Monday, August 5, 2013

Top Ten Things In My Fridge

I always love it when you read about what athletes/celebrities/people on the Biggest Loser keep in their fridges. It is always a bunch of healthy crap, which is great, but sometimes I find myself wondering – where is the Cool Whip? What about the tubs of cookie dough you got from your child’s fundraiser? Doesn’t anybody eat Velveeta anymore (I think Velveeta is perfect for two things: home made mac ‘n cheese and queso dip – the kind with Rotel canned tomatoes).

Anyway, here are ten things you can find in my fridge on any given day. Most of it actually is healthy, but if you looked in my pantry it might be a different story:


  1. Wine. Chardonnay. In the big bottle. I usually buy Woodbridge because it is cheap ($9.99) and doesn’t taste a thing like urine.
  2. Spinach. The big bin. Organic. Although there is no guarantee you won’t get salmonella from it.
  3. Half ‘n Half. IMHO, coffee is not worth drinking without several tablespoons of this stuff. I like a strong cup of French Roast with tons of H ‘n H.
  4. Almond Butter. My favorite breakfast sandwich are two Kashi waffles toasted with almond butter and apricot jelly. Perfection.
  5. X2 Performance. These are the little red bottles at the top. I drink one before every workout of 1+ hours. It’s supposed to increase energy, improve performance and enhance recovery. Maybe it’s a placebo, but I swear it works (more info HERE).
  6. Salsa. I use this in everything from eggs to casseroles to toppings for salad, burritos, etc.
  7. Parmesan cheese. We buy the big ones from Costco. Every night we have popcorn with melted butter and lots of parmesan cheese. It is the SUAR family way.
  8. Greek yogurt. I’m not a huge yogurt person, but I like it in my smoothies and mixed with granola and fruit.
  9. Avocados. Don’t even get me started. I eat at least 1/2 an avocado per day. I put them on salads, in eggs and sometimes I just eat them out of the skin with a spoon. When we were in California they actually cost 10 for $1.00. That is 10 cents an avocado and I nearly freaking lost my mind. I could probably afford to live in CA just because of the cost of avocados (they average $1-$1.50 per piece here).
  10. Blueberries. I buy the big huge thing of them and grab handfuls throughout the day. I also love them on cereal, in oatmeal and in smoothies.

There you have it, but what I really want to know is – what is in your fridge? Give me three things.

I’m off to watch the Bachelorette. I am guessing she picks no one unless Brooks comes back, but even then she should tell him NO WAY because he already said he wasn’t into her.

BTW, my back is SO SO much better. Taking four rest days, icing, doing exercises and taking Aleve made all the difference.

Don’t forget to tell me three things.



  1. Yogurt...pickled beets, and grapes ;)

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  3. Coffee creamer, alcohol, and eggs. Have all three daily.

  4. 1. Chocolate Milk - Good for recovery after workouts so good all the time, right?
    2. Ranch Dressing - One of life's necessities. Almost always stocked unless I'm being delusional and trying to break myself of the habit (has happened several times but to no great effect).
    3. Dill Pickles - Seriously so good.

    20 more minutes until the West Coast premiere. I was highly disappointed with last week's "dramatic" episode where it was Brooks and Des both crying for an entire hour. :-/

    1. P.S. Velveeta is totally legit. I keep it for homemade mac and cheese. It's my comfort food.

  5. Locally made antipasto . . . lots and lots of hot sauces . . . and almond milk. When the tomatoes come, bocconcini from the CostCo. For the coffee: Vanilla Silk (soy). Don't even want it another way. And always maple syrup in there. My fave brekkie is a piece of toast smothered in roasted red pepper hummus (costco!) and scotch bonnet pepper and lime sauce.

  6. Eggs, salsa, Greek yogurt -- these are always in our fridge. If we are ever out I have to run to the store. I also like salsa in everything, and I'm not a huge Greek yogurt eater (I'll have it once in awhile) but my almost 2 yr old eats it daily, it's his favorite food!

  7. Things I always have in my fridge:

    1. Eggs! I buy 3 cartons of 18 eggs every 2 weeks. I boil one carton and keep them peeled in the fridge for snacks. The rest I eat for various breakfasts. Anything can become breakfast with a sunny side up egg on top!

    2. La Croix Sparking Water -- I'm addicted to the shit.

    3. Aidells Chicken & Apple Sausage Links (from Costco) -- I can throw together a decent meal in 3 minutes with these around. They have saved my ass more than once.

    Lately, like in the past 3 days I have discovered a love for cottage cheese. I'm currently experimenting with all the ways I can eat it. Today it was with diced avocado and tomato and pepper. Phe-fucking-nomenal.

    Like you I always have wine and avocados around, but I don't keep either in the fridge.

  8. Put some ground sausage in that velveeta & rotel!

    I always have hummus, almond milk & ... Velveeta! Seriously!

  9. This is fun!
    *Milk - damn kids and their damn cereal (or maybe that's me)
    *Greek Yogurt - fat free for me, full fat for the little one
    *Straw/blue/rasp/black berries

    On top of the fridge:
    *handle of vodka
    *2 liter of diet 7up (mixer)
    *Fruitables juice boxes

    1. I love you and your vodka. I think we would get along swell!

  10. Hummus is always in the fridge.
    Greek Yogurt for me, regular fruit flavored yogurts for the boys.
    Beer for the husband.

    (I don't like my wine chilled. At all. Ever. But I'll still drink it if you give it to me that way. HA)

  11. Greek yogurt, Chobani, my workout recovery snack--mucho protein.

    Aged White Cheddar Slices, to go with my Triscuits of course--a daily staple. Sometimes multiple daily staple.

    Kroger Original Style OJ, the one with the orange cap. It's like liquid crack, beautiful orange liquid crack.

  12. Yogurt, blueberries, and spring mix

  13. Whipped cream - I love it on my coffee in the morning
    Vitamin water - I'm addicted
    Cheese (block, pepper jack, parmesan, swiss) - we are a super cheesy family

  14. Sriracha Sauce...always.

    Leftover Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries and Blue Cheese...yes. It is GOOD.

    Farm fresh eggs...straight from our back yard. YUMMO!

  15. Ribeyes, chicken thighs and salmon

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  17. Cheese, salad fixings, chocolate syrup (for homemade chocolate milk!)
    I'm currently watching the Bachelorette. I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it. Maybe I'm jaded, but this episode seems kind of fake to me.

  18. Whittakers Dark Ghana chocolate (72% cocoa solids so good for the heart - right?!)

    Soy milk

    Baby spinach

    Its interesting reading what people half way round the world eat - what the hell is velveeta and sausage links?

  19. I love it when you talk about food... my favorite subject.

    My three staples are 1) eggs 2) blueberries and *now* c) coconut milk yogurt.

    I'm off milk products and unsweetened almond/coconut varieties taste great!

  20. Beer, red bell peppers and tortillas. :) I didn't want to repeat all of the above answers although it's all in my fridge too.
    Tiana Rehe

  21. Frank's Hot Sauce, plain Greek yogurt, grapefruit!

  22. A few blocks of cheddar cheese, milk, and onions.

  23. Pineapple, yeast for the bread I keep saying I am going to bake, and string cheese.

  24. eggs, organic grapes, and almond milk!

  25. "home made man n cheese"
    I know its a typo,but still made me giggle--nothing like lathering your man up with some Velveeta!

    3 things in my fridge right now
    red velvet birthday cake with the best ever icing!(will be gone soon)

  26. Velveeta is perfect for home made mac and cheese. Yum

  27. I totally posted about this back in June! LOL! My fridge hasn't changed much in 6's a look...

  28. Eggs ( right outta the chickens in the backyard)
    Milk, cereal is a go anytime of day
    Cheese!!! And more cheese!!!

  29. Salsa, five different kinds of jam (what I like variety) , milk, roughly two pounds of apples, spinach, pudding cups :)

  30. So glad to hear you're on the mend! At any given time I have International Delight coffee creamers, a huge variety but my fave is salted caramel mocha, Danon Light/Fit yogurt, jelly,beer, wine, egg beaters and lots of cheese.

  31. Ah lovely avocadoes...they cost $3 each here in Melbourne.
    Snow peas & green beans to munch on instead of junk

  32. 1. Bacon. It makes everything better.
    2. Beer. Also known to make everything better.
    3. Blueberries. Also starts with the letter B and the antioxidants cancel out the beer and bacon. Or so I've been telling myself.

  33. 1. Bacon. It makes everything better.
    2. Beer. Also known to make everything better.
    3. Blueberries. Also starts with the letter B and the antioxidants cancel out the beer and bacon. Or so I've been telling myself.

  34. Olives, fresh fruit and CHEESE!!!!
    Glad to hear your back is better. You'll be on my mind when I run 15 later today:-)

  35. 1. Avocados- love them
    2. Greek yogurt, love it!
    3. Almond milk, love it on my cereal

  36. 10 cents for an avocado? Oh, man, I've never had a reason to like California before.... =) Three things. Green peppers, cheddar cheese, and sour cream.

  37. Can't imagine avocados being 10 for $1...can't imagine them being $1 or $1.50. We are closer to $2.50. But that doesn't prevent me from buying them. Maybe I should move to CA.....

  38. 1. Blood Orange Chobani (Greek yogurt)
    2. Cinnamon raisin Ezekial bread (amazing topped w/ P.B. and apple!)
    3. Frigo light string cheese (my favorite snack, unless I have PMS, in which case I move to freezer where I have my secret Fudgesicle and Moose Tracks frozen yogurt stash hidden from the family behind an economy size bag of meatballs).

  39. Chocolate it....fruit, today watermelon and cantaloupe, bagels..I have a bagel before a long run.

  40. Fage 0% greek yogurt, almond milk and fresh pineapple and blueberries.

  41. Cheese, lots of cheese!
    Jones Farm breakfast sausage-my kids revolt if they don't have it for breakfast!
    Fage Greek Yogurt

  42. Bacon (from Whole Foods, does that make it healthy?)
    Chocolate soy milk (my son is allergic to dairy, and I love it in my coffee)
    fresh brewed green tea

    Ok, that's 4. Does everything have to be healthy? Isn't the reason we run so we can eat what we want?! :)

  43. Darn you all with your milk, cheese and yogurt! I am so so envious. (Newly diagnosed Celiac=no dairy.)

    Apples (Yellow Delicious, Red Delicious Gala, and Granny Smith – Yes we do love apples.)
    Bacon (3 packages every week...Nitrate free does that help?)

  44. My three staples right now:

    Green Beans

  45. Lots of leftovers from the night before.. every condiment you can think of... and always salsa!

  46. Velveeta!!???

    1- Beer. This is a very unusual thing to have in my fridge. But my step brother was visiting, and he doesn't drink wine.

    2- Rack of lamb, marinating in a special concoction of Linda's, awaiting BBQ time tonight. I love doing rack of lamb. It's practically my best thing. Alberta lamb, not that fake stuff from New Zealand. I think they feed the lamb Velveeta or something.

    3- The newest thing is a pepper relish from the local Farmer's Market. There was a taste event yesterday, and we had to get some.

    So glad your back is feeling better. You've got a steep road to IMFL. Stay healthy. I totally think your husband and kids should be doing everything for you. Meal prep, laundry, cleaning, whatever in your house you normally do to keep the joint going, they should be doing out of love and affection for you. Just this once. Iron people need care and feeding.

  47. 1- Coffee creamer. Can't have coffee without it!!

    2- Spinach. I have a Green Monster everyday for breakfast!

    3- Nutty Bars. I buy them for my husband but end up eating them all.

  48. CHEESE (always mozz and parm, usually some other variety too), almond/coconut milk for smoothies, water.

  49. 1. Watermelon
    2. Vanilla yogurt
    3. goes on everything...well maybe not the yogurt and watermelon..

  50. Greek yogurt--plain for going in things and flavored for a quick snack
    Eggs--fresh and usually a bunch hardboiled
    Parmesan cheese--the big jar from Costco is at our house, too
    Bacon--what ISN'T better with bacon? Try s'mores with a piece of bacon, YUM!
    Garlic--another big Costco jar, gotta have garlic
    Milk--1% and buttermilk both

    Lots of other stuff, too, but those are staples in our house.

  51. Yogurt, eggs, milk, and hopefully some wine. (Pinot Grigio, also the inexpensive kind!)

  52. almond milk
    farm-fresh eggs
    Smucker's all-natural crunchy peanut butter (ruined me for any other kind of peanut butter!)
    kefir, and milk to keep the kefir going daily

  53. Happy to hear then back is feeling better.
    My fridge always has eggs, fruit (usually berries) and La Tortilla Factory tortillas, you can put anything in a tortilla.

  54. Soy Creamer
    Egg Beaters
    Pretty dull but those are always in there - no exception.

    Good to hear your back is better but be careful. Out of
    pure selfishness, I want to hear more about your training
    and finally the successful Ironman. :)

  55. Eggs, Spinach Salad greens or a 1/2 and 1/2 salad blend from Whole Foods, and condiments galore at all times.
    Glad your back is better. All of your training and IMF talk is getting me motivated to get back into my tri life post baby!

  56. Almond Milk- Use 1-3 cups every day for smoothies
    Huge mixed greens/veggie salad- Portion out a small lunch sized salad for work every day.
    Baked Sweet Potatoes-I eat so many sweet potatoes every week that I bake them in groups of 4-5 and keep them in the fridge.

    Glad the back is cooperating again. Happy Training.

  57. Fun!
    3 things always in the fridge:
    --Greek yogurt (we both eat a container daily--it's a lot of yogurt)--and we make a crude joke about what the cashier must think about my personal hygeine...haha! (NOT true)
    --Massive tub of spring mix (or something similar)
    --Diet coke (guilty pleasure--and if the person who drinks the last one does not replenish the stock one of us almost always makes a comment)

  58. I literally just re-stocked my fridge yesterday as I'm working with a dietitian to get healthier! The 3 things I bought that I'm excited about:

    Almond Milk
    Goat Cheese

  59. Greek yogurt, peaches and wine.
    Glad your back is better.

  60. Mild salsa, garlic hummus, and baby carrots

  61. Salsa, Greek Yogurt, Guinness, raspberry preserves (for my PB&J's!), non-fat milk, and lots of cheese.

  62. giant zucchini from the garden, yogurt (greek and regular- I'm not picky), and a half-eaten bowl of frosting for my graham crackers.

  63. Organic baby spinach & spring mix
    I prefer blackberries over blueberries but sometimes have both
    Boneless skinless chicken breast for grilling.

    Don't look in my panty that's where all the junk food is kept. We have a shelf in one cupboard specifically for candy...halloween candy, Easter candy, parade candy, chocolate pudding cups and oreos.

  64. 1. Salsa because it's good on everything.
    2. Cheese (slices and shredded varieties) because my husband is an addict.
    3. Hershey's Genuine Chocolate syrup because I'm an addict :-)

  65. jar of jalapeno peppers, six-inch tortillas and 1/2 avocado...I have a half an avocado everyday, eaten with a spoon. I keep my whole avocados on the counter, but the uneaten half I put in the fridge for the next day.

    BTW, I just add a little shredded mozzarella to the tortilla, put some sliced jalapenos on it and some beans, pop it in the microwave and , voila! That's my lunch!

  66. I don't think there is anything in my fridge right now! I try to keep it stocked with healthy veggies and fruits though so I'm not tempted to reach for junk. I really don't think there is one item in particular though that I always have

  67. You're a gal after my own heart!! i have pretty much the same things (except for the X2 Performance but now want to try) but always a can of Merrick dog food. Always wine. Always eggs.

    In my pantry there are always Wheat Thins. Im a tad obsessed with them.

  68. hummus, tortillas, chocolate milk (my recovery drink)

  69. There are a lot of constants in my fridge. Probably like most people, my family thrives on the familiar.
    1. 4 kinds of milk (Almond for my son and I, Skim for Husband, 2 kinds of Soy that we go halvesies on for Baby.)
    2. Beer (Fat Tire just came to Florida! Woo hoo!)
    3. Ketchup ('Cause otherwise, my husband claims he'll divorce me.)

  70. Wine (always!!), feta, pickles and honey mustard (for the boys - I'm not a fan)

    Avocados are really pricey here (KS), too - and then I get them home and half the time they are ruined - not cool!!

  71. Woodbridge pinot grigio, hot okra pickles and Texas Pete.

    p.s. I notice you keep your almond butter in the fridge. I keep mine in the pantry. Does it have a short shelf-life?

    1. I don't know but mine says to refrigerate after opening...

    2. I keep mine in the pantry, too. Now I'm skeptical...

  72. My refrigerator is boring.
    three essentials are:
    1 - Diet Coke (to mix with Crown Royal)
    2 - Michelob Ultra
    3 - Lactaid (to ease the flatulence)

    Glad to hear that your back is better. I have been suffering from lower back pain, so I have been shoving an ice pack down my pants for the past few days after reading your blog.

    I didn't think Des was going to pick anyone last night, but I was very pleased with how it turned out.

  73. Totally agree on wine, spinach, avocadoes, blueberries, almond butter, salsa, Greek yogurt, and parmesan cheese! (8 for 10!) Those are definitely staples in our house, too. Also beer (for my husband - the wine is for me!), eggs or egg substitute, and apples.

  74. tortillas - you can turn any leftover into a quesadilla or simply make a cheese one with some green onion
    eggs - this can be dinner or the beginning of a batch of cookies (yes, there's usually butter in my fridge too)
    yogurt - plain, non-fat, which substitutes for sour cream or buttermilk and is the backbone of my weekday breakfast of blueberries and homemade granola.

  75. BEER, cottage cheese, and spinach...there are others, but you said 3--Chya, I can read. :D

  76. More than 3, what the heck...Avocados, blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, asparagus, beet root juice, tart cherry juice, almond milk, big just of First Endurance EFS Liquid shot gel, coconut aminos, cashews, pecans, walnuts, brussels sprouts, parsnips, butternut squash, grilled chicken breast....much of the list gets eaten daily!

  77. Diet Coke, spring mix, eggs.

    Your fridge looks a lot cleaner than mine too. I've got leftover junk i.e. scary stuff everywhere.

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  79. FLAX SEED.

  80. Dannon Greek Light and Fit Yogurt- Cherry
    Eggs- love to eat 2 hard boiled eggs for lunch during the week (minus the yolk)
    Original Silk Light

  81. Cooked spaghetti squash, Aidell's Chicken Apple Sausages, swiss chard from my garden.

  82. Cottage cheese, eggs, french vanilla creamer.

  83. Avocados, spinach, and coconut milk.

  84. New reader here saying, your blog is too absorbing, you're feeding my insomnia! =} This is a fun game too especially for this recent NYC to SF transplant. Do you know how hard it is to buy groceries in New York City? Hard. You can not move inside a Trader Joe's unless it's 6am...and even then, on the Upper West Side you're gonna have serious early bird with the kids competition. And you shop at TJs where you can't move as much as possible because every other chain store in Manhattan has prices that will make you want to cry in your pathetic little carry basket you can't even afford to fill. California is A WHOLE NEW WORLD. The avocados are so cheap it's miraculous (I almost fainted when there was a special at Safeway the other day that had them down to about 5 cents each - AN AVOCADO FOR A NICKLE PEOPLE! #@$%$^%&!)!
    Anyway, apologies for the introductory ramble.
    3 things I ALWAYS have now in San Fran:
    -Vanilla almond milk
    -Organic strawberries (the likelihood of finding a container in there that I've attacked with 3 token ones I felt like I really ought to leave behind for my partner is...well, quite high)
    -Every condiment you could ever want except mayo, including huge things of ketchup & siracha and half a dozen varieties of mustard (we like flavor! and said partner is a big sauce addict)

  85. Eggs, milk, bacon. And with the loaf of bread on the counter and sprinkle of cinnamon, you've got a lovely French toast breakfast. (Velveeta cheese dip is my guilty pleasure. I also use it to make a grits casserole - yum! But neither one is super-healthy :/ )

  86. 1) Lots of local fruits and veges: lettuce, cucumber, peppers, radishes, cantaloupe, peaches - loving the summer harvest time on the East coast!
    2) cheese - manchengo, cheddar, blue, mozzarella
    3) GF beer - Omission brand right now.

  87. I have an entire fridge for beer and other drinks I like to keep cold. #FWP, I know.

    1) Corn on the cob from the local farm. I think this weekend I'm going to buy a dozen, cook them all, and freeze the kernels--it's been GOOD this year!
    2) Lentils I cooked last night. I have tried to cook lentils a few different times and HATE them. But a Mark Bittman recipe I ripped out of an old(ish) magazine at the gym (BAD) made them look good. I am prepared to be disappointed as usual.
    3) A giant box of Lifeway Kefir mini bottles. I love buying bulk mini stuff because I can't consume an entire bottle before I think it goes bad. When I saw this box at BJ's I was ecstatic, then I proceeded to shove it in my fridge and rearrange so the door closed. Barely.

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