Friday, May 1, 2009

What Happens There, Stays There

I hate my home treadmill. It sucks. It's like running on an old piece of plywood. I know - I should be grateful I have a treadmill at home. At least I could watch the rest of Survivor this morning while doing five miles. And some of yesterday's Oprah. My, Kirstie Alley had gotten big again. She was acting kind of wacko on the show if you ask me.

I still haven't decided on my fall marathon, but thanks for all of the great advice. I am trying to choose between the California Intl Marathon, the Santa Barbara Marathon or St. George...they all have pluses and minuses, so it is a matter of weighing the pros and cons.

So for the next few days, beginning tomorrow night, I will be making an effort to do the opposite of running, healthy eating and taking care of myself.

I will be in Vegas. Land of complete and total excess. Erika (BFF) and I go at least once a year, and here are our rules:

  • Absolutely no exercising
  • Drinking is allowed to start and stop at any time
  • No going to shows and/or fancy meals. Money is to be spent playing blackjack
  • No paying for drinks. Get those free at the tables.
  • No giving out our phone numbers. We are married ladies after all. (although I broke this rule last year and gave out Erika's number to someone kind of scary. I am still in trouble for that one)
  • No sit down meals. We can grab something on the fly between casinos
  • No slots except $20 on Wheel Of Fortune
  • Adopting a sugar daddy is fine as long as there are no strings attached. We are married ladies after all.
  • Making up a fake name, occupation, sex is okay and can make for some good stories

So this is why I love Vegas. No clocks, no time schedules, no rules (except those above). For me, mother of two kids, PTO president, blah, blah, it is my total escape. And I know it's time to go since my 11 year old son and I got into it this a.m. when I asked him why his homework wasn't done and he told me to "mind my own business." Time to get out of dodge.

You knew I'd ask it. Where's your escape? Where do you go to completely unwind and let it all go? What are your rules, or lack thereof?


  1. I've never been to Vegas and I really feel like I'm missing out on something!

    Have fun!

  2. I though Kristie Alley was crazy too.

    I'm still in college so the temptation to unwind is around every corner lol. And there aren't any rules.

  3. Although not a gambler (Jaclyn loves the slots though), I do love going to Vegas, if only to people watch. I am (we are) quite the opposite. We try to hit one of the "upscale" restaurants just to see how the other people live. And we will see a show just because there is probably no chance said performer will either A) go on tour again or B) show up in Houston.

  4. Vegas me and my husband get away for 5 days every year (my mom come out and watches our kids) for a basketball tournament he plays in. So he plays while I lounge, shop and maybe catch a couple of his games.

  5. Have a great time in Vegas!! I like the rules, you gotta have fun every now and again.

    I seem to unwind every week with the poker group. No kids allowed, adult time only.

  6. What a great trip! I need something like that since I never take enough vaca.

  7. I've heard the Cal International Marathon is a very fast course. I have friends who have run it.

    My escape? Lake Tahoe! The only rules are to not have a schedule and to drink a Wet Woody at Garwoods. Mmmm.

  8. I've only been to Vegas once, but had so much fun (except for the whole studying for finals while I was there thing, but, whatever). Have a great time! My escape now is limited to our local golf course. :)

  9. My biggest escape is actually going for a long run, I'm kinda surprised to say.

    For me, a long run is about 16 kilometers and there's something about knowing that I have lots of miles to go that gives me a sense of peace. A sense that there's no need to hurry.

    Thanks for commenting. I just love the title of your blog! It's so true.

  10. Have fun!!!! Love the rules :)

    BTW- I thought Kirstie was a little creepy on something. She really got me with her idea to design her own weight loss program. Hmmmm.

  11. seriously kristie alley was like nutzo!!

    my place is always laying on the beach, listening to the water... ahh costa rica I wan to come back

  12. I am still voting for CIM :) :) :)

    I hate my treadmill too, we have one at home and bleh I never want to use it.

  13. Great trip!!! My guilty pleasures to escape are smut my current read, "Skinny Bitch" or the story of Marcia Brady and her drug years...for some reason I am sucked into celebrity gossip and love those shows..."The Real Housewives" is a fav, as was "The Girls Next Door!" hee hee Prim and proper girls like me like to escape watching other people be bad! ha ha Love, D in Longmont