Monday, March 19, 2018

Save the Neck for Me, Clark (and my first podcast interview)

You know what over-used expression I hate (among so many others like, "at the end of the day" and "my bad" and "sorry not sorry")? This is the one I cannot stand: "Stick a fork in me, I'm done." I think it's because it's so cheesy and dumb. But, for some reason on yesterday's 8 mile run I could not get that eff'ing phrase out of my head.

Because by yesterday I was SO SO done with running, much like that turkey on Christmas Vacation that Clark cut open and it was just a pile of disintegrating bones (although I do recall that Aunt Bethany liked it).

Image result for turkey christmas vacation
Save the neck for me, Clark!

Maybe I'm just a pussy, but this ultra training is hard for me. Lots of back to back intense runs and I've been throwing in swimming in there to get ready for my race upcoming on Sunday. Here's what last week looked like.

Monday: Hike 4 miles (1,100 vertical)
Tuesday: Run 5, steady (200 vertical)
Wednesday: Run 9, with 3-4 miles at tempo (459 vertical)
Thursday: 6.5 miles, hill workout (500 vertical)
Friday: Swim 3,500 yards (2 miles)
Saturday: Run 15, trails (2,800 feet of vertical)
Sunday: Run 8 miles, slow and steady (416 ft. of vertical)

Total: 49.5 miles, 5,475 feet of vertical

This week is a recovery/rest week and will be mellow. I'll run tomorrow and Wednesday, then we leave for Nevis/St. Kitts on Thursday. Friday is a pretty intense hike up Mt. Nevis (3,500 feet). I'm not sure of the actual distance, but I do know it involves lots of mud and ropes you use to pull yourself up. Should be an adventure. Sunday is the big Nevis to St. Kitts Channel Swim.

Here's a picture I took of Mt. Nevis last time I visited (11/2015).

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

In other exciting news - Kate Nesi from the Life Long Learning Podcast interviewed me recently...if you'd like to give a listen, you can find it here. I had a great time talking to Kate, a mom/runner/podcaster. She is relatable, easy to talk to and has a great podcast voice! You can find her podcast on iTunes as well, searching Life Long Learning

Are you going anywhere for Spring Break?

Tell me your favorite podcast. I have a few - Rich Roll, Tim Ferriss, How I Built This, No Meat Athlete, Ali on the Run...



  1. Just got back from spring break. Having trouble reentering into the real world!

    I was on a podcast once with Denny Krahe! It was fun!


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  2. As a blogger I like Blogging with Leslie while cooking dinner and I love listening to Oprah's Super Soul Conversations on long runs.

  3. Congrats on your podcast, Beth!! Meanwhile, I'm on the sidelines with my hammer toe (yes I've heard them all), and would probably swap places until I get this "straightened out. ;-D

    I thought it was cousin Eddie that like the turkey, "you want to load me up with a little more of that, it is gooouuud!"

  4. Not a fan of pod casts. Too slow. I usually want to listen on fast forward. The start of this one was enough to put me off, and only the promise of your dulcet voice happening kept me around.

    No plans for spring break. We are still deep in winter here.

    1. Dulcet voice. Wow. Had to look up that word. I never said I was smart. But at least I have a soothing and smooth voice.

  5. Thanks for being on the show Beth! You are a lot of fun to talk to and a wealth of information. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks for having me. Loved "Meeting you" and thought it turned out great, as did my friends and family!

  6. Alexander Hamilton is from Nevis! (Just saw the show, felt all the hype and more). But I doubt it looked like your gorgeous photo then! I would love to swim that race someday, I feel like the older I get, the more inner fish I “channel”.

    1. Yes, he is!! Last time I was there I saw his childhood home. Pretty cool. Still haven't seen Hamilton, tho. Sigh.

  7. You are so freaking tough!!! I really do want to do an ultra and I'm hoping the knee keeps getting stronger so I can make it happen...then again I am not as tough, ha!

  8. I like it very much. Hope to read more posts from you.

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  12. I am a podcast junkie, and favorite running/sports related include Run to the Top, The Morning Shakeout, and the PhysioEdge (David Pope).

  13. Congrats on your podcast, Beth!!