parakeet, probably a man standing in the middle of the road staring right at me and peeing.

Have you ever run NYC? No, but I am determined to do it someday.


PS: No one guessed what was in the while bowl! It was TUNA FISH!


  1. HAHA! I would have done the same thing (my husband's nickname for me is Gladys Kravitz...) That being said, I DID keep journals and when I was purging things a few years ago I trashed them ALL! (But not before reading them first) They were so damn embarrassing that I was afraid that if I died and someone found them/read them, THAT would be their prevailing memory of me and I couldn't bear the thought. HA!

    And yes, you really should run NYC. It's marathon that put me in marathon retirement b/c it was so amazing and now I'm itching to enter the lottery yet again!


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  2. maybe it was English writing practice for someone?

  3. I kept a journal and after you posted about your fun diary, I went and read it. Then I burned it. Ick. Nothing to see there.

    I always see interesting things on the run, but really the most interesting thing was the time I saw 2 pairs of ladies unders and a bunch of airplane liquor bottles. Someone had fun.

  4. Running in downtown Richmond, I find all kinds of weird things. Discarded hair weaves are seen almost daily. Right now I can't think of anything that stands out in particular.

    I kept journals on and off throughout childhood, then in high school my best friend and I passed spiral bound books back and forth, which we called "The Notebook." We had a whole bunch of them throughout high school and now we each have custody of half. We revived "The Notebook" in digital form through a private blog when we were in our late 20s, but it died after she had a baby and didn't have time to write in the notebook anymore. I myself started a Livejournal in 2003 and it lasted until 2011; then I transitioned to a public blog and maintained a private one too. Both are spotty now, but I always curse myself for not keeping them up because I forget EVERYTHING and having these records is a great way to cruise down memory lane. I bet if I had kept up my blog, I would be able to go jog my memory and find an entry describing something crazy that I found out on the run.

  5. Cried as she was finishing, cried as Meb finished, cried as she was crowned, really it was just a mess over here

    1. and in other completely unrelated news, now I'm trying to figure out why my blog won't update in your side bar....let's hope this isn't a technical issue I've been ignoring for ages, oye, ha!

    2. Let me check why...I probably just need to re-enter your url.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I've run NYC twice, including this Sunday. It is such a fun, fantastic race, even in the rain. You have to do it!

  7. I didn't find this on a run, but my co-worker did. He found a boy laying on the ground! The boy was about 7 years old. My co-worker stopped to check if the boy was OK. He seemed groggy and said he lived nearby. My co-worker escorted him home.

    I never really wanted to run NYC until I saw the coverage this weekend. :-)

  8. I kept a jouranl when I was 23-24 and my boyfriend ( now husband) and I traveld around in in a trailer for a year. I wrote first reactions to places and for some reason the price of gas!

    Other than money or used condoms - haven't found much exciting when I am out walking. when I find money I tell myself the economy is improving.

    I would love to WALK NYC marathon,but don't suppose that's a possibility. ('m 64- no more running) It was so impressive to see Ms. Flanagan run a flawless race and the pure emotion at the end.

    1. There's a soft 8 hour time limit! I ran/ walked it in 7:45. I'm not ecstatic about it but I am so glad I did it!!!

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  10. I volunteered at mile 16, BGRs water station, aka the "wall of sound," in 2014, ran it in 2015, and cheered my friends on this year. There is NOTHING like it!! Please let me know when you do it so I can be there for you!!! I'll have whatever you need on the course at 18+!!

  11. This entry made me think over if I ever have thought of running NYC. No, I don't think so, and I do not think I ever will (I am now 66, but that should not be a barrier I guess?) And I have tried to keep a journal several times, but it has only lasted for a week or two each time! The most interesting thing found when running? Well, I really don't know. You mention a man peeing. Some months back I was running in the woods with a friend. We observed a bike standing between the trees some 100 feet away from the path and we ran over But we should not have done that. We ran direct in on a man squatting behind a bush with his biking shorts at the knees. Obviously he had got a sudden urge to take a dump when out there biking. I guess he had not planned for two mature ladies running in on him.

  12. I found a dead body, lying in the ditch, hit & run from the night before.

  13. I did NYC last week! Still have post-marathon high :) One of the best things, weirdly, about the race were the two facebook groups I belong to where the 1,000+ members share memories of the race (now that it's over) and all kinds of details of our training, logistics (how to get to the start, where to stay, what to bring...this race is MADE for planners like me), etc.

    I have a journal horror story. I was an exchange student after high school, in Belgium, and my first host family and I did NOT get along. So of course I wrote all about them in my journal. Which my host mother then "found." And read (barely...she didnt' speak English super well). I knew it included some pages where I described illicit activities. I had to wrestle it out of her hands (literally, we were wrestling in my room) so that she wouldn't be able to read that part and get me thrown out of the exchange program. She was totally nuts. Within a week I found a new host family and they were a MUCH better match for me.

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