Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Don’t Think I Could Drink That

I am not sure which is harder on your body - training for a marathon or spending a few days in Vegas. Both wreak havoc. Both include dehydration, fatigue, possible injury, G.I. distress, and the consumption of many calories. My total sleep for 3 nights was 14 hours, for a whopping average of 4.6666666 hours per night. I take total responsibility for this because I insisted on staying out late and playing blackjack, then getting up at 6:30 a.m. to work out. This shows I am a very dedicated gambler and athlete.


I look okay at 2 a.m. Not so good the next morning

One of my most favorite things to do in Vegas is to run up and down the Strip in the early morning. Nowhere on earth do you get a better or more eclectic mix of the human race. One can see everything from prostitutes to hard core runners to people who never made it to bed the night before (and scream at you in their drunken stupor), to families just out for a little sightseeing (prostitute sighting!).

Our flight left Vegas for Denver at 7:20 a.m. this morning, so when the guy in front of me took his bag out of the overhead compartment and hit me in the head with it, I scarcely noticed. That is how tired I was/am. But, now I am home, and re-entry to reality is never easy. Actually, it can be an outright bitch.

Here are some highlights from the trip, if you care:

Best New Restaurant We Tried: El Segundo Sol (on the Strip across from the Wynn) for the margaritas and fishbowl of guacamole (you know how I love my guac)


Best Restaurant Overall : NOBU (sushi) at the Hard Rock. I also liked the new Steven Tyler display they have there (is that a nipple ring?):


Best Quote From the Trip: “No one should ever have to go to the ATM.” I was playing blackjack and losing my shirt. I muttered under my breath that I might have to make the walk of shame to the ATM. The guy beside me was on a winning streak, and started giving me $25 chips to bet. That’s when he told me no one should EVER have to go to the ATM. If only.

Best Person at the Pool: The 54 year old guy from Michigan wearing the bright fluorescent green banana hammock. He wore the same one in black the next day so I think he has one in every color. I was sad to leave today because I did not get to see which color might emerge. After all, Thursday might be hot pink banana hammock day and that is something I hate to miss.

Best Fight Witnessed: Two girls in the pool at the Wynn screaming at each other across the water because one girl said the other girl’s boobs were fake and apparently they were NOT. “I have had these since I was 12 years old!!”

Best Picture From the Trip: This girl photo bombing me an Erika. We have no idea who she is.


Best new drink (which I actually did not have, but I wanted to tell you about it): Bacon martini (because bacon now has to be in lip gloss, on donuts, and in cocktails). Nothing like bacon infused vodka to go with your eggs.

So now, it’s onto serious Ironman Florida training. 18 weeks and counting. I meet with a potential coach tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all of your advice from my last post. I’m ready to get this thing STARTED!!


Do you like trying new restaurants or just sticking with the old stand bys? I am a stand by girl – when I find something I like I tend to stay with it.

Do you always work out while on vacation? YES. I don’t see any reason not to – the facilities are amazing these days (depending where you stay – plus places like the Wynn charge you for it whether you use it or not, so you might as well) and I think the absolute best way to see a new place is while running.



  1. haha that is a wonderful recap -- sounds like an awfully awesome trip! good luck with your training and partying.

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  2. I take an annual guys-trip to Vegas with a bunch of college buddies, about half of which are runners/cyclists/avid amateur athletes. We always try to get at least a couple early morning runs in on the Strip, and I'll second your observations.
    It's a kick to see folks walking out of the casinos, still in their party garb and drinking beer, blinking in the sunlight at 7am. Not that I haven't tried that a time or two in my younger years....

  3. Sounds like an awesome time! I just got back from Vegas and I WISH someone would have handed me chips at the table. Lucky you!

  4. I have never trained for a marathon before but I have been in Vegas. If you don't know what's worse for your body, I'm not sure I can ever train for a marathon because I know what Vegas did to me.

  5. Hahaha...You are awesome. That is all.

  6. Wow, good for you {daily work out}. We were there in April and I ran once. I agree, it is pretty cool to run on LVB... I made sure my husband got a pic of me running with the street sign visible, as not sure I will ever make it there for the R&R marathon. Good luck with your Ironman training!

  7. Sounds like an incredible (and exhausting) trip!!! I love Vegas - and even better when someone shares chips with you!!
    Yep - I always work out on vacation - helps me justify any extra sitting and the eating of more crap than normal!

  8. Are you going to join BAM? I coach Tuesday nights at Spruce from 6-7....

    1. It's the local masters swim group. It will be the best thing you can do for your swimming!

  9. I love Vegas :o) It looks like you had a blast!!

  10. I love going for a run while on vacation! I've never ran Vegas though. Last time I was in Vegas I was walking home about that time...but I really can't talk about that. ;)

  11. I love Vegas. I used to hate it but the more I go, the more I love it. I'm usually an "old stand by" girl but last time I was in Vegas (in April) we went to Japanase(?) at the Mirage and it was amazing! I ALWAYS workout on vacation and have run the strip a few times. Love it!

  12. Working out on vacations has been a recent effort of mine, and I just nailed it in Cabo!

    I love that the guy next to you started giving you chips to gamble. I don't know about you, but I'm a much better gambler with someone else's money :).

  13. I wish we could all stop putting bacon in everything.

  14. Normally I don't work on on vacation, but I attended a Beachbody fitness conference in Vegas last week. But I arrived a few days early and ran in my friend's neighborhood. I didn't think I could run along the Strip (crowding and/or climate) where I stayed during most of the week.

    The bacon drink looks interesting, but that's a heck of a way to add salt to the glass (I know, it's not a margarita--I'm reaching).

  15. Nice dress! I like the floaty skirt. ;)

    I try to run when I'm on vacation - I agree, it's the best way to see a new city. But sometimes I just like to relax with a pina colada.

    I'm a creature of habit with restaurants. My favourite is Indian - as an Aussie in the UK, I gotta say that England has AMAZING Indian food.

  16. We did the Grand Canyon and Vegas for family vacation this summer. My one regret, not running the Las Vegas Strip in the morning. We ran at the south rim of the Grand Canyon though. Still kicking myself for not running in Vegas...we were so so so tired.

  17. Hilarious stuff. Sounds like a fabulous trip with the girls!

    I'm not a vodka drinker, but I think I could do the bacon martini at least once ...

  18. Sounds like a fun trip! We ran Ragnar Las Vegas last November--now there's a way to see the sights outside of the strip. Nothing like running through the desert at night and seeing signs that tell you to not feed the wild burros and horses, or running down Mt. Charleston with snow and wind pushing you all the way. Ran my fastest mile there thanks to the grade and wind. You are going to rock your Ironman; hope the coach works out well for you! ;)

  19. Ahhh Vegas! Sounds like a great trip. The photo bomb had me LOL. And yes, I do work out on vacation. I even worked out on our Disney Cruise a few months ago.

  20. I've had these since I was 12 years old. hahahaha love it!

  21. I got to run on the boardwalk on our vacation. Something I've always wanted to do since I started running five years ago. It was great!

    I do love to go try new restaurants. If the parking lot is full, we know it should be good, so why not?

  22. I always workout on vaca. In fact when I went to Oregon last year with my 9 and 6 year olds, I brought a workout tape and packed 5lb weights in their suitcases. They were both inspected by TSA.
    On another note, is that Erika who used to work at Children's? She married a nice guy from Paris? Tell her Tammie who used to work at Children's (Good Sam now) says hi!

    1. Wow, small world. yes, that is the same Erika. I will tell her!

  23. Beth you really know how to live!! Sounds like a great trip. I love trying out new restaurants. I'm a real foodie. I always fall off the exercise wagon when I'm on vacation, mainly because I'm not a morning person and love sleeping in.

    Looking forward to hearing about your Ironman training.

  24. SUAR, blogger Swim, Bike, Mom completed her first Ironman last Sunday.She's posted her recap. She took a Dramamine before the swim and that kept her from throwing up from being sloshed around in the water. There's a non-drowsy formula.

  25. Yes I try to do some sort of workout while on vacation. However, it is mostly walking everywhere. I tend to go on vacations to somewhere warm like Mexico so I am not always hungry when it is hot.

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