Friday, May 8, 2015

Virtual Cocktail Hour: Confessions

Well, it’s Friday afternoon and that can only mean one thing around here: wine time.

{Who am I kidding? As if it has to be Friday to be wine time}

Come join me. I’ll wait. Go get your wine (or beer or straight shot of whiskey). Done? Let’s move on.

If we were having a glass of wine I would tell you that I just got back from the doctor. For the past couple of weeks I’ve felt like I have a piece of steak or a huge loogy stuck in my throat. It is the most annoying thing. It doesn’t move. Doctor prescribed Prilosec and said maybe I have “silent reflux.”  Silent bitchy loogy reflux.

If were were having a glass of wine tonight I would tell you that I have gotten so many emails lately from runners who are injured. When runners are injured they panic and they want some one who has been through it to tell them they will run again. I can’t say for one thousand percent sure, but if you are injured now, know you will most likely run again. And, know that you are not ALONE!! Then go read THIS. I promise it will help.

If we were having a glass of wine right now I would tell you that I need a race goal. With the exception of my ultra relay in September I have nothing on my calendar. This is weird and unacceptable to me. I love races. I love goals. Maybe after a couple more glasses of wine I will start registering for everything because that is what runners who drink do. Upcoming tomorrow: I’m doing my first 200 mile run.  *burp*

If we have had at least three glasses of wine I would tell you I trusted a fart today. And, it was not trustworthy. Not one bit.

If we were having a glass or five of wine tonight I would tell you that I have made two incredible veggie meals this week. I think I told you my 14 year old became a vegetarian last summer. It has been somewhat of a pain in the ass. But we are finding things we all love. First, I made these black bean burgers from the Pioneer Woman. Ah-maz-ing. But, if you make them, the recipe makes more like 6 burgers, not four. Then, last night I made caprese paninis. Fresh mozzarella and tomatoes on a soft roll slathered with pesto then pressed on the panini maker. If you don’t have a panini maker, you need one in your life (Mother’s Day?). We use it all the time. I have this one.

If we were having a gallon of wine I would tell you I just read this book.  It’s written by a health and food blogger, Andie Mitchell ( I liked it for its honesty. I also think it would be a great book for anyone who has struggled with food obsession, emotional eating and weight gain/loss. Andie now has what I consider to be a very healthy attitude about food – viewing it as fuel and something to enjoy, not to abuse.

It’s been nice drinking/chatting with you. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you kick ass moms out there. Cheers!

What would you tell me if we were having a glass of wine?

Last good book you read?

When was the last time you were injured? About two years ago, fingers crossed.

Any new recipes to share?




  1. Doing some internet doctoring here, but I had a similar throat thing for years. It turned out to be a food allergy called eosinophilic esophagitis. Now I just don't eat nuts, and it's gone. (But maybe it's not that at all & just some kind of reflux. Hope it gets better!)

  2. I would tell you that I cried at work yesterday. It all just hit the fan. I work in inpatient rehab (Christopher Reeve not Amy Winehouse).
    I have to work Sunday (happy Mother's Day) and have a 6 day work week.
    I need another glass of wine....

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  4. If I had had a glass of wine tonight I would tell you that I'm scared to death of a dinky little neighborhood 5k tomorrow. I'm the slowest mom I know and I always feel embarrassed running it. I need to get over myself and just have fun. On the bright side, my boys are volunteering at a water stop and we made 2 signs tonight so that will be fun to see on the course. :-)

    I haven't read any good books lately. Currently I'm reading The Road to Yucca Mountain. Don't ask.

    Flirting with plantar fasciitis. It's so minor that I don't know whether to do something about it or ignore it. Right now I'm ignoring it.

    1. And good luck tomorrow! From a fellow 5K'er, remember that we're screamin' fast compared to anyone sitting on their couch. 😀

    2. The things that you should be most proud of are the things you did WHEN YOU WERE SCARED TO DO THEM. So go, do that 5k, and who cares if you come in last (though you probably won't), as Jules said above, you are beating all those too scared/lazy/unwilling to show up! When the race is over, enjoy your accomplishment (but don't ignore that Plantar Fasiitis too long or it won't be minor).

    3. I feel you! It's more scary when it's people you know vs. people you'll probably never see again! I'm sure you did great!!

    4. Go buy a plantar fasciitus boot from Walgreens. When you wake up, massage the bottom of your foot and do gentle stretches with your hands to loosen the tendon before your first step of the day. Myself, I also soak it in hot water at night.

      Yoga also does wonders ...

  5. If I were drinking a glass of Amaretto, I would tell you that I just gorged myself at All you can eat King Crab, it was awesome! Happy 21st anniversary to us!

    I'm reading The Unforgiving Minute. Is about an Army captain and his journey from West Point to Afghanistan.

    And I'm still injured!!! One hip surgery done, one more to go. Haven't ran in almost a year.....It sucks!

  6. Sipping (ok gulping) wine and reading blogs after a shitty day at work. Anyways...So I host a monthly running book club on my blog, and that book is on my list of possibilities. I try to keep it running related, but it sounds so good, and I think it might hit home for a few people...What do you think?

  7. I am having a glass of wine. I would tell you that you are one of the first people I'd call in the unlikely event I was visiting your area. However, I would check first to see if you had eating six black bean burgers. Last time I was injured? Old age IS injury, buddy.

    1. OMG so true on the old age! Like where did those aches and pains come from????

  8. I had beer not wine tonight but I would love the black bean recipe - of course my family might not be happy as it could cause farts (oops)...

  9. If I had a glass of wine I would probably burble about how happy I am to have discovered there is such a thing as aquathlon. I hate road bikes after a nasty run in with an under-supervised small child and a pavement a few years ago (small child was fine - his loosely supervising father attempting to bundle him off while I lay gasping on the pavement with a totally fragged bike, several cracked ribs and a mildly exploded kneecap. Happily Mr Anonymous was there to chase him down and get details for insurance). An event with swimming and running and no nasty bikes is perfect!

    The last good book I read was When We were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguro - I love his writing but it's so wistful I can't pick them up too often without getting all emo and mopey (which at my age is a ridiculous look).

    The last time I was injured is now. I half-ran half-hopped a half marathon on the weekend because I'm too stubborn to drop out. Hopefully I'm on the mend now though.

    Best recipe is Black Bean Brownies. They taste like regular brownies but no flour (low carb high protein...mmmmmm).

  10. If I had a glass of wine I would tell you that I just gorged on Taco Bell after a REALLY long day at work & it has momentarily made me feel better. May not care so much for it on our early morning hike tomorrow. Last injury was my broken foot last summer & thankfully no lasting effects. :) Currently reading The Book Thief. It is my escape from thoughts of 2 upcoming graduations of our girls (college & high school), the Mr's retirement, and the two of us starting over (including a move) after 24 years of Navy telling us what we're doing .... All in the next month. Where's that wine??

    1. oh man, you have a busy time up ahead! lots of change! cheers to you!

  11. After my cucumber gimlet I can confess that I think it's perimenopause that's causing the inflammation in my knees and hip. I'm sad to think my running days are over, I miss long runs....

    1. Hang in there. I was there last year and now I'm training for my first ultra. Try acupuncture and good luck.

  12. If I was having a glass of wine (vodka with club soda and a lime please), I would tell you that the happy hour where I had that vodka tonight was difficult since two good-looking men were hitting on my friend sitting next to me. I was invisible. Such a confidence builder.

    I would also tell you I love my 5Ks and hiking, and that I love that I am healthy and fit enough to do both.

  13. If I was having wine (I'm just having iced tea tonight), I'd tell you that I dropped my ring off at the jeweler yesterday to get it resized (smaller)... so no turning back now. I'd also tell you that either they half I ran on Sunday was actually 13.38 miles long, or they don't know how to calculate pace... because things don't add up otherwise.

    Injury... ongoing issues with arch/inner ankle pain -- likely posterior tibial tendonitis. Last summer was the worst, and I had to stop running for 2 weeks. Now I'm working at running (with better form), icing, resting, rinse, repeat. Working on healing and strengthening rather than resorting to using insoles. Working so far...

  14. I would tell you that all I want for Mother's Day is for my 3 and 5 year old to start wiping their own butts. That is all. No candy or flowers. I want them to surprise me with their new skill by not shouting "I'M DOOOONNE!!" as soon as they think they are done (they won't be done, not really) and then repeating it every 20 seconds until I get there. That is all. Is that too much?

    1. You know it doesn't end there, right? The next phase is having to unplug a toilet every time you need to use one because now they use a full roll of TP every time they wipe their own butts. During that phase, which only lasts for 8-10 years, it's best just to keep a plunger in every bathroom... within easy reach of the toilet.

    2. You should really post that on "Moms that drink & swear"! That is awesome!

  15. When I have my glass of wine later I would tell ya that I wanna once and for all tell one of the girls in our group of 4 that I can't stand running with her.any.damn.more...too much negativity-too much I can't/why so fast/why this's been a year since she has joined and I think she is better off running alone or at least not with us. We were a happy trio for years...and the fourth isn't working. Last book I read was Cheryl Strayed "Wild"-pretty easy reading and makes me want to take a trip out to the Pacific Northwest. Injury....3 years ago when I had a minor calf strain and thought the world was going to come to a violent end when I didn't run for 3 weeks to let it heal up.

    1. That is so rough! Thinking about how to break up with one of your running buddies. But it sounds like it's really taking a toll on your sanity! And Running is supposed to be your happy time. Good luck!

  16. I would so love to have a glass (or three!) of wine with you one day.

    If we were having a glass together today, I'd tell you that really should come to Nova Scotia and run the glory leg of the Cabot Trail Relay for our team. Really. You should. It's awesome. And we need a runner for Leg 17. And you'd have a blast, I promise.

    Also, that I feel very very conflicted about Mother's Day - because I'm NOT a mother and because I love my mother but sometimes she really pisses me off.

    Also, that there's a man from my past who still haunts, wait, I wouldn't tell you about him until I'd drunk at least a whole bottle of wine. LOL!

    Seriously, Beth, I hope you get the reflux or whatever figured out soon. And good luck picking your next goal race. And thanks, BTW, for all you do to encourage and support so many of us. XX

  17. I thought of another thing I'd probably go off about after a few glasses of wine... RACE PHOTOS! I'm sure after a few races you get used to spotting the cameras so you can pose, or at least smile, but I still haven't mastered the art.

    In the 5k I did 4+ years ago, I was too busy removing my earbuds as I crossed the line to notice someone was taking my picture... so we have fail #1. Now last week in my first half, I thought I was smiling for all the cameras near the start, but it turns out none of them were the official photographer -- no, he was stationed 3/4 of a mile from the finish line, on a slight uphill grade, while I was fighting thru leg cramps and exhaustion -- and there were no strobe lights or sirens to alert me to his presence.

    I decided to take the glass half full approach and accept the photo as a great example of what sheer determination looks like. But I really wish I would have seen him so that I could have at least tried to smile! To be fair, he did have to cover the 5k that went on as we started out, so he could make it as deep into the half course as he wanted.

    I know, I should just ignore the cameras and run...

  18. ahhh it is monday and if we were wine'ing it Id say how glad I am it is monday and there's SCHOOL FOR THE CHILD :-)

  19. If your doctor did not tell you, then here is a little bit of info on Prilosec- one of the possible side effects if you are on it long term, is osteoporosis. So be careful! Running is great exercise, but it will not protect you from osteoporosis. I'm a life-long runner, and I thought I was protected from it, but it got me anyway. Do weight training! I wish I would have known that 10 years ago.

    1. Thanks for the head's up! I will only be on it for 30 days, so hopefully that's ok.

    2. One other heads up on Prilosec -- I took it for about a month awhile back (I did have reflux) and when I stopped taking it the reflux came back fast and worse than ever! It did eventually calm down again, but those first few days were so bad I had to sleep sitting up.

  20. Thanks for linking the injury post. I really needed it. I am travelling to Maine (from Chicago) for the Sugarloaf Marathon on Sunday (I was hoping for a BQ), and I've had a sharp hip/quad pain for two weeks now. I just had an injury screening and the physical therapist cleared me to run, but said I should look into physical therapy afterwards (she thinks the culprit is a muscle imbalance). I think I had reached Stage 4 before this morning, and it was comforting to read shared experiences. Thank you again so much for linking that post, and for writing this blog.

  21. Thanks for the book suggestion! Just added it to my Kindle.

    I also appreciate the pep talk as my right knee is extra stabby and won't let me do a thing that I want to. :)


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