Sunday, March 30, 2014

10 Reasons Why Vacations Are Hard

Today I am going to Mexico. Don’t freak out and go through withdrawals if I am MIA for a few days. I’d hate to be responsible for your stress.

Going on vacation can be rough and is often full of First World Problems for me such as:

  1. Should I take my margarita with or without salt? I like salt, but it gets overwhelming sometimes. But then again, I need to replace my sodium! Ahhh…
  2. What if I have more clothes than hangars in the hotel room closet?
  3. Oftentimes, it is so warm on the beach that the ice in my drink melts and I have to wait 10 minutes before the drink person comes around again.
  4. I hate it when I order room service and then when the guy comes I have to put pants on.
  5. I am very pale from the Colorado winter, which means I will have to re-apply sunscreen diligently ever 2-3 hours.
  6. I need to work out everyday, but I only have 12 hours of free time after I sleep for 12 hours.
  7. I am afraid I will get to the pool, sunscreen myself, lay down with a drink and then have to poop.
  8. All of that fresh guacamole and salsa gives me bad breath.
  9. Sometimes the lime on the rim of my Corona is too large and I have trouble pushing it into the bottle.
  10. Too bad I’m not flying first class because then I could complain that there is too much leg room and it is hard to reach the touch screen on the TV.

Okay, don’t get your panties all in a wad. I’m joking. I’m really not that spoiled (although the room service problem is true). I just thoroughly enjoy having a few days when my problems are not really problems at all. Isn’t that what vacation is about?

Now if I get a nasty case of Montezuma’s Revenge and crap myself on the plane ride coming home because the seat belt sign is on, that truly will be a problem (and I will be sure to document each moment for you because that is what I do).

Got any spring break plans?

What’s your FWP for the week?



  1. Pro tipp: only Americans push the lime in their Coronas... you are supposed to wipe around the rim of the bottle and then throw the lime away. This is for hygienic purposes only and you might skip Montezuma's Revenge doing so... ;-P

  2. Just got back from Spring Break in Florida. The weather wasn't great but it sure was nice to take time off of life. I did get in some good, sweaty runs!

  3. So jealous! Enjoy your trip and enjoy your time relaxing :) That is the most important thing about vacation!

  4. Mexico on the beach sounds like a blast. Hope you have fun with no burn, and no runs! Nothing for Spring Break for us, but going to the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab to vend for my dad and cousin. This presents a problem, because I'm training for both a half marathon, plus the MS150 bike ride, in that time frame. Somehow, we have to get the bikes to Moab, plus get the running and biking in. I'll be happy with 30%.

  5. This may be the ultimate FWP: we sent our son to Europe for Spring Break.We are happy he had this wonderful opportunity but in all honesty we were really looking forward to a break from some of the teenage angst as well. Thanks to the amazing technology that we are fortunate enough to have at our disposal, he has managed to drive us crazy all the way from London (via video chat and other methods).

  6. FWP - I'm cleaning out the house in preparation for putting in on the market. Been working for 3 hours, car is full, and you can't tell anything is gone.
    And, I did poop my pants in yesterday's race.

    1. We're doing the same (the cleaning part), so I feel your pain.

      Sorry about the race yesterday.

  7. One of my buddies worked in an all inclusive resort for a while. From what she said, you're the only one putting your pants on when room service comes.
    What is it with people taking lots of clothes on a vacation to somewhere warm?
    Good luck with your FWP.

  8. I guess my invite for the vacay got lost in the mail ;)

  9. Have a great trip! Never been to Mexico before.

    LOL I am going to Disney World for the first time. Going with my aunt and little cousins (4 and 12).

  10. We vacationed in Mexico at the beginning of March and it was heavenly. Perfect weather each day. Running in 90 degrees and 200% humidity of course was a challenge after a winter of discontent here in New England, but I tried not to complain about sweating too much (and being able to run in shorts). That's what you could add to your list!

  11. Sounds amazing! I could go for some beach time and cocktails myself. Have a fabulous vacation!

  12. I'm so jealous. No beach vacation for us this year....mainly because we opted to go to Europe for 3 weeks in the summer to celebrate 10 years of marriage. Oh and to do a 70.3, cause that's how we roll. ha ha.

  13. We are having an abbreviated spring break trip this year. My husband has to go to Orlando for a legal conference (who does that - schedules a conference for spring break week in Orlando??? I think his hotel complex is not anywhere near Disney, fortunately) for two days, then Thursday the whole family is heading for a long weekend in NYC. So, no beaches or cabana boys in my spring break, but hopefully lots of great ethnic food, wandering through groovy neighborhoods, and museum hopping. I searched for a race to run while we were there, and there is a Nike Women's Half on Sunday, but that would mean I wouldn't want to do much sightseeing the day before in order to stay off my legs, so I didn't pursue it. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our family!

  14. very very funny. We just got back from a 10 day cruise, so all this is so relevant i just giggled the whole time i read your post. Have an ultradocious time in Mexico :)

  15. Have fun! I'm sure you'll bring back a funny story or two.

    I am spending Spring Break redecorating my daughter's room. We pulled ALL the furniture and crap out today. It's amazing that 3 feet of crap can live under a dresser. Anyway, tomorrow I am ripping out the carpet and painting the walls.

  16. Have a marvelous time in Mexico! Packing for a vacation can be very stressful!

  17. First world problems! Have a great vacay...I'm looking forward to hitting the Caribbean this summer, just need to figure out exactly where!

  18. Always hit up your doctor for a prescription before you leave on vacay! Cipro and an Immodium at the first sign of Montezuma's Revenge, and your vacation is saved!! *learned that one the hard way*

  19. No plans for spring break. My FWP is I have to wait for my new glasses to come in with bifocals. I can barely see the screen as I'm writing this!
    Have a great vacation!

  20. LOL! Your vacations sound just like mine. I LOVE MEXICO! It's tough running outdoors though - way too hot and dry for this East Coast gal :) Have a great time.

  21. No spring break plans... but I do love Mexico and wish that's where we could go! The sand/ocean is amazing... love it!

  22. Ooooo...have fun! Sounds like a blast! We have no plans aside from helping me recover from a hip replacement. I'd rather be in Mexico!

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