Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spittin' Loogies

Today's run: 6.0 miles/:55 mins/9.1 min pace

I was running on the dreadmill at the gym today and two things came to mind:

1. After running on an incline for most of my workout, I wondered why there isn't a treadmill that you can decline on. That is, go downhill. It would be kind of complicated because you would need an opening in the floor underneath where the treadmill could lower to simulate a downhill. Kind of like when you get your oil changed and there is that opening underneath your car. What goes on down there anyway. Just a thought.

2. Going to the gym and people-watching is a funny thing because people bring all their personal workout habits to a public space. Like all that grunting and heavy breathing that goes on. And the flatulence. But today's favorite was that the guy next to me brought a trash can over by his treadmill and proceeded to hawk up loogies and spit them into the trash can the whole time. Really pretty gross. You know I am a big spitter when I run and for some reason if I was running with him outside, this probably wouldn't bother me, but seeing it in the gym grossed me out.

So..tomorrow Erin and I are going to Ft. Collins to run the half marathon course in preparation for our race in a month. We are both feeling we need to do this because we are kind of mentally psyched out by all of the climbing involved. We want to know more of what to expect. One thing that certainly freaked me out is that today on the treadmill I put it on a 9.5% grade just to get the idea of what that felt like. And it felt like SHIT. I'm not sure how I will run up that for two miles. Any advice for hills and climbing??

I need new shoes. I like my New Balances okay and they have gotten me through my training and my first marathon, but I could have a better fit. What brand/type do you love? Anyone tried the new Under Armours?

As always love your feedback!


  1. ahh treadmill - not a fan :) good luck running the course!! that will be great practice!

    i wear asics gel kayanos and looooove them!

  2. Actually, you can put the treadmill on a decline -- though only up to (down to?) a 3% grade. I did it yesterday, as I need to do the opposite of your hill training! I'm planning to run the Colorado Marathon in early May and it's almost all downhill, which I've heard is hard on the knees. Good luck on your run with Erin! Tell her I say hi. Oh, and ditto the above comment about Asics Gel Kayanos -- those are what I wore for all my races last year. I'm now in a pair of Brooks that are serving me well.

  3. Thanks Laura, I had no idea you could decline the treadmill. I'll have to try it at the gym, but I don't think those do that...

  4. My old gym actually had treadmills you could decline. Not much, but you could do it.

    And that guy with the loogies...yea, that is just gross. I would have started to gag.

  5. OH no - I'm a bit spitter too, but spitting INSIDE is just plain wrong. I might have gagged and barfed on him.

  6. Oh my gosh...that guy at the gym is just disgusting!

    I wear Sauconys and love them. I haven't talked to anyone yet who has tried the Under Armours...I would be interested to hear what they think

  7. yeah the downhill treadmills are like crazy expensive, but if you were running a long downhill race i could see it!

    have fun doing the pre-race. I never think that far ahead or live where the race is :)

  8. There are a lot of things I can tolerate outside that totally gross me out inside.

    I, like Sarah, love Sauconys. I would love to try the Under Armours one of these days, but I have worn nothing but Sauconys for a very long time.

  9. Spitting in the garbage can is just wrong!

    I run with Asics Gel Kayanos also.

    Have fun on the 1/2 course!

  10. I just bought Under Armors and really like them.

    Here's my review:

    Good luck with your search!

  11. Downhill running is used a lot in muscle damage research. Goes to show you how much we beat up our legs. They basically take the treadmill apart, reverse the direction of the motor and then position themselves backwards on the mill after setting it on an incline. So, if you want to go to extreme lengths to run downhill on a treadmill, there you go.

    Asics DS-Trainers for me. They are very light. A lot less support and cushion than most people look for, but I like lightweight trainers.