Friday, February 23, 2018

A Few Things I Need to Get Off My Chest

If you thought I was going to discuss gun laws or the Trump Presidency or whether or not Nutella is the nectar of the gods, you've come to the wrong place. I avoid these type of controversial items like the plague. It's not that I don't have opinions - oh, sisters and brothers I do. It's just that they are my personal opinions and I doubt you come to this here blog to read about them.

Btw, I don't really like Nutella. Go ahead. Send me hate mail. Oh, and almond butter? Not quite my thing either. Go ahead. Punch me in the nuts.

Here's what I need to get off my chest. Confession time.

I am training to do the Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Channel swim on March 25. It is 2.5 miles, which equals exactly 4,400 yards, which is precisely 176 lengths in a 25 yard pool. For the love of GOD. I would rather eat four jars of Nutella while watching curling in the Olympics than swim back and forth one hundred seventy six times! Don't get me wrong. I love swimming. Just not so much in a pool staring at that black line and counting the band aids on the pool bottom.  Today I swam back and forth 88 times. I am a warrior.

I love my library, even if libraries aren't so cool anymore. I've always loved libraries - the peacefulness, the hundreds of books for me to read (although once in high school I signed out Catcher in the Rye and each page was full of bloody boogers. Definitely a down side to the library. You don't get boogers with Kindle books).

Anyway, I was in the library yesterday using the self check out (I also love self checkouts. Something about being in control). I was trying to scan my library card and it wasn't working. I told the lady waiting in line that I was sorry, I couldn't get the machine to work. That's when I realized I was not scanning my library card, I was scanning my PetCo card. What a dumb ass. I am surprised I'm smart enough to read books at all. The library should ban me.

On a serious note. I hate the person in the pick up truck last Friday night barreling down 9th Avenue. I hate him/her because I had pulled over trying to save a dog that kept crossing the road. And, right as I got out of my car, the asshole pick up truck driver hit that dog so hard and just kept going. Just kept going. Who does that? And, no, there was NO way he/she didn't know they hit the dog. You could hear that a block away. I haven't cried that hard in a long time.

Last thing I need to get off my chest - I turned 51 yesterday. Getting older does not suck. Here's why:

  • No one heckles me on the street (maybe that's not getting older - maybe that's just my overall look)
  • I usually do pretty well in my age group in races (I'm at the young side of the 50 to 59ers!)
  • Going to bed early is awesome
  • I've realized fulfillment (through relationships, travel, etc), not income or material stuff, is the measure of true success
  • I give much less of a shit about how I look or what people think.
  • I've been married almost 23 years. I'm proud of that. Ken rocks!
  • I can wear underwear with my bathing suit and no one cares (joke)
  • Pretty soon I'll be able to crap my pants and no one will bat an eye.

What are you training for?

Ever hit a dog by mistake?? We actually almost hit the dog ourselves, before I pulled over. Ugh.

Libraries - do you go? If not, where do you get your books?

What's the best thing about getting older.?



  1. How the hell did you get roped into that swim? I'm looking forward to hearing about that!

    Back in the day after we first got married and bought our first house, we got our first dog. A crazed Brittany Spaniel who I loved. She got out of the back yard one day and I chased her right into the street. One of my neighbors was driving by and hit her. She ran back to me and died in my arms. It was horrible. Even worse, the neighbor who hit her didn't even stop. There was no way she couldn't have known she hit the dog, especially when I was wailing in the front yard. I could never let that one go. Why are people so mean?

  2. Shit I hit a rabbit once and I still haven’t gotten over it. Some people are just heartless.
    I’m sorry you had to experience that. 🙁

  3. I am so sorry about the dog incident! You are a very good person for stopping and trying to help. I witnessed someone hit a cat while I was at a stop light and I forced my husband to pull over and we ran through traffic trying to frantically get to the cat. I have never been so hysterical in my life. The image of that poor thing flaying around in my mind will never go away :( RIP kitties and doggies

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  5. You don't like Nutella ? That does it. UNSUBSCRIBE !

  6. Libraries? Love. I have at least one overdue book in my car right now. I consider the fee to be part of my community investment.

    Training for a 5 mile road race on the same day you’ll be swimming. Doesn’t sound very far but is for me :) Using a couch to 10K app and love the structure for the runs themselves with the flexibility of when up to me.

    Never hit a dog but ran over a squirrel who darted in front of my minivan a few years ago. Felt the bump, screamed, and I’m sure traumatized my elementary-aged daughter for life. I know I’m still shook.

  7. Ok, the libraries thing makes up for the Nutella thing, but it was close. So very close. Our library revamped their reservation system and it's so cool now. I almost don't browse in the library as much anymore, I look for specific things on line, so we have a bunch of things on our hold list. American Gods DVD started at number 130 in line or something, and I think we are down to number 25. Can't wait. Recently went through The Expanse (books and show), and The Librarian(s) movie and TV show. The TV show is better. Just took back a Zizka photography book, amazing and so inspiring! Yes it has a functional self checkout. Last time there someone I had marked down as a geezer breezed through it like a champ, and for bonus points helped a young mom with it, which totally wiped out the geezer appellation.

    OK, the swim thing. Not to bring you down (Totally yay for you for signing up!) but the swim is almost certainly more than 2.5 miles because you won't swim in a straight line, and there are currents. Better train to do 3 miles. (Don't get me started on the whole primitive miles and yards thing.) Pro tip, find a 50 m pool, and train in it. Fewer laps, and it's likely to be a nicer facility. The $ are not important. Another pro tip, stop counting laps. Use the clock instead.

    I don't even want to talk about the dog thing.

    I'm not training for anything and I love it. Still swimming regularly, taking it easy. Biking and running have been set aside for now. This retirement thing, you know, keeps me too busy just now. And 51 is so young! I'd totally heckle you on the street, or in the pool. In a good way, of course. (Faster! Elbows up! Head down! Power through those flip turns! (Ummm, you ARE doing flip turns, yes?))

  8. When you are swimming break it up into "sets" so you just aren't counting laps- warm up for 800-1000 (free style) . Add fins to your freestyle for some power swimming (1500 done!) Do another 500 with paddles (2000 done). Now add in a ladder of 100-200s (50 easy 50 hard, 100 easy 100 hard, etc.) and you will have at least 2200-2500 in easy. Kick with fins and a board for another 200 and a cool down of 200 and you just might have 3000 yards covered. Make it fun! Mix it up and the laps go by quickly!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I do that sometimes...and sometimes I just swim straight for endurance...

  9. Oh and getting older thing? I am the only woman in my AG for my next tri- so I can just cruise it. Which I won't do anyway as I like to push my limits...but it's fun all the way!

  10. Happy birthday!

    I watched my dog get hit by a car when I was 11 and I'm still scarred. The person didn't stop, probably related to your pick up driver.

  11. Too bad you didn’t get their license ... they were probably 🍹 ng that’s why. ASSHOLES. I would of cried too!! On my trainer as we speak... 50 th Birthday in August and flying back to Maine for The Casco Bay Swim / Run Island to Island race on August 12. Also known as Otillo from the Swedes!!!! Then my birthday then the Maine half IM August 26!!!!

  12. i love libraries too. don't own a kindle. i hate nutella and don't really love almond butter either.... are we sisters from another mister :) oh, yeah, i placed first, second and third in my last tri at 55 :) getting older has some benefits! oh, and i went really hard. TWSS. i had no idea that i was the only one in age group. Loser....

  13. oh, and happy birthday! girl crush..... LOVE your blog and your instagram ;)

  14. I found out there is this whole subculture of people who do not love the Nutella. Even though I am not one of you, I accept your place in the world.

  15. I want to do that swim some day! I've eyed it and sent it to my sister as a someday, maybe? Our bus driver hit a dog on the way to school once. It was just terrible. We all cried for the dog. She did stop, thankfully. The dog ran out as the kids were leaving for school.

  16. I'm just happy there is another woman who hates Nutella. Thank God! And I hope that pick up driver has karma come back and hit them like a maniac in a pick up that kills animals. WTH???

  17. Why are people such jerks? I was jogging on a trail in Boulder a few weeks ago and someone was jogging with their dog off leash. Another woman ran by and yelled at the lady to put her dog on a leash, then kicked the dog in the face as she ran by. WTF??? The dog didn't even do anything to her. It was a big swinging kick, like she was punting a football.

    (I don't really "get" Nutella either...)

  18. Making your 50's sound pretty awesome!

    Good luck with the swim, I don't think I'd ever make it that far!!


  19. Replies
    1. Unfortunately we don't know. As we drove away, people had stopped to help . I couldn't look, but Ken did and saw he was still moving. So I suppose that is a good sign.

  20. That's super upsetting about the dog! Ugh.

    I use libraries all the time, I'm a librarian after all :) Glad to hear you can laugh at the silliness in the library... we see so much silliness every day!

  21. People suck when it comes to animals. My mother found out yesterday that the cat I rescued and gave to her four years ago has a b-b gun pellet in her head. She took the cat in for an ear infection and discovered that in the X-ray. My mother's words were, "Some people!" (She doesn't cuss, but she probably should.)
    However, the real reason why I am commenting is because of the last part of this entry. I love that you celebrate your age, and I especially love that you celebrate your marriage. Twenty-three years is an accomplishment. Happy Birthday and best wishes. Keep on running and blogging!

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