Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weird Running Habits. What Are Yours?

As I double checked to make sure I double-knotted my shoes and ensured my watch fit on my wrist perfectly, not too tight, not too loose, I wondered if I was the only one who had pre, during and post run rituals/obsessions/habits. These are the little things that we do (or HAVE to do) in order to have the best running experience possible. Call it OCD, call it what you want. Here are a few of mine:

  • My running clothes cannot be loose. It has to not move when I run.
  • I don’t like having things in my pockets. Too much movement. I’d rather stuff gels in my bra.
  • My shoes cannot feel the least bit tight, especially near the ankle. But, they also can’t be too loose or they’ll rub.
  • I need sunglasses on. Always. Even when it’s not sunny.
  • If I’m running without music I replay in my head the last song on heard on the radio before I started my run. For the entire run.
  • I ball my right hand into a fist while running. It gets sweaty.
  • I spit all the time. Excess mucous I guess.
  • I create grocery lists and weekly dinner recipes in my head.
  • I have to drink a Vitamin Water the day before a race. It’s good luck.
  • I wave at cars.
  • Snot rockets galore. Again, the mucous thing.
  • Post run I really like beef jerky. And eggs.
  • I let Heidi (dog, not person) lick the sweat off of me.


Those are some running habits. Here are some random life habits:

  • I always kiss the airplane as I am getting on. That’s why my plane has never crashed.
  • I triple-check the stove before going to bed.
  • I sleep with two pillows. One under my head, one between my legs.

Do you have any weird running or life habits?



  1. -I must eat at least 1 banana and 1 Mandarin orange before every run
    -On Saturday mornings, before long runs, I also must eat a Schwan's Sausage Egg Biscuit Sandwich. So far, it's done well for me... No clapping myself on the run. ;-)
    -I haven't mastered the snot rocket, so I need kleenex with me (the only thing I'll put in my pockets).
    -I must have UA compression shorts/pants and tank top on running shorts/shirts. I don't like things moving, either.
    -A cap with a bill is a must if it's raining. Can't stand the burn of sweat getting in my eyes.
    -I can't run and talk. Just doesn't work. If I run a race with someone, we're not running side by side. They can go find their own pace.

  2. -Double knot my running shoes. There has to be the exact tightness of the laces, not too tight and my toes go numb but not too loose. It's a precision game each time.
    -No running and talking. I haven't mastered that either (haven't master snot rockets, carry tissue)
    -I'm starting to wear compression shorts but I am loving the running skirt over them so I no one can see my saggy rear end. (Even though I have "thigh gap" that extra material can chafe after ten miles or so)
    -I hate carrying water and I hate water carriers around my waist, so I haven't figured that out.
    -PB on half a bagel, Always.
    -Hat always and no sunglasses because I seem to lose some depth perception with glasses.
    -Carry a blok shot to eat and never eat it.
    -I always lift my toes when I take off in an airplane. That is why my planes have never crashed.

  3. I have to put on things on my right side first. Right sock, left sock; right shoe, left shoe.
    I had a lucky meal (lobster mac & cheese, green salad with italian dressing, caesar from Royal Coachman in Waterdown, Ontario), but the restaurant took the mac & cheese off the menu! *shakes fist*
    race in a skirt no matter what the weather.
    paint nails to match outfit the night before the race
    my friends like to post pics of their race day outfits the night before, but I always save my big reveal of the nails + outfit for race morning.

  4. I also replay the last song I heard in my head, and I'll retie my shoes a dozen times. I also have to have sunglasses, even if it's overcast. I don't like wind in my eyes!

  5. I can NOT wear shorts when I run. This one actually disappoints me. I wish I could, but my legs rub together and it drives me bonkers.

  6. No weird running habits that I can think of, which is strange, as I'm not the most normal person.

  7. The only weird running thing I do, I guess, is that I don't like to stop to talk to people. When I run in my neighborhood, people see me, and they expect me to talk. I wave, tell them I'm in a hurry (even if I'm not) and keep moving. Some still keep talking as I run away. I'm not normally antisocial, but I like to stay focused. Its funny how non-runners don't get that. I really get annoyed when people in cars stop me for directions...what do I look like, Mrs Google Maps>

    1. I'm the same way -- especially the stopping to ask for directions. Can't they see I'm training here? And doesn't that Mercedes come with navigation, anyway?

    2. Me too! Sometimes I'll use my sunglasses as an excuse to not stop if someone looks like they want to say something. Ooops, didn't see you! Or hear you, because I have earbuds in! On the other hand, when I pass people on the sidewalk, I do the runner wave, and if people won't even make eye contact when we're passing that close by each other, well, that's just RUDE.

  8. - I do wall push-ups before I head out. 8. No more, no less.
    - I also double knot my laces, and I arch my foot when I tie them to ensure the proper loose/tight ratio.
    - Fuel belt 99% of the time, even on short 3 mile runs. The first time I ran without it this spring, I felt naked!

  9. - I also need fitted clothes. No loose crap here (haha).
    - I am addicted to my playlist on Spotify. When my phone wont stream it, I have a horrible run. Not physically... just mentally.
    - I have to check the weather at least 3 times before heading out.
    - I have multiple sports bras, but only use 1 to go running. The others are for Insanity, T25, whatever. I don't know if it's just the way it fits? Or if it's lucky??? Just an FYI, it gets washed quite frequently... in case you were worried.

  10. Let's just call it the Goldilocks Syndrome - everything must be "just right!" Clothes, shoes, watch, sunglasses, GI.

    I wear cycling jerseys to run in because of the pockets. My phone, gels, etc., don't move around.

  11. I lay out my clothes, down to the underwear the night before.
    I double check my Nike watch.
    I have to wear a hat.
    I can not wear loose fitting clothes either. I also can't wear shorts, they rise up.
    I can no longer listen to music when I run, but I always carry my headphones.

  12. - I tuck the ends of my laces into my shoes so they don't click against the Road ID metal tag on my shoe which makes a "tick tick" sound. I will stop and correct it if it happens.

    - I wear a visor anytime after 7am. Rain or shine.

    - ponytail. duh.

    1. I totally do that with my laces, too!! I hate having to stop if I hear the click click click.

  13. I don't know if this is a habit so much as conditioning, but when I'm getting ready to go for a run (which is always early in the morning) I have to "go" three times. It doesn't happen when I'm going to the gym...it doesn't happen when I'm just going for a long walk with the dog....ONLY when I'm going for a run. If I only "go" twice, then I am guaranteed to have to stop along the way for the third one (and my bowels will be cooperative until I get about a half mile from the bathroom where I usually stop, then I'll have to sprint to get there in time).

    I, too, am a compulsive shoe re-tyer. I will stop three or four times in the first mile to get them tied just right. I also hate running in loose stuff. My rain jacket is kind of flappy and it has to be raining pretty hard for me to wear it.

  14. I always wear sunglasses too, even if it is cloudy. I hate squinting even a little bit. And I always touch the outside of the plane before I get on and I make my husband do it too. Our planes never crash because of this too.

  15. I have to check our front door is locked - like a thousand times. I'm sure my neighbours find it very amusing how I start my run, then run back to check the door, then start again, then back again to check the door!
    I'm kinda like a yo-yo for the first five minutes of every run.

  16. Lucky Heidi.

    Lucky airplane.

    Lucky pillow.

    Unlucky runner next to you when the snot rockets go flyin'!

    I'm just sayin'.

    1. Omg you crack me up, never stop your comments

  17. I eat three dates and drink about 12 oz of water before weekday runs. It used to be three honey stinger gels, but I like dates now.

    I also have to have my GPS watch. I'm so spoiled. When magazines talk about the benefits of running "naked" (without a watch), I cringe. It would totally stress me out.

  18. I do a lot of the same things as you...especially the tight-fitting clothes, empty pockets and sunglasses LOL I do NOT do the snot rockets...EWWW...it would probably land in my mouth (yes, I am that graceful and coordinated).

  19. Awe -- I miss your face ;) If I'm in a good mood, I smile at every-single-runner and find myself amazed at how many don't smile back. Then I realize, when I'm grouchy, I'm probably one of those disengaged runner that somebody else is amazed by. But I don't do it to be rude, I really do just get caught up in my head. Ha!

  20. always bringing water regardless of the distance or temp, i swear ima fish

  21. Even though I know people will judge me, I wear my fuel belt for EVERY run. This is Texas! I'm thirsty! Also need my phone, keys, sometimes $ , tampon, or other junk. I like to chat and run. Don't run with me if you don't want to chat. I will talk to you even if you don't reply. I must get up at least an hour before I run so I can do my bathroom ritual of sitting on the toilet multiple times and reading facebook and checking email.

    1. I LOVE running with people who like to chat even if I don't reply (I don't always have the breath or thought capacity!). My runs are so much better that way, not sure if it's the chatting or the that I'm with my girls, but either way it's better.

  22. I shave my left leg and armpit every Tue, Thu and Sat, and my right leg and armpit every Mon, Wed, Fri. Sunday is the day of rest like the Lord intended. I've been doing this since high school, year round (competitive swimmer, never grew out of the shaving habit).

    I sleep with 2 pillows under my head, and one over my face. As in, covering my face. My freshman college roommate said she used to move it off my face, afraid I would suffocate, and I would put it back over my face (in my sleep) at some point in the night. I still do it. Cannot sleep if I don't have a pillow ON my face.

    People find these two habits weird. I don't know why.

    1. Wow, this shaving ritual intrigues me. And, I am glad you are still alive and have not died from suffocation.

    2. I would be bothered by the assymetry :)

  23. Before running on the track, I need to touch both of my feet (imagine butt kicks). I guess it comes from my teenage years when I was a karate champion and needed to clean off the dust before stepping on tatami. I don't do this if I run in the forrest.
    If I plan a morning run I sleep in my running socks. I recently switched to Fivefingers and putting the finger socks on is so much hassle that I would probably get discouraged and go back to bed.

  24. I am also a shoe-tier , re-tier.
    Must have a ponytail, visor, use chapstick and chew gum.
    If a stray hair is tickling my face, it will hijack my whole run.
    I pee multiple times before leaving the house.

  25. What runner doesn't have rituals? Chapstick before every run thru the winter months. Paper towel in hand for nose blowing whether traiing or racing. Double knots in the shoes. Hat or tuque - gotta have something on the noggin.

  26. My laces have to be snug, just shy of being "too" snug. I double knot them on the outer edge of the shoe, and tuck the ends under the laces so they don't smack against my foot pod or rub against my ankle. I'm a spitter (TWSS) but I've never once needed to do a snot rocket. My only airplane ritual is that they lull me to sleep. Once on a flight back from Ireland I fell asleep before we took off and woke after we landed in Boston. Best flight ever!

  27. Sunglasses even if not sunny, so clear lenses in the dark? Had to ask! '-)

  28. I have to stretch each calf for at least 3 minutes
    I have to put lipstick on (lips dry out)
    I have to wear my favourite socks
    I have to have a good song for the start (that first ten minutes is always awful)
    I have to have a few sips of water
    I have to go to the toilet at least twice
    Post run
    I have to have either a tea or coffee
    I want to tell someone about it (no one is much interested)
    I have to go to the toilet

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