Saturday, September 19, 2009

Preparing for the Race Day

What do you do the night before a race? I am preparing for my Boulder Half Marathon tomorrow at 9am. The anxiety is less for me if I feel ready:
  • Coffee is pre-programmed to brew
  • Race bib is pinned on new running dress
  • Garmin/iPod are charged
  • Gel/glasses/etc on the counter
  • Ankle band on on the counter (this instead of a timing chip on the shoelace) - what am I on some kind of probation?
  • New songs are loaded on iPod (Black Eyed Peas, Kings of Leon, Weezer)
  • Strategy is in my head: go out slow first couple of miles, then speed up, do negative splits second half. Try to hold an 8 min/mile. Hope foot doesn't give me problems. Try to PR. Cut myself some slack if I don't
  • Big plate o' pasta for dinner (yeah I'm old school)
  • Change of clothes for post-race in case I shit myself (you's happened before)
  • Worry that my foot hurts. Remember that what you worry about usually never happens
  • Re-check the start time and the weather forecast (perfect: about 55* at the start)
And voila - here is the dress that I worked hard to snag before the race. It took some finagling, not unlike working a drug deal, but I did it. These are some of the most unflattering pictures ever. Taken by my eight year old.

My ass. It looks so f'n large and unattractive. Trying to show you the cute pockets in the back of the panties you wear underneath. I make the sacrifice for you.

The cute panties. I love how they make me look like I'm wearing a cup or have a penis.

Wish me luck. Nothing bad can happen when you're wearing a running dress, right?


  1. LOVE the dress! And you're right, nothing bad will happen. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I think you are more than ready! I had to wear an ankle band for my half marathon last weekend, all I could think of was how much sweat/skin molecules were on that thing.

    And I swear, my five year old just came over and looked at your pics and he said, "let me see that heinie thing again....why did they take a picture of it?

    Good luck!

  3. LMAO! You're such a trip! Good luck in the a.m.!!!

  4. LOVE the dress! very very CUTE!!!! good luck & KICK some booty girl-- i know you will!!!!! :)

  5. good luck tomorrow!!!!!! and cute dress...hope it works out for ya ;)

  6. It's all you all the time - I feel a PR!

  7. I'm so pshyced to hear about how the dress works out. I love it!! You have the body of a 20 year old. I'm not kidding either. Work it bitch!

    Good luck. Your going to execute the plan perfectly! Stop worrying about that foot. Shut up and run!

  8. GOOOOOD luck! I can't wait for you to report back on how running with the dress went. Did you take it out for a test drive I hope? NOTHING NEW ON A RACE DAY!

  9. Good luck in your race! I still havent seen those pockets your talking about.

  10. I hope it went well! I just like to lay my stuff out the night before. And make sure my garmin is charged!

  11. Oh shoot, I'm tuning in late on Sunday night. Hope you're pleased with the turnout and had fun. I'm anxious to hear how it went and to know how running in that dress felt. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm happily married to my man husband, but you have a smokin' bod and I think you're too hard on yourself girl. Okay that was a little awkward. Oh, I also wanted to comment on how beautiful your home is. Love the hardwood floors.

  12. Love the dress.
    Injuries suck. Not much more to say about that.
    Our philosophy is big pasta the night before the night before. Not the night before. Ever tried that? (Thus, Thurs night for a Sat run.)