Monday, June 10, 2013

Not Exactly Roughing It

Yes, it’s true that this morning I was running through this:


Don’t punch me in the face because you are jealous.


And, I’ve got to say it was magical being at 8,900 feet and going through this enormous area of Aspen trees called “Aspen Glade.”


Again and again this weekend, I kept thinking to myself just how in my element I was running up and down trails, sometimes feeling like my lungs would explode, sometimes dodging roots and rocks and always taking in devastatingly gorgeous views.

This picture was taken after Ken and I ran up on the Overlook Trail from the village below (yeah, that’s right. We started down there). Once at the top, we ran along a ridge for awhile.



Beaver Creek, Colorado, which is a few miles west of Vail, has the slogan “Not exactly roughing it” for good reason. It is a small and exclusive community tucked away in the mountains at about 8,100 feet. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile it’s rather ironic that I would stay in a place like this (or even be able to afford it), but I have to say that as much as I like camping, I also like a warm, cozy bed (Sleep Number anyone?), super double ply soft toilet paper, and a glass of chardonnay on the deck overlooking the village (and maybe eat some Pringles and Pop Tarts).


Our family and another family went up together and stayed in a gorgeous condo in the village. There was some wine, some Catch Phrase, some pool time, some hiking/biking/running, and some Apples to Apples (most parents will know this game because their kids make them play it quite a bit).


Beaver Creek may not be roughing it, but you’d be hard pressed to bike, hike or run in this place without roughing it. There is no level ground anywhere. You are either climbing and dying or flying down some trail out of control. You might even find yourself stuck in some snow if you hike far enough up. I swear I didn’t Photoshop this:


Dude thinks he’s king of the world in his goofy John Lennon glasses:


Do you prefer roughing it, luxury, or a bit of both? What’s the most luxurious place you’ve ever been? I always feel luxurious when I stay at the Wynn in Vegas. For my 40th birthday Ken and I splurged and stayed in the most amazing 1,500 foot suite. Usually, I am not found in luxurious settings, however (except the bathroom).

What was your favorite board game to play as a kid? Monopoly (although I kind of hate it now, and dread it when my kids ask me to play. Longest game ever).



  1. I'm OK with "roughing it" during the day, but at night I want all the modern amenities, including a nice comfy bed!
    We haven't ever been anywhere super luxurious - but to me, any time we go to Hawaii, no matter where we stay, it is luxurious!!!

    Love the picture of your family - so fun!!!

  2. My favorite vacations combine both. Primitive camping mixed with a couple nights in a swanky hotel or resort.Hmmmm, the Chateau at Lake Louise in the canadian rockies is pretty luxe... I would much rather be running thru the landscape of my dreams than PR in a race.

  3. I'm with Kim. I like my night time modern amenities. Ironically the most luxurious place I've stayed was a remote place in Clayquot Sound, B.C. (Canada) that we had to get to via float plane. It was LUXURY camping...or Glamping I think they called it. We slept in massive tents that had real beds, hardwood floors, furniture and a huge wood burning stove that kept it warm. The toilets were these glorified outhouses that were composting toilets and they had a little window cut in them so you could look out at the mountains while you were going about your business. The showers were in a separate building and they entire thing was lined with cedar so it was like being in a giant sauna. You also had a similar view of the mountains. I actually got to to here for work - we were doing a photo shoot for Canadian Tourism and this was one of the places that they were featuring. Never in a MILLION years could we afford to actually STAY there. I think 3 nights was $5000 CDN and that DIDN'T include your flight there.

  4. I'm with you on question #2... as far as question #1, all I can say is it sounds like you're a trail runner at heart. Why not ditch the pavement altogether and start running and racing on trails? You're in trail runner heaven up there in the Republic of Boulder. After 15 years of road running, I converted to trails and couldn't be happier!

    That being said, if you don't want to become an ultrarunner, don't tempt fate by training too much on trails or in the mountains. It seems to be an inevitable outcome of wanting the runs to last longer...

  5. Hands down I would prefer to run in an amazingly beautiful place! I was in Beaver Creek when I was about 23 years old (feels like 1 million years ago!) and it was truly amazing!!! As for the luxury...I fall somewhere in between. I don't like the clientele at some of the more uppity places but I do like to have certain..ahem...amenities.
    That run looked completely amazing and it's raining buckets where I am so I'm pissed off and extremely jealous so thanks for that.:-)

  6. I have to say I'm hating you right now. That place is seriously gorgeous. And the trails look so inviting. Not sure how I'd cope with the altitude but I'd be willing to give it a try.

  7. You have to play Cards Against Humanity. It is basically Apples to Apples for adults. And it is shockingly hysterical in a raunchy kind of way. I think it is right up your alley. Check it out!!

    1. I am all over that! Thanks for the recommendation!

  8. That is gorgeous! I am indeed jealous of you getting to run in that setting!! :)
    I enjoy roughing it and sitting around a campfire, but if you give me the most luxurious hotel in the world I'd take that over roughing it any day!! :)

  9. I love luxurious!!!! Camping is just too roughing it for me.(not to mention too much work)

  10. I like it a little like your vacation ... awesome views and rough trails but nice living conditions :) I loved this one hotel in Orlando ... it had the best waffle mix ever!
    I loved Candy Land as a kid :)
    And consider yourself hated for those gorgeous views :)

  11. That trail is so beautiful!

  12. When I was growing up, my Mom eventually deemed Monopoly to be "too viscous", because with all that house stealing and rent-paying and forced-mortgaging and whatever - someone always ended up in tears. Monopoly was thus banned.

    Totally off topic: At the end of last night's yoga class, as we were in savasana, someone in the row behind me farted. Unmistakeably. I thought of you as I tried to suppress a giggle...

  13. I don't think I'm really into luxury, but I'm certainly not into roughing it. Won't catch this chick camping.

  14. I am not a "roughing it" kind of girl. Just because when I was young I never went camping or anything like that. I went "real" camping last year and it was alot of fun. I guess I'd pick in between roughing it and luxury. I am very jealous of the trail you ran! Looks unbelievably pretty!

  15. That family photo is pure awesomeness. Love it! I love hiking and running on trails, but as far as accommodations go, I'll take the less than roughing it option!

  16. As a retired sailor I honestly don't care....I can and have slept just about anywhere. That said my wife prefers to sleep in a bed so when we travel together roughing it is a cheap motel

  17. I am taking the kids to Estes Park during the last week in June. Can't wait to get there and TRY to run a trail or two in the Rockies. I wonder if it will be possible since I live in Texas and am not used to the altitude. I'm going to give it a shot anyway! :-) I've always wanted to run in the mountains!

  18. OK I could handle that... but it's your butt that really stands out!!! (so sexy!!!)

    maybe I should give up work and just find amazing places too run...

  19. I love Beaver Creek! For our honeymoon we did a pamper punish trip 1 week in Wine Country then 1 week roughing it in Yosemite. Best trip ever then the next year we reversed it punish pamper. I am just getting into trail running and have a 15 miler lined up in August. Have you or can you do a post on trail running tips and how to get past the slower paced splits. I ran 13 miles on Sunday and 4 of them took over 50 minutes as they were steep and in ankle deep mud. The effort was there but I need to stop looking at my watch!

  20. That looks simply spectacular...definitely jealous here!! Enjoy.

  21. Oh Beth, you poor thing. :)

    I definitely enjoy both luxury and camping/roughing it. Somehow, the in-between sucks.

    Most luxurious place I've ever been: For dinner, Inn at Little Washington. WOW.

    Favorite board game as a kid: Sorry!

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  23. I rough it for one weekend a year. We do a float trip, which is really just slowly moving down a river drinking beer and hanging out with to camp and not drive home after that. Other than that, I prefer a little luxury, but I don't need over the top.

  24. I like a clean end to the day. So, I will hike, run, whatever, all day long, but if the day doesn't end with a bed and the possibility of a shower, I'm not interested. Luxury is fine, but a clean average hotel or a clean cabin is just as good to me.

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  26. We're headed to Beaver Creek on Saturday to watch my oldest in the Tough Mudder. I may have to do a trail run while I wait for his afternoon start! I think I'm secretly worried about the electricity and barbed wire....I'd rather be there watching than sitting at home worrying.
    I always liked Monopoly and Sorry, but one summer we played the card game Mille Bornes endlessly.

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