Friday, March 6, 2009

The Answer, My Friend, Is Spittin' In the Wind

You were all right! So were those reviewers on The Garmin Forerunner 205 rocks! I know, I know. I'm such a novice. So many of you have been running with these types of watches for ages, but I'm new to running so this thing is like having my first tape recorder when I was ten. It's astounding, exciting!

It's every bit as big as I thought it would be. I can't wait for my left arm to bulk up from wearing it on long runs. I will be known as the asymmetrical chick around town.

I took my first short run with it yesterday and loved having the stats right at my fingertips:

40:30 mins
4.78 miles
8.46 pace
416 calories burned

That thing has enough of a presence and will become enough of a part of my life that it needs a name. Any ideas? Mitch? Hank?

So yesterday's run - had to get out of the house. It was day #3 of being with sick child. So when my eleven year old got home at 3pm, I took off, not realizing how hard the wind was blowing. Of all weather things, wind is the worst for me (well wind and snow might be worse). The only redeeming quality about running in the wind is that when I spit, it flies away from my body (providing I remember to not spit into the wind) instead of landing on my shirt. I realized two things about myself when I started running 1)I need to spit a lot when I run 2)I suck at spitting. Most people (esp. guys who have been spitting their whole lives) can project nice and neat lines of spit. Not me. They end up on my shoulder, on my face or down the front of what I'm wearing. Just an observation. Don't even get me started on farmer's blows.

During the run I played around with some fartleks. I still think that's the craziest word. I read a story in Runner's World last month about a program called "Back on My Feet," that encouraged homeless men to start running and training for a half marathon. It made me laugh cause one of the guys mistakenly called the fartlek the "buttlick." Great story, by the way if you have time to read it.

Thanks for all the feedback on weight gain while training. My friend and resident sport's physiologist, Macker, had some really good points I hadn't thought about. Increased glycogen stores and increased muscle mass. That and increased intake of Jelly Bellies and German chocolate cake.

So tomorrow my running buddy, Erin, and I are hoping to get in a long run (10-13 miles). It's supposed to be 40 and maybe snowing, so could be a cold one. A thought - does anyone know if the Garmin shows temperature? Does it have a built in heater?

Happy Friday!


  1. Beth,
    I am glad you are happy with the Garmin! You can strap a 5lb weight to your other arm so you wont build asymmetrical muscles.

    I hate Running in the wind too, although, as a man, I have mastered the art of spitting since we men folk been doing it since we were little. I have noticed the need to spit more frequently while running, not sure why either.

    I read the same article in Runners world and thought it was a great story.

    I hope you have a good run on Saturday, now you will finally be able to see how far you go. I need to get the optional heater for my Garmin too.

  2. I spit a lot when I run, too-- and I NEVER spit when not running. I guess the wind is good for something. And yay for your new Garmin!

  3. I have the garmin 205 as well and love it!

  4. I loved that article. I clipped it out and mailed it to my dad.

  5. Having played softball for 15 year, I can spit with the best of them. It's a skill that's always made my mother so proud. :o)

  6. Running in the wind is the worst, well next to the treadmill! Enjoy your long run, sounds like you need it being stuck inside with a sick kid. Those are looong days!

  7. Wind is INDEED the worst. Actually, physiological tip for the day, the extra work your body has to do by running in to the wind is much more than the energy you save running with the wind. Kind of explains why it sucks so bad.

    The spitting will come. One of the things I'm always amazed at is the elite runners' ability to spit and blow snot rockets. They can do it right in the middle of a 10k at a searing pace. They'll blow a perfectly placed snot rocket right over to the middle lanes without missing a stride. There really ought to be a competition for that.

  8. Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm looking at investing in the Garmin 205 myself. I'm always curious about the mileage on some routes. Hope your training goes well!

  9. YAY for your new garmin!! its the BEST :)

  10. Built in heater...hahah, I wish! I just got the 235...hoping the next version has that heater option ;)